Rosti Hash Browns

A great supplement to any meal is ROSTI, with an umlaut over the o ( I don't know how to make my computer do that!) : the all-time favorite HASH BROWNS!

3 potatoes (large)
3 pieces of bacon/or sausage depending on what you are eating with the potatoes!
2 cloves of garlic chopped
* a big sweet onion chopped
* a green pepper chopped (for a more decorative serving add Yellow AND/OR Red peppers chopped)

Grate 3 potatoes or more!
Let them sit in cold water. Heat a heavy, (wrought iron or other) big, deep pan. Cut up 3 pieces of bacon and saute off. The bacon can stay if it's for dinner or removed & saved to serve with eggs if the rosti is for breakfast. Make sure that your bacon is thick enough to give you plenty of grease in that big old pan. Top it off with olive oil if there isn't enough bacon drippings. There should be half an inch and it's going to get very hot. BE CAREFUL. WEAR RUBBER GLOVES

Chop 2 cloves of garlic, an onion, half a green pepper and throw in the pan! (I hit the food processor)
Drain the grated potatoes and arrange in the pan avoiding splattering fat and flame-throwing sizzling vegetables. Watch it for a minute to see that it's settled, lower the heat, DO NOT COVER.

Time 15 minutes for the first side of the potato confection. DO NOT PROD. Walk around! Finish your other dishes . . . DO NOT PROD!!!!! This was my mistake for years . . . I'd get so hungry that I'd think I could help the cooking process by prodding the potatoes, well, they don't like it, being prodded I mean, probably don't like being eaten either, a potato has a life, right?

After 15 minutes, time it exactly, grab a couple of spatulas, egg turners and lift that sucker up! AND TURN IT OVER. YOU CAN DO THIS! HELP IS GOOD! Another person can pour olive oil onto the pan so the second side is sufficiently slick, a quarter of a cup helps the second side cook and sizzle as we want it to . . . .
The trick is rubber gloves - then you can grab hot food, (not hot pans!).

Count another 15 minutes, DO NOT PROD. Do not PANIC if your ROSTI is very brown, it's supposed to be! A little blackened is OK, I like it. Michael doesn't, so I let it get dark brown and then slide it onto a big plate, cut it like a pie and serve.

"Bon Appetit!"
"La Heim! Eat in good health!" (Israeli saying)
From my kitchen to your palate, you'll like it!