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Here’s Bego in New York!

Bego’s in the papers and on the Entertainment Tonight!!!!!!!


Check out the rave reviews for

The Filthiest Show In Town--My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult & The Resurrection of Luna:

The Las Vegas Weekly


My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

The Filthiest Show in Town

****(4 stars)

America is having a renewed love affair with B-movies: between the last year's worth

of hype surrounding Snakes on a Plane and the current publicity maelstrom of

Grindhouse, it seems this country is all about camp and circumstance.

So should it really come as a surprise that the genre's music is enjoying

regeneration as well? My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult-that veteran industrial band

with a stage show of lunatics and lasers-is back. But this time they've stepped out

of the peep-show theater and into the lizard lounge downtown.

TKK is still rocking the deep horn riffs and heavy wails; their synths remain

unapologetic, and the instruments play pre-sets. But TKK no longer provides musical

backdrop for a subculture; this time, they're starting their own.

The opener "Cadillac Square" finds an unexpected melding of pop-industrial and

hip-hop, as if Pop Will Eat Itself met the Beasties while trolling for hookers. Upon

bedding said hooker, TKK channels Tricky with the rasp-rap soliloquy "Jet Set Sex."

But it isn't until "High Class Taboo"-which recalls humor rockers Mr. Bungle-that

hilarity of hookerdom emerges.

Yes, this album has the elements of a great B-movie: It's fun and dizzying, electric

and engaging; the stock characters are sexy and deplorable; and closer "Covergirl

Blues" provides climactic chase from lounge to club to musical victory for MLWTTKK.

- Kristyn Pomranz


From HX Magazine:


Sleazy-gorgeous stories about the nightlife's underbelly set to music, with a cast

of edgy, gender-bending characters you'd find in a movie studio on poverty row, My

Life with the Thrill Kill Kult has created a world of '70s glamour and grunge that

is uniquely their own. Peppered with sound bites, this is the kind of music that

makes you feel dangerous and sexy. (Ryko)- MP

From XLR8R:

The XLR8R Office Top Ten Album Picks, March 12

(#2 Pick) My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult The Filthiest Show in Town Ryko

If one band has changed its musical identity over the years, it's the Thrill Kill

Cult. From its transformation from industrial-goth mainstays to proto-pop weirdos,

the band finds itself reformed as a funky disco troupe on The Filthiest Show in

Town. Whilenot for everyone, the Thrill Kill Cult is all creative ambition, all the


And you should have already received this great feature:


"Release has been informed by the Home Office that its specialist advice and information services no longer warrant financial support. The government has decided to withdraw funding for the help lines after 20 years of continuous backing and when government spending on drugs is at a record high.

Release questions the wisdom of this decision and wonders why it may have come at this time. With much new legislation on the way that will directly and indirectly affect both drug users and drugs services, Release will endeavour to remain available to offer expert advice on what are likely to be complex issues.

Although finding funds to run our services remains a monthly battle – it is one we will continue to fight. Whatever amount you can afford to give will enable us to keep helping one of the UK's most marginalised groups and continue to speak up for the civil liberties of this community."

 The Duel

 Tara Rez

Drongos for Europe




Lowlife UK

For more information on Release please go HERE

Fes Festival


The 2007 programme presented in Fes June 1-9th this year and is a perfect follow-on for the Cannes festival. One day, when I have a minute to take a pleasure trip, I want to go festival-hopping in the summer and go to all the great shows all over the world.

The Fes Festival is top of my list and this year the cast of performers is an eclectic blend of international performers

Look for this cast of performers:

Barbara Hendricks, Parisa and Dastan Ensemble, Johnny Clegg, Tania Maria, The Lisbon Gregorian Choir, Claire Zalamansky, Akhtar Sharif Arup Vale, Bartabas and his horse Le Caravage, Voices of the Maghreb, Vasumathi Badrinathan, Waed Bouhassoune, Missa Flamenca Murciana, Angelique Kidjo, Elias Karam, & Nadira Pirmakova.

Within the span of eight days, one can taste the musical and visual delights of the perfect world where we are all brothers and sisters friends and supporter of the true bliss that could be found on earth if all our activities were to build and help, instead of destroy and deconstruct.

Some friends at are wonderful about keeping me on point for writing and poetry; for you my friends…..

Here’s a poem to celebrate the diversity and ethnicity of the Fes festival where all nationalities, all skin colors, (could I have an interesting shade of mauve or a glorious moss green, how about cobalt blue?), multiple talents and artistic excellence are gathered together to excite the senses and pacify the soul. I hope there’s some whirling dervishes because I am totally into those weighted skirts and I love to see a master juggle a prop.


There's a party going on,
Amongst ordinary folk.
Laughing and hoping for PEACE
Peace is no joke!

Without Peace, there is no ice-cream,
Without Peace, we all eat rice,
Without Peace, Lovers are torn apart,
Without Peace, children must be educated twice.

Life in war is high velocity,
Abbreviated time on earth,
In war an old man lives to be 30,
Middle-aged 10 year-olds ignore mirth.

Peace Party, Peace Party, Peace Party!
Party on my hands and party on my feet,
Party when I'm happy
Party when I'm sweet!

So we are here; ideas guys;
Where are the old men?
What has happened to the professional talkers?
Is Peace beyond their ken?

Arms dealers pickle politics,
Business corruption jettisons enthusiasm;
Working with no benefits is pay not satisfaction,
Every country and every age have felt the spasm of WAR.

War is over-rated; war is messy and outdated;
One battle leads to another skirmish,
One detention questions thirty others,
The war idea is contagious and demented.

Sometimes wars are started,
Real estate won and lives lost
Peace is the promise of the invader,
After so many wars, peace at what cost?

30 years we have hung around,
Waiting to hear of Cyprus' fate,
30 years we have prayed for rain,
Peace and rain are much the same.

Where rain falls, flowers grow,
Crops feed friends
Prosperity extends,
To embrace all people.

Peace is food in every town,
Peace supercharges our lives,
Peace is the ability to survive.
Peace brings leisure and high-flying dreams,
Peace is discussion, not mortal screams.

There is no country free of fear,
There is no place where the air is pure
War beats the drum, soundtrack of our lives,
Peace is banished like an ugly child.
There are no ugly children,
So Peace must be our mission

Mary-Angela Bowie Barnett October 15th 2003

Katrina Fox from SX Australia did an interview with me;


That daredevil Jude Rawlins and The Subterraneans are up to their wonderful tricks,

Hi folks,   Click here to see us wowing the multitudes with "No" at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on Tuesday night :o)     Jude x

Every time I sit down to promote some events by favorite people and new friends, I get carried away. I write and chat about all kinds of things which are fascinating to me and as Michael reminds me, are of very little interest to anyone else.

So my writing technique now is editing.

May joyous events stud your days.

May brilliant thoughts, health and happiness reward you for staying strong, carrying the load.

 Love Angie

(copyright Angie Bowie/Mary Angela (Bowie) Barnett May 2007)