I got a kick out of the letters! They are not in any particular order; just the usual sexual subjects: lesbianism, bondage, domination, sadism, masochism and bisexuality! I am feeling cheeky today, just taking the piss!
Angie - I just stumbled into your website. I am so glad to read your thoughts and views that are posted there. I really believe in a human being's capacity to love another human. This love should not have to be limited because of the gender of the humans. If a person eliminates the possibility of fully loving someone else because that person is the same gender they are, they may be missing the chance to find the person they are looking for.

Something that made me sad after reading it was the comments on your site from people who had troubles in their relationships because of their bisexuality. I think it is a common misconception that all bisexuals are polyamorous. Many are, but many "straight" people are as well. These are two separate issues. I think the only prejudice I ever faced was from the people that thought I would sleep around just because I identify as bisexual. I am lucky now - I have a partner who trusts that I believe in serial monogamy - *one* partner at a time. I do not think there is anything wrong with polyamory - it is just not what I choose at this time.

At any rate - thank you for having all this great info available. I really am glad I found your site, and have added it to my bookmarks. Rachael
Dear Rachael, Thank you for your e mail and for visiting the site. Don't be sad; at least they're venting and talking which has to better than exploding like a big balloon! I am down today, guess it's time for me to finish POP.SEX, my new book, and mail it out. Angie

Love the site, Angie! I'm a HUGE Bowie fan, and while looking at links I stumbled across your site, and I'm glad I did! I never knew there was a middle ground between heterosexuality and homosexuality before I came here (I live in a state that hates anyone who isn't heterosexual..well, my mum and neighbor don't but that's it). I've 'known' I was bisexual for about three months now. I have not come out yet, and don't plan on doing so anytime soon. I have sexual dreams about women(who don't really exist..)and find some models very attractive..and I'm thirteen. do you think any age is too young to know your sexuality?
Dear Alexandria, No I don't think thirteen is too young to think about sexuality; but I do think it's too young to let it divert your attention from important stuff like sports and studying. Build that brain and exercise that body. Angie

Hi I need help...I'm a 17 year old male and I think I am struggling with my sexuality. When I was younger I've had over 8 encounters with another male... that was during the ages of 13-15. After that I've had relationships with girls and I really had feelings for girls. Now again I feel attracted to guys but I don't want to be. I am also still attracted to girls.

Recently I've been very depressed and I don't know if that is apart of me not wanting to have sexual attractions towards guys. Do you think if I had more sexual encounters with women that I would be less attracted to guys? I am still very attracted to woman. Please email me back with some answers and thoughts.
Dear Mikey,
It sounds from your very brief note that you are confused.

CALM DOWN. Confusion is OK. DO NOT PANIC. I am sure it would be much more comfortable to be totally sure of your sexuality. Wouldn't life be grand if everything was logical and easy and fell into our laps and that's the way life evolved? The interesting thing about sexual preference is that it's confusing to figure out at the beginning.

Take a TIME OUT. Don't think about sex for a week. Don't see any of your sexy friends. Then try to unpeel the conditioned responses you have to both types of lover. When you have tired yourself out trying to do this, realize that the gender is unimportant, you are wailing on an unnecessary subject. It will take stamina and determination to find the intimacy that we all crave and it is with different genders for different people. Get off the sex subject and reach into yourself to find out what it is that you need to make you happy.

Sex does not need to be that high on the list of priorities as we design the policy that will carry us into the first years of adulthood. What about college, dreams, ambition etc? Are they equal? have you spent as much time worrying about all that? If you have not read BISEXUALITY the POCKET ESSENTIAL, please do.

Thank you for your e mail and i send you lots of love and good things for your future, Angie

Hi Angie. First of all, Id like to say that your lecture is well written, informative and above all (and best of all) EMPOWERING! The bit about the two-spirited people, with the male and female spirits within us all, was the one I identified with immediately. I've been out to my family and a couple of close friends as a bisexual for a good five years now, but its only recently that I've started to be really honest with the rest of the world, and instead of having an apologetic tone to my voice whenever I said the word "Bisexual" I now say it with pride. It hasn't been easy at times, but being able to be myself, no matter what, is its own most rewarding factor. Its positive articles like your own that keeps us bi's going from strength to strength! Keep up the good work!

Hi Angie, It was fantastic hearing from you. By the way if you're ever having a celebration of any kind, "Jean Genie" would love to play for ya! They performed at the "Mick Ronson Memorial concert"; I don't know if you were there? Anyway if you wanna book them they are available through my look-alike agency. Check out my website on

It would be great to meet up with you when you're next in England. Me and my girlfriend would love to show you a good time, in every sense of the word! We are both bi-sexual and you are the ultimate bi-sexual fantasy for us both! Anyway be happy and hope to hear from you soon, Love Ray
Dear Ray, Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me and please forgive my tardy reply. I have been bashing away trying to finish POP.SEX to send it out and that is my only excuse!

Thank you for the kind words! Jean Genie sounds interesting! When I am next in England, we'll have to arrange an evening of band watching! Once again, delighted to have heard from you! Have a FAB week and an even better weekend! Love Angie

I would like to try to go in bed with 2 partners. Can you give me a few tips Angie? Love J¸rgen Austria
Dear Jurgen, I think I may have to write another book to answer your question. Read the Bisexuality Pocket Essential: I am sure you will get some ideas. Regards, Angie

Greetings, Lively Lady! I'm looking forward to the USA release of your new book. I may find words of insight in it, but, if you have the time, would you consider reflecting on this one?

Years ago, when he first came to America, David B. referred to it as "a nation starved for love". My closest friend in this life once told me that, because of his social obligations, if it ever became known that he was bisexual, he wouldn't be able to live his life, because of the scorn he would encounter from his extended family in a small town. The attention that David B.'s public comments focused on issues like these raised consciousness, years ago. Now, it seems, the additional thoughts that you are disseminating are likely to help a lot in the prevention of feelings of confusion and pain that a lot of bisexuals experience, due to the fact that most people don't understand that true bisexuals are a bit more tender-hearted than they are. But, all of this takes an openness to see its benefits. > I think that one reason River Phoenix overdosed was because he didn't want to talk about his bisexuality, being the eldest of 4 or 5 kids, and being compressed into a certain set of expectations.

Is there anything that can be said or done for someone 17 in such a situation that being "outed" would certainly result in a social meltdown, beginning with the nuclear family? (American culture is so rife with hypocrisy. Most of the young people I know are bisexual, but they have distanced themselves from their families, and they are still often very vulnerable, phobic and uptight.) Best regards and blessings, Bob
Dear Bob, Lively lady! That's a lovely moniker, Thank You! Yes, the little book, BISEXUALITY (precursor to POP.SEX) is available as we speak from the Pocket Essentials link on my site or if you put in the words "Pocket Essentials" into google and receive the site address!

Some countries are very pro-Catholic, family values and right wing conservative governmental, so this represses individuals from speaking or behaving beyond the 'accepted' norm. Such a country has to be a nation of repressed bisexuals don't you think?

The question I would ask those in society who repress others is this: 'Is it unpleasant to be naked with someone of the same sex? If so, why is it unpleasant? Is it unpleasant for one man or one woman to feel the nakedness of someone of the same sex close to them? Angie, to what effect do you think people like Bowie, Lou Reed, etc; have influenced the bisexuality issue worldwide? Look at David and Lou today, enjoying the fruits of normal heterosexual relationships. Is bisexuality something that emerges within the young soul and leaves as age creeps up?

Your article above is interesting reading and I'll read it again! Thanks! Darragh O'Neill
Dear Darragh, "Is bisexuality something that emerges within the young soul and leaves as age creeps up?"

Yes & No. I have seen cases where age translated to wisdom inspires individuals with the confidence to express themselves freely as to their sexual preference. Age allows a great deal more flexibility. Raising children and nurturing a family is an oft-repeated marketing gimmick and so the lifestyles of alternatively oriented people rushed to claim their share of the market. During my research for POP.SEX the interesting development was the emergence of a group of young people who identify themselves as bisexual and are thus provided with a useful out when sex comes up. Just say, "I'd rather not I'm still finding myself, I am bisexual" or not! and plough right in! Angie

Having "discovered" the web page almost by chance, I found the lecture absolutely stunning. I read it all immediately and was left spellbound by its total frankness and honesty.

I could discuss the content for hours and remain engrossed in the subject. While it has helped me see things a little more clearly, I remain uncertain (and I admit somewhat apprehensive or maybe nervous) about my own sexuality and perhaps a little unsure of experimentation. And sadly I do not feel close enough to anyone to be able to have a frank discussion.

I have always believed that one should never place any barriers in the way of beliefs, but maybe this is a step too far to rush in. I would love the opportunity to discuss. Thanks again for your honesty. Alan.
Dear Alan, Hey up! Thank you for your kind words about the Bisexuality lecture. Caution is the Armour of moderation. At this time moderation is probably the smart way to proceed. I think they're trying to figure out a way to subjugate the people and all for their own good. (!) This might be the time to stay alert as opposed to swaddled in pleasure. Angie

I'm a teenager and a big fan of David Bowie. Recently I've been questioning my sexuality and wondering if I might be bisexual. Even though I'm more attracted to guys, I've always been slightly attracted to girls and I've had quite a few fantasies about them recently. I also have sort of a fetish for guys in makeup (i.e. your ex husband...) and my favorite movie, honestly, is "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Well I guess this was pretty pointless, but I enjoyed your lecture.
It's never pointless to express yourself young human! I gather you enjoy role-playing. Well, that's cool. Have fun. Be safe, be serious, laugh a lot and take care! Angie

Hey! I just wanted to say love the site! I just turned thirteen. I've loved Bowie ever since I saw the Labyrinth. I never knew much about you, but I was surprised to find what I did about you. Your lecture on being Bi touched me, as on a Labyrinth chat, I have a friend who is bi. My friends at school say, when I tell them if I met her I wouldn't be upset 'you are sick, you wouldn't mind if you met her, you'd think she was NORMAL!? She could try to kiss you!' The same with Bowie! They say he is 'gay, old, retarded', and his songs are 'retarded', they don't listen to it, just because he wears makeup and was bi(is he still?), they think his music is bad. Once more, great site and thanks for writing this, I'll make my friends read it to prove my point to them.
Yes, Miss Girl, well, we are here to entertain!

Hiya Angie, I am a very new fan of yours, so I don't know much about you yet...I really enjoyed your lecture on bisexuality. I have only heard a few songs off your cd but I really like what I hear, particularly the song "Success" and the fact that you knew David Bowie and the spiders absolutely amazing, you are so lucky!

I do have one question for you and it is about David Bowie since I know more about him right now... in an interview at a fan asked if people knew what David was talking about in his songs and you mentioned a technique called "cut-ups" if you have time, can you give me an example of this technique? I would greatly appreciate it!

In the meantime, I am going to get a copy of backstage passes and read it. Well, thanks for taking the time to read this...If you want to answer my question or if you have any questions about me or anything else. Loretta
Dear Loretta, That's a William Burroughs technique and you should ask David about it, OK?

Hi Angie! Thanks for visiting with us trannies next Tuesday (Apr 9)! I love your new book's cover! I'll be sure to be there next Tuesday! I'm SO curious about whether you enjoy cross-dressing, yourself; or whether you found, as you researched your book, that women stars of the 40's were, in fact, playing "butch" as they wore slacks.

By the way, I saw your wonderful music video... where you dress up like the Boy of my Dreams! You're so beautiful-- either as a woman or a boy!

I used to live in Malibu and there I made the video, "Mommy's Pantyboy" for Versatile Fashions (maybe you know Mistress Antoinette or Annie Sprinkle or Veronica Vera? They're all part of the kinkiness!). Now I live near Denver and am a nice, quiet sissy-at-home!

Anyway, I'll attach a photo of me and my Dyke Daddy (who left with her g/f for hoo...I'm all alone) and I wish you much love and success with your new book and with all your wonderful, creative efforts! Love and kisses, Angie! Juliedoo!
Dear Julie, I had a blast! Thank you for inviting me. I didn't get off to a good start because I feel like such a dope never learning to type! But you gals were terrific and I soon got better at typing impromptu!

Hi, how are you? I am Joseph and I am from Indonesia. I like to read about your article, in that case, it is bisexuality. If you never mind, I want to ask you about what advantages and disadvantages of British culture regarding homosexuality are? I am interested with it. I wish I can get a good answer. Thank You
Dear Joseph, Thank you for your e mail. In the links page there is website out of England called, I think it's bi, Check in the links and I think you will find what you are looking for!

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out? I'm a 41 yr old single woman who has fantasized of being with other women for yrs. Problem is... I don't know where to find one to approach. Also, I have to admit... I feel guilty and dirty about it. Could you possibly direct me to a site where I can find what I'm looking for? Thank you! Dove
Dove, check the Links page, OK?

Angie, I am a D/s lifestyler {and bi sexual} anyways awhile back my friend was reading stuff on the Golden Dawn and noticed David was involved, We all so found parallels between D/s psychology in the control aspects to Golden Dawn philosophies. .... And your BDSM video on the lifestyle I was wondering if you and David or either of you are into the D/s or BDSM lifestyles? Just curious I'll attach my D.S page but it's in serious need of updating Michele about soft
Dear Michele, Thank you for your e mail.

I have no information regarding my ex-husband's interest in BDSM. I am interested in everything because I am a writer. When I choose voice over projects it is because the subject matter is relevant and interesting to me. Would I practice a certain life-style? No. By that I mean any life style. I will not marry, I will not be subjugated by anybody and the only thing I do is work and that is what I want.

I have read the Golden Dawn material and it is parsed together from various novels and a couple of magick almanacs. It is a blue-print for a karaoke life. Bands in the 70s thought they were so hip because they could read! Golden Dawn was preferred because it came though an English source. Aleister Crowley wasn't the first and he wasn't as talented as de Sade or Casanova.

I thought your web site was sweet. Do you feel safe revealing stuff like that about yourself? I hope it has never put you in physical danger. Is it not challenging to play a part all the time? You see I can't help myself, constantly curious. Regards Angie

Angie Thank you for writing back. I have been with my Master for almost 3 yrs {we don't live together} Yes I am a safety advocate in the lifestyle and work hard to give newbies and others a safe place for support and guidance so I leave myself somewhat open so they don't feel like I'm advising and hiding. The BDSM group I socialize with; in real life are very warm caring and protective people.

Thank you for your compliment on my site needs serious updating. I also have a D/s support group on yahoo groups. I somehow have appointed myself the Dear Abby of D/s :) writing is good I am working on a project that is going very slowly. Well, if you do have questions feel free to ask I like to talk {lol} thanks again Michele

Hey Angie! I've read your lecture on bisexuality and wow, great. I shall try to talk my mother (I'm only thirteen) into ordering the book from Pocket Essentials. I'm glad you are not afraid to 'come out'. I have been a Bowie fan ever since I saw the labyrinth when I was probably about five. I am almost positive I am bi-sexual, since I have thought back to a few times when I practically scared myself being attracted to the same sex, and I am also attracted to men. Now I am not scared of the feelings I had (have), though I shall probably never actively practice bisexuality with women. Thank you for showing me that bisexuality is not actually pursuing these attractions, but simply having them. Thanks again, Angie!