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Repost of my recent blog:  Lulled into acceptance…………..

Dear Friends and Readers,

Are we lulled into acceptance by the mistaken notion that we are so talented and gifted, so technologically superior that nothing can go wrong if we continue our self absorption and ignore the bungling, dishonesty and gross incompetence of our politicians?

Those of you who receive and read Jayne County's blog know that the Bush administration has agreed to slaughter the come-back of wolves.

Rupert Murdoch owns and Rupert Murdoch just bought the Wall St. Journal. Is Rupert Murdoch a part of George Bush's strategy to inflict more embarrassment and humiliation on the American people as he continues to pillage and rape the constitution of the United States?

Something is not right here. Americans are not, or never used to be lulled into stupidity by eloquence-impaired politicians. The Bush creature is not even capable of delivering a speech to cover up his crimes.

The documentary about the need for repair of the infrastructure of American cities was made 15 years ago and has been regularly updated by real patriots, not the Cheney-Bush brand of jingoism that has knocked us into silence with the shock of the damage these politicians have done. How many problems in our domestic political agenda could have been solved if our commitment to war was not so expensive?

Then there is the other problem who elected the Grand Old Party of ass-holes and then rigged the elections again in 2004 and re-elected them? Who could be so stupid?

Oh Anne Coulter, I misspelled her name the first time maybe it should have been.... oh no, we're not allowed to use those kind of words are we? Big Brother's watching!

Newt Gingrich the self-proclaimed teacher who is not even righteous enough to stand by his cancer-stricken wife, Rudolf Giuliani another moron who sold New York to the highest bidder for real estate development and dumped his wife for some publicity seeking hound.

George Bush is the alcoholic from hell and surrounded by his courtiers. The politicians in MARS ATTACKS are more believable than the gang of thieves inhabiting Washington DC at the moment. Who are they?

But we do not get off the hook. We have sat here and allowed our country's pride and the division of state and religion to be propagandized into making us feel as though we are unpatriotic due to our ability to see the lowest level to which these politicians have stooped.

The media and Hollywood are no help. Half of them cite jingoistic Republican claptrap and morals and the other half-- the Liberals are an embarrassment. When empowered the liberals do not force change but accept the status quo and assume that however "business as usual" has been carried out in the past that will be just fine for the future. Well it won't!

The future requires some stiff and stern measures if we as a species are to survive. We need to fix our own country, our urban infrastructure, our own health insurance, our own borders need to be secure, our own social security. We need to lead by good deeds not bellicose howling at the moon.

Did we learn nothing in Vietnam?

Middle Eastern women have been crying out for us to notice their plight and dilemma for 50 years and now because someone-El Qaida or whoever- hit the heart of world trade suddenly we nip off to the Middle East and use our soldiers as targets for the radical extremist Muslims to blow up? How many Iraqi civilians are dead as collateral damage due to the ill-thought, badly planned useless response from this cargo of cretins in Washington?

There is a sad divide in this country if even one person believes that the actions of the last 7 years are acceptable. It's our country too, these assholes-white supremacists, Fundamentalist Christians, Mormons stealing identities to bump up their congregations numbers and the Scientologists do not own or make policy for all of us. But they will if we do not stand up and make a big noise so that they stop thinking we will go along for the ride.

I have stood up all my life for the things I believed were righteous and could be changed. I talked about Cyprus and the need for someone to help the Cypriots expel the Turkish mainland marauders. I have talked about sexuality and became an anathema to those who want to keep the status quo from changing, who wanted to make homosexuals embarrassed and second class citizens; well, we changed that.

Now we are called upon to do much more and how we do it with no violence and nothing but rhetoric on our side will be the way we are remembered and seen in the history that has yet to be written. The present American government is a spoiler for all the good things and great reputation that America has enjoyed in years past as defenders of freedom.

Colonel George M. Barnett, my father did not spend three years traipsing through North Luzon fighting as a guerrilla leader during WWII for the 2007 American government to trash and humiliate its citizens by their actions.

Ghandi achieved the freedom of India with non-violence and South Africa was freed from the chains of apartheid by Nelson Mandela, let's find a way to free ourselves from the apathy which is allowing this country to behave like an imperialistic monarchy and which is not acceptable to our constitution and the reasons for which the country was founded. We still have to make amends for killing 500 million people to populate this land as the Indian tribes quite righteously remind us.

That's it, I am done. That is what I think--let's change this mess, please.



Hi folks!

Welcome to my house. How’s the summer treating you?

I go walking in the morning and I love to escape from the house very early, around 5.30 when dawn spills over from the night. The cool morning adventure of walking briskly through one’s kingdom is so joyful!

Yesterday I saw two not one but two rabbits with little white tails hopping and checking out the morning in front of beautiful big houses and gardens. Roadrunners and curious geckoes all looking at me as I watched them with fascination.

Tucson is as hot as Hades. Not as bad as Phoenix but then that’s a whole different form of punishment. Phoenix has been carved by concrete gullies to maneuver traffic through the city without those living in the city being aware of how big the city has become. At the bottom of these concrete gullies cars race around on turnpikes, freeways etc. whatever you wish to call them.

Yesterday was in the three digits and we have already experienced more than 40 days over the 100 degree mark. Phoenix recently posted 30 days over 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Have you heard?

Speaking of ancient Egyptians, did you read about the modern Egyptians? A 12 or 13 year-old girl in Cairo, Egypt has died after complications from a female circumcision performed on her by an incompetent?

Waris Dirie is the wonderful woman campaigning against female genital mutilation. Waris Dirie along with 9 others is featured in a great article “10 Amazing Women you’ve never heard of”


Waris Dirie is now a Goodwill ambassador for the United Nations campaigning against this practice. To find out more or to arrange to contribute funds to help educate and eventually stop this practice, contact her through the United Nations.

Did you read how the return home to being homeless time for Afghani and Iraqi veterans has decreased from ten to twelve years to 2-3 years? There are so many more cases of head injury with memory loss that the vets hospitals are overwhelmed and don’t have enough outpatient facilities to take care of the walking wounded. Without rehabilitation these vets are unable to sustain family relationships and often need a long time to return to the workplace.

I hope all the folks, family members excluded, whose politics and greed urge them to “Support the Vets” really mean it. Because to make 6 years of war casualties right is going to require digging deeply into our pockets to make sure the scandals of homeless Vietnam vets are not repeated.

Money will have to be raised to fix the infrastructure of the United States. Bridges, inner cities all of this must be replaced before the ability and the knowledge of how to do so is lost. It may be already gone. That’s what makes me laugh about this situation. You cannot fix everything on the computer you can’t palm off your manual chores on somebody else forever. At a certain stage someone has to fix the electricity and it takes knowledge and the desire to perform that kind of work. Engineering and science must be reinforced or we shall see the decline of the Western World in my lifetime.

I am incensed:

One of the local districts is called Chandler; every other urban center in America has a Chandler and this K-9 moron in the police unit left Bandit, a certified and on-duty police dog, a sniffer, in the car to die of heat prostration.

A few weeks ago, 20 blocks west from me, a woman was sodomized and raped when assaulted during her early morning walk. I won’t be walking for a week or two. Fortunately I don’t walk in that area because it always had a creepy feel and then Michael told me it was a notorious neighborhood for crack and methamphetamine commerce to be conducted.

This is pathetic. Here’s a town with so much going for it. Universities, snowbirds who contribute to the economy year after year, there is plenty of music with the university serving venues of bars and clubs plus the casinos and Indian enterprise has built arenas that lure names such as Bob Dylan, Metallica whatever all the arena stars.

There is not enough theater, I tried that and was lucky to play to a hundred or so people, the place was packed but the theater only held 30 people per show. And our show Tiny Alice ran for a week. The lack of theater-goers puts a cramp on satire and parody. Both of which are necessary to keep arrogant, egocentric politicians and lawmakers from believing their own publicity. Jest and logic are important to keep politicians down to earth.

Tucson is a beautiful place. Fortunately I received news of Hanna Ripp’s latest adventure and she is hosting an interesting night. 

Join Hanna Ripp and Chef Angel Fabian for Happy Hour starting at 5:00 PM with 1/2 price tapas, drink specials & modern riviera dining at:

Raz Restaurant  >> 1929 E. Grant Rd,  Tucson, AZ 85719   USA   >>  for reservations (520)327-2223

Every Tuesday and Saturday, 6:00-9:00 PM, Sherry Lenz Brazilian Jazz Pianist /Vocalist/Composer will delight you in English, Spanish & Portuguese at Raz.  Sherry, originally from Texas, graduated from The U of A with a degree from the college of fine art. She has performed in NY, on major cruise lines, private events and prominent resorts such as the Westin La Paloma, the JWMarriott at Starpass. She has also performed for private & corporate events, for dignitaries, including the President, when he visited Tucson. In the past, she was the in house performer at Loews Ventana Resort.  During High Tea and evenings in the Cascade Lounge, Sherry delighted both tourists & locals, 5 days a week for over 15 years.  Sherry’s cds are played throughout Europe & all through South America. Her latest cds "Timeless" & "Swept Away" were arranged & produced by Luis Torres & recorded at the Jim Brady Studios in Tucson Arizona.

Hana Ripp  -  Producer, promoter and marketing specialist serving the arts and community

Hana's Happenings at Raz  >>>  >>>  E-mail:

Eagle Productions International   PO Box 13556,  Tucson, Arizona 85732  USA

Ph # (520) 290-0915    Fax# (520) 290-5699




POP.SEX - update

POP.SEX is an international, historical, cultural, and societal handbook of sexuality. From Boedica and the Celts to Xishi, the legendary beauty of Chine, from the Incest of Japan to the 16th century BC and the homosexual relationships of Gigamesh in Mesopotamia, the gay lovers of Egyptian kings and queens; biographical sketches of the models that epitomize our understanding of sexual types and characteristics are examined and their storied told. China and Vietnam have had women generals and warriors for 5000 years, from where did this idea of the weakness of the female come?

It came from Judaism, Christianity and all its sorry branch churches, Church of Latter Day Saints, Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses etc and Islam. The three traditional beliefs held power and influence for 1500 years; they have not been properly questioned until now. Women were broodmares and wives were acquired to expand the family line.
Meanwhile in India the Kama Sutra established a belief in sex without guilt. Yet all of this knowledge has been swept under the carpet by politicians and clerics focused on lining their own pockets and perpetuating the myth of female subservience and bondage for homosexuals who desire a real life instead of one on the fringes of society.

Studying the evolution of sexuality is fascinating and necessary to arrest the development of myths and beliefs that halt the progress of women and homosexuals. Cultures that mistreat women and homosexuals are as repressive as societies that tolerate slavery or the pseudo-slavery of low wages where folks are barely making enough to get by. Impoverished conditions lead to the prostitution of women and the crimes committed by the gangster underground that feed compulsive behavior: distribution of drugs, protectionism of local commerce, gambling and human trafficking.

The enjoyment of sexuality is dismissed in many societies by religious beliefs that insist sexuality is a means to control women and their offspring. Female genital mutilation is one remaining disgrace to ensure that women are caretakers for the children they bear and have no right to expect a complete and fulfilling sex life. The idea that women should enjoy intimacy and the thrill of satisfaction in a domestic arrangement is a novel 20th century notion.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam all represent religious dogmas that cripple the freedom of women and homosexuals. Western women enjoy more freedom and a higher standard of privilege than their counterparts in the Middle East and other male-dominated societies. Homosexuals through their higher profile in the last 50 years have been able to carve a niche for themselves in contemporary society.

Old traditional religions have abused, tortured and killed thousands of people in their religious wars. Religion relies on a complicit state to enforce their customs and laws. The fact that they lie about some dude with a white beard who judges all your actions and then pronounces your fate in a later incarnation is an embarrassment that any adult should be horse-whipped for propagating. Please, a child could tell you that it’s nonsense unless they have been brainwashed by overly eager parents into believing religious claptrap.

Morals and ethics are hard to teach to children with a capitalist drumbeat orchestrating their every move. In the West amongst the more sophisticated, socialism is no longer a dirty word but refers to the changes made for the improvement of the entire society not just the fat cats 10% whose wealth & greed diminishes the lives of the labor who produced their prosperity.

To the Western World, Freud presented the first research about sexuality as far as the teaching and understanding of the role it plays in our lives, our ambitions, careers and creative and personal fulfillment. Kinsey followed and soon the idea that sexuality was an important motivating factor in the lives of most people became the accepted way of thinking about sexuality.

Domestic violence, rape and slaughter of civilians is part of the power play to enforce Sharia law under the auspices of it being the desire of the people in Sudan, Africa. Meanwhile in the USA, the last 20 years has seen the infestation of clear intellect with the new marketing ploy of religion. It’s patriotic to be seen going to church and waving your arms in the air over your head like some manic sports fan

The American religious right is an embarrassment to all free-thinking and educated people. But to fight unnecessary wars in countries that are not your enemy it takes ignorance and stupidity and something as ludicrous as a shared religion to stop questions being asked as to the war’s validity. Sexuality is an easy gage of how people behave. If they fear the freedom of physical intimacy and expression, they are likely to believe religious propaganda inviting them to join in another crusade.

POP.SEX takes you an a breathtaking tour of the way sexuality changed and morphed as the world learned and adopted more civilized and educated ways. Every civilization has had to rethink their prejudices to support the righteous ways of acceptance and inclusion instead of banishment and exclusion to deal with differences.

In September, 2007 the UN has decided that the Western World overstepped their authority when they dismissed the rights of indigenous peoples and grabbed their land, expunged their culture and terminated their way of living. The United States, Canada and Australia refuse to accept the UN’s judgment as to their behavior but the rest of the world is aware that we are being taken to task for colonialism and imperial greed.

Historians and free-thinkers will enjoy this detailed examination of our historical roots and the way we can improve future lives on the planet if we absorb what we have learned about the right way to enjoy our beautiful planet and share the wealth and the freedom with all of its inhabitants. Understanding sexuality is the first step toward achieving these improvements and banishing ignorance from our lives.