Angela Bowie Barnett



Angela has written two collections of poetry: the Last Years and the Recent Years. Her biography FREE SPIRIT was published in 1983 in the UK.  In 1993, BACKSTAGE PASSES was published in the US and translated into French, German and Dutch.  Website presence began in January 2000. In 2002, Pocket Essentials published “Bisexuality” by Angie Bowie. She has been actively writing for her website.  In 2005, replaced


Angela, acknowledged as a pop culture historian, has appeared on Oprah!, Joan Rivers, Richard Bey, Geraldo, Johnny Carson, Howard Stern, Russell Harty, Rhona Barrett, Maury Povitz, Sally Jessy Raphael, Mike Douglas, Reel Don Steele Show, Shirley, and European shows, documentary and Variety shows for BBC1 and 4, German television, etc..


Live appearances in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona, Cannes, Paris, Ibiza, Manchester, Birmingham, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney and Auckland include musical shows featuring her CD MOON GODDESS released in the UK in May 2002 by OSCEOLA RECORDS.


BACKSTAGE PASSES, recorded as an audio book and narrated by Angela, won Best Audio Biography for 1993.  She narrated BDSM-Alternative Loving in 2001.  Angela also won an award in Germany for her 'Crying in the Dark' video which she directed, produced and performed in.


Her play KRISIS KABARET was performed in London at the Little Theater, St. Martin’s Lane. Angie performed TINY ALICE in Tucson at the CITY PLAYERS THEATER COMPANY in 2000.

"Tiny Alice" Theater Reviews


Angie was born in 1949 on the island of Cyprus to colonel George M. and Helen Barnett.  She has  a brother, Milton Barnett, and two children, Duncan and Stacia.  She was educated in Switzerland at Saint Georges School for girls.  Angela speaks French and Spanish fluently.  She now lives in Tucson with her partner Michael.