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I look forward to June and the Fes Festival every year, but now instead of just looking forward, I hope to be there. 

This year let's all go to Morocco for this event! 

Fes, Morocco


Great Music Galore but a Horse is the Star

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music has established a unique reputation for its diverse offerings in the realms of high art and popular entertainment. 

This year the 13th festival from 1 to 9 June, will feature a spectacular innovation which will add fresh enchantment to the programme.

To experience these magic moments visitors will have to leave their beds in the wee small hours – because on two mornings during the festival week, the French equestrian maestro Bartabas will be greeting the dawn at the Merinides quarry on his white stallion Le Caravage. He will be accompanied by two renowned Sufi musicians – the reed flute (ney) player Kudsi Erguner and the percussionist/vocalist Nezih Uzel.

Some people may choose to stay up all night, because once again the enormously popular late night rituals, performed by Moroccan Sufi brotherhoods, seem certain to attract big crowds. The intense excitement and ecstatic atmosphere of the Sufi Nights happen in the Dar Tazi gardens in the heart of the Fes medina.

Intimate afternoon concerts take place under the great Barbary oak at the Batha Museum. Outstanding this year are the Iranian diva Parissa, Aicha Mint Chighaly from Mauritania and Vasumathi Badrinathan with Carnatic songs from India.

Evening performances are staged in the Arabian Nights splendour of the Bab Makina palace courtyard. A major attraction this year is the Afro Rock star Johnny Clegg and his group from South Africa. The celebrated diva Barbara Hendricks (USA) is the star of the opening night, there will be a Whirling Dervish ceremony with Sufi brotherhoods from Turkey, Qawwali sacred music with Akhtar Sharif Husain from Pakistan and a performance from the great singer from Benin, Angelique Kidjo.

The programme is the brainchild of Cherif Khaznadar, a pioneer of world music and one of the most influential Artistic Directors on the scene.

The overarching theme of this year’s festival is Essence of Time, Spirit of Place.

2007 marks the 800th anniversary of the birth of the great Islamic poet, sage and spiritual guide Jalalludin Rumi, so tributes to his life and work are woven into the festival programme. Rumi was a man of his time, but his message is timeless. Fes is an ancient city, where the spirit of peace and reconciliation has become a beacon of hope in our troubled world.

For further information contact: Mary Finnigan +44 (0)117 330 8486

+44 (0)7808 988405

or :

RELEASE 1967 - 2007 RIP?

The unique Release help line has been running for 40 years and is needed now more than ever. They receive about 1,000 enquiries a month from drug users and professionals alike all over the country. In addition to legal expertise, offer expert advice and support from dedicated drug treatment professionals. With problems ranging from school exclusion to drug testing at work, drug offence arrests to problems accessing treatment, many of their callers tell them they didn't know where else to turn.

While claiming to recognise the value of this service, the government withdrew funding for the help line last year after 20 years of support. Apparently there is no longer any "mechanism" to allow central funding for national organisations such as Release.

Release are not exaggerating when they say it is a monthly battle to keep the help lines open - whilst the government's well funded drug information help line and website ASK FRANK, continues to refer callers to RELEASE - particularly those who require expert information and need to discuss complex issues in detail.

I recently found out through my own source that ASK Frank sponsors a chart show on KISS FM with some of the government funded money. THIS is so sick it makes my stomach turn. its not cheap sponsoring a chart show!! - you have to have money to throw away if your doing that -

With the money they use to show off their brand with Kiss FM would probably help pay for some of the services and people who are working for nothing just because they care. To the people running the help line - its a vocation NOT a career.

What do we need from you ?

If you are in PRESS/MEDIA - please help us by writing about it and encouraging donations and pledges from the public.

Unfortunately there is no other source of income for this help line, that amongst their time have helped even the likes of Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Mick Jagger and many many more who can be seen on the Release Roll of Honour.

Unfortunately in this day and age its very difficult for Release to get close to even letting some of these people who they have helped in the past, know what the current situation.

If you are a Band or Promoter - put on a benefit gig and help raise awareness and money, so this service can be available for those who need it most but have the least help.

OK, if you're neither of the above and you feel you can part with even as little as £5 per month - any pledge will help

Pledges and donations can be made here :
and finally a repost to your friends list may help too,
any other way you feel you can help please get in touch,
Volunteer PR/Fundraiser

 Paparazzi & Gossip

James Edstrom, friend and photographer has a marvelous new site for those who need to be in the know:

 I am a big fan of Steve's ability to orchestrate so many voices in this newsletter. The report from an American marine is particularly interesting......

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Hey peeps it's been a while since the last newsletter came out. This was due to a heavy work load over the past couple of months and of course some changes that have been put into place.

You will have noticed that I have split Street Voice into two categories. One part of Street Voice is political and the other part is dedicated to music. The reason for this is I know some of you are in to just the music, some just into the politics and others into both so I've gone out my way to please you all.

The basis of the Newsletter will continue how it's always been done by mixing music and politics. It's worked so far so no point in changing the direction now!

As usual I am always looking for new bands and new writers so if you want to contribute something please check out the contact details at the top of page.

Hopefully you will enjoy this latest edition as much as I've enjoyed putting it together. Please feel free to write in with any comments be they negative or positive.

Rock On!

Steve DIY