summer is looking busy!
Angie on the QE2 photographed by Leee Black Childers
Those clever guys at Jib Jab have new FUNNY VIDEOS!

Angie, have you ever been to Watford? Have you ever read a book from a nobody and turned them into a somebody, and if you will should I start preparing the pages now? Have you met syd barrett? U r gorgeous! I would love to have an 0nline chat with u, so much to ask you about the years gone by, what do you say?

I say "In the summertime.....who knows?"

ANGIE on the QE2 Sailing to Australia in 1993
photographed by LEEE BLACK CHILDERS

Here are some new links! BPFALLON is a legendary LONDON Rock n'Roll publicist. BP Fallon promoted Marc Bolan and Led Zeppelin etc. etc

Paulette Cooper, author and journalist and reporter has a link to her "Outing Scientology" book:

hello, angie, have you seen any good movies of late?
have a fab weekend,  love jon.

Speaking of movies, Neil and Justin from the LUTON FILMSTOCK FESTIVAL are at it again!
For all you film buffs,.....oh and if anyone sees director Duncan Jones, my son, tell him his mother says PEACE! and CALL!

 Filmsstock 2005 // Luton


Our media presence continues to grow and as a result you can see a full article on the BBC website here:
The whole thing has been made even more special by the fact we are opening the festival with the
New film from David Gordon Green
who directed the
immaculate George Washington and All The Real Girls.
UNDERTOW stars Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot himself) and is family drama/thriller set in the backwoods of Georgia. Expect sinister vibes and lots of atmospheric suspense. Joyous.
Tickets are free for the 1st June Cineworld screening, just email or call us on 07980 627 494 for your tickets
That's all for now, though we think that is quite a lot, so enjoy and we'll see you in a few weeks.
Peace and Love Neil and Justin

Filmstock 2005 // Debrecen, Hungary
What an experience. What a week of carnage and connection. It was humbling to see so many people step off the bus in Hungary, coming to an event we had put on so far away from home. And the week that followed was one of laughter, debate and great films.
There were many lessons to learn but we are positive we can go back next year with another, albeit modified event.
A massive thank you to everyone who travelled and everyone in Hungary who came out for our little experiment. It was a draining and fulfilling one
If it does, we hope to see you in June for our most ambitious festival yet
It's gonna be a blast

Dear Angie, how are you? I'm just come back from a FESTIVAL dedicated to movies of FAR EAST that i love so much. I always listent o your cd MOON GODDESS and i love it , also in these days i listen too much to band called NATHAN MAHL they published wonderful cds.
I hope you will publish a new cd and will tour Italy. My hero Todd Rundgren will play in Italy in June with Joe Jackson, i suggest also you to see them in one of the dates in USA......perhaps you can collaborate!
Have a wonderful wheel of karma!
And from MR. FUNTONE

Gary Moore's work is wonderful. I had the pleasure of participating in one of his productions and I enjoyed myself. Gary is multi-talented and has a new venture: realworldphotographs:

The Fine Art of Sue Nash is displayed at her website and I met Sue on a plane trip from Los Angeels to Tucson. Take a tour of her art!

And when in doubt for a gift, check out

The Fes Festival is about to start in Maroc, North Africa




Greetings All-


Zionway Recordings, Positive Sound Massive Recordings &
Present The Rocker-T "Hold On Strong" 2005 Colorado Tour - 8 Great Shows in 10 Days!

In support of his new album, 'Hold On Strong' on Zionway Recordings,
Rocker-T embarks on his first tour of Colorado in almost a year.
 Rocker-Tand Jus Goodie
Friday, June 3rd. Trilogy Winebar, 2017 East 13th Street, Boulder CO
Rocker-T & Jus Goodie Backed by Zionway Soundsystem. Doors 8 pm, 21 and Up $10.00 at the door. For info call (303) 473-wine or check out

Saturday, June 4th.  CB & Potts, 1415 W Elizabeth St, Fort Collins, CO
Rocker T & Jus Goodie Backed by Zionway Soundsystem Doors 8 pm Tickets $5.00 @ the door
Call 970 221-1139 for more information.

Tuesday, June 5th. Zaragoza Hall, 1339 Routt St., Pueblo, CO.

Rocker T & Jus Goodie Backed by Zionway Soundsystem Doors at 7pm Show starts at 8
pm. Tickets $ 5.00 at the door.  For more info call (719) 543-0114.

Wednesday, June 8th. Rock-N-Soul Cafe, 5290 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder CO
Rocker T & Jus Goodie Special ACOUSTIC SHOW
Doors at 7 pm Showtime 7:30 -10:30pm Tickets $5.00 adv. $7.00 at the door. For more info please call (303) 443-5108.

Thurs, June 9th.  CB & Potts, 1415 W Elizabeth St., Fort Collins, CO
Rocker T & Jus Goodie Backed by Zionway Soundsystem Doors 8 pm Tickets $5.00 @ the door Call 970 221-1139 for more information.

Friday, June 10th. Levelz, in Steamboat Springs, CO.
Rocker T & Jus Goodie Backed by Zionway Soundsystem  970 870-9090 (Just added!)

Sat June 11th. Dolores Brewery, Dolores CO.
Rocker T & Jus Goodie Backed by Zionway Soundsystem Early show Doors 7 pm Showtime 8 pm -10:30 pm  Opening act
Lions Den Unlimited Feat Zen Ken for more info please call (970) 882-4677.

Tuesday June 14th. Fox Theater, 1135 13th Street, Boulder CO. 
Rocker T & Jus Goodie opening up for dancehall superstar Luciano! Doors at 8 pm and Rocker and Goodie open the show so get there early! For more info call (303) 447-0095  or online at

For more information of this tour or to purchase a copy of "Hold On
Strong" please visit:


Death, Rattle & Roll - Various Artists Compilation

WONDERTAKER RECORDS is a dumpster-diving Northern California (pronounce
it like Arnold!) indie hardcore label showcasing Rob and Sluggo's (the
founders) favorite face-melting sounds. Crank this sucker up and mow
people down with charged-up prime listening rock of the highest order.
Ride through potent riffs, metallic solos, gritty lyrics and solid
songwriting. This CD is jam-packed with volatile bands like THE HYDROMATICS, THE NITWITZ AND THE GRANNIES.

The Grannies - Erected Ladyman

THE GRANNIES CD "Erected Ladyman" kicks ass from start to finish, a hot-on-the-burner tile-blaster of belligerent, raucous and downright scary raw punk
energy. Somewhere between the Mono Men, KISS-meets-The-Simpsons-Retirement-Castle and the Makers, THE GRANNIES are titans of killer punk rock guitar, a jet engine roar of fire-starting brutality. What could make it better? Old lady outfits! Heavily checked for by such diverse punk throwrags, zines and websites as: Razorcake, Blender, Backfire, Toxic Flyer, Trashcompactor and Sleazegrinder.

Motorhome - Black Lung

Mixed and mastered by Seattle grunge legend Jack Endino (think Nirvana's "Bleach") MOTORHOME is brazen kick ass boogie, raw and dirty with whiskey-n-cigs
vocals, blazing leads and bulldozer drumming. Does it rock? Goddamn, does it ever! An ass blast of redneck riff-metal mixed with suicide-boogie speed-rockin', MOTORHOME is cranking slabs of trailer-park thunder from the top of busy skate ramps and selling out the clubs.

Soul Brains  - A Bad Brains Reunion

The legendary punk / reggae band, BAD BRAINS reunites in this incendiary mixture of raging hardcore punk, deftly thudding metal and heartfelt, liquid reggae, bristling with spiritual fervor. A band to be held in awe adding their tumultuous, internal volatility and expressing it through galloping thrashers; BAD BRAINS' tremendous influence is clearly experienced on this explosive live CD, a must-have for anyone into the one band that started an unholy alliance between punk, hardcore, rock and reggae

Flut - Puppy 4 Life

FLUT is a distortion laced & bottom-heavy simplicity (think the Breeders or Jawbreaker) of story-telling nursery rhymes for the psychotic. Antagonistic and
absolutely wonderful, the San Francisco-based three-piece comes with a brute honesty and little room for manners. Genre and gender bending, FLUT is a punk folk jazz beauty. A sparse noir powerhouse that is, in fact, all that.

Griddle - Turning Violet

A startling discovery, the hard-working, touring GRIDDLE melds garage punk, rock 'n' roll, and even prog into one giddy rush, (think: Ramones,
Flaming Lips, Minutemen, Van Der Graff Generator). A fabulous modern musical evolution, GRIDDLE effortlessly joins all these elements, even
introducing pop and glamrock between the bedsheets and getting it steamy. Imagine their music as a superfine noise-pop soundtrack to "Hedwig and the Angry Inch pt.2: The German Impressionist Years."

Cuatro Caminos - el bong de titaneo

Self-described "mariachi dub outer space band" CUATRO CAMINOS is an accidental fabulosity of three disparate musicians whose end result has
already resulted in their inclusion into a movie soundtrack and uncountable, spontaneous college radio airplays. All over the musical map like Parliament Funkadelic 70's soul and Latin jazz with Hawaiianbn reggae, cowboy ballads, and great everywhere you land, this music bounces better than Cake and sweeter than Flaming Lips. Mexican relatives of Nick Cave and Jon Spencer, a Latin invasion mixed with an alien invasion, with summathat Southwestern seasoning melded with the
Zappa-esque nuances CUATRO CAMINOS is damn great music. When Beck gets good again, he might just sound like this.

Check out for more information on these or any of the other fine products in IDC's catalog!


SF Singer/Songwriter Karney takes a few weeks off from recording tracks for third full length CD to perform a handful of acoustic shows in and around the New
York area in mid to late July. This short tour features a Singer/Songwriter showcase at New York City's Bitter End Nightclub, on Sunday July 31st. Other shows will include stops in Upstate New York, New Jersey, and a few gigs in Brooklyn and Westchester as well. While in NY, Karney will also play at a few "open mics" in and around the city.

For Press or Booking info for this tour please contact Erwin Karl @ Promotional Rescue at (206) 355-1600 or via e-mail at

Franzie will be the featured speaker at Pyramind Sound's "Entrepreneurship in the Music Biz " 101 class on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2005.
Thes presentation will highlight many aspects of starting and running an independent record label and securing distribution in the ever changing landscape of
the music business. This 3 hour presentation is one of an 8 part course now being offered by Pyramind. For more information on this program or any of the other
classes Pyramind's Media and Music Production School offers, check out
or call (415) 896-9800

Also, PSM and IDC will be closed on Thursday, June 2nd, 2005, to remember our dear departed friend Shana!
Respect and Regards to all- The PSM and IDC Promotional Teams! RAW #142 and #194

Franzie is the voice and head ho-ho of
Positive Sound Massive Recordings
Positive Sound Management
2261 Market Street, PMB 487
San Francisco, CA, 94114, USA
415.835.4799 office/voicemail

Vist the websites and check out the talent handled by Franzie!!!!!
Independent Music Moving Forward!!!

Meanwhile in New York.....
Luna Lounge, NEW YORK

171 Ludlow Street
New York City
Tel. 212-260-2323
All music shows 21 over

LUNA NEWS UPDATE: Our final week of business will be the week of Monday June 6th through Saturday June 11th. Please come by before we close... 

Tuesday May 31st
7:30pm Pete Sanchez 8:30pm Academy 9:30pm David Laros

Wednesday June 1st
8:30pm Sandpaper 9:30pm The Current 10:30pm TBA

Thursday June 2nd
8:30pm TBA 9:30pm Kickstart 10:30pm White China

Friday June 3rd
8:30pm My Victoria 9:30pm 1/2 Astronaut (for fans of Pavement, Slint and Jesus Lizard. 10:30pm Bodhi 11:30pm The Couriers

Saturday June 4th
8:30pm Redletter 9:30pm Hello Nurse 10:30pm The Behoovers (For fans of Buzzcocks, New York Dolls and Rancid. 11:30pm The Inevitable Breakups (For fans of The Promise Ring, Weezer and Elvis Costello.

Sunday June 5th
7:30pm Colin McEnearney 8:30pm Mancino 9:30pm TBA

<>Monday June 6th
7:30pm Paul Cote 8:30pm TBA

Contact Dianne at 212-677-8879 (11AM-7PM) or contact Rob at this email address to make arrangements to buy anything on this list:

Must see this week! Cash and carry!

Items available from Luna Lounge:
Stainless steel 3 rack shelves. Excellent condition
Wall mounted swordfish and marlin
Black bar stools w/backs.
booth chairs and tables
1970's kitchen table w/chairs
3 MODINE gas heaters (great for lofts)
Stage lighting
4 panels of red velvet stage drapes 4 feet across by 10 feet long) (fire treated)
Draft beer system (brand new compressor)
2 AC systems (5 ton units)
Washer and dryer
Hot water heater
3 ceiling fans
17 foot ladder
Pearl Export drum kit w/o snare
Phone and answering machine
19 inch television and ceiling mount
4 fire extinguishers (recently inspected)
Exit signs and Emergency lighting
2 heavy, old world doors
Bar and back bar
3 mirrors (approx. 8 feet X 6 feet and 2 at 4 feet X 3 feet)
Lots of little odds and endsBest wishes,
Rob Sacher
Luna Lounge

Check out our broadband radio station

 And from Stevie Salas @ Stevie Salas -

Ok, sorry its been a bit since I checked in but here ya go:

I spent a week surfin' in Costa Rica as well as going over plans for my new house. I jammed with the Leatherbacks at the Pasatiempo in Tamarindo. OOHH YES, I also got my backpack ripped off with all my credit cards and passport in it!!! I must give thanks to all my pals who helped out that week. A special thanks goes out to Danny and Helen for the pie, and Rob, Karin and Sam Arris for calling the US Ambassador and getting me a passport so I could get home!!!

JD, Tichy & me

Next I went to see the mighty Brian Tichy rock with Billy Idol in San Diego. (BTW, Brian co-wrote and co-produced the new Billy Idol CD, Devil's Playground, so get it if you can) Afterwards, we all stopped in to my little town of Carlsbad and jammed at the local mexican hot spot, Mas Fina Cantina. With Brian on drums, JD (Zakk Wylde, Richie Kotzen) on bass and me on guitar, we rocked on some Sabbath, James Brown and Hendrix!!

I then split for a surf trip driving down the coast of Baja. I hit surfing spots like Scorpion Bay with a crew from Rusty Surf including Rusty and 1st ever world champ skater Bob Scolberg. The trip included some of their Pro riders: John Greenberg from Union, John Marx from William Morris and a couple of people from Surfer Magazine. After 1200 miles, several breakdowns and a destroyed jet ski trailer we made it to Cabo....WHAT AN AWESOME ADVENTURE!!!

After a couple of days in Cabo, I jumped a flight to New York to Pippa Cohens 35th birthday bash on Mark Seligers roof deck which was off the hook!!!! New York City in May is what it is all about!!!

After two days of that madness, I flew to San Diego to see my badass little sister, Nikka Costa open for Lenny Kravitz. I don't know where she gets it, but that girl has all the heat and I dont know anyone who can touch it!!! Her new CD, Can'tneverdidnothin', comes out this week so CHECK IT OUT!!!! Backstage Lenny told me I looked like I was gettin younger??? Hhhhmmmmmm....ok?!?! Lenny rocked the house as well and I am not just saying it cuz he said I looked younger, but perhaps he is the new King of Rock? What I mean is who else has the songs, style and a concert hall stacked full of fine ass girls??? I saw them tonight in L.A. as well and it was the same story!!


I have also put the first draft of the best of track list for you all to check out (BTW, thanks for all of you who sent in your ideas for the list.)

disc 1

1. tell your story walkin
2.the grooveline(featuring bernard fowler)
3.the harder they come
4.break it out (fuji rock fest remix)
5.cover me in noise
7.two bullets and a gun
8.start again
9.indian friends
11.hots on for nowhere(featuring ronnie wood & bernard fowler)
12.bodyslamm 2001(featuring bootsy collins & norwood fisher)

disc 2

1.trail of tears
2.i once was there
4.soul ecstasy(featuring jerry cantrell)
5.may God bless you
6.just like that and i
8.i'm missing you
9.indian chief
11.i was made to love her(featuring glenn hughes)
12.words cannot say

Finally, I also knocked out a song for the X-Box game called Dead or Alive the graphics we cut to it were mad!!!!!

cheers til next time stevie


Dear lovelies,

Thanks to everyone who came to see us at the recent shows! Hope you've been having as much fun as us. It's been a blast, as always, and now we're about to set out on tour with the sweetest people ever - The Magic Numbers!

T-shirts! Thankyou to all of you for your patience while we've been gathering our new stock. If you've ordered a shirt from us already, it will be mailed to you in the next few days (just as soon as we're back from the upcoming jaunt).

Wanna buy a sexy shirt? We now have both colours (black Pipettes logo on white shirt/white Pipettes logo on black shirt) in all sizes - ladies' fitted small, ladies' fitted medium, and regular cut small, medium, large and xl. These are available for £10 postpaid (to UK). Send a cheque made payable to THE PIPETTES to: 1 Mellon Street, Newport, S Wales, NP20 1EP.

Alternatively, you can pay by Paypal to Overseas? You can pay via 20 Euros inc shipping to Europe, 25 US Dollars inc shipping to US, Japan, Australia, Easter Island... wherever..

Records? Our debut on Unpopular Records - I Like A Boy In Uniform - has sold out. Thanks to everyone who bought it! You now possess something of a collector's item. The follow-up, ABC b/w Judy and Simon Says, will be out on Transgressive Records on June 13 on beautiful white vinyl! Nice. Again, this will be limited to 500 copies. So get 'em while they're hot!

Lots more news, including some exciting dates for your festival and radio calendar, when we're back from the road. Enjoy the sun! In the meantime, send an email to or join us at our official website where we can often be found loitering around the forum. The Pipettes

RANDY JONES and MARK BEGO called me from the Kentucky Derby and they were having too much fun.
RANDY has a new single called
 "New York City Boy"
Photos have also been added from The Kentucky Derby, The Presidential Inaugural Ball, and more with Kid Rock, Meatloaf, Sarah from The Real World, Josh Groban, Usher, Macaulay Culkin, and more.

Sending you waves of love from the Village!  Randy Jones & Will Grega
There's a 'Rawlins' in the House..........

"Apologies for being thin on the ground with the updates of late, it's either been too quiet to write home about or too hectic to find a moment to do so. Some of you may have spotted my recent appointment  as blogger-in-residence at the new Camden Guide website
in addition I have been furthering my involvement in the closing overs of the Bloomsbury 100 celebrations.
There was fun at the British Library the other week, two days of  celebration, and I participated in the evening dedicated to Virginia Woolf, Lytton Strachey and Dora Carrington. Then there was the launch of the wonderful new collection of Strachey's letters, which together with David Garnett's 1972 publication of Carrington's letters, and "Paper Darts" (Woolf's letters to Carrington, Vita Sackville-West and Vanessa Bell), gives us access to much of the intimate material  previously only alluded to in Quentin Bell's marvellous 1968 book "Bloomsbury".

My personal participation in the year of celebration concludes tomorrow at Charleston, where it will be my great privilege to spend a couple of hours in the company of Angelica Garnett - widow of  David "Bunny", daughter of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, niece of  Virginia Woolf, and the last surviving member of the Bloomsbury group. Angelica, the younger sister of Julian and Quentin Bell, was born at Charleston on Christmas Day 1918. She grew up a legendary beauty, unaware that her father was not in fact Clive Bell but Grant.

Following Julian's death in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s she learned the truth from her grieving mother, and a famous falling out took place. She spent her late teens and early twenties much closer to "Aunt Ginny" than Vanessa. Following Virginia's suicide in 1944, aged 26, she married Bloomsbury's own David Garnett, who wrote "Aspects of Love" for her in 1950. Twenty five years younger than Garnett, the marriage drove a further wedge between Angelica and Vanessa, and the rift was never properly healed.

After Vanessa died at Charleston in 1961, Angelica spent many years getting to know her real father, Duncan Grant, now the sole occupant of the house. Angelica and Duncan, along with Quentin, continued the Charleston tradition of decorating the house with precision artistry. Angelica parted with Garnett, and moved to France in 1978 after Duncan's death. Garnett died in 1984, the year Angelica published her astonishing autobiography "Deceived with Kindness", the book finally giving her closure on her fraught relationship with Vanessa. She remained a virtual recluse until Quentin's death in 1996, when she, along with and Quentin's widow and daughter, became the directors of the Charleston Trust, the organisation responsible for the estates of the Bloomsbury artists, as well as the upkeep of the house itself.
Although she still lives alone in France, where she is now regarded as the foremost expert on Matisse, she does make occasional visits to Charleston, usually informally. I briefly met her, quite by chance, on one such occasion. I wished I had been better prepared; so many questions, yet I admit I was given over to bewildered awe that I was in the presence of the last Bloomsbury icon. So to receive an invitation to attend Charleston with the express purpose of spending an evening in the company of Angelica Garnett is an honour which, for me, will take some beating. Reclusive by nature, I understand that she dislikes being photographed; but at very least I'm sure I will implore her to sign my copy of her book...

There has been some music stuff too. Quite a lot in fact; I went to see the reunited House of Love, despite my reservations about the new album there were enough oldies to ignite the place. Terry Bickers was particularly on form. And how come he hasn't aged a day since 1986?

The following night it was the turn of Van der Graaf Generator at the Festival Hall. Afforded the VIP treatment (well, we do share our drummer with them!), I couldn't begin to unravel the tale. But I could perhaps illustrate it if I had Gary Lucas from the Magic Band (I had no idea it was he, I only found out from Guy yesterday, by coincidence the day before that Holly and I were talking about his involvement with Jeff Buckley), and Matthew Corbett from "The Sooty Show" (I kid you not, it turns out he is friends and neighbours with VdGG keyboard man Hugh Banton - best of all it turns out that it was in Harry Corbett's will that he has to take Sooty and Sweep everywhere with him, and had I stayed longer at the aftershow party I might have witnessed an hilarious "Sooty Uncut" moment that apparently ensued). I finally met the other VdGGs; Hugh Banton is a terribly nice man, Dave Jackson is totally sweet, but, alas, Peter Hammill wouldn't bandy words with a common hooligan like me. His loss.

The big news is that we know that (some of) you have been waiting nigh on to three years for Subterraneans to grace the live stage again. Well the wait is finally over, we picked a venue in Camden for the first gig, the promoter welcomed us with open arms, and we are just waiting on confirmation of the date, which we should have within a matter of days. The tee shirts, programmes, flyers etc. are being designed as we speak. Keep your September diary clear...


and trying to save the venue from being turned into apartments. (Roy is my chum from ATLANTA and the days of BERLIN) is as usual taking an active part in the Hollywood community!

Dear Angie,
Great, may I also list you as a founding Director of the Modern Forum, the intellectual salon from the 30's-60's that met in Tara, across the street from me, and featured keynote speakers in the arts, science, religion and politics, who then lectured at Bev Hills High School.  Eleanor Roosevelt, Upton Sinclair, Einstein and many others were members.  I have revived the organization, and our first meet featured avant garde German filmmaker Kirsten Winter, who showed six of her experimental short films.Your participation would be most appreciated. 
The upcoming speaker event on the Great Lawn will feature spoken word recital from literature by We  have a reading from authors scheduled for the 18th of June at Tara

Scheduled to read: Gavin Lambert (Inside Daisy Clover)
Rae Dawn Chong (Selected favorites)
Edie McClurg (Historic Hollywood)
Dan Gilvezan - Joselle's hubby - from his novel "Drowning in Grenadine"
Mart Crowley (The Boys In the Band) - Anything!
Emily Dedakis - Revolutionary Readings
Jason Capel - More Revolution

Our goal is to save the mansion from becoming part of an apartment complex and to up the cultural dialog here in L.A.Fun, huh?

If you get the bug, also maybe send an email to the following, urging them to create a cultural center on the property and not apartments.

E mails to:,,,

Thanks, Angie! -ROY

Meanwhile in Rhode Island.......................Swing dancers, Johnny and the East Coast Rockers are playing Thursday nights at theChester  house  on 1 Dickson St.  (near railroad station) in Westerly R.I. No cover charge and there is 1000 sq ft of dance floor..The phone for Chester house is # 401 596 8222...Please pass this msg onto other swing dancers.
Thanks, Roger

Pooh Kitty

Meet the CAT FAMILY.
I really am not into sentimental crap but even I stop being rational and accept that sometimes gifts come, not in the form you wanted or that you expected, sometimes gifts walk into your garden, take up residence and have their family in your closet. I got them out of their fast!
In spite of my caution in allowing cute things to creep up on me, in this case I am glad I did.
We have enjoyed hours of entertainment as they discover their world. George is an elastic band athlete. He'll be ready for training and the animal olympics shortly! He picks up the elastic band, throws it in the air and then catches it with his claw and pulls necessitating upward levitation with an electric spin on the fur, claws and ears. Jennifer, the little girl, loves her ballet. She has four soft balls and she walks around, ball clenched between her teeth until she feels like Dee Dee, then throwing the ball in the air she dances and keeps that ball in the air as well as a juggler.
Brindle Bott is seriously growing; he requires plenty of food and rest. But soon he too will take his place in the land of the lively and depart from the comatose. Soon Brindle Bott will get up off the sun-baked cobbles and haul his rather pudgy frame up onto the roof with brother George. It's just so tiresome to have to move when napping, napping is probably just as useful to Brindle Bott dreams!
As for Kitty Momma, I don't need to tell you that this cat could charm the eyebrows off anybody. Michael is too sweet by half but I am stoic, solid, steadfast and she got me. Doesn't she have the most impressive whiskers? Pooh Kitty has her own trick with the balls. She walks nonchalantly around with a ball in her mouth mewing and as the kittens come to her she slyly acts as though she's going to play and then drops the ball and pounces, wrestling, that resembles getting a spanking for those mischievous kittens who do NOT come when called for instance when on the roof!

We are up to our eyes in Humane Society appointments having them spayed and neutered, but that's OK.
From the left: momma's clone-son Brindle Bott, then little sister Jennifer, Big, smart George surveying his outdoor fountain, the whole family in a chair and finally Pooh Kitty and Brindle Bott. I wish they were still this small! Now there's a pack of FOUR felines that patrol the grounds.

Love Angie

BrindleGeorgeJenniferPooh and the childrenPooh and Brindle