Post Script Summer 2004
HAPPY After-the-4th of July!!

Dahlia Schwitzer will be entertaining in EUROPE!
With shows from London to Berlin, New York to Rome, Dahlia Schweitzer is an artist, performer, and personality constantly serving up what's now, what's new, what's next in the worlds of music, editorial, photography, and nightlife.

Taking a "creative director" approach to her work, Dahlia regularly hosts exclusive events at which her music is performed, her photography exhibited, and her writings read. As such, she combines punk do-it-yourself ethics with the multimedia all-angles-covered relentlessness of a commercial brand.

Dahlia's subjects, in all her various mediums, have consciously run from high & refined to down & dirty, exploring themes from sexuality to identity, fantasy and gender. Since 1996, her photographs have been exhibited in Connecticut, New York City, London and Berlin -- in solo and group shows -- as well as online in Nerve. Her writing has been published in sources as varied as Scarlet Letters and The Journal Of Popular Culture, and she is a regular contributor to Clean Sheets. Her novel, Lovergirl, has been recently published, and an anthology of her short fiction is scheduled for publication in late 2004.  Dahlia's e mail says........

*Two Parties this Saturday in Berlin!

I start off the night with an early gig at Schokoladen on Ackerstr. (22h), and then fly over to the Sage Club for my monthly BLOOD XTRAVAGANZA. Come and play with me!

...As always, email for guest list!

*Lovergirl : The Book
$22 or 18 euros (includes shipping!)

"I wasn't a good girl, I wasn't a bad girl, but I wanted to be both. I wanted to be neither. I felt trapped by my good girl label and afraid of a bad girl one. I looked like a good girl on the outside and felt like a bad girl on the inside, and I wanted things I couldn't have and needed things I didn't know how to get..."

Lovergirl: a book about the insides of New York’s sex industry.
Lovergirl: a book about breaking the rules, finding yourself, and not being afraid to get a little dirty.

Also available at:
St. George Bookshop, Wortherstr. 27, Prenzlauer Berg.
East of Eden Bookshop, Schreinerstr. 10, Friedrichshain.
B Books, Lübbener Str. 14, Kreuzberg.
Gay's the Word, 66 Marchmont St., London.

...And at all my shows, of course!

*Lovergirl Parties!

Special Events - Tel Aviv
July 9: Book release party with live performance + photo exhibition at Kosmonaut, Hamechoga 4.

Special Events - Berlin
June 26-July 28: Exhibition of photographs from Lovergirl at St. George Bookshop.
July 22: Book release party with live performance at Kaffee Burger, Torstr. 60, Mitte, 22h-24h.
July 28 : "Confessions," readings from Lovergirl + Dahlia's diaries at St. George Bookshop, 19h.

Special Events - London
Aug. 20: Book release party with live performance at The Oak Bar, 79 Green Lanes, N16.

*Girl Gone Wild

The "Girl Gone Wild" photographs are on exhibit during the month of July at the St. George Bookshop in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, and next week at the Kosmonaut in Tel Aviv.

*"How to be a Pop Star (in 6 Months or Less)"

Today is your last day to track down a copy of the Ex-Berliner magazine to read my attempt at self-mockery and humor -- an easy to follow manual for becoming the International Legend you've always wanted to be!

*Rockerchick Gets Sassy!

Two new interviews this month on Rockerchick -- one with the power couple behind Church of Girl Radio, and one with the powerful lady behind Mamapalooza!

There are loads planned for London and Berlin during the next couple months, but I hope to see you all this Saturday...and then at a Lovergirl party in your town!


PS. The lovely photo above is courtesy of my favorite Berlin photographer, Jens Berger!

I look away for a second and the Iraqis are self determined ahead of
schedule! AND BUSH is supporting Turkey's entry into the Common Market!

I think I'll be at school though for the next year or two. Have to round up all this education into degree packages. My next classes start on July 6th. Algebra and English 101. With a move to the U. of A.  I think I can graduate in '06 unless I die; and as Michael said when he came back from Georgia; we're all "damn near dead!"

I told him I'll die and there will lay a very well-educated corpse!!! Sorry tombstone humor. I could hardly keep a straight face when in the real estate course we got to the part about mortuary brokers! No, I realize they are necessary unless of course like the guy in Georgia, the warranty expired on his "boom burn you up equipment"- ah yes "incinerator," that's the word I am looking for; took me a while to get that one out!

I am so depressed that I missed the POETZ4PEACE and their show at the Sierra
Nevada Festival. My brother was expecting me to arrive that weekend and
visit him too. I had too much studying to do!

Hi Angie, Not heard from you for a while.
I have just given the Poets4Peace web details to an Israeli guy I came across.  He was inspired!!!
So how are things with you?
Love Chrissy

THE POETZ4PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2004

Thanks to Epiphany artists and the Sierra Nevada Music Festival Artists for use of their logo--Thank-you!

Information about Poetz4Peace on the Internet:

And on a more romantic note:

Original Village People Cowboy Randy Jones shocked attendees at Club Rumor in the West Village Friday night when he agreed to wed his long-time companion of twenty years, Will Grega, in front of the packed crowd.

Remixer and recording artist Grega proposed shortly after a champagne toast honoring his new CD "Lounge Lessons". Jones accepted before a wildly cheering crowd, and the two were married on the spot by the Reverend Dr. Cain L. Berlinger.

When I looked at the photos there was Bego in a purple jacket looking like a genie who had whipped up the magic of sliced strawberries as a CD release party and the champagne of a wedding!!!!!

Celebrity attendees at the surprise wedding included: A.L. (rapper with Eminem's new band D12), Ben Curtis (the Dell Dude), Michael Musto (Village Voice), John Carroll (CBS Survivor IV), Gideon Horowitz (The Restaurant), Dee Morris (MTV VJ), Esther and Rachel Nash (stars of Single in the Hamptons), Eric Dean Davis (star of Naked Boys Singing), Ari Gold (R&B recording artist), Michael Lucas (Michael Lucas Video Productions), Billy Porter (R&B singer), Athena Reich (singer/songwriter), The Glamazons (plus-size burlesque troupe), DJ Tennessee, Flotilla de Barge (drag performer), Joshua Coleman (star of film Games People Play), Mark Bego (celebrity biographer), Keyth Lawrence (rocker), Mabel Dawn Davis (drag performer), May Pang (socialite and John Lennon's ex-lover), Beauregard Houston-Montgomery (writer), Reuben Butchart (R&B musician), Thalia Decosta (MTV VJ), Beverly Petty (manager, La Mama Theater), Denise Fennell (star, Birdie's Bachellorette Party), Ekayani Chamberlain (singer/actress), Eric Dunlap (choreographer and VJ, Eyewash), Peter Welch (actor/director), Scott Nevins (producer and host Scott Nevins Presents at Therapy), and many more. The evening was promoted by Keith Collins, president of the Uninhibited Event Management Group.

Asked about the gay marriage issue, Jones said, "It's only a matter of time before the courts rule in favor of what's morally right and humanly decent."

Grega adds, "The benefits so far are great. I have a lifetime membership to the Y.M.C.A."

Randy Jones is best known as the original cowboy in Village People, and stars later this year in the film "Three Long Years" in which he appears as a slightly demented male nurse. A scifi thriller "Façade" featuring Jones will be released in October, and Jones is set to go into "Adam and Steve" with Malcolm Gets, Chris Kataan and Parker Posey this Summer.

Grega creates European-influenced "Acid Lounge" music in which Downtempo, Ambient, Trip Hop, Retro, and Jazz styles are all rolled into chilled-out tracks which is a blend of DJ/Remix culture and Pop music. Will Grega is an OutMusic member and 2003 OMA winner for Best Electronica Recording for his previous CD release, Stereotonic. He is a contributor to the All Music Guide, as well as the author of OutSounds and The Gay Music Guide, the first books to give international exposure to independent gay and lesbian recording artists.

Press queries, please contact

Stephen Schulman
SASi Public Relations
212 W. 16th St. #1-R
New York, NY 10011
office: 212 946 1158
facsimile: 212 208 4670

Artist web sites

Photos can be found @
Boy, you sure can tell when I get busy on a project. Sheesh, I had no idea I was so behind in passing on the info for all the great 2004 SUMMER EVEVTS taking place!
Filmstock 2004 and my cyber friend Neil and I have remained acquainted since liaising on something together? Can't remember what it was.....
Neil's FILMSTOCK 2004, the film festival in Luton was an even bigger success than the years before. Congratulations and well done!

By the way Neil, if you see that son of mine, he should be entering a film in your festival before long, "e.t. call home!"
More news of Duncan in the Independent from England at this link

FILMSTOCK 2004 June 1st-15th in Luton
Following the success of Jim Sheridan's inaugural season in 2003 we are honoured to announce Mike Hodges as our 2004 curator.
Mike Hodges event
Tuesday June 1st
6pm / The Hat Factory
Thanks to our new partnership with online film submission
service we were given the opportunity to
screen a lot more independent work than in the past and we
took it. Over the first weekend, from Wed 2 to Tue 8 we
will be screening
100+ Shorts
14 Features
2 Days of Documentaries
A Mystery Movie
This programme is made up of films of all genres and
lengths from all corners of the globe and we look forward
as always to welcoming independent filmmakers to our town
for an appreciation of their work and a great time
watching and talking about movies.
In a purpose built screening room, located deep in the
bowels of the Hat Factory comes a season of 10 of the most
extreme films of all time in an oppressive environment to
readdress the notions that extreme cinema is all violent
style over substance and to see if we really are
de-sensitised to cinema. Films include Irreversible,
Ichi The Killer, Funny Games and Salo.
Nish Nathwani from BBC Three Counties Radio is to host an
evening dedicated to his idol and one of the most
important figures of late Twentieth Century culture. Nish
will be presenting rare interviews, scenes and screen
moments from his private collection.
To bring some light relief to the programme we are
screening three trilogies. Audiences can enjoy one or all
of the following The Evil Dead Trilogy
Jim Henson Trilogy - Muppets Take Manhattan //
The Dark Crystal // Labyrinth
Hanks For The Memories - Dragnet // The Burbs // Big

The unofficial start of the festival is always the outdoor
movie the last Thursday before the festival and this year
we will be rocking out to the recent Jack Black comedy
"School of Rock".
As usual the film will roll as the sun goes down just
after 9pm but before that a collection of some of Luton's
finest bands will treat crowds to a rock festival.
Bands playing are
Allstate Everything Hush (
The Measure Bowfinger (
The Blue Rinse
Stop The Press
This year's closing film will be the Oscar nominated 'The Cooler' starring Alec Baldwin and William H Macy. This noirish gambling thriller will be screened for free at Cineworld Luton on Tuesday June 15th at 7.30pm to mark the end of our 5th festival festivities
Please join us and then head back to The Hat Factory for our closing 'drink the bar dry' party
 FILMSTOCK International Film Festival
June 1st - 15th
Luton - UK
Tel +44 (0)1582 752908
Fax +44 (0)1582 423347

In NEW YORK , the gorgeous and the glorious
Ms JAYNE COUNTY graced the stage at SQUEEZEBOX.
And the sparks were flying and the entertainment was achingly good. funny and wonderful!  But all is not lost I revisited Jayne's website and believe me when I say it is INCREDIBLE!!!! There are reviews and photos, schedules of shows etc. etc.



it's Giovanni from Italy, how are you?
everything's fine here, I just released a record for
Warner Italy and I have my personal web site

I was wondering if you have received the e mail I sent
you some months ago, I was waiting for a reply but I
though the mail was somehow lost

Anyway, I just connected to your web site, always full
of wonderful photos...your daughter Stacia is really

We're still waiting for Spring here in North Italy but today it's sunny, after a long month of rainy days.. Ah, my web address is

and if you like, you can also connect to      a web site dedicated to
David and full of cover versions , mine are China Girl and Starman

thanks for the attention,

wishing you all the best