Poetz4Peace news, the album "A Pair of Olive Leaves" is set
to drop in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey on September 22nd, 2003. The album
has already received airplay in half a dozen countries, and promos are
shipping all over the world as this goes out. The following is a list of
some of the promotional events going on around the worldwide record
release on October 15th and "UN Day" in Cyprus on October 19th, 2003.

Poetz4Peace Promotional Events and Happenings for October 2003

RECORDING WORKSHOP 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Where politicians have failed for decades musicians and lyricists are making big strides in
seconds. Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand - as Stevie Wonder once said. With this theme in mind a group of people will get together on Saturday 18th October to jam, write and record songs, beats and ideas for inclusion on the second CD/LP from Olive Tree Music. What makes these people unique is this will be the first time many of them have met and in most cases the first time they have recorded together.
As Cyprus has been unnaturally divided for the last 29 years, with people only up until last April being denied access to each other, this workshop will hopefully produce some magical musical works. The day will be co-ordinated by US producer Steffen Franz aka Stand Out Selector, lyricist Haji Mike, poet Zeki Ali, bouzouki master Mike Minas & various people from the world of music based in Cyprus.


The newly formed 'Poetz4Peace' will be officially launching their debut
CD 'A Pair of Olive Leaves' at live at the UN Day event held at Ledra Palace.
UN Day has played a vital role in bringing the communities of Cyprus together in a spirit of harmony, peace and tolerance. It's held at Ledra Palace, the hotel that has been empty since 1974. One of Poetz4Peace new songs pays tribute to the building that has for many
decades played a symbolic role in the Cyprus peace process. "Party @ Ledra" predicts a future where people can simply dance and accept each other. It celebrates a better tomorrow, and is expected to get the estimated 8,000 + crowd moving as one righteous harmony on 19th October


Haji Mike & Zeki Ali, the main lyricists in Poetz4Peace will be filmed in early October for a
documentary on Cyprus. The show will be screened next year on Belgian National TV. In this rare appearance, the two poets will talk about the works they have made together and the music label they founded with partners Steffen Franz aka Stand Out Selector and Mike Minas.
Expect the unexpected, after all that's what real TV is about!


Olive Tree Music will be spreading its branches online 15th October.
From various destinations
around the world people will be able to download music loops from
Poetz4Peace adaptation of
'Down by the Riverside'. Producers and musicians worldwide will then be
able to record their own rendition of the tune, as seen from their point
of view. The remixes will then be sent back as Mp3's and a panel of
seasoned music producers and poets will select the best versions of the
song. Winners will be announced and then a compilation of the tunes will
be released by Olive Tree
music in 2004.

Important P4P Dates to Remember:

September 22nd - Poetz4Peace "A Pair Of Olive Leaves" Mediterranean Release Date
October 15th - Poetz4Peace "A Pair Of Olive Leaves" US and European Release Date
(The Cyber Record Release will happen this day as well)

More Press and Promo info for the 15th through the 22nd of October in Cyprus to come!!!

Lady Dante - L.A. Glam Rocker and Drag Vocalist.

Hello Angela,   Lady Dante here. L.A. Glam Rocker and Drag Vocalist. I was just working on
my Radio stations on and was wishing that I could add your music to
my station playlists. I just wanted to suggest that you build a page there
because I know I'm not the only one who wants to hear your music. It's free
to do a page with 3 songs there, so, please consider it. Check out my stations :
and my music:
Your music would fit right in and people would enjoy getting to hear you. Thank you,
Lady Dante


Meet the new guitarist of Turbovulva: Benn Ra,
Benn recently quit the signed goth band Diva Destruction...regards, Ross Carella

Meet the new bass player of Turbovulva Adam Gray. He just quit Johnny Marr's (The Smiths) band & is
willing to subject himself to the collective Turbovulva cluster fuck................Adam is from Manchester.


Hello Angie,
I remember I wrote you a while back and was so pleasantly surprised when you wrote back. Just visited your website. You look great, glowing and dazzling as usual. You and Cyrinda Foxe have been my style inspirations, with your sunny bright blonde hair and quirky clothes. I admire how kind you are to your fans. You prove that original, spunky, and intelligent
women always come out on top. I enjoyed listening to your music, and wonder if you would like to hear mine. I recorded it at home on my computer, and can send you a copy of the 13-song album if you wish. Keep doing what you do, much Love,
Sophia (my art site, please visit if you wish)Mrs.Bowie,
Hi there! My name is Bimbo Boy and I'm a gay popstar from Sweden who's trying to make it big. Maybe you could help? I'd be happy if you would download my songs. They are plastic pop and disco music. I'm like a male version of Marilyn Monroe and Samantha Fox. Please download them for free at: Let me know what you think!

We recorded a song about you two months ago called 'Lady Platinum' (yeah, clever title) I always wanted to tell you about it, but eh, I felt emailing you too much would annoy you. Our album comes out worldwide this summer. If you want an idea of our sound, our site is:
And 'Lady Platinum' should be up soon. Thanks in advance and let us know when your next album/project is coming out.. there's an interview section on the site as well, if I could be so honored. Yours, William Byron

Listen to this click on the red or green box next to the word download to just play the song i hope Jayne would like it take care Angie and thanks gym

Gym sent the funniest thing---Check this out for a good, big political laugh! It is a hysterical rap Saddam boogie!

Hey guys, my new single is out ''let ya have it''. produced by guido osorio,on harlequin recording group. the single is currently available at eightball record shop,nyc,, gramaphone records ,chicago,uncle sams, sobe ,import express ,,house of wax, austin ,texas, ed’s records, Atlanta ,and Perfectbeat in west hollywood to name a few. its actually # 4 this week on their top 5 selling vinyl. Pick it up, check it out, tell a friend, a trick, your mama, just tell somebody. By the way my opinion does not reflect that of the label, lol .the vinyl is really cute, its gold! hope you guys dig it. if you want to hear a sample, you can at , click artists, then michael m. click on the highlighted song title. hope you guys enjoy it. xoxo, michael m.

21st Century Hymnal for FEMINISM.

I received ‘F’, a FABULOUS album from a new CHUM in Australia, Ana Key. Ana has an all-women/girls band and the CD is QUITE BRILLIANT. It is the 21st Century hymnal for FEMINISM.

“I am sending you 2 CDs.  The first album 'F' has songs from a comedy cabaret I wrote and performed at the Sydney Fringe Festival 1999.  The story is around three gals trying to make it in the music industry.  The CD is just of the songs.  The other CD is four songs from my latest album 'Keep Playing No Matter What Happens'. If you like the four track single, I can send you the whole album, and another called 'No Ordinary Day' which is in the same genre.”

Ana is very energetic! She is compiling a book of Poetry to celebrate Birth and Pregnancy. Vee kindly asked me to contribute a poem and I have offered lyrics: “For your Sweet Love” which I wrote for Stacia when she was about 7. More about the poetry book in Writing and PLEASE submit poems because when you hear this album, you will want very much to be associated with this young lady! I love dynamic people!
Dear Angie, I can't believe I am actually sending you an email!   You are great, wonderful, cosmic! I read your earliest autobiography and learnt that you have a lot of heart. I do not think that you were well treated by David, and I was appalled at how he won custody of your son. Sorry to mention all this, but it never leaves me. I hope you are in communication with your son and if not, well I guess it's meant to  be.  I wish we could meet one day, I write songs and make CD's that get nowhere, but some people think they're good. I wish the world had more room for some smaller artists so that the big guys weren't always getting the credit.  Anyway, I'm sure you've got better things to do than to listen to me babble on....All the best,  you're great, Love Anakey
Dear Anakey, Hi! Thank you for your lovely e mail and kind remarks! I agree with you about smaller artists. Peace, prosperity and leisure time are the stimuli needed to open up the markets for every type of creativity. Materialism and greed result in the cut-throat celebrity label and status cults that threaten to wipe out individualism and ethnicity. I am sure your music is wonderful and would love to hear your work in the future. Kindest regards! Angie

Dear Angie,  My name is Katya and I'm an aesthetisist, artist, musician and enthusiast from NYC. I was delighted to discover your webpage on the net because I greatly admire your many talents and beauty. Ever since I was a child and saw your photos in magazines I was very intrigued. There are so many questions that I want to ask you!
1- Please tell me how did you get so famous?
2- Is your hair naturally blonde? What do you think about the common stereotyping for blondes as dumb? It's obviously not the case with you. I had to color my hair darker in order to be precieved more seriously. Do you think I should go back to blonde?
3- Where in Cyprus did you used to live? It's a wonderful place, I love
visiting my relatives there. Have you ever visited the infamous rock where according to the old legend goddess Aphrodite was born?
4- Please tell me a couple of things about avantgarde fashions of the 70's and 80's. Why do you think so many designers were inspired by futurism back then?
5- Have you ever met Amanda Lear? What do you think about her singing style?
6- I've heared that you were married to David Bowie one time. Is it true that he was a sexual predator?
7-In some photographs David's penis looks extreamly large and in others it looks tiny. Why do you think his penis fluctuated in size so much?
8- Please tell me about your musical experiences with Paul Zone? I've  worked before recording with Paul's former musical partner Man Parrish. It was really great!
My music has become a hit in a lot of discotheques in Europe, Japan and
USA. Would you be interested in doing a song together with me? I would love
9- How tall are you? Please tell me about your modelling experience!!!
10- Your make up is always imacculate. What are your favourite brands of
11- Have you ever met German singer Gina X (Gina Kikkoine)?
I can't wait to hear from you!!!  Let's talk soon.  Love and Kisses,  Katya
 Dear Katya, Thank you for your letter. There were too many questions and then my computer ate the reply answer! Boy that pissed me off! I'd like to hear your music so I know what you are talking about. Kindest regards, Angie


angie, just wondering what kind of music you like these days? aside from bowie, bryan ferry , elton john  etc, i like duran-duran, the goo goo dolls, simple plan,mike oldfield. i really dig all kinds of music,  its amazing how   old bands like roxy music still sound good today, even the classic bowie is  cool.  / ive always been a huge bowie fan, i got that dvd with all the videos on it, pretty cool.,  toddles, jon.
Hi Jon! Music! Well, I guess we have similar tastes: everything!
I listen to salsa and house music, techno/beat etc because I love to dance. I listen to my friends' albums: Jayne County and Morgan Lekirt’s Schnitt Acht are perfect Get Up and Row Music! Also Buena Vista Social Club, I love Ry Cooder and have followed his career with interest since the early 70s, Dolly Parton, Groovy Man of the Thrill Kill Kult, Jimi Hendrix, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Motorhead, Boy George, George Dalaras, Bobby McFerrin, Kraftwerk, John Lennon, Selena, Gino Vanelli, Tim Buckley, Donovan, The Fugs, Velvet Underground, Al Green, Um Kalthum, Mick Farren and Jack Lancaster, Scott Richardson, The Mollys, The Subterraneans and ‘F’ by Ana Key and The Minority Group. Moon Goddess is great for rowing too!
Funnily enough I have not revisited the artists you mentioned for a long time. I was never that keen on love songs or stuff that was supposed to evoke reality. Reality is generally tawdry and one's imagination seems to provide a far more interesting landscape. I gravitate towards music that is evocative as opposed to specific. Because I compose lyrics and verbal riffs; I enjoy music that suggests an atmosphere and then my creativity can groove on the tune and my imagination supplies the idea. Some songs are specifically lyric based and those artists have less influence the older one gets and the more oriented, ones' ideas become. That whole thing; don't tell me what to do just come and groove; we'll share some time if the instrumentation is what I want that day in my audio radius.
Thanks for sending me such a cue card e mail! I have been asked before but I wasn't in the mood those times to go and really look at the stack of CDs in disarray that I listen to regularly! Now you know!
Have a great week! And please check the website because I have done a huge update of the website and your letter and my response will be featured in the Music Letters section!
Love Angie
Hy Miss Angela Bowie !! Just one answer : Is it possible to by this great song called " crying in the dark " even in Germany ??Thanks a lot. Bernd Siedenbiedel
Yes, Crying in the Dark is included on Moon Goddess and is available from the web site or Moon Goddess plus the bonus track Jude Rawlins and myself dueting on a Rolling Stones cover of THE LAST TIME. Both links are available somewhere here on the web-site!!!! HELP DICK !!!!!!!!–
My name's Aaron Lepley, I'm a 28 yr. old musician who just moved to Portland Or. from Tampa, Fl. I don't know why I'm telling you all this.  I just wanted to tell you look GREAT.  I've been a fan of you and David since I was thirteen. If you get a chance, check out my  website: You can hear some of my music.  I'd love to know what you think. Thanks, Aaron

  Hi Angie. I'm Ted from Athens Greece. I'm obsessed with glam rock and rock'n'roll icons and I consider you one of the most important ones of the period. Without you the history of rock'n'roll would be totally different, but that's natural. Things are to be happening. i think you are in great spirits and you look fabulous as ever. What you think about nowadays parties and movements. More conservative or just people are quite overwhelmed to be excited with changes, so they don.t make them really happen?
What's your opinion about The Velvet Goldmine- The movie? Had you been interviewed by the director?   Was the character based on you-I know that partly it was but I mean had you had so very hard times( I hope not)?
Personally I feel disappointed by London-the place I'm living now-I'm about to leave it because of the indifferent hectic and quite naive way of life. Nothing to do with the thing that i had in my mind. Even if I managed to shape my London these 3 years I have been here. The only interesting thing is the music and some small clubs, but even these are not obvious in the everyday desert. Alienation??? Maybe everywhere. I hope you know where I'm coming from.
I hope to manage and see you in concert in London and maybe if I have the chance (I'm involved in the music ....industry(i hate the word)) I'd like to pass me a contact number-e mail address of your manager-agent to arrange something in Athens. Believe me several people down there would be very interested to meet you and listening to your material. Athens is a real rock city for everyone who want to feel the underground vibe. Best regards, Ted
Dear Ted, Hi! Thank you for your e mail. Parties and movements? I don't know, I live in Tucson because I needed to think so I don't go out much! The only parties I really go to are my own gigs or the shows of friends. Movements? Which ones?
Change has been a long time coming and now we will have to fight harder to hold onto our civil liberties or living in fear will become the new thrill!
Velvet Goldmine is a long music video and that's OK. The music is good and the actors are great. The Look is feeble. I have never met the director. I have no idea who the character was based on but there is much comment on this subject contained at my website. London became too expensive for me to endure. l like to live easy, not difficult. Alienation is so comforting! Think how disgusted you'd be if you fit in and everybody agreed with you! I forwarded your e mail to Clearence Cheatham, my friend and agent who handles the bookings. I would very much like to see what's going on in Athens! AND of course, CYPRUS. Love, Angie
Ms. Bowie, How do I order your new 'Last Time' single? Do you have any mail-order things I can buy stuff from? DO you realize I stood here looking at my inbox for a full 20 minutes before could read what you wrote back... I was just like.. thats Angie Bowie... thats Angie Bowie....Hmm. Well, because you have always been such an exquisite person, you certainly put me at ease... true geniuses can always do that to normal folk. God, your great. I would very much like to send you some stuff. But yes, I would like to get the new single. If you take feedback from your fans, I think you should sell it from your site autographed! Im not the only one who would pay to have that!! Thank you for taking the time to humor me. Always, William Byron
Dear William, Thank you for your letter. I look forward to listening to your songs. I went to the website but could not figure out how to listen to the tracks! Don't go there.....I'm technically inept! Bright but incapacitated by anything too complex! I want to hear the stuff, I'll try it again. Sometimes on the second try things work perfectly! Have a great week, Love Angie

* biL Magic Thumper "One Sheet" and Record Release party info
* Rocker-T "More Luv" tour hits Colorado and more!!!
* Poetz4Peace Promotional events "One Sheet" and Record Release info

biL "Magic Thumper" has finally hopped out... After 5 long years, and hundreds of sessions, the crazy rabbit is loose... The album is currently shipping to distributors and stores all over the US and Canada and we are very hoppy to say the least. Below please find the press release and some related biL "Magic Thumper" info:

PSM4906-2 biL "Magic Thumper" CD
Street Date: 09.09.03


Hello, biL?  Its biL...

Positive Sound Massive Recordings presents "Magic Thumper," the debut
release from sonic sous chefs biL. Psycho-acoustic instrumental big-beat therapy sleeps around in a freestyling game of musical beds. Drawing from a diverse pallet of styles (turntablism, dancehall-reggae, hip-hop, surf, etc) and a braintrust of talent, biL is the spacious whole greater than the galactic sum of its generous parts.

An inspired partnership between San Francisco's Stand Out Selector (renowned beat-builder & dancehall innovator) and multi-instrumentalist Allen Whitman (The Mermen, Deep Field South, etc.), biL also features the talents of DJ Quest (Live Human, Space Travelers), Dan "Automator" Nakamura (world class mixer - Gorillaz, Dr. Octagon, Deltron 3030), Jim Thomas (The Mermen), Paolo Baldi (Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, Deadweight, etc.) and Kevin Mummey (Penelope Houston, San Francisco Klezmer Experience, Blue Room Boys, etc.). A busload of other players contribute to a burbling big stew simmering on the front burner of your underground stereo stove.

Even before the completion of "Magic Thumper" biL tracks had already started hopping out of the hutch. With the inclusion of "Standy's Handout" on the PSM compilation release "Mi Selecta," biL had already begun to see worldwide airplay (John Peel's Radio 1, etc) and positive exposure in international music magazines (The Beat, etc). Interactive computer gaming giant Electronic Arts chose "Smell My Favorite" (Track 6) to stink up the soundtrack to its hit "Hot Wheels" release, alongside Metallica, Primus and Mix Master Mike. Other special uses have included it's use as background music for MTV's ultra deep "All-Star Challenge" and VH-1's uber ovary "Born To Diva."

"Magic Thumper" releases in North America September 9th, 2003. Check out
the PSM Website for free downloadable
songs, the video, and the translation to "Bunnies At The Border."

This CD is available now online @

*** Just Announced *** biL "Magic Thumper" San Francisco Record Release

If you are in the Bay Area and would like to check this amazing group
out live, please consider being our guests:

Thursday October 9th, 2003 at:

IL Pirata
2007 16th Street @ Utah
Potereo Hill, San Francisco
For info: 415 835-4799 (PSM office/voicemail)
Club info: 415 626-2626

Doors @ 8 pm  biL @ 9 pm -  Free (yes you read it right!!!)

free biL stuff, various rabbit foods, and Platypus Omelettes will be

The band's debut brings together a host of amazing live players who will
perform an hour long aural and visual assault. biL's line up includes;
Allen Whitman (Mermen, Deep Field South, etc) on Bass, Stand Out
Selector on Samplers, Laptop and Turntables, Jeff Trump (New Dealers) on
Drums, El Miguel (Safehouse Studios) and Camaro Danny aka MD (New
Dealers, Not for Not) on Guitars and maybe even some very special
guests. Plans are in the works for biL in-stores in San Francisco,
Berkeley, and record release parties in Humboldt, Sacramento, Santa
Cruz, Reno and Southern California. Check the PSM Website for details
and up to the minute tour dates.


Next week Rocker-T heads out on his final Colorado tour of 2003. This
tour will hit 9 cities and will be his biggest Colorado tour to date.
Opening the show is Jus-Goodie and Boulder's own Zionway Soundsystem,
who's selecta, DJ Prophecy, will also back Rocker on all of these dates.
The following is a list of all of the dates on this tour. We are
expecting all of the TBAs to confirm within the next few days so check
the website for updates and any other events on this tour.
If you are interested in booking Rocker-T in Colorado please contact
Marcus Benjamin aka Benji @ (720)300-4264 or via e-mail @

Colorado "More Luv" Tour, Fall 2003

9/16 The Zephyr, Reno, NV. Rocker-T backed by the Postman Doors @ 9 pm

9/18 Soiled Dove, Denver, CO. Rocker-T backed by Zion's Way Soundsystem
featuring Jus-Goodie and DJ Prophecy plus special guests... Doors @ 9PM
21 and Up

9/19 Trilogy, Boulder, CO. Rocker-T backed by Zion's Way Soundsystem
featuring Jus-Goodie and DJ Prophecy plus special guests... Doors @ 9PM
21 and Up

9/20 Starlight Theater,  Ft Collins, CO. Rocker-T backed by Zion's Way
Soundsystem featuring Jus-Goodie and DJ Prophecy plus special guests...
Doors @ 9PM  21 and Up

9/23 Abby Theater, Durango, CO. Rocker-T backed by Zion's Way
Soundsystem featuring Jus-Goodie and DJ Prophecy plus special guests...
Doors @ 9PM  21 and Up

9/24 The Elko, Crested Butte, CO. Rocker-T backed by Zion's Way
Soundsystem featuring Jus-goodie and DJ Prophecy plus special guests...
Doors @ 9PM 21 and Up

9/25 TBA

9/26 The Blue Mule, Denver, CO (TBA)  Rocker-T backed by Zion's Way
Soundsystem featuring Jus-Goodie and DJ Prophecy plus special guests...
Doors @ 9PM  21 and Up

9/27 Mahogany Ridge, Steamboat Springs, CO. Rocker-T backed by Zion's
Way Soundsystem featuring Jus-Goodie and DJ Prophecy plus special
guests... Doors @ 9PM  21 and Up

9/28 Venue TBA, Payonia, CO Rocker-T backed by Zion's Way Soundsystem
featuring Jus-Goodie and DJ Prophecy plus special guests... Doors @ 9PM
21 and Up

9/30 The Fox Theater, Boulder, CO. Opening for Sizzla, Rocker-T backed
by Zion's Way Soundsystem featuring Jus-Goodie and DJ Prophecy plus
special guests... Doors @ 8PM

10/1 The Aggie Theater Ft Collins, CO. Opening for Sizzla, Rocker-T
backed by Zion's Way Soundsystem featuring Jus-Goodie and DJ Prophecy
plus special guests... Doors @ 9PM

Everyone --

Certain people have advised us not to send this letter.  They can kiss our asses. You deserve to know the truth.  And the truth is:  Last night's CONTROL was quite the spectacle.  (To say the least.)
Nick Name, the star of our show, stormed off stage during his first song and never returned.  We tried to get him back on stage, but let's just say things back stage didn't go as we had hoped or expected.
We probably should've made some sort of announcement right away.  But it took awhile before we knew what was up.  And by then we were overwhelmed by disgruntled patrons who -- thanks to our relentless plugging and publicizing -- had come specifically to check him out.  They were infuriated by the night's turn of events.
And you know what?  So were we.  We all deserved better.  We all deserved more.  So, although the situation was truly beyond our control, we feel compelled to say sorry for what went down.  Please accept our apologies.
Now there's something else you should know. It'll probably surprise you.  The show went on. Despite the decimated crowd.  Because that's how we do it at CONTROL. And we rocked the house.
Gregory Shiff stunned us with his brilliantly kinetic creation of on-the-spot electronic dance music. Alan Astor surprised us with his soulful lounge-rock act, complete with electro flourishes that made us ask, "Where has this one been hiding?" Jack DeMolay hypnotized us with his pulsating, undulating, sometimes-too-hot-for-TV video installations. Stefan Bernarsky startled us with photographs of a sleazy suburbia that turned us on and freaked us out. James Duncan uplifted and embraced us with jazzy house grooves between performances.
Then there was the staff at Rare -- Brad, Shawn, Gene, and everyone else -- who cheered us on, helped us out, and lifted us up. (Thanks, guys!)
We can't wait for the next party, and we hope you can't, either.
-- Sean & Dahlia

                                                                                                                                                  background from :