Welcome to www.angiebowie.net.

CONGRATULATIONS that you are up and running. 
Your web loads fast and I like the different use of the colour blends on the pages....plus the "picture" of your manager on your services page is "top".....not a web site for "tonkas"....just for "neat" folks. Thanks for the inclusion on your links page.....appreciated. 
I'll have a longer browse when I return to base. Petrol blockade starting here in UK in protest of fuel/gas prices. One litre is now in some areas over $2 - £1.00....so truckers are mounting blockade of refineries in protest...which means everyone is panic buying...queues over a couple of miles long at some garages.......Happy days.....Love as always Dave Eager

Jon says: thanks, I'm loving it.

Hey Angie,

The site is looking good! There are some wonderful pictures on there. 
I checked out your link to the Biba site and swooned. The very thought of that shop makes me swoon, in fact, and I kick myself that I wasn't born a generation earlier (my mum was a BBC costume designer and used to shop there - she said that the moment she walked into Biba was the moment that the 60s switched from black and white to colour for her). I envy you living through such a beautiful age. Wish I'd been there to savour it. N x

There is an elephant in the room called 

Hurricane Katrina

"The Confederacy of Dunces is Finally Shipwrecked, Oh New Orleans" is an essay/article on the impact of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans' political and geographical situation.

"Oh! New Orleans!"

GROOVY MAN FROM TTK sent this as a political comment..................



Screamin' Rachel and her friends in Chicago September 21st-24th

ESTROJAM 2005 hitting Chicago September 21st-24th: 

Please click here for the ESTROJAM 2005 poster. 

We want more .......Schnitt Acht & Morgan Lekcirt

Dear Angela, I have two CDs by Schnitt Acht, I love this music; do you know anything
about new projects by Morgan Lekcirt, CDs, anything else?? Thank you very much! Regards, Thomas, Germany, Berlin

Fes & the Festival of World Sacred Music 

Photo by Lynn Evans Davidson



Hi Angie,
Here's a picture of the Israeli activist Eliyahu Mclean and Sheikh Bukhari. They run  Jerusalem Peacemakers -- a project to bring together Israelis and Palestinians in peace and collaboration. They spoke at the Colloquium in Fes this year.
Much love

THE SPIRIT OF FES by© Mary Finnigan 2005


Hi Angie, The last time we were in contact was on line for Poets4Peace.  Before that we spoke about Monique Klang-Voves as I had remembered you reading poetry with her at the Orangery, Holland Park when she was hat designing. You said if I ever tracked her down to let you know.  Well I have found her through a strange connection of the internet and we are hoping to meet up after all these years.  Lots of interesting news to exchange and I am really looking forward to it. Music and art etc still features heavily in both our lives so that is cooooooooool. Take care Linda

FRANZIE has a MRS. FRANZIE! right on! CONGRATULATIONS! Franzie also says........

I will send you a copy of the track in a few weeks... Greek, Turkish and English! and a great theme for sure!
As for links to Poetz, the web address changed... it is now http://www.olivetreemusic.biz
Please feel free to update it. As for where the record is for sale, it is available from the PSM site and the IDC site as well... the addresses are listed below. I am going to send you an update on all of the stuff with PSM, OTM and
IDC! In the next day or so! Thanks again for the Congrads and Love- Steffen and Mrs Franzie!

Positive Sound Massive Recordings
Positive Sound Management
100% pure conscious dancehall plus a whole lot more!!!
Independent Distribution Collective
Independent Music Moving Forward.

Meanwhile The University of California at Berkeley invites you to a two-man show:

Shrink-wrapped experiences
and other forbidden tales."

Showing plastic paintings for plastic times.

The University of California at Berkeley Gallery
2600 Bancroft Way, cross street Bowditch,
Berkeley, CA 94704   510/848 6370

Exhibition: September 3 - October 31, 2005
Gallery Hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday; (Saturday 10:30 - 12 noon)

RECEPTION: 4 - 6pm, Saturday, September 10, 2005

RSVP: with Whitney @ 510 540 7253 or whitney@whitneyvosburgh.com

The University of California at Berkeley Gallery is proud to announce the opening of "PAINT BEHAVING BADLY: Shrink-wrapped experiences and other forbidden tales", a two-man show of plastic paintings for plastic times by two Bay Area artists: Philip Donahue and Whitney Vosburgh. In this show, they playfully interrogate the idea of plastic as the perfect metaphor for the American Dream and Experience. The show opens on September 3 and runs until October 31, 2005.

Whitney Vosburgh
Whitney is a fourth-generation, Berkeley-based artist who works with pigment, photography, and plastic. His work has been shown in Japan, London, New York, Santa Fe, New Orleans, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and is in public and private collections around the world. Whitney had 22 shows in 2004, including three solo shows: two in Japan, two in New York, two in Chicago, three in Los Angeles, one in Santa Fe, one in Portland, Oregon, one in New Orleans, and nine in the San Francisco Area. He will have four solo shows in Japan and one group show in Japan in the next year. For more information, please visit: www.WhitneyVosburgh.com.

Philip Donahue
Philip has lived, studied and exhibited in Japan, Europe and the USA. Japanese and European art styles inspire him to express meditations in images using the color primaries of both light and paint, articulated in American painting techniques and visual ideas he learned working on Rock Concert Liquid Light Shows in the 1960s. He earned his Ph.D. in Visual Hermeneutics at the Graduate theological Union at UC Berkeley in 1985. For more information, please visit: www.DonahueStudios.com.

U.K. & London

And from Biba, my lovely niece in the U.K. Everybody loves the idea of a handsome prince!

It's all over the news here. There's some lovely official photos too.
I think he's great. As normal a young lad as he can be in his position. Very caring, down to earth and fun. A little party prince! 

I saw a great documentary last week called PUNK made by Don Letts during the 1980s. It was on Dish Network the other afternoon and it was marvelous. I met Don with Drew Blood and Don worked on that documentary all over the world.  The reason for the tangential thought is found in Michelle's letter!

"Hi Angie, Fabulous site! Itís looking great and I love the images in the gallery. I shall take a break later and read it in more detail but well done to you both. 

Just to let you know that the cult rock posters exhibition has now come to an end for this year, but it was a complete success as was the launch party. Iíve attached the website link which has a couple of photos from the evening. As you will see, the colourful guests included Patti Palladin, Gaye Advert & TV Smith, Susan Carrington & Andrew Czezowski (The Roxy Club) amongst others. A good time was had by all!It was a fabulous sunny evening and the party was held in the gallery courtyard accompanied by a suitably nostalgic soundtrack as compiled by Alwyn. A London gallery has already confirmed a space for next yearís exhibition to fall in line with the UK book launch and then the US book launch will take place a short while after, so hopefully there will be a NY exhibition as well. So there are even more posters to be unveiled! By the way, you were on TV last Sunday evening and looked fabulous; it was a repeat programme about the late John Bindon. I knew him from Fulham, which is where we were both from. As you know, a complex character but definitely entertaining! I also watched ĎThe Filth and The Furyí the other night. Ah, those halcyon days of the punk rocker!  Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and hope everything is fine and dandy with you and your family.  Love, Michelle x




Tickets for the Brighton gig (19th October) went on sale at 9am this morning (Monday 1st August). Just go to www.ticketweb.co.uk and enter a search for Subterraneans. The London show on 21st September is a flyer rather than a ticket affair, you can download and print out as many flyers as you want from our website. All you need is a 'puter, a printer, an internet, and an Adobe Acrobat or other some such software than can open PDF documents.

The compilation album, VOLUME: THE BEST OF SUBTERRANEANS 1992-2004, is now scheduled for release in November (on the Electric Label, of course). We are currently trying to find a manufacturer who will produce the CD using 100% recycled material, as frankly that is what we are doing by releasing it in the first place.

The new album, SOUL MASS TRANSIT, is out on 19th September, on the Electric Label; UK distribution is through Rhythm of Life, North America is through Darla, and Europe is through the German label Alison Records. Australia, Japan, South America, and pretty much everywhere else above the ground, will find the album available as an import from Shellshock.  More soon. Jude

New York


Hi Angela: I have no idea where you're located. But I did want to invite you to attend the press party launching my new book, "ALIEN ROCK: THE ROCK 'N' ROLL EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONNECTION" (VH1 and Pocket Books). The party will be held on Tuesday, August 2 at 1 P.M. at the Mars 2112 Restaurant in the Paramount Building, 1633 Broadway at 51st Street. Please confirm if you can attend. If not just let me have your
mailing address and I'll get you a review copy of "ALIEN ROCK." Best wishes, M

Michael, Thank you so much for the copy of Alien Rock. 
I love this book. You did a great job, plenty of research, lots of witness testimony and interviews. The style is readable and non judgmental. 
I am telling all about how wonderful "ALIEN ROCK" is in my Fall Doc for the new website.

The Bisexuality Essay

Hi Angie!! My name is Jacob and I'm a bisexual 18 year old male who sometimes crossdresses.  You are a hero of mine and i'm a teenage bi activist.  I stand up for bisexuals everywhere I go.  My girlfriend is also bisexual and she is with me 100%, we are so in love and we look up to you and your former husband David for inspiration. Thank you so much. Peace.-Jacob.

Hi Angie,
     I just discovered your lecture on bisexuality page and would like to invite you check out four of my web pages:
Androgyne Online
Article on Androgyne Online from Transgender Tapestry #107
Psychological Androgyny
The Two-Spirit Tradition


Music & Theater

I am so sorry that the website was not up soon enough to help promote Penny's show. I am sure it was a HUGE SUCCESS. Penny always packs them in!

"Penny Arcade's only NY show this year! tell your friends, buy your tix and help spread the word to the friends you have who have never seen me perform!
I am doing this special show for Howl that will be a culmination of the work I have created since i started in 1985..of course it won't all fit into a club length show so it will be a highlights show.
I am going to have a good time..and you know what I always say..The funnier you are..the funnier I am..the smarter you are..the smarter I am..the sexier you are.. the sexier I am!

"Penny Arcade is provocative, intellectually stimulating, perceptive,and hysterically funny!
She combines the anarchy of Lenny Bruce with the pathos of Judy Garland." - The List, UK

Penny Arcade has been at the forefront of downtown NY's performance scene for nearly two decades.With the 1990's non stop touring of her hit shows Bitch!Dyke!Faghag!Whore!, New York Stories, and Love. Sex and Sanity she has brought the East Village's downtown sensibility kicking and screaming out of the underground to mainstream attention in 17 cities internationally.
Join Penny at Joe's Pub for Howl Festival 2005 as she creates a special evening of
The Essential Penny Arcade..a unique evening of Penny spanning her solo work from the begining to now.
"Penny Arcade is an incredibly astute, a take no prisoners, feminist stand up comic!
Jagged! Unexpected ! Mesmerizing! " - Village Voice
Beg! Steal A Ticket! Newsweek
WED AUGUST 24th 9:30pm $15.
www.howlfestival.com www.joespub.com 


Wheely Willy & Friends Newsletter No. 3
Our Newsletter -- Third Edition -- Can You Believe It!