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April 15th- May 4th, 2006

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Thanks to the staff members of the Connaught Hotel in Carlos Place, Mayfair, and the Claridges Hotel, Brook Street, Mayfair.  You both made me feel at home, and glad to be back in London.

Tucson-based French Director Claude Chassain.  Click here for more.

Outsiders come together to try and find solutions to make peace amongst all humans. 

Talking is better than killing and although I am ready to pull my hair out at the amount of time the reunification talks concerning Cyprus (40 years) have taken, at least not that many people have died. 

Hi Angie, 

I just ran across a piece you wrote about Cyprus (found it at and
just wanted to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was also born in Cyprus
to American parents (in 1955).  I was born in the hospital at Pendayia that you
mentioned.  But I've never been back there since I was a child.  My memory of Cyprus
is very limited compared to all that you know about it.  I remember the razor wire
around our house .. soldiers running through our yard carrying machine guns ..
hiding under the bed during air raid warnings .. the beaches .. the ocean .. the
people's faces ......

Your writing was a fantastic virtual journey back to my birthplace and I want to
thank you for that.  Your passion for the island comes through in your writing and
has refueled my own longings to return there.  Actually, my mother, only a few
months ago, asked me if I'd like to join her and her husband on a trip to Cyprus
later this year.  Initially my thought was how strange it would feel to be a single,
50-year-old man traveling back to where he was born with his mother .. ha ha.  But
after reading your piece I am getting on the phone to see if I can still "sign up"
for the trip.  

Thank you very much. 

-Bob Lyons-


Check out this calcifying account of the Middle East war and the results of the Allies' actions in Iraq. Feel free to play that great James Blunt song very loudly--it is magnificent!

I didn't think I was excited until I realized I was holding my breath and counting the days, like waiting for the end of term at school! This morning I got an e mail  "Hope you are well. What do you think of Duncan's ad for FCUK?! It's great - you must be very proud! Thanks again! Jason"

Yes, I am very proud of his efforts though not being in Europe I have not seen the campaign thus far!

Here is the company's website:

CONGRATULATIONS DUNCAN, on the work or the controversy? Definitely on the work; the controversy is in the minds of the reader/viewer/listener. Well done!

Angie's trip to London

I am back! And what fun we had! Very Busy! But call me idiot for not grabbing some disposable cameras before I left Tucson!
It was a joy to meet up with Patrick Lilley; Lilley is gracious and witty, a delightful host.
We dined at "The Red Fort" 77 Dean St, "Bombay Nouvel" Indian restaurant is one Patrick's favorite London restaurants; we entered Nirvana, the gastronomic zone; I was revived and began to have fun! Joining us for dinner was Namalee, playing stylist for two days during the photo shoots in her capacity as rep and P.R. for the brilliantly talented Basso & Brook whose clothes we featured in every photo shoot, she is actually a beautiful young lady musician, writer and magazine owner called--SUPER! SUPER
Namalee and Jo were there with every step of the way!
Jo Frost  is a wonderful London make-up artist;  London is full of the most attractive people! 
Imogen, another brunette beauty who writes for the "Grauniad" (Guardian) was lovely and Eamon (spelling?) the "smudger" as the cockneys used to call photographers in 1960s London, was Magnifique!
In the afternoon, Namalee arranged for us to do an interview for her magazine "SUPER SUPER," with Lady Princess Julia!
Princess Julia is a club DJ and is so busy that she left the following day for Brazil to host a club in Rio de Janeiro.
Tuesday morning I went to a Clerkenwell studio to meet up with Kate Garner and do the exhibition/gallery and fashion shoot.
The door opened and there was Fiona Russell-Powell! 
Fiona's accomplishments are musical, performance and generally just doing a darn fine job pf living life. She was inspirational in ABC------------Fiona Russell-Powell is SUPER!
Patrick believes that FIONA will be one of the most important writers of this decade and he may be right. Fiona is all about talent; her witty and amusing profiles of all the participants in the OUTSIDER FESTIVAL helped get the journalists' interest I think. 
Russell-Powell is beautiful, sensitive, even more personable and engaging LIVE than on the phone, if that is possible and another 21st century RENAISSANCE multi-talent? What a pleasure it was to meet her!
Gino from the Sunday Times took great pics and hopefully we will see them soon!
There is a one of ANGIE in a box! There was a turquoise serving table that looked like a huge lacquered picture frame; I crawled inside. 
Read Mary Finnigan's notes on this year's Fes Festival or check out the website.

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MOON GODDESS CD coming soon

The Healing Power of Flowers.

This is a must read tool for chronic pain and other ailments.

Promo shots of Robert Musselman, Los Angeles, California for CORE, his new band
"My new band C.O.R.E. (Counsel of Rock Exploration) is skyrocketing to new levels every day, Thank God."





Background painting: The Connaught Hotel in Carlos Place from an original watercolor by Tom Waghorn