October 15th. 2005 and the run-up to Halloween!

How are all you beautiful people? Angie Bowie Net is up and happening!!!!!

I have enjoyed your letters and appreciate the feedback.

What news have I? 

Well, it seems as though we are witnessing one disaster after another....

I can only reiterate, please donate time or money. 

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Recently I have been going to the acupuncturist.  BOB STAGNITTO, LAc  has stopped my hay fever and various aches and pains. I feel energized without the use of medicine or stimulants. If your maladies do not respond to synthetic drugs I strongly recommend trying acupuncture, a 5,000 year old therapy.  Acupuncture  relieves and cures many pesky ailments painlessly and without medication. Acupuncture re-aligns the pathways of energy that allow the body to heal itself. Michael, my partner has relieved his shoulder and back pain with just two treatments.  He swears by it.




Helena Marie Galas Barnett, my sainted & beloved mother died of breast cancer in Scottsdale in 1984. I think of her everyday as I cook and wash dishes, research my articles, work in the garden, wash the car, shop, talk to Stacia. She is me and all around me. Do I have this disease to anticipate? I hope not.

In 2005, some advances have been made. Death rates from breast cancer have dropped 2.3 percent a year since 1990. Amongst women over 50, the incidence of the disease has increased a small amount, 0.3 percent from 1987-2002. Death rates from breast cancer declined 3.3 percent for women younger than 50 and by 2.0 percent for women 50 years old plus. 

Survival rates and times have increased; 80 percent of survivors live ten years while 88 percent live for five years. Breast cancer awareness messages have yielded wonderful figures. 

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer in its early stages, a 98 percent survival rate is possible. Doctor Morgan Jr., a staff physician at the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center in Duarte, California is confident that we shall see increased survival figures in the coming years. He offers the three following reasons: better and earlier detection, more effective drugs and the beneficial effects of life-style changes to prevent a recurrence of the condition. 

Improving diet, less protein, specifically meat and dairy foods plus as much exercise as one can manage are the generic requirements to age healthfully and avoid certain diseases that prey upon lethargy or depression


From England, there is an October 5th, 2005  Daily Mirror article entitled "New Breast Cancer Drug on NHS will help 1,000 women beat breast cancer".  Thanks to Gym Piper who brought it to my attention.

The following are just some of the ladies we have lost to this ailment.... 

Pauline Johnson was a Canadian author who lived from 1861 -1913. Pauline was a Tekahionwake Native born on the Six Nation Reserve, in Branford Ontario. She was "The daughter of a Mohawk chief and an Englishwoman, Pauline traveled across Canada and the United States reciting her poetry and thrilling audiences everywhere. When she visited England in 1894 she was the toast of London's glittering parties. Pauline died of breast cancer at age fifty-two and her ashes were buried in Vancouver's Stanley Park" 


Marie Stopes, the feminist pioneer of birth control died of breast cancer in 1958; Dusty Springfield whose smoky voice was a part of the soundtrack of the 1960s. Another casualty to this horrible disease was singer, Minnie Ripperton who died in 1979 with her beautiful 5 octave range voice. 

Kylie Minogue's recent bout of breast cancer treatment is bringing hope, comfort and awareness to many. http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/0508/050808-kylie.html

We memorialize Linda McCartney and all the victims claimed by breast cancer.  

If you are in the Tucson area please join the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on SUNDAY, October 30th 2005.



Well the cats are neutered and that took all summer; they had to stay in the house with us for one week after surgery, so we cat-sat for 4 consecutive weeks.

I am in the middle of writing a story "Don't Call Me, Pooda!" about the PK family. But just as much as  Don Marquis' "Archy and Mehitabel" tickled me as a child; I know there is merit in writing from an animal's point of view. I am enjoying the challenge.  

My father read me "Archy and Mehitabel." I am forever grateful for those wonderful hours of poetry and prose; he also read me "Decisive Battles of the Western World" and every Rudyard Kipling book, so much poetry. "The owl and the pussy cat went sea in a....."  we covered a lot of territory. 


Wheely Willy & Friends Newsletter Nos. 4 & 5.  Click link below.

Be Seen with Wheely Willy at Fall Book Festivals





I received a wonderful e-mail from Monteen McCord and she revealed her passion for hawks and birds in general

Hey Angie,
You are an absolute peach that you took the time to respond to my middle-of-the-night musings. I'll send you a feather from Nigel, my wonderful Tawny owl, or as the Brits call them, "To-wit-too-woo". Apparently, they cohabit with humans in gardens all over England. Actually, they are all over Europe. I called one in to the garden of a friend that used to live about an hour from Venice, Italy. Owls are my favorite bird to live with. 
Before I forget, GREAT pic of you on the boat. Girl, you have aged beautifully! My favorite line about getting older? "A seasoned sled slides swifter than a green one..." I didn't make that up, but remembered it from a Northern Exposure episode from years ago.
Yes ma'am, your previous site was definitely all over the place, but it was still interesting in that it showed a lot of diversity and the inconsistent fonts actually made it quite easy to scan.  And I thought how nice it was of you to plug your friends. Very good karma, indeed.
The Arabs do love their hawks! The birds live in the tents with the Bedouins and are part of their family. As well they should be as they help them catch Houbara to eat. (Houbara is a desert game bird). To answer your question as to what hawk enthusiasts are called...NUTS!!! That's what we are called! :-) People that hunt with hawks are called "falconers". I've been training them since '87 and rehabbing them since '82 or 3... Can't imagine life without them.
It's the middle of the night and I was semi--conscious listening to Coast To Coast when I heard your name being mentioned by the man that wrote Alien Rock (Michael Luckman). I couldn't go back to sleep so I thought I would Google you and enjoyed looking at your web site.
I keep and care for raptors now and so I no longer have cats, but they were certainly my first love. My first cat, Thomasina (who was male, BTW) was an orange tabby. I remember as a tot, him allowing me to drag him around by his tail and brushing his teeth, poor dear. He probably jumped out in front of that car just to get some rest... On the day of the funeral, I came into the house and went into the kitchen where my dysfunctional mother was cooking something. I sat on the stool and was lamenting to her about my puddy. I asked her if everything I loved would go away. Without missing a beat, she said "Yep."  Sincerely, Monteen McCord HawkTalk, Speaking For The Wild

Dear Monteen,

Thank you for the feather and lovely photographs of you and your feathered friends! 

I was astounded to realize that you are based in Atlanta. I met Michael, my boyfriend of 12 years, in Atlanta, after living there for 7-8 years. 1989-1996
We have been in Arizona for 9 years now. I thought I would have run across you before now.

Monteen said:

I'm glad Nigel's feather arrived safely to you. He isn't Federally protected, so I can gift people with his moulted feathers, along with my Augur Buzzard, Artemis.
Bright Blessings....m.




       Hard Rock Cafe, Singapore Entrance

Here's Gym Piper and band playing at the Hard Rock in Singapore!  Click Here to watch the video.

Gym's fish Lector and Jayne

Also check http://www.pennysworth.co.uk/

Halloween Special!
Dom Newton as The Preacher
(Dark gospel, soul saving blues.)
With The Neon Hearts & Rattlebus
FREE entry to all those in fancy dress.
Spooky raffle, scary guests.
£3 @ Bar Fresa, off Seel St, Liverpool.
Thursday 27th Oct, 8pm onwards.

www.startariotrecords,com & www.domnewton.com for MP3 & Co


If you have broadband check out our indie rock station 

Click on the 'Album Of The Month' button at the link below.





Thanks to everyone who came to the Dublin Castle show. We had a good time. It was nice to be who we are again. 

It didn't feel like three years, it just felt normal. The only complaint that we've had is that it was too short. We've been offered a return match by the promoters, not something we normally do, but its just so, well, local...

If it was down to me we'd be out there every night. Alas, London promoters have this ludicrous policy that they call the "over-exposure prevention clause". You are not allowed to play a gig in the London Metropolitan area for a month either side of your booking. I mean, at the last census weren't there about eleven million people in
Greater London? Hells bells, the borough of Camden alone is about the size of Liverpool, and Zone 1 is bigger than Paris...

Anyway, I must simmer down. The next show is a completely different affair. We'll be combining acoustic and recorded music, spoken word, film etc. with a line-up that doesn't include Robin or Guy, but includes cello and flute, etc. That'll be at the 291 Gallery in Hackney Road on Tuesday 11th October. Doors open 8pm. Ludicrously
cheap entry at just three quid. The 291 is a converted church. We, however, are yet to be converted churches.

We then have our seaside rendezvous in Brighton, at the Sanctuary Café, Hove, on Wednesday 19th October. Support from Evi Vine, of who you've heard tell. This is an acoustic show, and Robin will be with us for this one. Advance tickets, five quid from www.ticketweb.co.uk -
there is NO booking fee to pay on these, the only additional cost is £1.50 postage per order (regardless of how many tickets you buy), or you can request to pick-up your tickets at the venue on the night at no extra cost.

The next full band show is at the Betsey Trotwood, Farringdon Road, London, tentatively on Thursday 3rd November, but that date is currently subject to change, as Guy has a Van der Graaf show in Germany on 5th, so we may have to let him out early. We are also in talks concerning our first London gig south of the river since 1996, which will be a full band show at St. Matthew's Church, Brixton.

And I have just realized how much this is sounding like a "normal" band newsletter. Get behind me, Satan, who do you think we are?

It's early, and I don't have the words. But I know a man who does...

"Sonnet 105"
Let not my love be called idolatry,
Nor my beloved as an idol show,
Since all alike my songs and praises be
To one, of one, still such, and ever so.
Kind is my love to-day, to-morrow kind,
Still constant in a wondrous excellence;
Therefore my verse to constancy confined,
One thing expressing, leaves out difference.
Fair, kind, and true, is all my argument,
Fair, kind, and true, varying to other words;
And in this change is my invention spent,
Three themes in one, which wondrous scope affords.
Fair, kind, and true, have often lived alone,
Which three till now, never kept seat in one.
- William Shakespeare, London 1606.


Wednesday 19th October
BRIGHTON - Sanctuary Café
Jude, Carl and Robin will perform an acoustic set. Support from Evi
Vine. Jude informs us that this will be a "no frills evening, no
reading, just the songs as they are meant to be".
Tickets for this show are still available from

Tuesday 25th October
LONDON - St. James's Church, Piccadilly
Jude joins the William Blake Society for "Blake's Dark Materials",
hosted by Blake Society president Philip Pullman. Admission is
invitation only, see www.blakesociety.org.uk

'Til later, Jude

From the British PR community I had a lovely e mail from Liz Brewer who is dynamic and exciting. 

Check it out: www.lizbrewer.com

Charlie Don't Surf: A Cinematic Tribute to Joe Strummer
Curzon Soho, London
8-11 December 2005

Greetings my friends

Forgive the group email but there is a lot of information to get to a lot of people in a short amount of time

There is no other place to be in early December than at the Curzon Soho to see the UK Premiere of the last film made about Joe, by his friend Dick
Rude and to come to the Strummerville party, which promises to be THE social event of the year, and to see some awesome films with good people.

Attached, are the poster, programme and press release. 3 P's for your pontificating pleasure.

Okay. Now I know you're gagging to come you want to know how to get tickets. Well, if you call the Curzon Box Office now they will reserve
your tickets for whatever you want, and when the Box Office for it goes live you will be contacted in the order you reserved tickets, first come
first served.

Prices are £8.50 per film or £5.50 concessions. That's good value considering some of these films were never released at the cinema here

And that's that. I have no comps for the opening movie. Everyone needs to buy a ticket for that. Including me, as I have given mine all to
Strummerville and the filmmaker. I have limited ones to each other film, should you not get tickets but this is a charity exercise with money
raised going to make sure the festival breaks even and Strummerville get a little so please don't abuse my kindness, but please come down and hang
out at what is Filmstock's first foray into 'London' events. We promise it will be a true Filmstock experience and one that will not be forgotten.

Also to let you all know, the festival will take place in New York and Los Angeles next October, so if you are on the list and live in those places,
there's something to look forward to and that's why you're on this list, so you can see what's coming

Hoping you are all well, and looking forward to seeing you in London in December. If you have any questions or need anything, drop me a line

Stay Free



Hot on the heels of letting you all know about our upcoming film festival in
London in December I have some great news to add
The festival is featured on PAGE 5 of this week's NME. Amazing. Not huge but so
cool nonetheless
Dick Rude will be in attendance at the festival, introducing the opening movie
that he made with Joe 'Let's Rock Again!' and the classic 'Straight to Hell'
which he starred in and co-wrote with director Alex Cox
Press people, he will do interviews by email or phone. Get in touch with me and
I'll link you up
More news to follow surely. Thank you for your time
See you soon

Neil Fox
Co-Director, Filmstock Film Festival

Xaviera Hollander: The Happy Hooker
Wednesday, October 19th 9 pm US Premiere!
Where: Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue (at 2nd Street)
NYC, 10003

Directed by Robert Dunlap, 2005, USA, 90 minutes.
More than thirty years after her autobiography The Happy Hooker hit the best-seller lists and rocked American society, Xaviera Hollander's notoriety as an international madam lives on. In this documentary she reveals some of her most renowned escapades, ruminates on her rise to fame and eventual deportation from the United States, and discusses how her infamous exploits both drew upon and affected relationships with her family - all for an insightful look at an important sexual revolutionary and a telling portrait of a very particular historical

What becomes an erotic legend most? Longevity.
Sex symbols have notoriously short shelf-lives, and the few that endure loom large in our pop-culture consciousness: Liz, Marilyn, Madonna. In an age of fleeting sexperts and flavor-of-the-month porno queens,
its nothing short of remarkable that after 30 years Xaviera Hollander is still a household name. Any major
corporation, let alone pin-up, would kill for such brand recognition." - The Washington Post

Love, Xaviera

"Oh, New Orleans"

 It was good to read your review about New Orleans in "New!" Section on your site, after so many stars missed to write about their standpoints about it. This place had always so much charme and something "toughing" it was a big shock after we heard about the catastrophe and it was frustrating how slow the things went afterwards. 
The care about the nature is also important. Sometimes it seems we would have several worlds to live in.
It must have been a great time, the 60´s and 70´s in London. So many great bands around. Everything in the beginning and so many new sounds....
Best Wishes, Marion and Juliette´                                    

Thank you for the feedback and have a wonderful week!

Love Angie