Kings Cross

Angela Bowie November 1999

What a dilemma! What a predicament!
Someone's soldered my soul to sentiment.
Stir up the waters, I am in suspension.
A new substance born by reflection.

What an exciting stress-filled moment,
To further confuse and confound my torment.
I crave your brain but that takes time,
And time is something there's just too little of.

No time to play in your brain,
No time to be driven insane,
Time was for collecting memories,
Under the bed at night,
With a flashlight.

They are my software for life.
I like your words and I like your brain
But you"ve already driven me insane.
If some day you want to go somewhere and play,
That would be nice,
I am fire and you are ice.
Got to give each other space
Or my emotions will spill onto your face.
You know how you hate that.
Like the Greek boy who after he came, apologized and said, "Sorry, I have dirtied you." Really?
Kind of like emotions and you


Welcome to the Real World!
We're here to learn. Get far, love me
Set my life in your dreams,
By Iago's filthy schemes,
Instruments for corporate means,
The World, Yeah, the World needs changing!

Face of the Planet, eased by scalpel,
Is not beautified, but mutillatto.
The World, Yeah, the World is Changing.


Industry? A Mistake?
Eat more.
Get fatter,
Go on a diet.
Cut down trees,
Plant alfalfa,
Cows get fatter.
DonĚt eat meat,
Go on a diet.
Control heat.
Air Condition.
Too hot,
Too cold.
Don't walk,
Jog a lot.
Get Fat.
Get Thin.
Buy a car!
This car,
That car,
DonĚt walk,
Do jog.

The World, yeah, the World is changing.

Earthquakes? My Mistake. People's disaster.
A Mistake? So Sad. People Hurt.
Oh Earthquake. Planet getting fatter.
EarthĚs disaster.
Planet Chunder.
Earth Belch, Earth Burp: Oh, Planet Chunder!

The World is Changing.

Africa, between Famine and Genocide.
Apartheid is Gone.
Money Reality is Chewed.
The Burden of Mandela, Steve Biko.
Don't hurt my hero.

The World Is Changing.

Asia shifts and shuffles, gambles for food.
Korea, China, Japan, the falling yen.
Classic Stoicism - Replace Monarchy's upheaval.

We're here to learn. Baby, it's changing.
Europe shifts from one desire to another.
Ice block thawed.
Walls torn down.
Tomorrow may be free.
Doesn't mean democracy.

The World, yeah, the World is changing.
Honey, itĚs changing.

American Apocalypse of street fighting.
Bloods have no place to play.
NASA, the Peace Corps, Stuff the War.
Explore, Burn your Bibles.

The World is Changing, Honey, It's Changing.
Girls, Sleeping Motherhood,
Women's Unrest,

Courting Love on a Sea of Discontent.

Baby, the World is Changing.
America, Sandwich of Indecision.
Canada's Calm and
Tango Passion of South America.
The Double Standard.
Tax Drugs. Get Real
We're here to learn.

The Rules are Changing.
Honey, the World is Changing.

Angela Bowie 1994