Summer is on; Adios Hiver!
How’s it going? MG and I have painted the studio. The garden is ablaze with roses and we have a new redwood fence with a lattice for the grapes and blackberries. The arbor over the Jaccuzzi perfumes the air with jasmine and honeysuckle. We are looking forward to guests: Frank and Nyoka, MG’s parents are coming to visit!

comments: Dear Angie, Will you please put on some pictures of your son Joe Jones (aka Zowie? I am so curious about how old he is now and what he looks like. Also, some pictures of your daughter would be nice too. Have a wonderful summer Angie!


Thank you for the good wishes for a wonderful summer. Photos of Joe and Stacia. There are lots of photos of Stacia on the web site. There are not so many of Joe/Duncan.

English Cathy is a Rock n’ Roll fixture, an English gal who came to the US in the 60s and had a star-studded career managing acts in the music business. Her interests are extensive and we had a wonderful lunch together this week and caught up on all our mutual friends: Long John Baldry, Kathy MacDonald etc. Cathy’s particulars are included in this online article:

And Cathy and Greg have a fabulous business; they sell the most interesting collection of lamps from salt crystals:

And speaking of great gals, I saw Cherry Vanilla in Los Angeles in December and she is wonderful and looked TERRIFIC! Cherry, is busy as always and helping to guide the phenomenal talent of Vangelis.


The passing of Russell Clarke saddened November, 2002. Russell was a marvelous dancer, singer and choreographer. He directed documentaries and was multi-talented; he was my friend and confidante and a supportive friend to Laurita Russell's friends have set up a living memorial site. Check it out!

Saturday, November 23, 2002 10:55 PM

Subject: RUSSELL Dear Angie- I thought you might like this photos. I sent you two - I also want to forward these to Laurita - do you think she has email? I hope to talk to you someday Tony Selznick. 

Tony Selznick was Russell’s agent and I was fortunate enough to meet him and Russell’s other friend who stood the watch as his illness ended in peace. 


While relaxing after sending off POP.SEX I have been watching a few movies and I saw a great film this week! The Wilde Girls is a modern weepie! I had the Kleenex out! Drank about 6 cups of tea! I wouldn’t answer the ‘phone! 

And all because I watched “The Wilde Girls” starring Olivia Newton John and her daughter Chloe Rose!

Chloe is a knock down drag out doll; the part she plays in The Wilde Girls is that of a lippy, mouthy teenager and she is very convincing, sounds just like my daughter, Stacia!!!!! Ms. Olivia is fantastic as always and brings new meaning to strength through sanity! Olivia and Chloe are wonderful, it was a really cute movie.


Web Site Appreciation

Angie, Read your item in "Page Six" this morning.  I saw your website address in the item and wanted to check it out. Looks good.  I thought that Cyrinda's tribute was quite nice as well. Her illness still shocks me. The photo's look like you took them 9 years ago @ your book party at the old Country Club on the Upper East Side In addition, Stacia looks brilliant (if that's her in the photo with you on your site. I haven't seen her since she was 15). All the best, G. P.S. You look fabulous!




Thank you to Steven Arnold who shot the above photo of Robert Musselman and me in his Los Angeles studio. We did mucho dancing in that studio! There is more news of Robert in the Writing section!

And thank you to Federico Mastrianni, Tina Paul, Terry O’Neill, Arge, Mr. Chuck and all the other fine photographers who have lent their work to make the site more visual! 

Here are some extraordinary photos by Tina Paul and web mastered by the gorgeous Arlhene! Our very own adored Jayne County (who announced her retirement on MR. FUNTONE’S answering machine) is featured by Tina at one of Jayne’s legendary performances at SQUEEZEBOX!

Then Tina treats us to the behind the scenes goings on at FUN FUN FUN WIGSTOCK!


Hello Angie...You and Stacia are simply beautiful!! How do you do it!??!? I am a big of you and your ex-husband...find your Backstage Passes just a really fun read full of life's lessons that people should never have to learn!! Thanks for breaking down so many have truly had an impact!! LOVE, SLS


Hi Mrs. Bowie, we had contact about a half year ago, I don't think you remember. I'm from Germany, so you'll find mistakes in this email, sorry. What to say... I adore the things you do. I watched your performance at The Old Grey Whistle Test yesterday evening. I bought it on video. That was so great! 

And I always love to discover new photos at your website! The Wonder Woman picture is so cute! Yes, you are such a beautiful woman! I wish I was like you, really... I must say, you're my absolute role model. How are you, dear? And how is your daughter? What are you both doing? Love,


Hello, I am a seventeen-year-old female, and I just love your site! I totally agree with you on your opinion that Alan Rickman should get a reward for that wicked speech, "There will be no foolish incantations or silly wand waving...". I just think it is cool that you would watch Harry Potter; have you seen the second film, The Chamber of Secrets? Alan Rickman is not as good as in the first movie, but Jason Isaacs is really hot as Lucius Malfoy! You forget there ever was an Alan Rickman...Well, I guess I'll talk to you hottie


Angie I just thought I would write and say I think you look really great in the picture on your website. Good on ya gal enjoy Alan


MR. FUNTONE devised a smooth video of Arge’s Polaroids and "Some of My Best Friends Are Strangers" as the soundtrack!


Philippe AULIAC Films Director – Photographer new web site's link


Confusion reigns over everything! I have been trying for a year to go to England and help promote MOON GODDESS the musical CD and Bisexuality: The Pocket Essential and new product like POP.SEX and the screenplay of “FREE SPIRIT.” There is no way apparently!


Hi Angie, I'm so happy to hear that you will be doing book signings! Which stores in Phoenix will you be appearing? It doesn't state where they are located as there are so many. Please let me know. I'm dying to say hello to you. Jen Folla

I was wondering if you had any more dates or locations for you tour. You see I'd really like to meet you and give you my pictures too. You're a little too far on that side of the U.S.St. LouisMaybe? Atlanta? No? Sorry, to annoy you I was just hoping. Hope everything is great; if it's not you can tell me I won't tell. Promise. well I need sleep soon so... Love, Angel

Hi Angie how are you? Do you have any plans for another book about David ? And can you tell me the titles of any previous books you have written, also do you have any plans to visit Liverpool, UK as I’d love the chance to meet you, take care & thanks Nick Vernon 33 Liverpool

Hi Angie, I just saw an ad for your book signing tour (on Bowienet), and I think it had a few printing errors concerning the are scheduled to be in about 13 U.S cities at the same time........or do you have special powers we are unaware of? What I wanted to know is will you be bringing this tour to London, or anywhere else in the south of England?? I'd like to come along if so.......

Love Jan


Dear Jan, The Promotional Tour HAS NO DATES. The mock-up poster was provided by my friend Courtney Smith purely as an example of what we were talking about in terms of trying to integrate the product and promote more than one interest, music, books and voice overs. (BDSM Video)

Of course I have special powers!!!!!!!

But not the power to be in 13 cities at the same time!!!!!!!!

I just asked him if he will be able to update it so that it's a world tour because there has been interest from the fans all over. AND NO INTEREST from the promoters—bookstores, club venues etc. It's really hard to motivate these guys!

Thank you for drawing my attention to the confusion! I had no desire to present misleading information but MR. FUNTONE loves those graphics and if you send him something, hold onto your hat, it may very well be popped into the site for FUN! Kindest regards, Angie


Hello Ma'am, May I ask, why no east coast dates on your March 2003 signing/personal appearance tour? My heart is broken! William

Dear William, I will come to the East Coast as soon as there is some interest from the promoters! Never fear! Love Angie


'First Wives'

Hi, I'm just watching ‘First Wives’ right now and immediately googled for you!   It's great to see you on British TV. You look fantastic and I could listen to you all night. It would have been great if the whole program was about you.  I really admire your strength of character and wish I had just half of that! 

Well I don't want to come over all gushing and "stalkerish," just wanted to say hi and show my appreciation!  Very best wishes,




I have divided the letters into these categories:

Sexuality, Writing & Poetry, Friends, The 70s, Music & the Women’s Feature & Calvin’s trip to the Orient. 




In December and January, I was in LA. Calvin took me to lunch at the Mondrian and to admire the décor. Calvin always has the best Show and Tell in photographs and his last couple of trips to the Orient have been enchanting; so I asked if I could borrow them for the website and he kindly agreed. From Los Angeles to the Orient! As you can see this Chinese obsession I have was enhanced by Calvin’s Christmas card. When he came to visit Tucson I grilled him about the panda. 

“Yes, they actually let you taker photos with this panda cub!!!!!”

Over the past weekend (late April) Calvin was hit by a car in Los Angeles and has a broken leg! I wish him a speedy recovery!

We have lost the indomitable spirit of Nina Simone! Her enormous performance was only matched by her ability to teach. She was a graduate of Julliard and taught music and theory at many universities during her wild and incredible career. 

Two Nina Simone stories: Roy Martin and I had already released Soul House with Track records and we were in Switzerland when Nina came to stay at Clos des Mesanges (my house in BlonaySwitzerland). While she was our guest, Nina gave Roy Martin an Impromptu Blues lesson. Roy said he learned more in that hour than he had up until that moment and he played keyboards decently but he rocked after Nina’s coaching.

Nina also was the first Westerner to fill me in on her search for satisfactory sex! She told me about journeying to Africa in search of the ideal warrior chief. She lived in African villages to accomplish her aim and spoke with affection of her time in Africa in the tribal setting! 

She thought I was stupid and blonde and after 6-7 bottles of Swiss red wine, she told me so. And drinking as I might, to keep up with her, I told her I thought she was smart but ugly and could sing and write like an angel; we both laughed our asses off and got along fine! 

“My Baby Just Cares for Me,” “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” “House of the Rising Sun,” “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair,” “To be Young, Gifted and Black,” are all a part of the Simone catalogue which reads like a musical history of the African American experience of the twentieth century.

“Wild is the Wind” makes my heart skip a beat.

Here is her official website:


Nina and George Benson



Calvin Lee entertains with stories at a lunch in Los Angeles! 
Los Angeles, December 2002 and January 2003--Photos from my early morning walkabout—before the stores open! Best way not to over-shop!!!!!!


BALI/CHINA These gorgeous villages and rice paddies were all in a day’s sight-seeing for the intrepid Calvin Mark Lee who appears to have reviewed half of the Orient from his comprehensive trip in 2002.


Amazing images and photos I thought I had scanned are no longer where I put them! One, of a temple with an enormous head of the Buddha with pilgrims coming from all over to climb up the side of this incredible building in the cliffs of a mountain! You would think in three months of possessing the images I could have scanned them! I need more hours in the day!