What a wild year! The Twelve Faces of Putin have been chronicled by a Russian artist in a 2002 calendar.* In Japan, a mouse has successfully arrested the passage of the bullet train by chewing through the wires. In Cyprus, Cypriot President Clerides visited the Northern portion of the island held illegally by Turkey since 1974. Afghanistan is poised to take up the reins of self-government.


My son and I have been in contact. It’s weird & wonderful to be communicating with him at last! Duncan is writing and directing. (I’m about two name changes behind. I can’t keep up. What do I expect giving the children three first names?) He has written and directed a short film ‘The Stream’. The video arrived over the weekend and I have watched it six or seven times. It is a lyrical narrative, with symbolic use of language and as Duncan called it ‘a Celtic love story.’ Look out for it; maybe it will join the programs of film shorts that surround the film festival hoopla!



I sent it in. Speaking of POCKET ESSENTIALS; they are an ideal Christmas gift. Want a stocking stuffer for Doctor Who fans or tired of having all your movie choices poo-poohed? Don’t be alarmed; consult a POCKET ESSENTIAL and bone up on that vital information that makes you a pleasure to converse with as opposed to being ill-informed.


POCKET ESSENTIALS have books on Sam Peckinpah, Jackie Chan, De Palma, the Marx Bros and literally hundreds more. Man, I just looked at the brochure: I didn’t know they had one on Ridley Scott. I love his cinematic view! Here is the link: www.pocketessentials.com


BACKSTAGE PASSES LETTERS has answers to questions such as; Is there a 2002 version of Mick Rock’s GLAM star photo calendar? I want it! Thanks to Steve I have the 2001 edition, but we want more! That would be such a great Christmas present for those of us who like GLAM! Rock has photographed: David, Iggy, Lou and Freddie Mercury, Debbie and the Rocky Horror guys plus MICK RONSON! Yeah!!!!!www.mickrock.com


September 11 

We have shared some times the past few months!

September 11 was dicey, wasn’t it? 2 hours after the attack, Stacia called to say that she and Mia were all right. I heard from writer friends after the event. We were checking to make sure we were intact! 


Marc Spitz is multi-talented. We met when he asked me to do an interview for a book he was writing on the Los Angeles GLAM scene. So we did that and then I found out just how talented he was. Marc writes for SPIN magazine, is a playwright, a deejay and an all round GREAT GUY. The New York Post thinks so too, in a May 2001 review of his play SHYNESS IS NICE, they say:

Even the most ribald moments are presented with an irresistibly disarming wide-eyed innocence. Spitz, a senior contributing writer to Spin magazine, writes with a buoyant irreverence that may evoke rewarding memories, at times, of playwrights Joe Orton and Charles Busch. And he’s not afraid to address life’s really big questions, such as what is the ideal recording to listen to the first time you have sex?’


Steve LaFreniere was kind enough to take the time and check in:

If you think it was weird on TV, imagine watching it happen live from a rooftop as John did. The shock was such that many friends who witnessed it here, either way, dropped to their knees. This is the clearest image that I can relay of what yesterday was like here. The rug was well and truly yanked. New Yorkers are amazing. AMAZING. I can’t tell you how great everyone is being. As for the future of the world, I can only say hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.’


Great e-mail from NICK SETCHFIELD SF Magazine U.K. to check we were cool. He suggested this web site: www.davidicke.com

Ever heard of David Icke? He was a footballer here in England and then had a career as a commentator and presenter. In 1990 he appeared on Wogan and declared that he was the son of God (why isn't more television like that?). He has a website now - and is convinced that the world's politicians are shape-shifting lizardoids. Check it out.’


Then DAVID JOVE sent this FAB LINK: www.unamerican.com/propgnda/index.htm

I had gathered together a collection of eyewitness testimonials and photographs in the September 11 links. Then I thought do we need any more reminders? I think NOT. I, too, am a Paula Zahn Junkie, CNN is my favorite. But that said, carry on Paula, we’ll be watching!


ROGER HITTS at STAR Magazine wrote:

‘Hey Angie! I haven't seen you around the Apple in a while - I hope everything is just lovely with you. Me and my wife Daphna miss you! I still see our pals Annette Witheridge and James Edstrom on occasion - everything is just ducky on this end. I was reading your internet `view - both parts - and I must say you carry yourself with such graciousness - so many people in your position would not react in the same way. What a classy dame! Anyway, we love you much and hope to see ya `round sometime.... rog n da’.

And we did! When I was in New York, we went to a steak house and I ordered so much beef, I carried home a huge hunk and cut it into pieces for the dogs! Thank you for a great reunion!!!!


After the STEVEN MIGLIO amazing, photographic contribution to Stacia’s birthday party in New York I was amazed at Steven’s ‘cinema verite’ or more like ‘actualites’ photos of the New York scene. See link www.mnftiu.cc/mnftiu.cc/war





Victor Oliver interviewed me for this web-site about future film projects. Cool site! Got to talk a little about THE ADVENTURES OF LILY BOUNTY.  Coming Soon.



Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism.

A documentary by Courtney Smith.

I performed the narration.


Courtney Smith picked me up at the airport in Vancouver. As we were driving to the hotel, I asked how he found me to be the narrator for this documentary, he said: 

‘You’re a dominatrix, aren’t you? That’s what I heard!’



Canada was gorgeous as always. The recording of the narrative for the documentary went well. Michael Doward came in from Salt Spring Island and helped me get everywhere I had to go.




The hotel was lovely! We went to the Indian part of town and shopped until we dropped, ate curry, had meetings with animators for Lily Bounty. 




Then we went to Victoria for the day on the ferry and had a blast and more meetings with animators. It was a fabulous trip.



Just in from Michael Doward:

Words can not describe how much I enjoyed hearing you on the BIG SCREEN. I hope Courtney gets it picked up, he did a good job on it. He has some offers, and is pitching it to the US market. I made the commute to see it, and I am now back in the loop, as we I have been busy with storms, in fact it was a rocky boat the day I went over to see BDSM. I was picturing you in the sky making waves and clearing a path for the boat to pass.

Thank you Doward for the update!


Look out for THE WORLD IS CHANGING in the BDSM documentary.

Meanwhile, the interview for the Carlton television documentary called STARRING JOHN BINDON is now officially named and we can talk about it, I guess. Philip Braund, the show’s producer, whom I met in New York and did the interview, is fabulous. For all the European fans please look out for his documentary. Philip says the Television show will most likely be aired in May 2002. 


ANTOINE LOOGMAN from HOLLAND very kindly sent a collection of ‘Angie’ clips from European television and his own wonderful photographic efforts at several LIVE stage shows I did during the 80s in Europe


Note from MR FUNTONE: Look out for ED WOODAM’S television show:

THE IT FACTOR on Bravo. The show premiered September 30th. But I am sure it will be around again. I always pay attention when I get memos from WORLD HQ!


PHILIPPE AULIAC is busy in Paris. He is that super cool French photographer we guested last year. I guess he took many photographs of David and Iggy; a French Mick Rock. But I think he is very involved in NEWS Photo Reportage and so I hope he is safe after all this excitement since 9/11. Philippe is also multi-talented: a videographer and film director. We have been in discussions about doing a documentary; anyway I hope he is OK and not wounded in action! Here is a link to his photos: www.multimania.com/auliac




Claudio Camaione and Paul Zone are in Los Angeles and just finished a single with Debby Harry.  Paul and I did OBSESSION. That was fun!


Terry Rice has all kinds of projects. Check out the cornucopia of madness that inhabits his brain.


Jayne County tribute is ready, Terry said they added the final track 5 days before Thanksgiving!

You can start listening to SICK MUSIC FOR SICK CHILDREN at:





Then of course there was the field trip with April Sandmeyer and Mark Bego to Mesa outside of Phoenix to see Franke Nardiello and Mars and Ruthie and all the gang in TKK’s show at the Nile Theater November 6th, 2001.


Boy, they are the best band! They did a 31 city tour and lived to tell the tale! It was great to meet them. Franke and I have been corresponding. He resides in Chicago. Ruthie is from England and Mars lives in California. They have a splendid party on stage when they all meet up! This is what the devil does....! Super favorite tracks of TKK.



I met Marcelo Montolivo in cyberspace - His band is called MEDUSA. He is a musician and writer from Buenos Aires who wrote an article and some reviews for MOON GODDESS. For all our Spanish speaking readers we are going to scan the press and post it for your pleasure.


LOS ANGELES: re-live the Glam era....STEVEN WOZNIAK’S band...AND ZIGGY PLAYED GUITAR has been performing at GOLDFINGERS and have some extra shows booked at ? Stephen Wozniak as DAVID BOWIE, CRAIG OLIVAS as MICK RONSON lead guitars and vocals, C SEE ROSIE as WOODY WOODMANSEY and BETH LOVEJOY on keyboards. 


ROY ROGERS is in top form in Los Angeles. He wrote to me about the new Mick Rock book BLOOD, GLAM and or something like that?. It is a sumptuous feast and you are all over it, with Cyrinda, at Haddon Hall, just great shots.

Roy’s sister, the lovely Joselle was married on the West Coast and ROY & TOM REICH (formerly of CHEETAH Records) were in attendance and said the wedding was beautiful, tasteful and stylish! Jolly Good! Well done!



DAVID MATOS arranger and musician performs with The Gene Pool featuring Rick Kolster, Rob Cournoyer, Oliver Hafa & Bruce Hubbard & recently with DAPHNE RUBIN-VEGA at the Bottom Line in December, 2001. If you are in New York, David Matos is where the action is!




How about that bad, bad Blender? Robbie Blender (from New York) has gone walkabout. Finally he surfaced in St. Louis, Missouri at an Iggy concert!


MARK D HENRY another friend from Atlanta wrote.

Hi Mark! How’s it going? Mark is a racer. He is constantly breaking bones in pursuit of records something. Hell race anything: motorbikes, cars, etc.. He used to drive me to BERLIN in its glory days. On another note, Mark is also an ambulance driver and a very fine one. Thank you for writing!


KRISTIAN GREEN-WATERS also from the BERLIN days in Atlanta; they say Atlanta is boring without BERLIN. THANK-YOU. It was a great club. Take a bow ROY ROGERS

Kristian is a fab dancer and choreographed FUN stuff for BERLIN, hosted by ROY ROGERS and frequented by yours truly! Kristian’s website is:



There have been some great letters from readers of the Cyprus articles! John Vickers very kindly interviewed me for the CYPRUS edition of TIME OUT. I received a letter from the professor of sociology at the University of Athens. Thank you for your distinguished interest. See Cyprus letters.



The Rosti Hash Browns were yummy, even without the bacon!  Thank you!

Steven Waters, Walkability Advocate & Flash Programmer/Trainer/Writer

Dear Angie, We batter Cod in fish and chip shops in England. Cod, Haddock and Plaice. Skate is really hard to find here. Only available in the best restaurants and Hotels. It is best cooked in brown butter, butter heated until the milk solids turn brown. To that you add a tablespoon of crushed caper berries. Dill goes better with smoked fish. More recipes please! Love Mark




is this angie?? if it is, it's time for us to be in touch again i'd like that a lot i hope u are well and have survived the xmas left l.a. 3 1/2 years ago..hermit since frying pan to fire am 7000' up top mountain los padres nat'l forest all alone how is your sweet child? do write luv namaste david jove so u have site too..what's the address?

How great to hear from you. The sweet child is still sweet! And yourself? Plenty of writing? Wonderful to hear from you. 

David MAXX is a FAB SCREENWRITER, FILM & TV DIRECTOR & has a great web site check it out! 

STRANGER THAN LOVE, his film starring SALLY KIRKLAND, ----------Pataki is a bizarre quest for love at the end of the 20th.century. The lovers meet in a nursing home and the story untangles into a wild conclusion. David Jove wrote and directed this malevolent look at 21st century health care and the emphasis on money.


comments: we wrote u once. no answer. his dog's name was marcus. he speaks of u often

If this is who I think it is, he wasn’t very pleased when I called him!

Sandor: I am an American, born in Cyprus to American parents.


PETER MADDOCK, another old friend from Track records days wrote to say Hi! I had the pleasure of reading his new play; a wonderful piece called CHARLIE AND HENRY. Maybe it’s already playing in workshop at the Jermyn Street Theater London.

angie...hope you are well...your site looks exciting...barri was over tonite with his son zac and we were talking about you wondering where you had got off to and i said put her in a search engine and there you were!!!!!!! happy holidays--mikel

"don't drop acid...drop bin ladin and cnn."
"punk's not dead...it's narrating the jim morrisson story on vh1..."--mikel k

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