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Welcome readers from Brazil, Italy England, France, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Japan and some Arab countries.

Competition - Let's see if we can beat the number of countries that there were nationalities at my school, St. George's in Switzerland-As an adjunct to this: I would LOVE to HEAR from any of my schoolmates at St. George's school in Clarens from 1959-1966 or anyone who attended. E-mail your foreign friends PLEASE. Ask them to visit www.angiebowie.com. Submit e-mail with their name, country and comments. When we reach 57 countries, we will publish a profile of that country.

Was it really 3 weeks ago that I wrote the first article of e-mail responses? Time flies when you're having fun!

Hi Tati, Emilio, Liz, Jamie, Monica, John, Dave, Kevin, Antoine, Grant, Robby, James, Rachel, Emilio, Heidi, Paul, Mark, Dick, Zowie, Jeffrey, Jane, Allison, Veronika, Agustin, Don, Ryan...I thought I could do this, you know, list everyone? I can't! You're too many! I am so thrilled. Give yourselves a round of applause. I will!

March 15th. is the Ides of March, the Delphic oracle warned Caesar that the Ides of March would be the day of his death & March 17th. is St. Patrick's day? I celebrate both: Just knowing about the Oracle's warning is a damn good reason to party! Margaret Mary Dooley of county Cork, Ireland, and my paternal grandmother, entitles me to celebrate St. Pat's along with every other living soul that has fought against tyranny and feudalism, occupation and invasion. Speaking of occupation; "Cyprus, Jewel of the Med" is now published on my web site. I hope you enjoy. I enjoyed writing it very much. Glad to see you could attend the cyber party. Everyone, fetch drinks and snacks. Let's do cranial chaos. Because when you see the letters I've got for you this time you won't believe it! I didn't.

We are the WORLD and we are the WORD. I was teasing Michael, last night: I used to bring the house down when I read the lesson in chapel on Sunday nights, my favorite: "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God...." That's when you realize the value of a good script!


On the Internet: "Hello! I've just read your interview on the Ziggy Stardust Companion. I was stunned when I saw your most recent pics. You look better now than in 1973! I'm a frequent Bowienetter and have spoken to your son, Duncan nearly once a week in chat for about the past year. I still haven't come across David in there: I'm probably the only one who hasn't." (Ryan)

On writing:

"I think you are far more enlightening then Camille Paglia could ever be, she tries so hard to go against the grain, that she goes toward it. You are a revolutionary, a true factotum; you are by far one of the most interesting people to emerge from the early 70s avant- scene. You are under-rated Angie, I think you're a genius." (Veronika)

"I have to say I'm shocked that you can actually write - this is not sarcasm. I suppose you could say that I've been a David Bowie fan since 1980 when I bought my first album, Scary Monsters. I'm now a 32 yr. old Englishwoman. I read a lot about you and David and I always got the impression you were...well.... Some kind of dumb hanger-on ex-wife. Reading what you have on your website has radically altered my view of you. Your intellect is really quite astounding. I think you have some very interesting things to say (other than talking about David) and I like the way you say them. I have to hand it to you - you certainly have something going for you. I hope you continue to diversify and let your imagination run riot." (Jane)

"I think your outlook on life is healthy and positive in a world that is often negative and confusing. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. I bought your book Backstage Passes in 1993 and thoroughly enjoyed the read! Thanks for being you and spreading the word of acceptance to others. I look forward to reading your new book." (Jeffrey Jordan)

"I really enjoyed your recent article: it is well written and catchy! I am a 19 year-old college student who is exploring her sexuality. Sometimes it is rather odd and different and new but I really am enjoying it. If you have any newsletters or anything I would love to be on your mailing list."(Jamie)

"Thank you for not going away. I became a David Bowie fan in 1973, and I was disgruntled by how you were treated by the media when you and David split. I was relieved by your publication of Backstage Passes and thought you had really big ovaries to do the American Talk show circuit. TouchÈ, my dear Good for you!" (Dick Mac)

I was flattered at the memories people shared with me, where we'd met, the circumstances etc. but don't worry this won't get mushy 'cos here's one that hit me right between the eyes. "I thought you were kind of weird since I've read all those Bowie bios- you spending his money and all. Someone on VH1 told us that you were dead and that M. Jagger wrote his Angie song to you but you're all right being' BI and all..." (Zowie) Thanks

To Robbie: Yes do send us all the news about Leee and if you see him, give him my love and tell him to e-mail me.

To Dave: who kindly wrote Back in 1978 (a long time ago) I was in Los Angeles- I was performing with - I think we were called a 'punk rock' theater company - we did skits between bands at some of the clubs. Anyhow, we were in LA from New York and a couple of people got in trouble and included me and even though we were positively innocent we were being blamed for something- and we almost got into a lot of trouble. If I remember correctly, someone connected with the club knew you(and knew that we were innocent) and called you and asked you to help us- and said that you gave us the name of a contact or friend of yours (maybe a lawyer, I don't remember all of it)- and let us use your name with him. He helped us, and we quickly got out of trouble. So, here I am, twenty two years later(and amazingly still alive) , surfing the internet and unexpectedly finding your page while doing research for another project and now saying 'Thank You' for helping me in 1978. Yours Truly, Dave "How cool to hear from you and glad to be of service. I remember someone calling me and saying you guys needed help. I'm glad I had the right person to call. You're welcome."


"You say that the church accepts people only because it needs money, but what does the church need the money? For the people attending. It's not like the priest or whoever are sitting getting loaded off of donations. The money goes to support good causes. The church I go to feeds clothes and houses many poor families every year, sends youth groups on trips all over the US and does many other things for its members. The money is also used to take care if the church itself. Don't get me wrong, I think you're wonderful and I love women. But you make the Christian religion seem evil and it's really not."

I love a good religious debate! First, thank you for dropping me a line. But now, be warned this type of question lights my fire. The Christian religion is not evil, that is not what I said. What I said was a trick to sound just over the top enough that dear sweet young things like you: ask the questions that I want to answer. We call it a cue and you just got the part congratulations! Where to begin? I don't have a problem with Protestant ecumenical organization but I have a serious problem with Catholic land holdings and the Vatican royalty. Blue blood, my ass. Royalty by election as the spiritual King on earth of God. I don't think so and I have as little respect for doctors that don't listen.

God & Mr. Big

I have composed a letter to ask a common question;
Whether to live life better Or is it mere suggestion?
That remaining puritanical
Will end in heaven's leisure
Or should we be mechanical
And lust for bodies' earthly pleasure?

Should we heed your beck and call?
Pay tithes, say prayers and go to church?
Before Earth's final fall,
Leaves mankind in a lurch.
You are privileged and wise.
You are older than us all.
Time and fate are your best mates, You've watched mighty empires fall

I feel You've got a trick
That is a Chinese puzzle game.
As we tire, grow old and sick,
Gradually we learn its name.

Questions asked are what You want
Your answers given so diverse
That with philosophy You taunt
Man's quest for spiritual rebirth

Dear You up in the sky,
I have really had a try.
Now I think it's time to quit
Forget charades, and mental skits.
I love You for the care you take
When we acknowledge our mistake
Asking questions you will not answer You say they have become a mental cancer.
I'll take my freedom,
I don't need your immortal premium

Copyright Angela Bowie 1976

Organized religion is the selling of a spiritual package to a consumer who pays a tithe for the privilege of not thinking. There is no customized design to your spiritual blueprint if you buy the all-inclusive vacation and for the super deluxe version you buy a religion that promises you immortality, this is an add-on extension, eternity in a celestial condo overlooking St. Peter's 9th. hole. It'll look just like Orlando!

Bisexuality Support

"I don't know you and you don't know me but I want to thank you very, very much. You have helped me so much. I am a nineteen year-old bi-curious female who, thanks to you, can get over my fears of loving a person of my same gender! Thank You" (Jazzyluv)

"Thank you for writing all this down. I was looked down on by some people because of what I did, I knew I wasn't the only one, your words inspired me." (Monica)

"I am a 16 year old girl and I am, also bisexual. I didn't realize there were so many bisexuals out there and it's good to know I am not alone. Going to a Catholic school does not help my situation. You can't show your sexuality without the fear of being made fun of. You probably know that stuff like that is not accepted by the majority of Catholics! I wanted to let you know how much of an influence you are on me!"(Jade)

"I am a BI-curious mother of 3 and have been married for 7 years. I have never had a BI-experience but have very big intentions to. How do I meet someone. And how should I deal with the guilt or shame society puts off? Very confused can you give me some insight?"(anon.)

I haven't the faintest idea! A mother of three? My hat's off to you. I was only able to manage one child at a time and I had a nanny for the first one. If you haven't even met anybody yet; no need to worry about guilt and shame. They are peripheral, it sounds as if you would be only too ready to deal with some guilt and shame if you could get your hands on it! Good Luck.

"Your 20 page sermon is most interesting to me. I am a straight 64 year old male who has been a bachelor for 40 years. For the past 7 years a lady 22 years younger who is very attractive tried to pressure me into a marriage, which I didn't want. Today we closed our relationship because of the marriage issue. I have no desire for men but I love women. My best times have been with Bi-sexual women who were long-time friends, but I have been out of circulation for several years! It would please me to open a local social group for bi-sexual women and straight men who are friendly to this concept. Can you share any ideas on how this can best be done?"(no name)

Ending a relationship is a trip, isn't it? Your idea to open a local social group for bisexual women and straight men who are friendly to them sounds more like a peep show to me, if you charged you'd probably make money with it. But seriously, being out of circulation can jar the psyche. When one is back on earth out of the bliss of a love affair: I think we tend to become very specific about what we want and need in the next relationship, as you are doing. By recalling and analyzing what you didn't like about the failed relationship, her nagging to get married pissed you off, you have specified an ideal situation and are seeking to implement it.

Bisexual women or men are going to be no different from that woman. If you engage in a long-term relationship, you have to expect that most people consider their investment of time in a person to be leading to something. I have to suggest, reviewing what you are looking for, maybe a personal ad? Announcing a time and a venue would allow a group of similar spirited folk to get together? I did some research on your behalf and of course as the Internet is anonymous I don't know where you live or what are the resources of your area, but the Internet conquers all that and so here are some useful links:


I looked at this site after I received a request for an interview from them. They seem to be closely linked with the Bisexual Option site run by Dr. Fritz Klein and named after his book. It is thorough, based in England but with international links to Canada, Australia, Germany etc. For instance there is a section listing the Bisexual conferences for the year world-wide: (I thank them for allowing me to quote)

April 7th-9th 2000 BECAUSE 2000-The Midwest Bisexuality Conference, Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, Minnesota, US

April 29th. 2000 Conference on Local Bi Activism DC Jewish community center, Washington DC, US

August 24th.-28th 2000 BiCon 2000 6th International BiConference, Manchester, United Kingdom

May 4th-6th 2000 Because 2001-Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

Aug 9th.- 12th.2000 North America BiConference, Vancouver, Canada

And all this information comes to us through the directorship of the Bisexual Option himself Dr. Fritz Klein. The website is very impressive, lots of things to read, surveys to take, feedback, newsgroups, forums whatever, it's all here.


This one's OK too, but when you enter Bisexuality in your browser you will come up with a ton. If you find anything particularly helpful please advise us here at www.angiebowie.com I would like to be able to tell everyone about it so please, drop me a line.
In New York and Hollywood there are Bisexual community calendars listed and that might be a place for this gentleman to list the meeting of like-minded souls he envisions. The New York City Bisexual Page is lots of fun and has listings of famous bisexuals. Hello! I am included on this list. .

"I am a 16 year old girl who has recently realized that I am bisexual. I have told a couple of my friends who have accepted it. I guess that you must get a lot of mails each day, but I just thought that I'd tell you that after reading your lecture on bisexuality, it made me feel like I wasn't the only one in the world like this. Most people only recognize being either straight or gay, not both, because you're just "confused" I really admire that you speak out about such a subject because it's really helped me." (Cheryl)

"I was very moved by your lecture. You have taken a lot of time to express yourself and feelings others never knew about. I am a married 45 year young bisexual lady who has been enjoying this life style for about 18 years now. My current husband is very supportive and enjoys some of the fringe benefits involved. You are a very beautiful woman who I have known through the years as a celebrity and have come of age to yourself and others. David has always been mine and my husband's favorite artist in music and his lifestyle. You are a very honest and forward person to put your life out there for others to inspect. I agree with you 100% on your views of being bisexual and hope someday, to see you in person and listen to your thoughts up close. Thank you for this opportunity to write to you."(Kat)

"Thanx for being there...I would love to try a guy....I am a guy....want to hold his....but very curious about this...I'm 53 white, Italian...want to try something different." (Joe)

"Angie, have you ever fuck a woman?"(no name )

Yeah, did I not make that clear? I prefer to say "made love" to a woman...

"Angie, were you married and did you have kids. I am asking because my best friend is in this situation and she is worried about losing her kids."(Jesy)

"I have mixed feelings about bisexuality. You see I was a lesbian for 7 years...By the time I fell in love with my fourth woman I felt that there was no going back after 7 years. I never felt that you could have both because I always knew that the greatest things that you could exchange with another human being is trust, commitment, fidelity and love. So here I am writing to you after reading your article and telling you that I can empathize with your thoughts and what makes us great is that we are all individuals who even though we may be born with the gift to be able to choose either sex it's become a question of morality and devotion to who ever your partner is." (Jessy)

"It was very interesting reading your thoughts on bisexuality, I myself have found an exciting, amazingly different side of myself. Which I might add, living in Australia & being an attractive 31 yr. old woman with plenty of attention has always created whispers in one's family. I have no desire to marry or have children I have been honest with myself. I feel I have reached a higher level in spite of my traditional upbringing. So here's to being honest and making the most of life."

"I know I am bisexual, I might even be just all lesbian. I just don't know how to come out with it. I don't want to disappoint anyone. But on the other hand I am tired of living in fear, and lying about who I am. I just don't know what to do. Please help!" (Heidi)

"I am 16 and my boyfriend is 18. Last night I'm not sure how it happened, but we were getting into pretending that one of us is the other's parent and teaching them about sex. Since then we have explored his many fetishes, which include urine, feet, giving oral sex and spanking. This was a natural step in our sexual relationship. Don't get me wrong Angie, I love him more than anything. He is an amazing person and I can't spend enough time with him...Do you think that all this sexual exploration is unhealthy for a girl my age? Do you think it will affect my future relationships and if so how?

Man, I don't get the easy ones do I? Are you living in your parent's homes? No one gets up to that kind of sexual experimentation in the parents' hacienda! Full stop. If you have your own living space to conduct these experiments; practice safe sex and determine whether this boyfriend is monogamous Time to put on your Perry Mason hat! We wouldn't want you having egg (sorry! Slip of the beak!) on your face because you find out this great love has been peeing and foot-licking his way around the Detroit chicken coop. Yes, (You had to ask!) you are too young for that type of experimentation. What will there be left to do? You'll have done it all with some high school Romeo that likes to get paddled. Just guard yourself and make sure that your sex life is private, sacred and if you cannot honestly agree with me on every point I've mentioned then you are going to have to think twice about this guy's intentions, as Will Smith, "She's way too young for books like that." (Men in Black.)
This guy might be planning something and should pay someone for the fetishism you are providing. I am a total supporter of the oldest trade in the world and a union man. I love the service crews of the night. How can teaching an (almost under age. Are you underage at 16 in Michigan?) a bunch of sex fetishism be satisfying to this guy, well 18 yr.old. Sounds like corrupting a minor to me. But then he's a youngster too, what's going on? Do you not get enough supervision? His intentions cannot be totally innocent. You are being manipulate but for what? Just sex? Could be, but that age thing, there's too much scandal attached I would investigate further if I were you. See how interesting life gets! Are you being used for creature comforts?
Ask yourself: are you being prepped for the big disappointment?
Will he turn out to be person whose interest is self-propelled?
He could want to blackmail your parents, anything? (Though boys at 18 don't plan much except beer and nookie.) How do you have time for studying? You express yourself well. Experimentation requires intellect but does not replace it. And intellect does not replace focus and as there are only so many hours in a day, how do you manage?
Make a decision about the investment of your time. Men's first interest is in stroking and finding a hideout for their friend Dick. Women being the radar of the human race, are barraged by the signals: to have children, inhabit a career, look after their mother, get a degree, go to grad school do this, do that. The bottom line is you must develop through trial and error a blueprint for your life. Anything you design is improved by research. Life is all about time management. Give yourself the respect of waiting until you can identify your fetishes. Focused exploration of a subject may take a lifetime, if you deal with all the perverse stuff first you're going to be bored to death by the time you're 26. Still I suppose you could go back and do romance later.
Take a break from sexual physicality; develop your other physicality; dancing, gymnastics, sports. The jigsaw of your life does not need to be cluttered up with the pieces of somebody else's puzzle. You are your #1 priority. No one else has that responsibility and so with the same intellect that moved you to inquire, ask yourself what is his game?

"I enjoyed your article and it answered some of my questions. But still did not make me feel safe about letting anyone know that I like both sexes. My husband would love for me to let everyone it. And wouldn't mind if I wanted a relationship with another female. But there is a part of me that feels ashamed of looking at another woman."

Ladies and Gentlemen; I have an announcement to make. The result of this tide of letters about problems relating to Bisexuality has resulted in my writing a new book called "SEXUALITY & HOW TO KISS IT", no I'm just kidding, I don't know what the title is yet. Mr. FUNTONE & I call it the BISEXUALITY GUIDE. In this book I will answer all of these questions and I am including a novella that is JUICY and HOT. This story is true and sexy. I hope you enjoy it. MR FUNTONE will keep me on schedule but you are going to be amazed at how soon the BISEXUALITY GUIDE is in your hands! Love, Angie