Beware the Rains of March!

It finally rained! The parched flats of Tucson were refreshed last week after being dry since September of last year. The first day it rained for half an hour at my house. The next day it rained all day and through the night and all the following day. Everything was soaked to about 3 or 4 feet down. Very little gardening was done that weekend. But Michael fired up the jacuzzi and I immersed myself and let the jets beat some sense into me! On the first day, I congratulated Michael on the storm porch.

He sniffed, "Well, it's hardly a monsoon! 20 minutes of pitter patter." After the third day he was impressed with his handiwork, there was not a drop of water on the back porch.

I did an interview for the Ziggy Stardust Companion Why you may ask? That period is such an important part of Backstage Passes that it seemed like a good idea and I am very pleased with the result.

The first good result was making new friends: Mike and Helena Harvey. Mike created the web page three years ago. It has grown in size, content and popularity and gets about 600 visitors a day. He is a great archivist and found many photos that I believed I would never see again. Check it out: They live in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. I threatened to come and visit but that didn't seem to bother them a bit!

Calling: ALL STUDENTS OF ST GEORGE'S SCHOOL IN CLARENS SWITZERLAND. I was there from 1959-1966, but all Georgentians are encouraged to drop me a line and tell me what you have been doing with yourselves. It would give me great pleasure to hear from you. Each day brings responses from people I have not seen for years. It's so good to hear their news and to hear what they have been up to since we were last together and to meet all you new friends! I will take this opportunity to say a special hello to PEG the Mouth, Chris da Greek and Jennifer the promotion Queen and Keita from Japan, Hi GUYS!

Spring is here on March 21st Whether I like it or not, it's time to unstrap myself from the computer and get out of the house. I need to ride my bike: Have some photo shoots coming up and I don't want to look too relaxed and/or tubby!!! Did a photo this weekend for the Daily Mirror out of London to talk about the website and attract more readers.

I have all sorts of interesting things to discuss with y'all, I can't help but drop right back into that Georgia drawl. Why? Because I am coming to visit Atlanta in May. I am due for a rave-up with MR FUNTONE & THE DELICIOUS BETTYJACK and PEGTHEMOUTH. Peg invited me to do her cable show. Check out Peg's website with the riveting controversy about Dr. Laura. Watch out when those Southern belles go on a rampage!

Looks like I will have to trot over to LA this week, the filial unit, STACIA ALEXIS called, "But Mummy you have to come and see my new apartment." Suddenly I remembered those young adult years, when you bucket around from dorm to flat and are so grateful when you finally end up somewhere that is yours, where you feel as though you might stay for a while. "Yes, I understand" I told her. "I'll come and look." Stacia is very nice, I really like her!

Speaking of writers, the GLOBE tabloid has interviewed Mark Bego as a companion piece to the serialization of his book about Vince Gill that is running in the Globe this week. Amy and Vince got married .!

There it is! 2 or 3 weeks have slipped by, it's astonishing. Hopefully you will think it's worth it when you read my article: CYPRUS: Land of Passion! I send you all the best wishes for the festival of Aphrodisias, a reference found in the article. I will get your attention on this one if I have to do cartwheels!!!! If it's not fun, don't do it!

What about the previous month?

Feb. 1st 2000 Hold on while I stagger back onto my chair, I nearly thrombed. April, my friend from New York called me up a minute ago and lavished praise on Take a bow oh ye at bettyjack! Which reminds me, there is no place like hosted by Devine herself, Bettyjack, The Southern Dame Edna. Here in Tucson, Paula Nedder's "Pour Moi" had its official opening on Saturday. It is an up-scale designer boutique in the Joesler village at Campbell and River. I popped into the opening and met the parents Nedder. As I grew up 60 miles from them, we toasted the eastern Mediterranean. Chick Cashman, now engaged to Ms. Paula does not need to appear fully clothed, in fact, less is better, as the CD cover of his newest offering demonstrates. City Player's director, John Gunn is crazy about the single, Chick! John Gunn & Sean Zackson are starring in "Greater Tuna" at the City Players Exp. theater, 33rd. St. and 6th. Ave. here in Tucson.

April and Maya up against Chick Cashman's Cocksmen

Chick and main squeeze Paula

It's been a good week, I am writing "Tales of Joy". Clearence asked me to take a look at one of our colleagues', Ruben Malaret's PR company's website There is a fabulous link from them to this one. I see is advertising my book, "Backstage Passes" to be published in October 2000. Cooper Square are the publishers of the studio paperback. There were horrible reviews by disgruntled readers who called me a liar and a braggart. I was floored, had to go to bed for a couple of days! Michael, my boy friend, the Georgia peach, has finished paving the backyard and turned the arid, dustbowl into a haven with Jacuzzi and outdoor dining and living space. The fort is in it's final stages of construction. This weekend, he attacked the front yard. I was dispatched several times to the Coronado national forest to get rocks. But this front yard is going to have a grapevine arbor. Man, with all this build-up, I better get a scanner post haste 'cos a photograph will do it far better than my descriptions!

I spoke to Bego, last night and he will be in Los Angeles through to the Grammies. Last week I forgot to include Mark's website address: - there's a fabulous collection of Mark's published catalogue. Bego's ability to capture the personality and the story of his subjects is magic.

Mark with his book about Cher

While we're on the subject of Bego, let me say this-it's a rare man who inspires the use of his surname as a name, and Bego does. I hope my friends start calling me "Barnes" again, that was the perfect name for how I felt, a cutting edge version of my folks, they were Barnett: I was BARNES!!!! As for his unpublished catalogue, I think a few e-mails might not go amiss. Bego, we want to read excerpts from the murder mystery, Motor City! See I have all the inside gen!

Bego's off to see Cher for the second time in as many months at the Staple center on Wednesday night. He says the Cher book is going really well and I can't wait to read it. I adore her! See cover link. Bego's "Madonna, Blind Ambition", is to be released fairly shortly.

In Los Angeles, Sally Kirkland is continuing her one-woman show called. "Powder Room Suite" at the Court Theater relating the drama of trying to take on the medical profession to repair her breast implants. Human beings can be so grand, when they rise to the occasion and Sally Kirkland has produced a great piece, so good; Mark is going to see it a second time. Apparently Sally chews up the scenery.

Heard from Roy Rogers, who turned me on to an interesting literary website magazine It's a very pretty site, beautiful illustrations, Scarfe-like cartoons this week anyway and plenty to read, a lovely forum for the writer!

There is one more thing: I got very interested in reading David Hockney's theories in the New Yorker about the camera obscuro painting technique and then the fabulous television interview with Norman Mailer about his Picasso book. History of art was my fave rave at St. George's and nothing has changed. Yes, you can all stop snickering, that's Barnes watching Lovejoy!

Let's Party


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Shortly Before That

What a wonderful King Day. TUCSON was sparkling, glittering in the overnight chill of winter and golden by lunch-time. There were cloud pictures. I have been going up to the Coronado forest 2 or 3 times a week to find rocks and then Michael installs them. It looks like a cobbled courtyard in Germany. I managed to find all sizes and colors of rocks and the paving reminds me of where I found every single one of them! Any excuse to trek around all day amongst the cacti!

JAN. 30th.-Feb. 10th. The largest GEM show in the world. Tucson hosts the almighty CASBAH crowd during the GEM show. Merchants and artisans come from all over the world with trading goods, sculpture and jewelry, printed silk, gold and silver incense and prayer wheels. There is the official show at the Tucson Convention Center and then there are about 5 venues all over town that are several square blocks of Casbah in Arizona. It's delicious.

I was planning a trip to Los Angeles last week but it's too late to go now. As a part of those preparations I had a number of proposals to finish, headshots to do and all kinds of piddly associated chores. Dagmar, my friend the photographer from Vienna, took a number of the photographs contained in Backstage Passes, came to my rescue and took a marvelous sitting in the backyard. Only problem was my vanity.I had not counted on getting older between one photo shoot and the next. When she came over with the shots, I behaved like I was 19 and some one had taken shots I didn't like. Then I realized how gorgeous her shots were and how unbelievably 'out there' I must be, to think that I was going to look any better or more glamorous when I am a cowgirl and have to be dragged to the makeup. Where is my darling Pierre La Roche, Barbara Daly, Franklin Welch, the make-up genii who make it all happen without one being aware that one is done. Check out her cool studio site - DAGMAR'S BEGINNINGS AS A PHOTOGRAPHER AND PHOTOJOURNALIST IN NEW YORK. It has incredible photography and her husband's work, the art and sculpture of ANTON KRAJNC - pronounced as in Heinz ketchup, she playfully reminded me the other day. She is the most wonderful photographer and has a comprehensive catalog of 60s, 70s and 80s music stars.

Speaking of the passage of time did anyone catch the PBS series Scientific American, an episode hosted by Alan Alda called, "Never say die"? Looks like the longevity of life is a hook for TV shows too! Associated Press reports "Thirty million are as hungry as ever". That' s not good and sobered my optimism by the third coffee of the morning.

You know there are great sources available through the citizens of the planet earth network. One of my favorite Los Angeles Resources is the Wednesday Gossip column of Roy Rogers @ In Atlanta if you are looking for the lowdown on all the fun and where to go, consult the Queen of the Night, BETTY JACK DEVINE at

I have friends in New York but I am not sure who does a happening website for that city? Suggestions please! Clearence is my representative, and he is in Los Angeles. If you would like to reach him: Tel. 323 906 8426 Fax: 323 906 8488 e mail:

I leave you with this thought. If it's not fun, don't do it! Next week, a Valentine's special edition from the GEM show!!!! Love Angie