Jackie Cooper P.R. has been fantastic promoting the OUTSIDERS FESTIVAL: Thank you to Rana and Jo Wheeler and all the other staff for their great work.

Another dynamic P.R. person is Dave Eager.  Dave is  busy between India and Europe: P.R., media presentation etc. 

His site:


ATLANTA'S  Diamond Lil will be signing her new CD on Wednesday April 19th @ 8.00 pm in Atlanta at OUTWRITE BOOKS & CDS at the corner of Piedmont (991 Piedmont) and 10th:


Diamond turned me onto a wonderful new site by whom she was recently interviewed and there are many performance drag artists featured on that site.


Speaking of CDs, The Electric label has MOON GODDESS the British version with a bonus track of Jude Rawlins and I dueting on the "The LAST TIME" by the Rolling Stones.

Speaking of great PR, Larry and I have a friend called Roy Rogers who is probably one of the best promoters.

MY GOD I'd love to be there with you and Larry T and crew, but I am in ATL for Easter and then have to hit FLORIDA with the family girlz...Angie, I miss you so much it's criminal! As soon as Outsider fest is done I am
coming out your way for a visit. And dear Michael, sigh, going to Atlanta will remind me of those days all over again, sentimental fop that I am!
I want Larry T on our float for WEHONA for gay pride!!! What fun would THAT be! With YOU as well. Sally Kirkland has already agreed to participate...just think!!!!! And for historic preservation, no better cause, perhaps!

:Love always--Roy Rogers read Roy's archived articles about the preservation of West Hollywood.


Welcome to the party!  Happy Easter and spring!

marc leviton head shot.jpg (86339 bytes)We have some new arrivals trying on their glad rags for the first time!!!!!!  Congratulations to Mark and Valerie Leviton on the birth of their twin sons.  Click here to enjoy some of Mark’s sculpture and to contact him.


Helena Mastrianni.jpg (72270 bytes)Congratulations to Federico and Tamara Mastrianni on the birth of their daughter Helena. Check out Federico's camera work at or!


Have Americans lost their freedom of speech?

 Are we frightened to voice our discontent with the manner in which our taxes are being used to kill innocents?  If you feel disempowered, click on the ACTION Page (BELOW) of The Nation. 

It is easy to write your local government officials and George Bush.  Let's register our discontent. 

Keep Perkins Loans Alive

Click Here.
Should Bush Be Impeached?

Ask your Congressman to sponsor House Resolution 635 Click Here.
Protect Internet Neutrality

Send a message to the Senate Commerce Committee Click Here.
Support Local Radio!

Urge your senators and representatives to sponsor the Localism in Broadcasting Reform Act. Click Here.
Support the National Forest Protection/ Restoration Act

Click Here.
Support a Commission to Investigate Detainee Abuses

Call on your senators and representatives to create a commission to examine detainee abuses. Click Here.


Should we agree with a government that is drawing up plans to strike Iran?  Here's what Jayne County had to say:

AND I already know where I will FLEE if and when THEY come after me!!!  OSLO, NORWAY!!!  It is INCREDIBLE there!!!  I write ALOT of irrate letters to all the politicians. Hell, I even called the fucking Whitehouse!! I am sure they have a long list on ,me!!!  But hey, I am a  loud mouthed bitch, who ain*t afraid on nothin!  A fighter and survivor. Those motherfuckers ain*t gonna get me down! I FIGHT BACK!!!  XX Jayne County

Jayne also had this to say about the above link:

Well, I must say, I agree with this. Why should we as artists let anyone no matter what religion, stomp on our freedom of expression. we are artists and we have the right to insult any one or any religion we want as far as I am concerned,  THEY NEED INSULTING!  They are ignorant, backward bigoted assholes.  And they can kiss my shitty, royal, trans ass!  I can insult Allah, Jesus, Buddah anyone I want!  Anyone who wants to repress freedom of expression or speech needs to live in an environment that that suits their own ignorant beliefs!  And there are many countries to choose from!!!  Iran, North Korea or get in a fucking time machine and go live in NAZI GERMANY.  In other words, any organization or religion who wants to  prevent me from exercising my freedom of speech or expression IS MY ENEMY!!!!   x Jayne PS. I say to them.  FUCK YOU!!!


Was 9/11 a U.S. government conspiracy? Judge for yourself by clicking below:


Jimi Lalumia has a new site for listening and purchasing his music:


BACKSTAGE PASSES & MOON GODDESS  can be purchased from www.angiebowie.netClick here to go directly to the products page.


Thank you Biba, (my niece in Leeds) for your lovely note inquiring as to how Stacia is. Stacia called the other day and she is fine.

Looks as though she will be visiting us over Easter; wish I could scoop her up and take her to London with me so that you all could meet my lovely daughter, my little girl but she’s 25 now and not really little any more except to us mothers!


Editing chores are resolved by consulting the expert, Mary Finnigan at:  Mary Finnigan is reprisng her success with the Fes festival this year.  Here’s the link:


And as usual the crew at FILMSTOCK will be doing their thing in June!

1-15 JUNE


Here are the Code Pink updates!

Mothers-Day-flyer-iwo-jima-.jpg (312326 bytes)

Andrea Buffa, Global Exchange¹s superstar media director has put together a list of just a few of the fabulous media pieces that have emerged.  More are coming in as as some of the women are still on speaking tour around the country.  I¹ll send those to you later when they¹re available.   
My best, Shannon

Iraqi woman shares her view of war
Friday, March 31, 2006, Corvallis Gazette-Times
Gazette-Times reporter

NOW: Get out of Iraq
By Crystal Bonvillian
Montgomery Advertiser
March 31, 2006

Iraqi Woman Tours U.S. to Tell True Story of Iraq War
Berkeley Daily Planet, Friday, March 31, 2006
By Judith Scherr

Iraqi woman says troops must go
March 23, 2006
Journalist Eman Ahmed Khamas says Iraq can¹t make its own government work while American forces remain
By PAUL FATTIG, Mail Tribune

Speakers: ŒLeave Iraq to the Iraqis¹
By Cory Golden/Enterprise staff writer
March 21, 2006, Davis Enterprise

S. Florida activists join war protest
Several hundred antiwar activists from across the United States rallied against the Iraq conflict in South Florida Sunday, joining a worldwide weekend effort.
March 20, 2006, Miami Herald

Iraqi reflects on ideals of democracy, her view of peace
Activist - Eman Ahmed Khamas hopes to educate Americans about what's happening in her country
Monday, March 20, 2006
MARK LARABEE, The Oregonian

³You wanted to bring democracy, but we have misery'
Published March 19, 2006
South Florida Sun-Sentinel,0,4401646.column

Q & A with Rashad Zidan
Thomas McDonald, The News & Observer (North Carolina)
March 17, 2006

Visiting Baghdad woman decries Iraq's fall into 'state of terror'
St. Petersburg Times  -  St. Petersburg, Fla.
MEG LAUGHLIN, Mar 15, 2006

Visiting Iraqis Find Little Comfort Here
By Courtland Milloy
Monday, March 13, 2006; Page B01
Washington Post

Iraqi Women Make Rare Trip to U.S. to Tell Their Stories of Life Under Occupation
Democracy Now!
Monday, March 6th, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Arrested at the U.S. Mission to the U.N.
by Sarah Ferguson, Village Voice
March 6th, 2006 5:38 PM,ferguson,72424,2.html

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan and three others arrested outside U.S. Mission to the U.N.
March 6, 2006

Peace Activists Arrested at U.S. Mission to U.N.
Haider Rizvi, Inter Press Service News Agency
March 6, 2006


Angie's photo at top of page courtesy of Kate Garner