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Gabba Gabba Hey's writer/producer Michael Hermann invited me to join the cast for the London version of the Ramones Punk musical at KOKO'S in Camden Town ( Camden Palace Theater) London, England.

Michael the writer and producer of Gabba Gabba Hey is just terrific. I am looking forward to meeting up with Tommy Ramone and the London cast.


Lunching with Michael in London I was reminded of the New Australian: the can-do, good time, FUN-LOVING, NEW AUSTRALIAN attitude. We see it in movies and music--the country is just gorgeous. The people are talented and fun. I had a blast at the Gay Festival in 1993. AND they understand Global Warming because of the destruction of at least a third, (I think?) of the Barrier Reef by the warming temperature and those marine pests that eat the coral. Every time I watch National Geographic and the Discovery channels they refer to those coral-crunching cannibals! The alliteration is so perfect that I'll leave that line even though the wreakers of coral genocide are in face not eating their own species. 


Thank you to Clearence my trusty manager/agent and confidante for your creativity in putting this one together. I am very excited. I LOVE stage work and ensemble playing so I am delighted. 


1A Camden High Street, London (Next to Mornington Crescent Tube)

Mon 31 Jul – Thu 3 Aug @ 9.30pm
Friday 4 Aug @ 8.30pm
Sat 5 Aug @ 3.30pm (All-Ages Matinee) + 7.30pm
Unreserved admission. Doors open 1 hour prior.

Tickets make be purchased at

or the KOKO'S site:

Oh, AND check this out:

Don Letts 

"Famed film director, musician, DJ and all-round punk icon Don Letts has graciously agreed to be the after-show DJ at our opening night performance of GGH! at Koko on Tuesday 1 August. Don will be playing a fantastic mix of punk classics and new grooves, so this is an open invitation to all GGH! patrons attending that night to stay on after the show and enjoy the music. Nothing like more great rock before bedtime!"

Some further opening night surprises are in store, so watch this space for details...

As meteroids ping pong off the moon's atmosphere:

Jayne County, as usual has nailed the political situation with 

Rock n' Roll Republikkkan.

Apparently Hollywood Lawn, Cherry Vanilla and other friends Ginger Coyote all got together for this recording! Jayne sent this e mail!  

Hey I recorded this to give to everyone on the face of the earth!!! Send it
to EVERYONE!!!  Enjoy!!!   xxx Jayne

Rock and Roll Republikkkan.mp3

I think I mentioned that I just returned from the OUTSIDERS FESTIVAL in London. The kids are jammin’ in LONDON TOWN! Namalee Bolle and her band brought down the house by the look of the photographs!

Namalee is also the editor in chief of SUPER SUPER--London Arts magazine. Namalee is a fashionista as you can see and she was the representative for Basso & Brooke and she styled the Kate Garner photo shoot for me while I was in London!

Received this fascinating insight into the situation in Cyprus.

Very interested to read your pages on growing up in Cyprus ( Angie's Cyprus essays ) I'm just back from Lefke and what was Xeros/ Karavostasi but is now, since the Troubles, called Gomikinagi. If you've been out since you wrote the piece you'll be aware that the old CMC plant is now a, more of less, empty (and heavily polluted) site but there is a small bar come/museum dedicated to CMC. It's the building attached to the old pier just across the road from the plant and is owned and run by a friend called Jemal Dagtas who was, at one time a CMC employee. I mentioned your site when I was having a drink with him last week but as I couldn't remember your original name and the internet and Jemal are not well acquainted, he couldn't identify you although he did suggest that if you were a young teenage American girl there in the very early 60's and you drove a white Caravelle, he did recall you. In my time in Cyprus (1991-92) I was Librarian at Lefke University which was, I believe, the technical college set up by CMC and which your father was involved with. It's now a very busy university (universities being North Cyprus' growth industry after houses of ill-repute, that is) but some of the original buildings are still in use and you may recognise them from the site. I understood some of the things you said because I've been travelling back yearly since the early 90's. I don't know if your cypress trees are still there but I wouldn't be at all surprised. The motto of the place is still yevas, yevas (siga, siga) Regards Alex Reid Bedford United Kingdom  

Kit Gleave has a new book, here's the link: 

The Stone Messiahs - Book one - A Child of Two Worlds

Dear Angie I was tear-assing through the glossy firmament of cyber-space when the back projected FX from Tron spluttered to a halt at your pleasant roadside diner. Suddenly, like a man drowning at sea, the flat at Ebury Rd, Crisis Cabaret and the Webbington Hotel flashed before me. 30 years Heeezous! Where'd go. Anyway, I thought I'd say Hi, hope you're well and why, short drum roll, don't you check out my first novel: The Stone Messiahs - Book one - A Child of Two Worlds on and click. It's a blinder. Saw you a while back on the box, programme about J Binden Esq. Ya still looking good girl, even nature daren't tamper with perfection. Love Kit

 Al Gore is zipping around the radio and TV stations promoting 

“An Inconvenient Truth, The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It,” a new book and documentary of the same title; he is taking his show on the road with slides and personal appearances. 

The film will be available on DVD  in the near future but it's the movie -- AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH--I am going to see the movie in the theater and gage my reaction.  Here is the direct link suggesting what each of us can do:

STEVIE MARRIOTT & Bustard Kassettes

Hi Angie ! We came across a parcel of interesting things & wonder if you could provide some background info ? Firstly we have a top typed copy story "Razor" dtd 1975, what's the meaning ? We have several items where you collaborated with the late Steve Marriott, how did you meet him & what's the connection with the story "Bustard Kassettes + Records" conceived by you & Steve dtd Oct '77 ? Any help much appreciated ! Stay well. P.O.Box 497 Edgware HA8 7XZ ENGLAND

Hello! I was wondering when Bustard Records catalogue--would turn up! Great to hear from you: Razor is a play that i wrote in the early 70s and by 1975 it was collated and I was trying to get a producer to back the show. Stevie asked me to help him go through music and assign songs and generally reorganize so that he could get a publishing deal. We worked on it together for about a week, went into a lovely little country studio and listened and mixed all kinds of wonderful songs he had written. i may have even written some lyrics for a couple of the tunes. While we were going through Stevie's music we talked about my musical Razor and so i gave him a copy of it to read. Stevie suggested that we get the publishing money for Razor at the same time as we got his deal. I send you my kindest regards, Angie

Tiffinbites Indian food, and 3 Michael Palin travel books: Pole to Pole, Around the World in 80 days and Sahara were my prizes for actually getting to London!  I did a radio show with Michael Palin and I was so impressed with his wit, social consciousness and his ability to share information. He is so brilliant; like a dream teacher, a dream friend, what a great person. Anyway, the point being that his books are like spending time with a great companion, a favorite cousin. The above link is to his site and his site is f-------incredible. 

Dined with Peter Maddock, playwright, screenplay writer (and lawyer from the mid 1970s around the time of “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” which brought me to the Cannes Film Festival with Maggie Abbott where I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Maddock. We had a wonderful French adventure from Cannes to Paris filled with excitement and drama)

Peter used an interesting word about how we relate to the past, how sometimes it is "betrayal" that we feel due to the events that signpost our lives. I had never thought or used the term betrayed; as he said it, the word resonated with me. 

Anyway Peter is working on a new screenplay; it was wonderful to discuss and hear his views on the planet and the situation where we find ourselves. We laughed and discussed South Park, Team America, Trey Parker and had a bold debate with two of the guests at the Photo exhibition about anime and cartoon as satirical media’s greatest distributor of humor and candid self mockery!

The following day, Petticoat Lane was closed as it was Saturday. So I went to the Earl's Court Exhibition to see the BODIES' exhibition. ("not the so and so exhibition and not the so and so exhibition." There must be about six exhibitions about forensic medicine and bodies making the rounds of the exhibition halls. It's actually due to some recent process that allows the body parts to be exhibited with a tactile option never before available. They use some kind of silicone and this allows one to come up close with no smell or unpleasant details) There's obviously money in cadavers; probably due to some fear of death and overcoming it!

London was so wonderful; I missed only Michael and the pussycats!

Here's a chair full of pussy cats. George (upper left) is the beautiful, butch though cut!!!! black pussycat. Pooh Kitty (upper right & lower left) who is their mother. George and Brindle Bott are cuddled up with Miss Jennifer in the chair! Michael took cat photos!

While waiting for the party at Great Eastern Hotel Saturday night, Clearence, John and I waited for hours to be summoned. Finally we decided to find the party and make our own entrance!  Here's someone else's opinion of the evening. The entertainment was very good and all the acts are properly titled. My note taking went to heck on this trip! I took the notes but now I can't find them!

Sunday--I was up early and off to Paddington to catch the 8.20 am to Bristol to visit Mary Finnigan and her friend, Chris and their friend Roger plus his sleeping baby! Finnigan picked me up at the station. We were so excited to see each other at times it seemed almost surreal; it's been quite a while!

Bristol is the gorgeous fairy tale city from whence the 2006 Oscar-winning animated stars: Wallace and Grommit originate.

We had coffee at Mary's beautiful house and then took off for a long walk through one of those Victorian landscaped water-parks past 5 or 6 Snuff Mills on the Frome, a tributary of the Avon. We were in good company; dogs from all walks of life! Big red Labradors, Doberman Pinschers, terriers, spike haired and Cockapoo, a couple of Alsatians.

We arrived in time for lunch at Mary's friend Chris who did a beautiful job of Sunday lunch. He served organic free-range lamb from the West country, roast potatoes, leeks in cream sauce and mushroom gravy and for dessert, a fruit/berry compote accented by a hot "syrop" of cinnamon and brown sugar. 

As if all this kindness and hospitality weren’t enough, Finnigan introduced me to free long-distance on the computer. It's called

Check it out! All you need is a microphone; you hear the other party through your ordinary computer music speakers! I got my Logitech microphone at Best Buys and to my surprise it said SKYPE on it, like a little label. Also of yo8u get feed back just use head phones or ear buds whatever the description of the moment id. I was driving today and it occurred to me that SUV is just a modern term for station wagon!

I guess SKYPE is doing very well without my pitch! But one has to help promote something that's inherently good for the planet. We need to talk for free and all the time, maybe we wouldn't rush to war so quickly or as often.

Photo Exhibition Dave Swindalls and Kate Garner, Andzay Czechowski and his beautiful partner, Suzanne from the Fridge in Brixton.

Anyway, after the photo exhibition we went back to the Rex which is in Rupert St. SOHO, for a lovely evening. Bruce Alexander, the photographer from New York who did the live shot of me at Don Hill's and is featured on the inside CD cover of MOON GODDESS was at the Rex with Tara, I think that was her name, his wonderful friend from a PUNK group.

After all this excitement Clearence and I said goodbye to all of our new friends and went back to Stansted to begin the long journey back to Los Angeles and Tucson.

Hello to all the friends I have made in the past few weeks. I was intrigued to find out what would come after It has been a pleasure to hear the news from pals with whom I have not communicated in ages! And great fun to meet the younger generations and admire their accomplishments. 

Well maybe apart from worrying about the children who pop off to the Middle East to visit their pals! Wasn't that a trip? Oh and the boys who made violent videos to impress their site visitors.

I found my friend Leee Black Childers and his profile at my space which is reassuring as he wasn't well for a while. I have gotten a kick out of answering your messages and comments. I look forward to seeing you at live shows in the near future,

love Angie