by Mary-Angela Barnett aka Angela Bowie copyright 2005

Introduction to POP.SEX--PROLOGUE
       The true division of humanity is between those who live in light and those who live in darkness. Our aim must be to diminish the number of the latter and increase the number of the former. That is why we demand education and knowledge.
(Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, pt. 4, bk. 7, ch. 1)

    Sex, Sex, and Sex! It’s everywhere: in politics, on billboards, television, print ads, movies, in sentimental love songs, in coarse, sexy hip hop bump and grind. We live to the rhythm of sexual innuendo. We invest in lovemaking to reap the dividend of orgasm; we entertain relationships to create camaraderie. We all relate to sex. Rich or poor, bisexual, transsexual, gay or straight, we understand sexuality, sexuality in life, doing what you love, eating well, enjoying one's time on earth with passion!

    Sexuality comes in various flavors: heterosexual, male and female homosexual and bisexual. Sexual freedom influences the status of women and children, family planning, gender discrimination, and the civil rights of homosexuality and bisexuality.

    We balance our lives between working, sleeping, eating, living and romance. We have relationships and hobbies, procreate and imprint ourselves on the planet, write ourselves into the history of mankind. We seek a memorial through work, wealth, an artistic endeavor or a family and children.  Others are not so fortunate; they starve, are diseased, impoverished, tortured or kept as slaves. The conditions in which we live are the result of where we live, our form of government, religion, philosophy and sexuality.

    Sexuality is a part of many aspects of human behavior. Sexuality and physicality are entwined. Beautification, sports, athleticism, social interchange, hobbies: stretching the limits of ones imagination, performing, keeping oneself healthy though diet and exercise and performing sexual acts; all are a part of our sexuality for they are sexual expression.
    Many young adults in the new millennium have chosen bisexuality as a term to negate the necessity to define themselves at all. Chaos is overcome with maturity, one falls in love and one's sexual orientation becomes clear.
    Modern man has inhabited the planet for 100,000 years but our story/memory is but ten or fifteen thousand years old. In the last century, carbon dating proved that we have been here much longer than the Victorians ever supposed. They were shocked when Darwin proposed that we were descended from the ape family.  Within a hundred years, science has mapped the genome recipe, extracted and catalogued DNA and a human embryo has been cloned and placed in the mothers womb for a nin
e month development period by a doctor in Italy.

    Sexuality emerged in the 21st century much changed from its first incarnation: the act of procreation. Without the benefit of health care, men got the urge and women carried it around for nin
e months. In those days, traipsing around the planet barefoot and pregnant was dangerous and often resulted in the death of mothers and children.

   The first laws that regulated sexuality are found in Sumerian cuneiform tablets and Egyptian hieroglyphs: in 2350 BC the ruler of Urukagina of Lagash, Mesopotamia made laws that protected widows and orphans. Five hundred years later Hammurabi (1792-1750 BC) reorganized the administration of justice and established written laws into a code.
    The Code was guided by such principles as the strong should not injure the weak and that punishment should fit the crime. It was severe in its penalties prescribing an eye for "an eye and a tooth for a tooth".
    The Code gave women some rights. A written contract for marriage was required. Dowry and marriage settlements were permitted with penalties for their breach stipulated in the contract. A husband who wished to divorce his wife was required to provide alimony and child support. Wives were permitted to obtain divorces for desertion, cruelty and neglect. 
    Crimes punishable by death required a trial before a bench of judges. Capital crimes include bigamy, cowardice in the face of an enemy, incest, adultery, kidnapping, theft, false witness and malfeasance in public office. Murder was not included in the code. The code's legitimacy was maintained by invoking the authority of the gods and the state.

    Christians and Muslims twisted their holy writings to emphasize female obedience. In the ancient religions, women were strong characters and dominated history, then a change occurred and men sought power through religion, trade and politics.
   The voices of women and homosexuals have existed throughout history. Women's voices were muffled as if to negate the importance of female opinion. But women novelists, scientists, politicians and warriors, philosophers and spiritual leaders existed and influenced the course of history. In an examination of sexuality we will study the woman whose ideas are embodied in the magna carta, a Celtic princess and we shall observe the female generals in Vietnam who chased away their enemies during 80 years of conflict.
    By the middle of the twentieth century the feminist movement helped to abolish slavery, achieved temperance, though that was not necessarily a wise move, in 1920 women were allowed to vote, and then began the  battle for information about family planning and birth control and establishing women's right to run for public office.
    In many countries, these changes were crammed into a century. The female perspective undermined paternalistic society. After obtaining suffrage in the 1920s, women won the right to receive information about birth control and family planning; but these were hard won victories. Doctors did not focus on women's ailments and complaints. I traveled half way around the world with my mother in the 1960s and 1970s trying to get her competent healthcare.
    In Time Magazines poll for the People of the Century: Elvis Presley, Yitzhak Rabin, Adolf Hitler, Billy Graham, Albert Einstein, and Martin Luther King etc. In the top 12 there are no women. The first woman is Mother Theresa who was a nun and celibate, close on her heels at number 14 is Madonna and at number 19 Princess Diana. That pretty much says it all doesn’t it? Out of 20 people only three women were chosen and they are the archetypes: a saint, an actress/courtesan and an unattainable princess.

    Religions established the protocol of their culture's social life: babies being born, children becoming adults, men and women raising families and the funerary rights of death. To have a hand in all these ceremonies, the religious body had to pony up something worthwhile; an entertaining creation myth and the promise of life immortal if you kept your head down and paid a tithe to the church so they could stand around and pray you’d go to heaven AFTER you were dead.
    This transparent immortality offer didn’t fool the writers or philosophers for long. They reasoned why not make life on earth pleasant because there may not be anything else. Anyway back to ancient times: Rulers wanted some decent entertainment for their banquets and so ministers were appropriated as Entertainment Directors. They organized the gig. You couldn’t go wrong with re-enacting the religious creation story and then have a parade of musicians and scantily clad dancing girls OR you could do one of the favorites: a re-enactment of victorious battles to flatter your ruler and then a parade of scantily clad dancing girls. It didn’t start in the movies or Paris or Las Vegas, scantily clad dancing girls are recorded in our history from the earliest records. Sell it with sex; it works every time!

    Sexuality has not changed from these ancient days of the Hammurabi Code. Our expectations have changed. We expect to practice the sexual inclination which feels right to us.  Religions, governments and philosophy no longer dominate behavior. The progress of science may change many attitudes about sexual practices including the birthing of children:
    ““We are less than 5 years away from male pregnancy.” So predicted Glenn McGee, a bioethicist who specializes at Penn’s medical school. A London scientist, he said is convinced he’ll be able to use a man’ abdominal cavity as a substitute womb. “You’d be surprised at how many guy
s would want to be pregnant,” McGee said.” (The Inquirer Magazine January 1st. 2001—section 1 Male Pregnancy by Susan Fitzgerald. Wysiwyg://inq.philly.com/content/inquirer/2001/01/01/magazine/future01.html)

    If cloning is to become a practical resource for procreation or organ replacement, should we not consider how it impacts sexuality? Technology has played an important part in our sexual development. The vibrator wiped away the masturbation tattoo of the Christian church; birth control was a major step in the sexual revolution of the 60s; the idea of sex simply for procreation has become old-fashioned. We empowered women to search and achieve orgasm for the purpose of pleasure not reproduction.

    The fusion of science and art produced electricity. Electricity allowed the invention of radio, film and television. These devices were the ultimate social engineering tool within which to introduce consumerism and the advantages of global corporations. This commerce has impacted the twentieth century. Celluloid's moving images worked like dream formats providing examples of scenarios which might occur, had occurred or were likely to occur. Film and radio, later television, were blueprints for living the life imagined by studio chiefs and then
scripted by film writers and directors. Once past the censorship of post-war trauma in the 50s, films and television displayed their power.
    The programming constructed a world of quirky capitalist values and Judaeo-Christian moral beliefs. American films have been judged on these images; cops and robbers, Rambo and Clint Eastwood, Arnold, gangsters and drug dealers, and a new group of fully empowered heroines linked to the explosion of female writing talent within the English-speaking film-making world; Australia, New Zealand, England and the United States and Canada., women oppressed beaten and forced into prostitution.
    The public did not immediately associate audience behavior with the fantasy format of film and television.
After years of brutal film and television, the violence has come to roost in the subconscious of school children and those not equipped to compete in the serious business of making a living in the United States. The government wishes to intervene; how will they do this? Stiffening penalties for antisocial behavior: two million Americans are imprisoned, affecting the lives of six million, their close families and others involved; there is a three strike rule in some states, missing children are displayed on milk cartons and neighborhoods demand to be alerted when sex offenders move into in their neighborhood, there are rape task forces, rage seminars etc. etc.
    Will there be a necessity for marriage and family units? Will prostitution be replaced or upgraded by android sex servers? If we farmed or cloned children and raised them in a psychologically acceptable environment, would we dilute the strength of human intelligence? Would sexuality disappear? When paying for horse covers, I stipulated 'live cover' not artificial insemination.
    The logical conclusion is that sexuality will become obsolete; as the manner of procreation is settled by test tube babies and designer/clones of either parent.  now there is talk of brain upgrades, not in the possible future but now. Neuro-surgeons have the tools and will in the future not only be able to repair nature's shortcomings but improve not only the physical appearance of a human infant but insert and qualify the brain functions! There will be a a push towards logic and realism as all the creativity is summoned to figure out the next move of whatever radicals are upsetting the apple cart next time.

    Where do you meet the other half of your soul? Organized religions expect you to meet your partner at church, others buy brides/housekeepers over the internet. We spend a lot of time mooning around because of loneliness or sexual discomfort. Things change when you are not expecting them to change. There is a relaxation, a fading away of anxiety. Personal satisfaction and accomplishment leave your spirit open and free and ready to meet that special person who completes your life, advantages your heart, puts strength behind you, you have got someone to cover you.

    The twentieth century was full of wars. The first world war was so horrific with mustard gas and the diseases that resulted from trench warfare. Wilfred Owen and other W.W.I poets who were soldiers, left a legacy of new material about warfare that was not in the classic tradition of how nice we’re all going to go out and be noble. This new genre of action writing was realistic, emotional, less concerned with the righteousness of the battle, more in tune with the independent and individual right to choose which battles a man should fight.
“Gas, gas quick boys, an ecstasy of fumbling fitting the clumsy helmets just in time….”(Wilfred Owen about 1918).
    This type of writing was not acceptable to the establishment at first; they preferred the classics and then came Hitler. Freedom fighting is a noble cause and encourages plenty of adrenaline, lust, imagination, creativity, heroics; all the finer things of which humans are capable. Every person who fought against Hitler and later Stalin knew they were fighting for the right to think as an individual and not to be coerced into the lie of accepting untruths for the “Common Good.”

    The enemies, according to Hitler were “world Jewry, international communism, effete liberalism, and decadent capitalism.” By 1934 he was called Fuhrer. The Nuremberg Racial Laws of 1935 deprived the Jews of their citizenship. Hitler instigated the Autobahnen, road building project that modernized the German transportation system and planned for the German car market. Volkswagen was designed as the people's car. Hitler was a big fan of Ford's mass production methods.
    In 1936 Goering undertook a four year plan designed to overthrow the provisions of the Peace of Versailles. Artists and writers started fleeing Germany attempting to relocate before they were not allowed to liquidate or move their funds; German immigrants came to America and other European countries, Africa and Shanghai. When German forces dismembered Czechoslovakia and invaded Poland and France, in 1940 they concentrated their attack on Britain.
    In 1941, breaking more treaties, Hitler invaded Russia. The Russians were heroic; they turned Hitler back at Moscow in December of 1941 and again at Stalingrad in the winter of 1942 . By mid 1943, Hitler was in retreat worldwide; by July 1944, his officers tried to assassinate him. In April, 1945 he married Eva Braun and committed suicide. Hitler's reputation as sexually perverse is bizarre and fascinating film stars and young relatives left a trail of sexual abuse, we will examine what evidence there is!

    When W.W.II was over, reunions replaced confrontations. There was a population boom to celebrate the peace. Military personnel were ‘demobbed’. They picked up the pieces of their lives. Sexuality was no longer a dirty word; there was an acceptance that family and intimacy and peace were the reasons for fighting.
‘Sexuality’ was a word in a new hat and dress; try it on for size; sex, sexuality sensuality. It sounded good, modern. How about: sexy? Sexy implied life as passion. Civil Rights and Orgasm were whispered words. The middle of the Twentieth Century was awareness time.  Enjoyment of the body and enjoying life on the planet was celebrated in films, music, art and culture. There was a flourishing of culture following the triumph of GOOD over EVIL. But the fighting was not over; America and the Western powers of NATO, Stalin and Russian presidents that followed, embarked on the Cold War. The Cold War waged as thousands of lives civilian and military were lost in Korea and Vietnam.

    The swinging 60s protested war. The songs, the activists demands that Americans be brought home, the draft dodgers, the streakers; they were all protesting the Vietnam war. In 1951 in Mexico City, a chemist called Carl Djerassi synthesized ‘norethindrone’ – a steroid contraceptive. Djerassi worked for Syntex and became wealthy from his discovery. His latest book is This Man’s Pill (Oxford University Press). Djerassi's discovery impacted women all over the world. The birth control pill was introduced in the 60s and caused a sexual revolution. “It is the favorite contraceptive for married women in 78 countries.”
    The revolution trickled down to impact our lives on every level. Sexuality and intimacy integrated our thinking, working, earning and pleasuring into a landscape of personal discovery and approval. The adrenaline of a century of fighting was redirected to more romantic pleasures.
    For a democracy, the North American attitude to sex is tinged with corporate seduction, religious passion and consumer zeal. Corporations use sex to sell their retail goods, the government uses the church as a tool to fuel the replenishment of armies. The church uses guilt about family planning and abortion to expand breeding potential. Meanwhile consumers are just grateful to be able to get their hands on sexual tools, education material, performance enhancers, condoms, lingerie high heels; whatever makes it happen, is available for us to buy, including Viagra for men and women which is marketed as a sexual enhancer.
    Americans enjoy the most advanced consumer society and the most intense media and advertising exposure.
Exposure is the last weapon in the arsenal to retrain our impetuous and over-eager law makers. Fear of exposure is how the 'Fear Factor' functions. But were the fear factor to be turned on our personal lives as in the case of Bill Clinton and his White House Escapades of sexual relief; we do not want to be that exposed.
On September of 2001, New York was attacked. The sexual freedom described in this book was threatened America was attacked on our home shores; yet again the fascist beast of terrorism this time struck the blow to unleash the repercussion of such an act.

    What happened to the airport security systems? After W.W.II, the Cold War succeeded in maintaining peace. When did we stop getting a bang for our buck in terms of tax dollars and the effectiveness of homeland security?   

“U.S. was warned of plots using jets as early as 1995. Six years before suicide hijackers attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the F.B.I. was alerted that Middle Eastern pilots were training at US flight schools, and at least one had proposed dive-bombing a jet-liner into a federal building, according to documents and interviews with Filipino and U.S. authorities. The information came from police interrogations of Abdul Hakim Murad and a computer seized from Ramzi Yousef, two men arrested after a chemical fire at a Manila apartment tipped authorities to a terrorist plot linked to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida network. (Associated Press March 6th 2002, AZ DAILY STAR)
    The intelligence was good, the follow-up useless. Airport security in Europe has factored terrorism into the cost of doing business for the last 30 years. We had other clues. How about the two Afghani women who risked their lives and went to Paris? They held news conferences and told of the Taliban treatment of women and children, of girls not being allowed to attend school. Specifically, the ladies described women’s public executions, street beatings for any infringement of the religious code and a special corps of religious police who patrolled the cities and enforced the regulations. The testimony of the Afghani ladies was reported by the press. They risked their lives to get the word out and we treated them as if they needed sympathy. They needed smart, responsive intelligence officers to debrief them about the Taliban and the Al Quaeda training camps.
    The aim of every terrorist is to catapult themselves and their views into the attention of the media so that their “stock, value, interest rate” will go up; this increases donations from fanatical rich people who need the tax deduction. The reason terrorists conduct terrorist activities is self-interest. They start as freedom fighters and then morph into middle-class, comfortable arms and drug dealers who will cooperate with anyone who keeps their adrenaline buzz happening. The excuses for terrorism are plentiful: a political belly-ache about their native land, occupation of their land, freedom and independence from a colonial power, civil rights, drought, famine, poverty, religious differences etc. etc.
    Terrorists follow a pattern: they do a little rabble-rousing, go to university to meet some contacts, get busy and decide they need to apply force to accomplish notoriety. Remember when Yassar Arafat made his pitch as a young PLO favorite; hanging out with Idi Amin and all the real gut wrenching African genocide experts. Pulling a job, in this case, killing people is an effective way to get news time. We watch the same desperation afflict the tormented within our borders: the tragic Oklahoma City bombing, the political anxiety and murder that resulted in Waco.  There is another currency riding side saddle with money and that is fame. Money pays the bills; but fame pays your protection! How you will be treated may depend on the clarity of your existence, to define clarity we must employ emphasis. A distinct image not a blurred picture is more easily recognized and less likely to be tormented. The desire for fame is not always the desire to be remembered for doing constructive things. But fame however it comes has value and that has changed the dynamic of social interaction. Today's technology suspects every advance , every move and each action sets up the possibility of tragedy digitally recorded. Were I to be raising my daughter at this time I would be very cautious; practically nothing is safe. Everything can be recorded!

    Women and homosexuals; two groups who have had to fight for respect, dignity, health care etc are the perfect barometer for a governments ability to guarantee essential human rights. Women and gay people are the witnesses that will testify as to their rights. If they are not able to exercise their civil rights: a safe and pleasant place to live and/or raise children with academically superior schools that are not fanatical deciding which parts of science they are going to teach, worship any faith they desire, have access to health care, the right to assemble, vote and hold public office, something is wrong!  

    The media audience is interested in Sex, Women, Food, Animals, Home Improvement, Sports, Gossip, UFOs and Elvis sightings. These interests are the direct response of consumers. HBO, The Learning Channel, the History Channel all have independent series dealing with the history of sexuality, life of courtesans and homosexual pundits. Two Gay cable channels are in development in 2002. They should be up and running by the end of the year. Will they be profitable? Marketing segments identify new consumers just as new leads sparks the marketing skills of telemarketers. Homosexuality: Gay Pride and Lesbianism are recently identified marketing segments. Oprah discovered the power of Women and Rosie O’Donnell found the power of being a lesbian. Howard Stern may take credit along with a couple of Gay Pride Civil Rights advocates for unleashing the 'legend of lesbians.'  The result of his ongoing adoration of the idea that two women prefer to be together than with men! Now there's a profile!

Religion and

    Orgasm and religious ecstasy are similar in profound effect. The motive of orgasm is to release the seed and feel satisfied. Religious ecstasy prompts us to spiritual fervor. We pray for support, we anticipate God in our court. We're pumping power and searching the data base for a solution to a perplexing dilemma.

    In “The Purpose of Sex is Sensual Pleasure,” Sallie Tisdale says about sexual orgasm:
“ In other words, orgasm, which feels so active, so much an act, is a kind of anti-act after the action of foreplay-it is a letting go, a surrender and return to the normal. The build to orgasm is an awful joy, full of pleasure and tension in almost equal measure; orgasm is a cool bath bathing the burn.”
     Research findings as to why some women are unable to orgasm is partly determined by her genes and can't be blamed entirely on cultural influences. "Specialists say the findings don't mean women who inherit an unfortunate gene package are doomed. They just mean that more work or patience is required." for these women to achieve orgasm.
    Laura Berman, a professor at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. says "What we do know is that psychologically women are more complex sexually. For women being in a relationship where they feel loved and they feel secure, is a big factor. Other big factors are how they feel about themselves and about sex and what their first experiences were."  (Woman's ability to orgasm linked in part to her genes/AP/ AZ Daily Star 06/ 8/2005)

     Religious fervor whips an army into shape or a crowd into a mob; clerics have goaded congregations to burn witches or soothed a soul during the performance of dying rights such as Extreme Unction.
    Religion is a blueprint for life with family, social involvement, professional productivity and church participation. Christianity has two billion adherents; Islam has 1.3 billion followers; Hinduism 900 million; and non religious/agnostic/Atheist 850 million and Buddhist 360 million.   There are 2,500 gods from the cultures of the African Peoples, the Albanians, the pre-Islamic Arabians, Aztecs, Babylonians, Buddhists, Canaanites, Celtics, Egyptians, Native Americans, Etruscans, Germanics, Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Persians, Polynesians and the Shintos listed in the Encyclopedia of Gods by Michael Jordan (ISBN 0-8160-2909-1). The first religions were the Sumerian and the Egyptian in 3,000 BC. The independent and local deities were banished by the big three organized religions: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.
Sexual guilt is due to religion more than any other single issue.  

    Paul Oppenheimer says in his analysis of guilt:
    “In fact for many modern people, the golden calf, Baal. Isis, Zeus, Dis and Odin, together with the ancient Greek muses of inspiration, have simply rematerialized, and are strangely accompanied by resurrections of the old versions of the god of Christians, Jews and Moslems. They form in the modern brain a vast, puffy, apparently pleasing god-soufflé. .... The now shrunk squib of guilt. Like a mere dank nub at the center of the servile soul, goes on with a life of its own, and refuses to rise or stir. One may chop at it. The chopped off portion will instantly be replaced. One may ignore it. It will gleam darkly commanding attention. One may rant, rave, seek distractions. The nub-like substance will simply endure. It may seem to brood. It will probably grow heavier.” (Infinite Desire a Guide to Modern Guilt by Paul Oppenheimer page 110 Madison Books 1997)

    “Sex itself is locked up in secrecy, privacy darkness, embarrassment and guilt. That’s how the industrial system manages to keep it under control. Among nature peoples as we have seen, sex is part of the public education and the religion of the tribes. It becomes collective celebration of the powers that hold the universe together. Its purpose is its own pleasure. Any group of people with such practices and values can never be dominated by industrial institutions. That’s why the first thing that industrial societies do on contact with “primitives” is make them feel guilty about sex and their bodies. The historical tools for doing this have been patriarchal religions.”  (Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture by Arthur Evans page 130  Fag Rag Books 1978)

    Why would we absorb into our society something that causes so much distress? Probably because we lack tradition and the church doctrines are so out of date that we allow them to exist in our quest for roots. It was not that long ago that the Catholic Church urged men to beat their womenfolk. Domestic violence is not something to recommend a discipline during the times in which we live. The church's excuse is that they too have grown but not enough to sanctify gay marriage or deal with the sexual abuse within in their own ranks

    “Men were exhorted from the pulpit to beat their wives and wives to kiss the rod that beat them. In a medieval theological manual, now in the British Museum, under the word castigare the example for its use is given as ‘a man must castigate his wife and beat her for correction, for the lord must punish his own as it is written in Gratian’s Decretum…The deliberate teaching of domestic violence, combined with the doctrine that women by nature could have no human rights, had taken such hold by the late Middle Ages that men had come to treat their wives worse than their beasts.”  (The First Sex by Elizabeth Gould Davis page252-253)
    Perhaps the sadism and bondage fetishes that exist in modern day sexuality, date from some confused brain formatting that remembers the excesses of the Inquisition when torture nurtured the sickest of partnerships between victim and inquisitor.  The Christian obsession with corporal punishment to enforce obedience has a sick twist that will reproduce itself again and again as long as those methods of persuasion are upheld. The Christian devotion to torture so as not to be considered a soft enemy, is preposterous. History proves we have no moral authority; our behavior, the Christian, Western point of view is as barbaric or more so than some of our enemies. 

     Prayer and meditation are examined in an article titled “Neuro-theology, Why God Won’t Go Away.” Neuro-theology may help unlock the mysteries of religious ecstasy. To isolate the brain patterns found during prayer and meditation a scientific experiment was conducted by Dr. Newberg using a practicing Tibetan Buddhist.
    "The subject was wired to a computer with an I.V. in his arm to allow a radioactive tracer to be introduced. As he approached a deep meditative state he tugged on a string which began a scan by a brain-imaging machine named SPECT. The computer read-out indicates that “deprived of sensory input by the man’s inward concentration,” cannot do its job of finding the border between self and world. (Searching for the God Within by Sharon Begley Newsweek 1/23/01 http://www.msnbc.com/news/51930.asp)
    “The brain had no choice,” says Newberg. “It perceived the self to be endless, as one with all creation. And this felt utterly real.”
    The term, ‘Neuro-theology,’ was coined by the scientists/authors: Dr. Newberg and the late Dr. Eugene d’Aquili both of the University of Pennsylvania. One of their conclusions is: “that spiritual experiences are the inevitable outcome of brain wiring: The human brain has been genetically wired to encourage religious beliefs.” 

    The SPECT scans of Franciscan Nuns “Found a quieting of the orientation area which gave the sisters a tangible sense of proximity to and merging with God.... The absorption of the self into something larger is not the result of emotional fabrication or wishful thinking.” (Searching for the God Within by Sharon Begley Newsweek 1/23/01 http://www.msnbc.com/news/51930.asp)

     I wondered why music evoked the same hazy, spiritual scanning around that going to church or praying does. Why do Chuck Berry and Little Richard make you want to dance and Barry White and Al Green’s music kindle the desire to have sex?
    There is another similarity between religious fundamentalists and adoring/besotted music fans--if you listen to something long enough or read something like the bible or the q'ran you become obsessed and the music or the books' message will be evident in everything you see and everything you do.

    A diet of one news channel will not quench your thirst for current affairs and the news it disseminates will only result in an artificial relationship with the news presenters. They are not your friends, you do not know either the authors of the q'ran or the bible, most often when listening to music one is not acquainted with the vocalists or the musicians, one hears the music and either empathizes or does not listen. When the book is in your hand or close to your hand at all times and the music is played constantly, what are you doing?

    Brainwashing yourself into a state of heightened awareness that gets you high and makes you feel special and important. Humans go through repetitive, fanatical behavior and some grow out if it, some don't. Prayer and meditation, fan worship of musicians encourage the self to reprogram one's brain. Scientology is a New Age religion and an invasive economic competitor for your business and your money. Scientology owns Earthlink, the Internet engine and Starbucks, the coffee and chat network that will soon or already does exist in every large city on earth!
    Scientology is also a self re-programming cult.  Why do I consider them ominous? Because they expect to be paid by you for living your life. It's the ultimate commission scam, unless of course you already pay tithe to an organized religion and then you are already sucking up for a place in heaven big time! Why is it so discouraging to some people that one's time on earth and the joy and knowledge one can enjoy is not enough? Why is the value of life measured in suffering and  penance instead of embracing the amazing reality that we live and breathe at all?  There is plenty to be fixing on the planet without fighting over converts for various brain programming religions.

    How about this?  If music be "the food of love" it is also an erotic trigger of joy, happiness and security all necessary to achieve orgasm for the female half of the species.

    “Music is indeed remarkable in its power over all mankind. Perhaps for that very reason, no human culture on earth has ever lived without it: people making music predates agriculture and perhaps even language. Take for instance the recent discoveries in France and Slovenia of surprisingly sophisticated, sweet-sounding flutes, made by our Neanderthal cousins. Some of these instruments, carved from animal bones, are as much as 53,000---more than twice as old as the famed cave paintings in Lascaux.” ( Exploring the Musical Brain---Music may be even more ancient than the human race, over which it holds tremendous sway. Scientists are beginning to find out why. The Scientific American. Jan 22 2001 http://www.sciam.com/explorations/2001/012201music/)

    At Cornell University, tests were conducted on people with half their brain removed. The research scientists tested five audio qualities: pitch, rhythm, tempo, contour and key.

    “But music goes much deeper than that---below the outer layers of the auditory and visual cortex to the limbic system, which controls our emotions. The emotions generated there produce a number of well-known physiological responses. Sadness, for instance, automatically causes pulse to slow, blood pressure to rise, a drop in the skin’s conductivity and a rise in temperature. Fear increases heart rate; happiness makes you breathe faster. By monitoring such physical reactions, Carol Krumhansl of Cornell University demonstrated that music directly elicits a range of emotions. Music with a quick tempo in a major key, she found, brought about all the physical changes associated with happiness in listeners. In contrast, a slow tempo and minor key led to sadness.” ( Exploring the Musical Brain---Music may be even more ancient than the human race, over which it holds tremendous sway. Scientists are beginning to find out why. The Scientific American. Jan 22 2001 http://www.sciam.com/explorations/2001/012201music/)
     What has this to do with sex and/or religion? Music strikes a chord with the limbic system, a most ancient part of our brain, one that is shared with the animal kingdom.

    “Patricia Gray, head of the BioMusic program at the National Academy of the Sciences, and several colleagues from around the country propose that music came into this world long before the human race ever did. ‘The fact that whale and human music have so much in common even though our evolutionary paths have not intersected for 60 million years,’ they write, “‘suggests that music may predate humans---that rather than being the inventors of music, we are latecomers to the musical scene.”
Humpback whales use human songwriting tricks to appeal to their potential mates; they compose short songs and longer movements; their voices span seven octaves and use percussive and melodic elements to impress their beloved!

    Temple prostitutes singing and dancing, playing musical instruments? Music is a call to ardor:

“Why would such different creatures—with such different physical means for making sound—all adopt such astonishingly uniform patterns for their melodies? Gray and her colleagues conclude that the similarities “tempt one to speculate that the platonic alternative may exist—that there is a universal music awaiting discovery…..Geoffrey Miller of University College London has proposed that musical ability—like broad shoulders or showy plumes—may serve to demonstrate fitness to a potential mate, After all, singing or playing an instrument well requires dexterity and good memory. Another suggestion Levitin makes is that music functions as communication, perhaps mimicking the rhythm and contour of our species’ primitive calls.” ( Exploring the Musical Brain---Music may be even more ancient than the human race, over which it holds tremendous sway. Scientists are beginning to find out why. The Scientific American. Jan 22 2001 http://www.sciam.com/explorations/2001/012201music/)

    “Scientists set DNA to music because genes carry a tune.”

    “Seeking music in nature goes way back. In the sixth century B.C., the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras argued that celestial bodies in rotation gave off pitched sounds that blended into a beautiful harmony he called “the music of the spheres.” The idea is that matter and its behavior—wheat fields shimmering and tongues of fire dancing—may hold something intrinsic that can be transformed into music, said Dr. Fernando Baquero, head of Microbiology at Ramon y Cajal Hospital. "Maybe that’s why people like music: it’s already inside them anyway, so hearing it touches a piece of them." Baquero said.”
(Scientists set DNA to music because genes carry a tune by Daniel Woolls The Associated Press Jan. 19th 2003.)

    Carnivals are the last high profile pagan celebrations:
“time to don costumes and masks, to escape the world of order and wallow in chaos, time to expurgate the past year’s sins and frustrations in an ancient rite of spiritual renewal and social invigoration.” (Carnival Season in the Caribbean by Michelle Faul The Arizona Daily Star Feb. 10 2002)
Most often carnivals are the pagan festivals of religious events.
    Carnival season starts at the beginning of the New Year in Haiti. All around the world carnival is celebrated in different countries and with different traditions. Puerto Rico, Aruba, St. Martin, Guadeloupe and Martinique, Trinidad, Dominica, Carriacou, Grenada, Georgetown, Guyana, Cayman islands, Barbados, St Marten, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, British Virgin islands, the Bahamas and the mother of all carnivals: Rio de Janeiro which celebrates the beginning of Lent.
    Carnival is also the time of political controversy because the atmosphere is charged with the underlying passion that emboldens the citizens to tell it like it is and many politicians are lampooned as a part of the carnival celebrations. Also religious differences are brought into play as they were in Guyana when the Islamic community objected to the wild alcoholic partying which occurs during Carnival and which fell on one of their sober religious festivals: the festival of Eid.

    There is a relationship between carnal desire and the protocol of religion:
Many Christian leaders also lecture their flocks against the evils of carnival, a bacchanal that can sometimes lead revelers hypnotized by the moment to public displays of sex…In Martinique, Carnival Monday is a burlesque, with men dressing as women and vice versa for mock marriage ceremonies. Mardi Gras, carnival Tuesday brings the sorties of the famed red devils and Wednesday a massive parade of revelers in black-and-white costumes ending at the seashore.” (Carnival Season in the Caribbean by Michelle Faul The Arizona Daily Star Feb. 10 2002)

    Todd Gulick (manager and producer of Peter Minishall’s Carnival Calalloo Company in Trinidad) traces the origins of carnival in this way:
“Carnival is really the progenitor of all the art forms however you trace it—through the holy festivals in India, the Dionysian influence in Greece –but most cultures have their spring festival and its primeval that way. Today’s carnival is driven by a predominantly African energy but shamelessly begs, steals and borrows from the many nations that make up what Trinidadians call their “rainbow nation.” (Carnival Season in the Caribbean by Michelle Faul The Arizona Daily Star Feb. 10 2002)

    Some religions employ music; Christians sing hymns, Buddhists chant and Native Americans sing and dance around a campfire. Other religions such as Islam forbid music and dancing. In Brazil, the church and pop star are one and the same: Catholic priest, Rev. Marcelo Rossi hurls pails of holy water at excited congregation who is soaked in water and purring in delight at their holy achievement. Rossi is a pop star and his CD "Music to Praise the Lord" has topped the charts and set him apart from other priests. Rossi has recycled a Sao Paolo bottling plant and four times a week he celebrates mass there, drawing crowds of 70,000 per event! The religious show is televised. (Pop star priest rocks Brazil's charismatics Associated Press AZ Daily Star 1999)
    The most common complaints about religious interference in sexual matters, are: birth control/family planning and gender discrimination; (women not being allowed to hold clerical office in some religions) and disapproval for homosexuality.

    The Christian Church employs clerics to administer the services provided by the church and to preach for donations on a regular schedule. The clerics' behavior must be exemplary; every year, there are cases of women who are inseminated by priests; the women are counseled to terminate the pregnancy and/or are paid off by the church. There are also child abuse scandals plaguing many organized religions.
    “Roughly two thirds of the top U.S. Catholic leaders have allowed priests accused of sexual abuse to keep working, a systematic practice that spans decades and continues today, a three month Dallas morning news review shows. This study the first of its kind—looked at the records of the top leaders of the nation’s 178 mainstream Roman Catholic dioceses, including acting administrators in cases where the top job is vacant.” (http://www.dallasnews.com/cgi-bin/2002/priests.cgi by Brooks Egerton and Reese Dunklin)
    During the 95 page briefing from the Dallas News database, it is apparent that clerical sexual abuse is equally heterosexual and homosexual and that the escape route of choice for these clerical predators was South America or the Dominican Republic. This upholds the Vatican policy of ‘ignore and move’ priests accused of sexual abuse.
    When did the Vatican think it would end? Perhaps Catholic priests should get married and experience the real world of relationships and making a living like their Lutheran and Orthodox brothers and sisters instead of being cloistered by the wealth, gender discrimination and protection of the Catholic Church/Big Brother?
    Why does the sexual abuse and impregnation of young women not get the media coverage of the abuse of young boys? Somehow there is a part of our brains that when stimulated to question what went on, the more bizarre and wild, the more we are interested. It’s as if we have some fascination with depravity!
    The Family aka Children of God and the Family of Love is the name of a cult that exists here in Arizona. One of The Family's members, Richard P. Rodriguez stabbed his former nanny 51 year-old Angela M. Smith because of years of sex abuse by her. Apparently, Maria, Rodriguez' mother joined the group in the 1970s and married David Berg, the group's founder. The cult produced a book encouraging sex amongst church members of all ages and this book haunted the young participants of this embarrassing record of the church elders' misguided experiment.
    In 2000, Rodriguez left the cult and began to discuss the abuse he and others had suffered at the hands of the church elders including David and Maria Berg, his mother and father. Apparently suicide is a common solution to the problems and abuse caused by cult life. (AZ Daily Star "Stabber's friends blame decades of abuse in sex cult by Becky Pallack 01/12/05)

   ‘Most cases of child sexual abuse—especially those whose ‘nonviolent’ perpetrators come from within the child’s circle of trust—seem on their surface, to be far more complex. This complexity is an illusion. The truth is as simple as it is terrifying: sickness is a condition. Evil is a behavior. Evil is always a matter of choice. Evil is not thought; it is conduct. And the conduct is always volitional. And just as evil is always a choice, sickness is always the absence of choice. Sickness happens. Evil is inflicted. Until we perceive the difference clearly, we will continue to give aid and comfort to our most pernicious enemies…..Until now we have exempted religious organizations from mandated-reporter laws. Recent events have proved the catastrophic consequences of this exemption. We must demand now that our legislators close this pathway to evil.”  (The Difference between ‘Sick’ and ‘Evil’ by Andrew Vachss Parade Magazine July 14 pages 4-5)

    Slavery was abolished in the nineteenth century by Amendment XIII in the United States and similar legislation in hundreds of nations. It sounds like history, doesn't it? It's not, it's current affairs! If slavery has been abolished by the majority of sovereign nations; why are there 27 million slaves in the world today?
    A vast majority are sexually abused, many young men and women are exploited sexually and treated as property by their pimps. ('21st Century Slaves' by Andrew Cockburn and photographs by Jodi Cobb published in the National Geographic September 2003 pages 1-30)   
    Fifteen to twenty million of the world's slaves are debt slaves in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Slaves contribute 13 billion dollars to the global economy. In Lake Placid, Florida, in the citrus belt, there are slave camps in plain view of the unsuspecting public, the slave camps house fruit pickers.     After being paid on Fridays, the slaves were herded into the local store and forced to sign over their checks thus becoming even more in debt. Finally Romeo Ramirez, went undercover and was able to free some of the slaves and arrest the slave runners.

     "Captives in eight camps in and around Lake Placid were living four to a room, which stank sleeping on box springs.....the main camp in which the Ramoses' confined their victims was just on the edge of town right beside a Ramada Inn. On the other side of the compound a gated community lakefront estates, offered a restful environment for seniors." (page 23 National Geographic September 2003 Andrew Cockburn and photographed by Jodi Cobb.)

    70 Thai women were making garments in the El Monte, California area before they were rescued.
A Mexican slave ring was distributing ice-cream using slaves as street vendors. "According to Kevin Bales there are between 100,000 and 150,000 slaves in the U.S. today." (page 23 National Geographic September 2003 Andrew Cockburn and photographed by Jodi Cobb.)
    Indian children, between nine and fourteen years of age make bracelets for ten hours a day, the price for a child laborer is $35 paid to the parents or the owner. In India mothers and daughters labor at construction hauling bricks to kilns for firing. In Brazil, children mine charcoal for the manufacture of steel and in China children make fireworks.  
    In Uganda, "The Lord's Resistance Army" kidnapped school children and forced them to fight as soldiers for that group and to kill their friends and peers, Charlotte Awino was one such a Catholic school girl. Charlotte and her school mates were forced from their beds in the middle of the night in the convent run by Italian nuns by rebel boy soldiers.
    The boys whipped the girls to speed their awakening and then beat them with guns and machetes until they agreed to kill one of their friends who had tried to escape. For eight years she lived in captivity and has now returned home due to the efforts of Angelina Atyam, Charlotte's mother who founded The Concerned Parents' Association and she became an advocate for the abducted children of all of Uganda. Her daughter Charlotte was raped and had two children by one of old military commanders.
    Charlotte's story is but one of the 25,000 children who were inducted into the children's army that held them hostage for years during the ongoing 20 year civil war. (Ugandan Children's Horror: forced to kill at 14-- Knight Ridder Newspapers-- AZ Daily Star 10/03/04)
    In the Sudan a campaign of genocide has caused the rape and insemination of thousand of women, as the children of this program are born they are shunned and treated with contempt and so the daily suffering and humiliation of life is exacerbated by the tragedy of civil war. Both mothers and children are stigmatized by the violence that threatens to wipe out a large proportion of the country's population. As they raped the woman featured in the narrative, the Arab rapists spat, "We want to change the color of your children."

    The following countries trafficked more than a hundred humans in one year in 2003: Albania, Angola, Armenia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bolivia and Bosnia, Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhistan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia and Montenegro, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
    One hundred and twenty countries have slave labor available in some sectors of their industry.       
    A report in June 2005 by the U. S. State Department reinforces the allegations made in September 2003 National Geographic by Andrew Cockburn. The Head of the U.S. State Department, Condoleeza Rice "scolded" 14 countries for not doing enough to stop child armies, beggary, prostitution, agricultural slaves and other forced laborers. The countries include Saudi Arabia, the number-one ally of George Bush's war on terror, Kuwait, United Arab Republic and Qatar, Bolivia, Cambodia, Cuba, Ecuador, Jamaica, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Tongo and Venezuela. China, South Africa and other countries who have been making an effort received "watch list" categorization. (U.S. scolds nations in slave trade - The Associated Press-AZ Daily Star 04/06/05)

Saudi Arabia abolished slavery in 1962 but the practice continues and there is little crackdown on the tradition of keeping slaves. Women in Saudi Arabia are unable to vote or drive and the Internet is severely restricted to stop Internet users from accessing porn sites; cell phones with cameras have been banned.

    Were you to witness an atrocity while in Saudi Arabia and photograph it with your cell phone you would be committing some kind of crime.  But maybe porn is an excuse to ban cell phones! Imagine if you were in Saudi Arabia and witnessed a government official, lawyer or doctor somehow acknowledge that they had slaves, and you captured them talking matter of factly about their life style including keeping slaves, there would be a backlash against our Saudi allies and it would be justified.
    The practice of polygamy was recently in the headlines concerning a 64 year old Saudi businessman, Saleh al-Sayeri with 58 wives. Over 50 years he has fathered ten sons that he can remember and between 22-25 daughters.  Donna Abu-Nasr reminds us that Saudi women cannot drive, hold jobs, cannot get an education, travel or check into a hotel without a male relative's permission. But Salah el-Sayeri's most recent 14 year-old wife is delighted to be his wife, well, it's only been nine months! ( Saudi Businessman has had 58 wives by Donna Abu-Nasr The Associated Press AZ Daily Star 01/02/05)

    Slavery exists in the United States in 2005: in a chic Denver neighborhood, Homaidan Ali Al-Turki and his wife Sarah Konaizan, Saudi immigrants to the United States, are being investigated by the FBI. The couple are accused of imprisoning an Indonesian woman, intimidating her with rape and forcing her to cook, clean and care for the couple's four children for four years with no pay. If convicted they will remain in prison for their entire lives. There are many cases of Saudi royals bringing their anti-social customs to America. ("Saudis import Slaves to America" by Daniel Pipes --FrontPageMagazine.com June 14, 2005)
    Slavery strips a human being of the basic human right to choose. Slaves are forced to perform work, to live in a certain place and consent is not required from the slave for a sexual act; that is rape or abuse.
    Selling young men, women and children into forced labor camps or children's armies or prostitution rings is unthinkable. According to Human Rights group Anti-Slavery International, slaves are being released and their owners imprisoned.
According to recent figures, the price for a slave has dropped from the last century to one percent of their previous value.
    Meanwhile in Peru, child laborers are protesting that they must be allowed to continue working to help their parents through the economic hard times. The children want work programs that are more flexible and responsive to their needs. ("Peru's child laborers don't want to stop" Reuters AZ Daily Star 25/05/05)

      During the course of this book, we will establish the links between sexuality and religion, war and politics. In the search for the meaning of life, we follow protocols of genetic, familial, scholastic, religious and social dictates. Stricter sexual rules are embraced by those who do not wish to integrate sexuality into their lives.