New York Fiesta 21!

Stacia's 21st birthday was a big deal.
We had talked of giving a party for her in New York when I was there in December.

It turned out I had to meet some documentary people in New York for English T.V..
Although warned off by James Edstrom and Stacia, I flew into New York early.
(According to James: when stressed out with guest lists, I become unbearable!)

I would do a photo shoot with Mastrianni, road-test my make-up artist and then shoot the documentary on Monday. The flight was pleasant, the ride to New York charming. The parties for Stacia's birthday had somehow ended upon Monday night, July 23rd.
Mastrianni and I met the director and producer of the show for dinner, then picked up Tamara Nieves, Mrs. Mastrianni, at the airport.
What fun!

The Sunday birthday photo shoot was marvelous with Stacia and Drew Blood, her father from London.

We shot the documentary at the Plaza and then "rendezvoused" in the bar for a beverage.
We had to go to the Carnegie Club on 57th st. for the first party!

Stacia arrives fashionably over due with her gang. Better late than never.
It was great to see James Edstrom, Annette Witheridge, Marcy MacDonald, Roger Hitts, Daphna Inbar, Randy Jones, Steven LaFreniere, Marc Spitz, Richard Bey, Gilda, Mia Tyler, Bruce Alexander, photographer Tina Paul, Federico and Tamara Mastrianni and Tamara's clients, etc..

Afterwards, it was time to adjourn to the Slipper Room. Our hosts were James and Camille, the owners of the venue. Marc Spitz & James  were spinning discs. Marc Bolan's Jeepster for Your Love was played and the place exploded.
We took to the dance floor in a frenzy and before you knew it, it was Cabaret time! My favorite!

What great acts: the lady who stripped to Star Trek and Mr. Lucky.
We partied on. Stacia arrived for more photographs and fun!
Then, the great exhaustion set in.  I rested up all day Tuesday, on Stacia's birthday.
Then I hung with Andrew for a couple of days in New York!

And here I am, back in Tucson: packing the suitcases for a voice-over gig in Vancouver, Canada  .

Talk to y'all soon.
Hope you are having a FABULOUS SUMMER!