with mr. funtone

You're still with me? I am amazed. There were quite a few letters in Part 1 and there are even more in Part 2! I don't know where the week wentä

"Hey Angie...we sat together on the plane to Phoenix. I'm the longhaired guy reading Faust. I had just caught a terrible cold (my apologies for the horrible snorting noises and hot sweaty handshake), so I'm afraid I was not very talkative. What a shame...after reading a bit of your site, I'm sure we could have had an entertaining discussion. I live in Big Sur (as I mentioned) with my boyfriend who is a very gifted computer geek...very big brain (you know what they say about big brains...)I do Visual Merchandising to pay the bills, but Art is where my training lies, and I'm just now finding the motivation to get off my ass and start producing some. Three dimensional...incorporate my years of display with it...mixed media, found objects, architectural elements. Themes inspired by nature, the super natural, sex, and the surreal. Bisexual people are by far the sexiest people around...I'm sorry that we didn't have a chance to delve into the subject in person. Maybe next time. Personally, I tend to find men more sexually attractive, but there have definitely been women that have stirred my desire. I find that I'm in a very odd place...I don't identify with the gay culture, and effeminate men don't do anything for me. It's not easy finding masculine gay men...that's why those rare bisexual guys are such a treat when you discover them! Women on the other hand, have got to have an open mind, and a free sexual spirit to get my attention...and sadly, they too are few and far between. Sex with a woman is such a different game...the soft skin, the smell of her sweat is fresh and sweet, her kiss is soft and teasing...so totally different from sex with another male. But given the right girl...it can be a blissful experience. Well, shit! I haven't had much trouble opening up to you after one brief meeting...hope this is not too much info, I'm just indulging myself in what seems to be an open arena... Hedonism is not dead, just lying low. Hope all is well with you. Evan"

It was lovely to hear from you Evan. Thank you for taking the time to write. Yeah, a big brain will do it any time. I am sure you are living in bliss; Big Sur is so beautiful.

"I would love to chat with You, but if that is OK off line leaving each other messages because I can't go too often on line. Rada"

"Well Angie I have been talking to this girl for about three weeks now and to top it off I met her over the net. We have now gone to the movies, the beach and a WNBA game together I love her company and I am soon going to have sex with her having sex with women is so erotic for I love especially just eating them and caressing them, oh I forgot yeah I have a man but he is just into me so I have my fun just with the ladies though. hey write back baby love Isis"

"I have a question. I have a male friend whose sexual preference is males, but he's telling me he doesn't feel like a man or a woman and doesn't feel in between either. Is his problem his sexual identity? He says he doesn't know where he fits in. jude"

It sounds like the normal state of confusion! But then chaos is a prerequisite to living, isn't it? We try to make order only to have the wind of external events blow away the paperwork and leave us standing facing the evidence trying to rationalize the confusion of life. It's important not to pay it too much mind.

"I have a friend, who is an attractive woman and a lesbian. She always asks me if I'd like to try being with a girl. I am a heterosexual, and until now I have never considered having a lesbian relationship. Would it be wrong of me to assume that this girl just wants a sexual encounter with me. What if she wants a relationship? I really don't think I want a relationship. On the other hand, I am curious. Can you give me some insight? Eileen"

I think you've got the situation nailed down. Remember Pandora's box, open that sucker and all kinds of changes in your life may ensue. It may be fantastic, it may be something you'd rather never have experienced, the inevitable conundrum. What to do?

Put under idea for special birthday edition! "Hey Ang, Did you ever think of having a photo album? I know you have pics of you in every segment, but it might be a good idea to have one big photo album. Just an idea! Take good care. Jade"

Great idea, I'll get right on it!

"Okay Angie...I'm back. I left you a brief message earlier...and THEN went and read some of the other postings. And more importantly...your responses. YOU are a bright lady...not that you needed ME to tell you that. I am a 33 years old. I'm a Southern woman, raised in the Bible Belt by a middle-class family. I knew from the time I was young that I was...different. I was always a "tomboy"...I didn't like typical female things. I didn't want dolls...I wanted a motorcycle for Christmas. I never got what I wanted for Christmas...because I was eternally asking for things like science kits, basketballs, etc. and continually received Barbie dolls, watches, etc. My mother tried to curl me hair, and we'd fight. You get the idea. I had crushes on various fellows growing up. But I also tended to be "too committed" to my friends There are not an abundance of almost 19 year old virgins. Long and short...we fell in love...and he became my first lover. All my High School years, I had struggled with feelings that I couldn't, or wouldn't understand. I knew that I had "feelings" for women. Strong feelings...more emotional than sexual really...because as I've said, that part of me was "shut down". But I suspected something was up. I did not believe there was such a thing as "bisexual"...I had struggled with whether or not I was gay. And when I fell for this man...I was so elated...because not only did I love him...but I thought "I am not gay! I'm okay!" I married him. He taught me everything I knew about sex. And after a couple of years...I began to have dreams about my friend back in High School. And I began to realize that I had been in love with her. Duh. And I was confused. I started to drink a lot. My husband, meanwhile, was not having good success with his music, and was generally not moving forward like he should be. He smoked an enormous amount of weed...and didn't work. I supported him entirely. He escaped from him personal failures in video games, TV, and drugs. I gained a ton of weight...not wanting him to touch me. I was freaked out. So...I am becoming "openly bisexual" for the first time in my life at 33. I have still never had sex with anyone in my life except my husband. We have not done our paperwork yet. I am still trying to get used to not having rings on my ring finger. And I am absolutely going insane wanting to make love to this lovely young woman in Canada...and she does not care at all that I am 15 years older than she is. She and I...we are within one inch and 7 lbs of being the exact same size...we both love guitar...camping...and so many other things. We like the same clothes. WE write fantasies for one another...fantasies of us...and they are wonderful. She spins such tales of making love to me...full of tenderness, love, adoration...and a bit of sauciness too! She is enticingly aggressive. She is...perfect. My poor husband is devastated and doing badly. And I feel bad about that...but know that I have done the right thing. HE will get over it in time...and isn't that better than living with a woman he really doesn't know, that isn't happy, and loves someone else? So that is my story...believe it or not...its been abbreviated a lot! I am BISEXUAL and madly in love with a delightful young woman that I cannot have for the moment. I am a single adult for the first time in my entire life. I have promised her that I will wait for her...she wants to be my first woman. And since she wants to give me her innocence...it is the least that I can give her. I just thought...from the vibe I get from your webpage...that YOU would enjoy hearing this story. A real life story of a woman who is finding herself finally. It's taken one hell of a lot of courage to do what I've done in the past month. Courage, or insanity...one or the other. I have one question for you...do you believe in destiny? Lisa"

Destiny? Yes I do. But destiny is not fixed. One can sway destiny with your will; destiny is the outcome of your broader vision of your life, I think. That's just my opinion. In my life, I have taken part in many odd experiments. I believed that I could be married to somebody and each of us do whatever we liked. It didn't work because I didn't realize that it was marriage that didn't work for me not the premise of doing what I wanted. I believe in freedom of expression and information. By so doing I am alienated from corporate America and unable to reap the benefits. What do I know? All these experiments; the horse business, the entertainment game. They have allowed me to have great experiences and mental stimulation. Is that destiny? The opportunities must be destined. Personal choice decides whether we pursue the destiny offered or the path that we follow.

"Mrs. Bowie I am a friendly to all heterosexual male. Yet I am skeptical of bisexuality. I am not convinced that it is a sexual orientation. I believe it is a simple confused state in a hetero or homo life, or more often it is simply a man's fantasy of having 2 women at once. Leading women to do more experimentation. Anyway I am friendly to all but I have to be honest about the majority of bisexuals I have encountered."

I think you're about right as far as men's fantasies are concerned. There seems to be a problem in many of these correspondents minds that bisexual implies multiple partners. It does not. One can be monogamous and at different times in your life be monogamous with different genders.

"Hi Angie, Here's a link to a picture I took with you in 1994 http://www.geocities.com/crawfordgirl/meetstars.html Also, do you have any of your TV Appearances from the 70's on video? I have a video taped performance of you with Mick Karn from UK TV from the early 80's - you're reading poetry and he's playing bass guitar. It's very cool. Cheers Ang! Lisa/Gypp" Yes, I do have a few but have not looked through all the videos yet to see which ones. I've added it to my to-do list "Hi angie, many years have passed since I discovered my sexuality and I can honestly say it was because of you and your husband at the time that my life changed. it was you who taught me not to be afraid and stand up for myself (which in a mining village in the north of England wasn't easy!!!)But I didn't! Thank you so much angie my heart goes out to you and i hope life gives to you what YOU gave to me which is eternal happiness all my love alan"

Hey Alan, lovely to hear from you. After "The Full Monty", my own particular affection for English Mining Towns is very big. Being the daughter of a mining engineer, I know what you mean though!

"Hi Angela, I like your website, it is a good representation of us bisexuals. I also think that you look very attractive in the pictures that you have put on your website. Anyways, keep on spreading the word on bisexuality and may you continue to have sexual freedom. Sincerely, Eric S."

"this sight is fantastic, but i hope that you didn't put that daring photos here because student, like me, drops by for an article about the youth's homosexuals and bisexuals and then we'll just see those kind of picture? that isn't very nice, ange. Madeline"

Yeah, right!

"Hi Angela, I too am a bisexual Christian man Seeking new Friends, I own some Debt Free Land, just West of Phoenix is a Nude Campsite located southeast of Blythe, CA along the Colorado River get off Interstate Ten at Errenberg Off Ramp I'm hoping to open it up as a Retreat or Bisexuals, if anyone is interested, e mail me Nathan @ Kingdomtrust@aol.com"

"Very interesting. Definitely the most informative and thorough information that I've found on being Two-Spirited. Thank you for putting this together and making it available to the community."

"I'm very happy to have finally found your website. . .Your lecture is both interesting and educational. For me, my life has been very tough. At a young age I always knew that I was different; I just didn't know why. By the time I was about 16, I finally discovered that I was bisexual- and that there were many other people in the world just like me. Unfortunately, I have been too frightened to do anything about my feelings. I have had sexual relations with men, but too afraid to do anything with a woman. I have really short hair, but other than that- I am very feminine. But for some reason, bi and gay women have often been attracted to me. Can they tell what I am, without me saying a thing? I think it is a type of energy about me that I let off. I am still attracted to both men and women; but I am too timid to do anything about my feelings. I wish I were more brave . . . Sometimes I feel that if I wait too long, I will be too old to enjoy my bisexuality; getting myself stuck in a boring marriage or something. What do you think I should do? My primary concerns are with STD's and my family's objections to an alternative lifestyle. I feel like I can't really be me- until I investigate my feelings . . . .Baby gurl"

"How does it feel when you have sex with another woman. and what do you do?".

My thanks to Marty Klein again who has helped me with answers I didn't have! In "Ask me Anything", he answers your question on page 226. "Exactly how do homosexuals have sex? The same way straight people do; by kissing, hugging, smiling, rubbing, and putting their fingers, mouths and genitals wherever it feels good."

"Hello! I have just read your lecture, and enjoyed it very much. I don't know whether it is as a result of gradual shift in the friends I have, but over the last two years or so, there really seems to be an increase in the number of truly bi people (at least where I am - Brisbane, Australia!). I have known plenty of bi girls for quite some time, and one or two bi guys, but most of the other people one encountered who claimed to be bi were what we have termed 'promosexuals' - i.e. guys or girls who would dance with each other or kiss at parties - but only if they were completely certain that someone was watching, and that it was still the 'cool' thing to do (I don't have a problem with this, really, but it can be bloody funny sometimes). But in the last two years... I now know two couples (pairs of guys) where one half of the couple defines his sexuality as "I am attracted to girls....and James" (Stephen, in the second couple). I also have a couple of friends, girls, where this is the case ("boys...and Jillianne"). I don't have any problem with this, either, but it does seem to piss lots of people off in some way (not that many of them say so to my friends' faces); the straight and gay people I know in the usual way ("Bi now, gay later", or "I don't see why they can't make up their minds"), and also to annoy some of the bi people I know ("straight AND JILLIANNE?? Who does she think she's kidding? She's bi!"). What do you think? I don't know how I'd accurately describe myself (I try to avoid doing so generally, unless asked). I have been attracted to, been involved with, and slept with guys and girls, but I think I'm probably 'attracted to guys generally....and special girls (who seem to be sent along by the cosmos, just when I think I've finally sorted things out and proved to myself that I'm gay...!). I am fortunate in some ways - in so many parts of my life, what I have felt/wanted to do/been interested in has been wildly at variance with what has been set down as 'normal' ('normal'?? What the hell is that??) - I am now quite used to it. I have plenty of friends who don't see any of these things as problems; if I encounter people who seem genuinely disgusted/appalled/'morally' repelled it really is quite a shock; one forgets that such attitudes exist. I do think people's attitudes are, for the most part, changing. I am sure that there will always be a chunk of the world's population who cling to ludicrous, out-dated bigotry (some people still firmly believe the earth to be flat...), but I do think these will slip further and further into total irrelevance. Fingers crossed. I definitely think the entire process would be speeded along if more people in the public eye were to make less of an effort to conceal these things; behaving as though they were not there. Hollywood is bursting at the seams with people who are not heterosexual - I know some of these are concerned that (a) audiences will not be able to take an actor known to be gay/bi seriously in straight roles (but we are expected to swallow 'straight' actors playing gay/bi roles with no problem), (b) that they will suffer organised/disorganised boycotts of their performances by lunatic fundamentalists, but BLOODY HELL - these things have to start somewhere! What is the best course of action when confronted with backwards and illogical prejudices/misconceptions limiting one's life in some way? Happily bow to them, and constrict one's life to meet the ideas of creatures less evolved than oneself? Like hell. Such is nothing more than a certain recipe for stagnation. I have never understood why one must fear or hate what one does not understand. I should think it would be, generally, more sensible to CRAWL OUT OF ONE'S LITTLE BOX AND MAKE SOME EFFORT. But what would I know - I'm not normal."

You sound very rational and logical to me. We have dispensed with normal as a term, have we not? To be honest with you, in all of these letters I have noticed one recurring theme and that is a naivete of believing that a label somehow validates your sexuality. I have attacked labeling often in reply to the letters but your expose of the promiscuous variety of sexual labeling to get more ass is tiring is it not?

Since the beginning of time, there have been treacherous people who view sex as a one-way street. They get the pleasure and it doesn't matter who it's with, what diseases are spread, they don't tell if they have STDs, they don't tell if they have significant relationships with other people. They just don't tell.

"Yon Cassio has a mean and hungry look." That crimped smile is from biting their tongues not to tell the truth. Don't give it up, tell no-one keep the secrets for the secrets will bring me down. If you've got secrets you're subject to blackmail.

When I was 5 my dad and I had our first conversation about blackmail. He told the story of how after WWII, when he returned to San Francisco, my mom was waiting for him and after a couple of weeks reunion they were talking about the 6 years they had been apart. My mother and brother had to cancel their plans to sail to Manila and join my father in Baguio. The bombing of Pearl Harbor plunged the U.S. into WWII finally. All travel plans were canceled and there was no commercial shipping due to the danger of the enemy's navies and air force attacks.

My mom said, "It's probably a good thing we didn't get there. We might have been captured and put into a concentration camp."

My father looked at her and nodded, "yes, that would have been unfortunate."

"Would you have rescued us?"

"No, too much was riding on the allies winning the war. I could not have jeopardized what had to be done and rescuing anyone would have alerted the Japs to our whereabouts. You'd have been on your own."

"They might have killed us."

"Well, I hope you would have taken as many of them with you as you fought to the death."

This story is the reason I am so honest. If there are no secrets you can't be blackmailed and I have an anathema about being free. I have to be free. Sounds like you and I feel the same way. Not necessarily to do anything but free in case you suddenly decided that you wanted to. My dad was free to be a hero because there was nothing to stop him. Mom and Sonny were not in the Philippines and my dad was never caught!

"Just a brief note.... Am enjoying your book at the moment. Just did a random search on the net and came up with your website -- gorgeous photo! I ran into Mr. Jones/Bowie a few months ago, who was for some reason standing in front of the Angelika here in New York. I had to say *something* (like every other nitwit) to this person who had given me so much music during my adolescence, so I told him "I admire your work very much." He just smiled, almost wistfully, and looked down and very quietly said "Thank you," for all the world as if he was shy. Never mind that I wanted to demand my money back for "Hours"! Still, he had many moments of genius and that's no small thing. Thank you for your insights in "Passes." Hope all's well with you. By the way, do you still perform, and ever in New York? Kind Regards, Seth Pybas"

Should be there sometime this year, singing and maybe some other performances. I'll keep y'all posted. You guys be nice to him, he's a good guy. I liked "Hours". You didn't like it? I could relate to the first 4 tracks. They meant something to me.

"Dear Angie! I'm a Bisexual, It took me some time to realize it. I'm 16 and I have a girlfriend. The most amazing thing is that it's my first sexual experience ever. Your words warmed me up and made me feel confident. Thank you. Write me, if you can. Love, sayonara, Lady Byron" "I love what you wrote I have been bi since I was 21 when was she was my first and now am 37 but still love women but cant get any. Have tried every thing from the bars to the singles line and come home lonely. I find women very beautiful and soft have went to swinger parties. That's a joke in itself because the men want to be in on it but the guy I am with is very understanding and lets me be with women with out wanting to join in wish all men could be like that I am also a nudist and love that life style cause its let you be who you are and not hide behind the clothing that we wear its a nice life style and very relaxing thanks for your comment on being bi ps have been rejected so much don't feel like trying to get a woman any more at least if i look at them they cant reject me right? love always robin" "Great article. What a beautiful person you are. Thank you for writing this strictly to help the rest of us. i have felt this way since I was 14 (I'm now 31) and I'm only beginning to understand and accept the ins and outs of bisexuality. Thanks for living your life and caring enough to tell us about it. The historical research was great too. Please carry on! Ted"

Who's sex object?

"Won't you send me some pictures. So I can get hard off them. Smith Drummer"

No! If I'm not there to enjoy it, f--- you! I'm being cheeky, I'm sorry. Sometimes the e-mails are so cryptic that I have to tell the truth. Why would I send you pictures to get you off, on my dime? Think what you ask for, big boy!

"I thought what you wrote was very interesting and I would like to hear from you. I would enjoy the following things done to me. Have your mouth up and down my body and your fingers inside me making me have an orgasm. Your breasts against me. Me tickling you with my tongue and you doing the same to me. I would really like to do 69 with you . Just seeing your picture is getting me all wet and hot thinking about you. You seem to have a great body- I to have a great body and I am very physically fit. Right know I am masturbating thinking about you. Please write to me soon. I am very tasty and I would love to hear from you. idle9"

Whoa there! I don't remember asking you to be quite so explicit!


"Have a wonderful month and if it's not FUN, DON'T DO IT!!!!" I love this quote you put at the end of your June installment Angie! Soooooooo true, I needed to be reminded of that. I've been hard on myself these past few months (STRESS!) and that quote made my day. Good info on Cyprus, I did go to Greece in April and that was incredible. Cyprus I really want to visit -- Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt. Thanks for answering all of my questions in your June issue (I'm Lisa by the way). A few more thoughts... Have you been back to London to visit the places you used to live in the 60's and 70's? Are any of them still standing? Too bad Haddon Hall was torn down. Also, what do you do when you "scare yourself"? Lately I've been having these thoughts of doom and gloom (like "what if I get this horrible disease?" etc) and was wondering if you've had those thoughts and what you do to combat them. Cheers Angie, thanks for the site!"

"Dear Angie, Well I stumbled across your website by accident and its fabulous! To be incredible honest I was surprised you could write (I thought you would have been a kind of hanger-on wife) Anyway i Particularly loved your piece on Cyprus (I am a keen traveler and Cyprus is just a dream) Since you have an Irish connection will you be writing anything on the emerald Isle (I hope so it is a fabulous country and so "In Vogue" at the moment!) Anyway keep this up Camille Myers."

Religious Feedback/ANONYMOUS

A Christian e mailed this in response to the Bisexuality lecture:

" I usually start with Genesis 2 and Romans 1.You can find basic answers to this question (GAY - LESBIAN) at www.campuslife.net under "Love and Dating" or "Love, Sex & Real Life." I would start with Genesis 1 & 2. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Even Jesus quoted from Genesis 1 & 2 when asked about marriage and divorce. For more information on this, I would recommend Ken's video "Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World." This will show the biblical purpose of marriage, which is to be fruitful and multiply and to raise godly children, neither of which can be done in a homosexual environment. You may look up the following passages in the Bible that speak of sexual immorality. The one from Leviticus is the one that directly pertains with homosexuality. Leviticus 18:22 1Kings 14:24 Galatians :16-21 Ephesians 5:1-17 Colossians 3:1-61Thessalonians 4:3- 8 Falwell: Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin On Tuesday, I [Rev Jerry Falwell] met with Mel White, the nation's most recognized homosexual clergy member. Mel and I have been friends for a long time. He edited my book, "If I Should Die Before I Wake," an account of my pro-life efforts, in 1984. He has also penned books for Dr. Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, and Oliver North. I did not learn until 1991, when he openly disclosed his homosexuality, that Mel had embraced this lifestyle. He an d his partner, Gary Nixon, have started Soulforce, Inc., a religious group supporting gay rights, in Laguna Beach, Calif. The occasion of our meeting this week was because Mel believes that my moral crusade for America could be perceived by a lunatic fringe to be an endorsement of hostility toward homosexuals. I have never advocated violence against any individual or group, nor would I ever do so. And, in this meeting, I agreed that my staff and I will be vigilant in assuring that we do not make any statements that can be construed as sanctioning antagonism against homosexuals. However, I want to assure my readers that I did not, in any way, alter my steadfast commitment to preaching that homosexuality is biblically wrong. The message of God's Word is clear. Any sexual activity outside the heterosexual bonds of marriage is sin. I Corinthians 7:2 tells us, "Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband." No matter how carefully you attempt to read between the lines of that verse, there is no suggestion of a man taking a husband or a woman taking a wife. I believe that God has given us unmistakable Divine instructions for living ... and homosexuality is not a part of it. Romans chapter 1 reveals to us an earlier time in history when mankind manipulated Scripture in order to worship self over the Creator. "For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet." (Romans 1:26, 27) These verses require that Christians never alter or corrupt the biblical mandate that homosexuality is sin. At the same time, God has called me to be a minister to my fellow man. I cannot do that from a perspective of condemnation. And it would be wrong for me to write off Mel White and others who have embraced this lifestyle because there is hope for change. Michael Johnston, a former homosexual who is now dying of AIDS-related illnesses, has traveled nationwide to show how a relationship with Christ can wholly change one's life. His life as "a new creature in Christ" is a living testimony to the power of the Gospel. Therefore, I am committed to ensuring that my message is clear. The only hope for all of us - heterosexual or homosexual - is a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. And in so saying, I will be ever mindful to preach this message with a heart of love and not condemnation for Mel White and other homosexuals in our nation. I continue to love Mel and consider him a friend. He told me that he is just as concerned about the level of hate from the homosexual community aimed at me and other Christian leaders.

Did you learn anything from this? I learned nothing I didn't know before and had thrown out by the age of 11.

"Hello, I could not include my name or e-mail for various reasons. You will not be able to respond to me, but I have only one thing to say. Please understand that this is not personal, because I do not know you. Bisexuality is disgusting. Women were not meant to have sex with men and other women. It is not natural. The lifestyle you lead is abnormal and it is not the way life was meant to be carried on. "Two-spirited" is just bisexual's way of justifying the disgusting and abnormal things that they do. Men were meant to be with women and women were meant to be with men and that is that Anonymous"

That's your opinion! Fortunately in a democracy we are allowed to voice our opinion. Point taken?

Whoever the lovely RAM from India is, I received an e mail but no message, I am making a fuss about getting it; because I have many Indian friends and I hope that if it was one of you; you will e mail again and include a message!


"Angie, What an interesting webpage you have! I was half- expecting to read more about the cool 70s hijinx that you and David had. However, I was pleasantly surprised to read your very personal essay on Bisexuality. You make some very interesting observations that I agree with but have seldom thought about. I think you and David gave social evolution a little nudge in the 70s. You knew who you were and didn't give a monkey's ass what people thought: I fully support that! Matthew"

Thank you Matthew! Come and visit again soon!

"I enjoyed your article. I have immense respect for you and David. You are absolutely beautiful. If you are ever in New England, look me up! Cicely"

Thank you Cicely. But never say that to an actor, you never know when they'll find themselves in your neck of the woods and take you up on it! Thank you for your kind words.

"Dear Angie, I loved your book so much I read it 4 times before someone broke into my place and stole only that item from the whole house! Can you believe it? I've been an avid fan and follower of you and David since 1975äLet's see, I'm 38 now so that made me 13 years old at the time. Everybody used to call me "La Bowette" at school (I'm French from Montreal, hence that nickname). Now, I had a beautiful son last year that I named David (nickname Davidou),,,I guess you know why. Keep up those websites, I love them. Nico from Montreal"

Congratulations on the birth of your son, Davidou. What a sweet letter. Je vous remercie de partager vos souvenirs at venez visiter autant que vous voulez. Comme ca, j'ai quelqu'un avec qui je peux utiliser mon Francais. Je ne peux pas trouver la chose qui me laisse ecrire avec les accents etc en francais. Il faut que je demande a mon boyfriend do trouver cette "tool" Vous voyez, je parle "Franglais" avec vous!!!!! I have only visited Montreal when I was little and it was so beautiful. How lucky you are to live there! I will try to bring my show POPULAR SEXUALITY to Montreal. See you there!

"I just read this and it was a real eye-opener. It was great I loved it. I am 17 years old and it's great that there is someone who can totally relate to how I feel and be sympathetic and understandäit's awesome. Thank you for writing it. It's very assuring and inspiring. I only wish that there were more adults like you around like you. Nikki"

You are very welcome Miss Nikki, you great 17 year old! Teetering on being grown up and still dividing the planet between you and adults. So charming, so sweet and you take care now!

"Hello you are quite an extraordinary lady. You are very grounded in your viewpoints and it is refreshing to have someone like yourself be so outspoken. I was wondering if you are involved with or if you have ever gone to a Lifestyles function or convention? What is your impression of them or your viewpoint/opinion? Do you have any advice regarding the matter? CeSoir"

I am going to look it up, I think I know who you mean but I don't want to go off half-cocked! I found them; yes they are who I thought they were. I don't know anything about them. It sounds like fun. But I am not good in crowds. The idea of getting together for an organized orgy is a little too corporate for me. Still whatever lights your fire. Bear in mind you can always go and check it out. If it's not fun don't do it. If it is, make sure to use a condom. If sex is a part of your game plan. Maybe they get together to talk. Might be as precious as sex!

"Hello, I just want to say that when I first got into Mr. Bowie, it was the Ziggy period and I am glad you were a part of it, however unhappy it was for you. I love your work and you are a great person. I wish you only the best. James Franco"

You are the most charming group of writers. Thank you for your kind words and No, I wasn't unhappy all the time! Those 2 particular photos just reminded me of some of the reasons I was irritated. We were youngsters and I got my nose out of joint real easily. It's easy to be gracious and charming about a time when there has been a 25 year interlude. It's like discussing war experiences. You remember the good times and the heroism but if you are honest you also remember you were scared to death. I guess that's why I had to explain that it was not all easy and fun, my feelings were hurt because I wanted to contribute, no-one expected me to do more than I did. I expected it. Often, we are our own worst enemy. I told about the unhappiness so none of you would mistake my enthusiasm for ecstasy. Life is never smooth sailing is it? To have an adventure you need to be delighted and terrified or it's not an adventure.

"Could you relate to when space colonization startsä.a coed bisexual crew might be exciting.. imagine the research in the psychological-psiological-sexual and physical of a mission dealing in space??? Let me know if you find this interestingäLost in Space becomes LUST IN SPACE. Eddie Land"

I sure can! Have you seen that great new series Invasion Earth from the BBC and the Science Fiction cable network? One of the most interesting things I came across in my research for Popular Sexuality were the books of that British scientist Dr. Robin Baker who exposes the fascinating selection procedures of women to ensure conception, multiple sperm donors so that they will become impregnated and continue the species. I have a theory, of course I interrupted my boyfriend's viewing of the show to chat away about my idea, that when the planet becomes too overpopulated, we will be culled by another carnivorous race who has been watching and eying us for years, waiting for us to get fat and happy and remiss in guarding the back door and then they'll swoop in and have us for dinner! Recipe for this thought the cannibal story in Argosy when I was tiny, X files and Babylon 5!

"Very interesting Angela Bowie. I particularly enjoyed the Indian perspective that by being "Two-Spirited', we are actually at an advantage. Yes. Yes! My husband's friends always referred to me as "the perfect wife". I did all those normal womanly thingsäwas a great cook, a care-giveräa good wife. And I also love to watch football, go fishing and play electric guitar. I didn't buy too many pairs of shoes like other wives, or bitch incessantly. I was "down to earth" and now I am "coming out" and they are all shocked to find out why I am "the perfect wife". The laugh is on them. Thanks for a lovely essay, full of insight and interesting comment. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Lisa"

See, now if we lived in the same town we could play scrabble!!! Thank you Lisa for your vote of confidence.

hi angie, my name is alessandro, i'm 27, i'm studying at university (classical literature, ancient history- in February i'll be out, hope so) i'm a fan of david. today i spotted on some site called ziggy stardust or something. although i'm a big fan of the 74/76 era, i appreciate all the career of your ex husband. i just wanted to tell you that i've always, ALWAYS been very fond of you. you look so lovely and delicate in the photos by A. Krajnc. i just wanted you to know how much i like you as a person although i only know you while working 'behind the scene' with DB. you are a model to me, of style and intelligence and i think many girls should be very inspired by you instead than many bitches i can see on TV and stuff. so, enjoy, have a good time, stay beautiful as you ever were. my deepest affection and love, alessandro .

Thank you so much for writing! Dagmar is a wonderful photographer, is she not? A Kranjc is Dagmar's husband, a fantastic painter. Here is a link to their site - http://home.flash.net/~akstudio/. Check out Dagmar's photos of Hair and The Rolling Stones etc.

"Dear Angela, Thank you for your articles, I agree that there is much gender panic, however being transsexual myself, it seems it's always straight gay or bi. I know it's confusing to a lot of people but gender is one thing and orientation is another. I believe two-spirited refers to people born in the wrong body. I wear my flesh but I do not see with it. It's sad but people do not know there are choices. Many do not have the courage but do have the knowledge. Even with my own situation I feel alone. If I venture to read a book on the subject, it is written by some not so healthy people. Sexes and genders are segregated just the way blacks and whites used to be (and still are) Please WRITE A BOOK!!!! Would like to hear your thoughts on this subject. You're beautiful. Just keep on being you. Nathan"

I am, I am! But in the meantime, my buddy, Jayne County has written a brilliant book-"Man Enough to be a Woman". I am sure you have already read it but if by some chance you haven't please do! It's so brilliant and so funny. Jayne's site is great www.jaynecounty.com! Added to which, well I'll let her tell you in the book!

"I just stumbled upon your website and I think it's really insightful. I applaud you for being so open about your sexuality and I wish other celebrities would do the same. It is wonderful that you are educating people on a subject that really needs more attention. I believe that everybody is at least a little bit bisexual and the world would be a much happier place if people would just admit that to themselves. Andrea Brent"

You are very kind & thank you for taking the time out of your day to e mail us that you enjoyed the site.

"Hey, nice job, lady. Human sexuality is not as cut and dried as the terminally repressed freaks who seem to make up 99% of the population want it to be. I don't think of myself as a full-fledged bisexual, but I have to say that I will always have a weak spot for boys and their cuteness. And that pisses a lot of militant homosexuals off to no end-it also pisses off a lot of straight people I know who suffer from a peculiar paranoia that arises from realizing that I can lean the other way once in a while, the same thing could happen to them. So I'm always glad to see folks like you getting upon the soapbox, because someone needs to do it, that's for shit sure! Rock on sister. SHE"

And there you bloody well have it, as I strap my soapbox to my back and look for a bus! I am going to send this to Mr. Funtone and get to work on the sides. If it's not fun don't do it.


Love Angie

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