Hi Angie, Long time no see. How is Stash? My Luke is a big man and we are making an album together. Just saw a film you made some time ago called BDSM - Alternative loving. I thought it was strong and positive. Excellent. You are obviously well alive and kickin' which is also very excellent. We think of you often and remember you with much fondness. Be happy. Love Edgar


THU NOV 14 - Philadelphia - Trocadero
FRI NOV 15 - New York - Don Hills
SAT NOV 16 - Buffalo, NY - Continental Club
SUN NOV 17 - Cambridge - Middle East
MON NOV 18 - Pittsburgh - Club Laga
TUE NOV 19 - Cleveland - Peabody's
WED NOV 20 - Columbus - Newport Music Hall
THU NOV 21 - Milwaukee - Rave 2
FRI NOV 22 - Detroit - Majestic Theater
SAT NOV 23 - Chicago - Metro

Message from? : "Thrill Kill Kult huh? EXCELLENT CHOICE!!!!!!! Confession of a Knife is a major staple of my musical diet & I'm from the same city of course.... Check out (or search I'm putting up a new site right now so it will be under construction until the end of the month (I'm going through a trial by fire period in that I'm learning to do it myself which will take a little longer but will be worth the payoff)"

Ruthann Springle "BE" CD

Ruth's CD 'BE' is a lovely piece of work. Ms Springle is an accomplished pianist and as with all songs written by a multi-instrumentalist, there are surprises and scoring and fun that I wasn't expecting. Her voice soars and there's an edgy European feeling, almost an expressionist nod. I am so disorganized! I pride myself on being so cool; let's see if I am cool enough to find the link to Ruth's CD Link!!!! Maybe it was on MP3. Ruth sent me a CD and it is VERY COOL!

Dear Angie, It is wonderful to be able to write to you. I just woke up is 5am and I have been struggling with my age.

I am committed and passionate about creating a global music career and I for the first time am struck with the issue of age and it is dragging me down. I have also looked younger than I am most of my life ....I am 37 I have two kids and have been with the same guy for twelve years. Since I was four I have been writing songs. I just completed my debut CD entitled BE....I am on, and we have had around 20, 000 downloads in twelve weeks.

It is all very exciting, but what is this thing about age? Why does it matter to the world? I don't understand.....if you are 37, talented, beautiful, sexy, confident woman, and your record is fabulous, unique and cool; why would how old you are make a difference? I am sharing this with you because you are a woman who has it all... Any comments? Sincerely, Ruthann Springle

Dear RuthAnn, I thank you so much for your uplifting letter. Age! What a conundrum, isn't it? I just got back from Las Vegas and seeing my daughter. It's always a shot in the arm to hang out with a 21 year-old. Congratulations on BE....., your CD and the success with downloads etc.! Well done. Nothing to worry about there! Right? It'll all be alright, you'll see1 Continued success and regards to you and your family. Love Angie

Hi Angie. I thought of you today and then I saw a special on David Bowie on TV tonight and thought it was a sign I should email you! I sent you my CD some time ago and I hope it arrived safely. It is called 'Be'. I also wanted to tell you that there was a line you said on your mp3 site some time ago.... something about strangers can be the best of friends or something like that. I really liked that thought and wrote a song about it. It is pretty grand when strangers inspire one another. All the best, Ruthann Springle

Happy Valentine's Day, oh eternal goddess of all that is fabulous... P

Way to go Smooth. You are a DOLL! Thank you for the Valentine's greetings. Regards, Angie

Hi Angie, You've just caused me to swoon all over my desk... Incidentally, here is a quote from the next issue of Rhythm, which mentions you. It's from an interview with Matt Sorum, drummer with The Cult...After graduating from high school; Matt packed his bags for Hollywood, living with two other drummers and hanging out at The Central, now known as The Viper Room. "In those days they would do celebrity jams, I would wait to get a turn. There'd be great people there - John Entwistle, Stanley Clarke, Al Kooper, John Belushi, Angie Bowie..." Best wishes, P New Links:

Hi Angie Bowie! I found your site accidentally; I originally did a search on Lori Lightning (aka Lori Maddox), and I clicked on your name from that site. Anyway, you seem like such a cool person, I wanted to drop you a line. After reading what happened to you with the divorce from David, I felt bad for you because it seemed like you got a raw deal. But from your site, you seem like a very smart, enterprising woman who has forged a very interesting life. Anyway, I wish you the best. Take care, Diana Powell
The Commercial Appeal newspaper in Memphis, Tenn.
New Links:

New Link: Plez Gheman's "1940's burlesque show called The Velvet Hammer. You'd adore Go look" at;


November 24th. 2002 9pm - Courthouse Theater Closing Night Gala: Funtone USA! [buy tickets] You've never tasted local access TV the way they serve it up in Atlanta. This uproarious overview of 20 years of the legendary Funtone dynasty of cable shows means to crush every stereotype you might have about the "conservative" South. A children's program hosted by a google-eyed drag queen and midgets; a store-front Baptist service with bitter, squabbling gospel-singing siblings; an after-school disco hour fe aturing dancers doing "The O.D." (complete with blood-encrusted needles) and a brilliant variety show broadcast from the corner of a trailer park community room are but a few of the many highlights. Set in an alternate universe of deranged characters and ludicrous situations, Funtone represents what local access TV could be everywhere, if it only dared. Starring such underground legends as The Lady Bunny, Larry Tee, Lahoma Van Zant, and a mohawked, teenage RuPaul as chocalicious undercover cop STARBOOTY. Your country breakfast is ready! Guest-curated by Steve Lafreniere for MIXClosing Night gala party to follow GENERAL INFO: LOCATIONAll screenings take place at:Anthology Film Archives32 Second Avenue at 2nd StreetNew York, NY 10003 MIX: the New York Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival

Life without David

Hi Angie , how's it going how is life without David .interesting web page you have anyway do you feel there is going to be ww3 any time since the 9-11 attacks what is your opinion of the world today? Thanks from Anthony take care Ang. plus do you think the music business got worst over the years or better .

Dear Anthony, I do not think there will be a third world war. The Music Business has grown up and is a sloppy division of the entertainment industry. An entertainer seduced by wealth has little of importance to say; becoming wealthy through the volume and quality of one's work is acceptable i.e. Michelangelo. For POP singers or what used to be known as Rock n' Roll artists, they have been incorporated and thus lack the ability to effect change. I appreciate your taking the time to write to me!


Hi Angela, I am so happy to hear you are still working and have a site to let us all know how you are doing now. I remember Paul Zone from Max's and the last I'd heard of him he was producing a record for you, how is he? Is he still in music? I remember he and his brothers always at Max's and their band "The Fast" in fact I still have several posters and articles on them from the time when I lived on e. 12th St. I had such a crush on him but never approached him other then to say hi. My boyfriend at the time was a void-oid so I was a good faithful girlfriend, I remember once Richard and the void-Oids played at a club on long Island and the Zone boys opened for them and we were all in the dressing room together with Paul getting dressed, that was pretty funny me acting so uninterested. Ha! Those really were the good old days, weren't they? Well so glad you are still out and about will visit again , put up a pic of Paul, ok? Love you, Toni.

Dear Toni, forwarded your e mail to Paul Zone and thank you for taking the time to write. Kindest regards, Angie

U.K.'s James Whale & MOON GODDESS

Hi Angie, Great to hear you on the James Whale show the other night. It reminded me of the time I came to see you in concert at a small club in Camden Town, London in the mid-eighties. Your music was wonderful - very Bowie-esque ("Time sits hunched in a chair") It was a long way for me to come to see you, I think I saw a listing in the NME and although I had very little money (because of Margaret Thatcher's employment policy) I had to come. I slept the night in the concourse of Euston Station and sneaked onto the train home through the postal sorting room. But it was worth it. Have you ever thought of releasing the album or putting it on your web site? Yours David

Dear David, Thank you for your kind e mail! Yes, James Whales is great isn't he? Yes, the album is released in Britain by OSECEOLA RECORDS and it is available at the web site and through the FUNTONE MUIC SROTE and at OSCEOLA RECORDS> There is a link somewhereä..!.

I so appreciated your story of coming to the gig in Camden Town!

Thank you and I am glad it was worth it! Once again get ready to party! It's the weekend! Love Angie

Hi Angie, I heard part of your interview on the James Whale show, last week, and enjoyed it. I was wondering if you have any recollections of Marc Bolan, as I was and still am a big fan of the man and his music. Apparently, Marc and your ex-husband were friends. Anything you could let me know, would be appreciated. Regards Dylan

Dear Dylan, Thank you for your e-mail. Yes, Marc and David were good friends though competitive. Marc played the solo on PRETTIEST STAR which David wrote to induce me to marry him. Marc was a good egg and I enjoyed him a great deal. I got to know him better in Los Angeles when he hooked up with Gloria Jones and their son is the adorable Rolan Bolan who has a great band on the West coast I believe and a record company I think. Kindest regards, Angie

William Byron

Dear Angie, uhm, I'm not sure I can call you that, but I didn't know if it'd piss you off to be referred to as 'Ms. Bowie'? Anyhow, I'm sure you get allot of these letters, but I'm a big admirer of you... I've long thought you were vastly underrated, and still are, and when I was 17 I had a massive crush on you! (I'm 23 now) I like the "obsession" video allot. Surreal... you look good in it.

Ok. I'm writing, a kind of geek thing to do, but here it is; I want to send you a CD of my music... so you can tell me if it sucks or not. A record label (muted demeanor records) has offered me a record contract, and I'm going to Wales to tour this fall, and it's all very overwhelming. I need the opinion of someone I totally respect and admire... a friend offered me Carlos Alomar's address (!) but I'd much rather value your opinion.. I've always thought you were talented in SEVERAL facets, not just music.

Well, I'm sorry to take up allot of your time. Even if you don't write back, I love you, you have allot of fans, especially young ones, and I wasn't even aware you had a web page or anything, and the Moon Goddess CD could get out to allot of people because you are so great. (I swear I'm not this annoying in real life...) Yours, William Byron

Dear William! I was delighted to hear from you. Thank you for your compliments and appreciation of the Obsession video I am sure your CD does not suck! If you have been offered a record deal it is probably very good. I would be delighted to listen to it but certainly not to pass judgment.

Write to Carlos too because he is a fascinating talent and he may be able to help you more because he is a man and so he may hear different things in what it is you want to know as far as proceeding with your career. 23, that's a perfect age to get busy, start a foundation of hard work and good music, to do that you want product out and you want to be reviewed. Your tour of Wales will be fabulous. Don't expect too much, enjoy yourself, don't drink too much: a sloppy musician is no fun to interview and you will not say what you are thinking, you'll ramble on about trash. Stay together, stay focused and don't take it too seriously, it's O.K.! I have to get a PO Box today and I will send you the address tomorrow.

Perhaps you will see one of my shows when I come to England in May to promote MOON GODDESS and THE LAST TIME, a new single with JUDE RAWLINS and the SUTERRANEANS. Love Angie
Hi Angie, Great to see your website. Just logged on for first time. You're still as sexy and gorgeous as ever. Do you ever come over to England? If you do, you must check out a band called "Jean Genie". The singer John Mainwaring does an unbelievable tribute to David, both vocally and visually, the similarity is quite frightening. If you want an escort to one of his gigs anytime, I would be only too pleased to oblige!!!! Anyway take care, Lots of love, Ray

Thank you Ray, your offer is charming. I would love to see Jean Genie, the band, I would love to be over there playing in Europe but guess what? I can't afford it. It's so hard without the backing of a major record company to do all the touring and groundwork for record sales. I always end up working with people that I enjoy as opposed to 'finding the money' and tolerating the personnel!


I LOVE pierced nipples on a man! And on women. It's somehow so KINKY! I have often wondered about having my nipples pierced but the thought evaporates with the same speed as the idea of getting dressed to go and have a tattoo!

Chico Rey

Dear Angie. My name is Nathan, from the USA. While your website is very simple in its appearance I like it (then again, being you're my role model's ex-wife, I'm a little biased)! I must agree with your pick of "Rock and Roll Suicide" as a favorite off "Ziggy" but yes, it is HARD as hell to pick a favorite off that one... I wish I were old enough that I was able to go to one of the concerts in the 70s (I'm only 21 myself)! I'm glad Mr. Bowie did it all and I'm glad you were there to help!-Nathan

You came into the KROQ studios in 1979, I believe, and we did a few promos. My radio name was Mike Raphone. Having said that, is the Chico Rey you mention on your website Charles Gonzales, the bass player who goes by the name Chico Rey? He played with Carlos Santana, now plays from time to time with Mary J Blige (sp?). Anyway, happy I found your site and hope all is well. Mike

Dear Mike, Hi how are you Thank you for your e mail. Sorry it took such an age to reply but things are busy trying to finish my new book POPSEX, promote the BISEXUALITY POCKET ESSENTIAL & the MOON GODDESS CD comes out tomorrow in Europe on OSCEOLA RECORDS. Yes it is the same wonderful Charles Gonzalez. Chico Rey! Anyway thank you so much for writing. If you see Chico please ask him to get in touch with me! Love Angie

not naked on the set of Lana Lloyd's Glitter Goddess


Hi Angie! Thank you for answering so soon and thanks also for telling where I'll be able to see that video "Crying in the Dark." Unfortunately I had some technical problems with my pc....But soon I'll see it and it will be a nostalgic trip then. I'm so sorry that my friend's pages didn't open but I wish that you would give them a one more try and go there to see some different pictures of me. So if you have time go there via google and spell the name Toni Kitti and there it will be. It will be the first ones there in the line. And you too have a nice weekend, mine is overwhelmed with work, but I like it so I don't complain. I hope to hear from you very soon, and please leave some feedback to Toni when you are able to get in there. Bye for now. Felix Kuronen

Dear Felix, Hi! Thank you for taking the time to write to me, I appreciate your kind words about the site! You can see that video with the fingernails on the site! I tried to open the address you gave me but it wouldn't open! Have a great weekend, Love Angie

Naked? Where?


Dear Liam, Thank you for your kind words about Backstage Passes. Now I have a secret to tell you! Somewhere on this web site is a photograph of me with NO clothes on but here's the rub! I am not going to tell you what page it's on. You are going to have to search if you want it, baby! It's there, naked and cool, a Steven Arnold photo of Christopher Jennings and me dancing at his studio in Silver Lake. My question to you is, can you find it? Love Angie