Hi Angie,

I am a children's book author...have a series about my little dog, Wheely Willy.

I met your darling daughter on the flight from NY back to Long Beach, California. She sat next to me and my 4lb. Chihuahua on wheels. He is a tiny paraplegic dog who is enabled by a doggie wheelchair. He had a rough start many years ago, was a victim of abuse, but has a fantastic life now. He never looks back at the sad things in the past. He is a symbol of hope and courage for children in hospitals and schools, and a true hero even for big kids like me (I am 50 years old) and Stacia. She really liked him.

I thought that you would like the attached picture of them together, and perhaps you will send it on to her. Meeting wonderful people like your daughter is one of the gifts Willy brings to my life. You can visit us on our website:

Deborah Turner
How Willy Got His Wheels
How Willy Got His Wings