Hi Fellow Humans.

    It has been quite some time since we have chatted. I was shocked when I looked at the greeting and realized that nothing had happened for three months. 

    My apologies; all I can say is that I will try not to let it happen again and I hope that I can make up for it by a fabulous GREETING TODAY!

    Were you as perturbed by the death of the Pope as I was? Many admired the man as much as the office.

   Pope John Paul focused the power of the highest Catholic office to illuminate the political plots of the Soviet and Polish Communist Party. Poland is the orchard of Europe and during the Soviet occupation, Polish crops fed the U.S.S.R. and left little for the Polish people. 

     Stacia, Drew and I went to Poland to attend the Arabian Horse Auctions at Janow Podlawski stud in 1982. The situation in Warsaw was grim. 

    Solidarnosi had set fire to the Poles' desire to be free and the election of John Paul as Pope was an unprecedented victory for the country who fathered Copernicus and elected a pianist as prime minister, Paderewski. The glory of Poland was envied by the Europeans and their envy turned to treachery as the Polish empire was carved up by the Hapsburgs (Austrian Empire), the Russian aristocracy and the German mob of nobles and princes. 

    Solidarnosi was just beginning as a popular movement; the banners and posters were everywhere! There was little food in the grocery stores and the only way ordinary people survived was by having relatives who worked in the government food distribution centers or relatives in the country who grew vegetables and could help expand the menu potential of their urban cousins. The only things for sale were tourist souvenirs and one could do better in a Polish shop in Lower manhattan.

    We heard stories of sugar cars that had been loaded with concrete and then used for sending sugar to Poland, of course it was inedible by the time it got there. The sugar was making a return journey because the sugar beets were grown in Poland. 

    One must understand bureaucratic "planned bungling" at which the Soviets excelled when dealing with troublesome satellite countries. I am sure America did the same when dumping second quality goods on secondary markets so we are not pointing fingers, we are trying to stay in touch with the history we have lived. Am I clear?

    As time goes by I feel as though my political voice is redundant. In an anthropology group quiz as to who would be chosen out of 15- eight in the nuclear fall-out shelter and the rest pushed out to rot. My group voted to kill everyone over 30 including artists and intellectuals. I wasn't upset until later. I thought, well, they are reacting to the strongest force there is and that is assuring the future of the species.

    A few days went by and I didn't like what I had seen in those eager young faces, something about power, something too joyful about embracing chaos and assuming control. A thirst to ignore the past and reinvent life's meaning. I don't have much faith in the choices I watched that were made in the name of education. I'll write about it one day.

What else? I have done several interviews and found my patience is lacking with anything that does not interest me personally, recalling old events and what someone said or did is not in my job description. I guess having dedicated a year to study under someone else's direction I am eager to reclaim my time and my control.

Now I shall dedicate myself to preparing the 


Speaking of celebrations my friend and mentor Dick Richards has a new installation opening in New York:


Hi Angie
Its Rick Thomas...Your  bassplayer from LA . We did a couple of shows for Pat Kenny at The Peppermint Lounge. I am living in NYC and playing 3-4 nights a week on Bleecker Street. Found your site and thought I'd say hello.

Rick, the Surfer! Cool, how are you? I thought you'd end up in California not New York.


Speaking of visuals, check this out, sometimes called mother of pearl clouds:


There is a documentary about Klaus Nomi called "The Nomi Song," by Andrew Horn. David Goldman drew my attention to it in a February 4th review by Kevin Crust from the Los Angeles Times.

Kevin Crust says, "Gentler than punk and edgier than disco, its sonic contemporaries, New Wave encompassed an array of music as well as fashion, performance and visual arts in a scene that attracted creative misfits and outcasts from across the country and around the world who migrated to New York to reinvent themselves. Brash, vibrant and colorful, it was a subculture that blurred the lines of gender, sexuality and race with an emphasis on outrageousness over aptitude."

Available exclusively at the Landmark Nuart, 11272 Santa Monica Blvd., West Los Angeles, (310) 281-8223.

Time for the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music

June 3rd. 2005!

Generations of Talent at 2005 Fes Festival of World Sacred Music

One of the worldís great opera stars, the Spanish diva Teresa Berganza, will open the 11th Fes Festival of World Sacred Music on Friday 3 June 2005. Still in fine mezzo soprano voice at the age of 70, she will sing Pergoleseís Stabat Mater with her daughter Cecilia Lavilla and the Orchestra and Choir of the Madrid Community.

The following evening, music lovers gathered in the magnificent Bab Makina palace courtyard will hear another famous family duo ñ the legendary Indian classical sitar player and composer Ravi Shankar, in concert with his daughter. Twenty-one year old Anoushka Shankar made her first solo sitar appearance at the age of 13 and is now acclaimed worldwide for her dynamic style and brilliant improvisation.

The Fes Fesival was founded by the Moroccan Sufi scholar and humanitarian activist Faouzi Skali. His aim was to provide a beacon of peace from the Islamic world. The theme of the 2005 festival is Paths of Hope. In the words of the Festival President, Mohamed Kabbaj:

ìIn Fes we pay homage through music to the many cultures of our world and to their inherent beauty.î

Information concerning travel to Morocco and the purchase of festival tickets etc may be found at:


This homage crosses many boundaries. Musical offerings range from European Baroque performed this year by the A Sei Voci ensemble from France, through sacred music from central Asia, to the Japanese innovator Hideki Togi who merges traditional Gagaku imperial court music with his enthusiasm for western guitarists ñ especially Jimi Hendrix.

There are no spiritual boundaries in Fes. The great monotheistic religions Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all represented, as are Buddhism, Hinduism and shamanic traditions.

In the political arena, the festival programme incorporates the Fes Encounters Colloquium, under the rubric Giving Soul to Globalisation. Savants and activists from diverse cultures come together in this ìforum for understanding and actionî to discuss topics that include Identity and Democracy and Healing Memories.

There are film shows, art exhibitions, activities for children, free concerts in the huge Bab Boujloud Square and Sufi nights of ecstatic music and dance in the Dar Tazi gardens. The Fes Festival is a week of distilled magic. In the words of Simon Broughton, the Editor of Songlines world music magazine:

ìIn 10 years it has become one of the great music festivals of the world.î

All this takes place in the exotic setting of an ancient Islamic holy city ñ where you can wander for hours in the worldís largest medieval souk.

Mon June 6. 4.30pm Batha Museum

Kyrgyzstan is often called ëthe Switzerland of Central Asiaí and Tengir Too take their name from the mountains that dominate the alpine pastures. Multi-instrumentalist Nurlanbek Nyshanov, who leads the group, has tried to get back to the fresh and essentially nomadic flavour of Kirghiz music after decades of Soviet domination.

Mon June 6. 8.30pm Bab Makina

The Pamir mountains of Badakhshan in Tajikistan are home to a distinctive tradition of devotional and mystic music, much of it from Ismaili communities. The group includes singers and dancers including the renowned Aqnazar Alavatov who is known for his Sufi-inspired songs to the words of the great 13th century Persian mystic poet Rumi.

Shashmaqam is the refined court music tradition from the great Silk Road cities like Samarkand and Bukhara, born of a mixed culture of Tajiks, Uzbeks and Central Asian Jews. The Academy of Shashmaqam in Dushanbe is supported by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and has been leading the revival of authentic performing styles with spectacular results.

Thanks to Mary Finnigan and Simon Broughton


do you actually read these E-mails that you receive? It just seemed to me like you'd have a lackie or something respond to your E-mails, you being famous and all. My name is Angela also. I really don't have any questions to ask you, I'm just sort-of fascinated by your website, or whatever it is ... I came across it while messing around ask.com. I'm actually a fan of your ex-husbands' and I thought I wouldn't like you. But after seeing your website, I realized that I have nothing against you. You're very beautiful. You seem like a very interesting person. I feel like I'm writing to fan of yours that responds to your E-mail for you ... like I'm an idiot writing fan-mail. Well, I hope that isn't the case. I just thought it would be cool writing to Angie Bowie. Thanks for your time, *Angela Jones*

Dear Angela, No, I have no bananas, I mean lackies! I am interested that you visited and delighted that you stayed long enough to send an e mail. Bravo!

Hi Angie,

Just picked up your pocket essentials book on Bisexuality and sending this
quick email of congratulation and adulation!  Thanks to so much for this
important and accessible work-it will now be placed on my bedside table
alongside Garber's Vice Versa. I am a Irish bisexual PhD candidate at the
University of East Anglia. In my thesis, Superheroic Bodies: The
Corporealities of Contemporary Film Superheroes, I draw on a great deal of
queer theory, poststructuralism and feminism to try and understand the
ambiguous gendered bodies of the likes of Spider-Man, Batman and the X-Men.

I suspect my teenage love for superhero comics was not unconnected with my
sexuality identity, apart from the fetishistic suits, the loneliness and the
idea of having an alter-ego or secrets that one is unable to tell the world at
large. The creeping conservatism of current academia puts me a spot where I
feel like coming out to more people so as not be associated with future
generation of dead white men.

I have attached a piece I wrote a while back on Bisexuality in Ireland which
may be of interest.

my blog: http://jhomunculus.blogspot.com/

other details: http://www.bfi.org.uk/facts/mirr/details.php?q=296

all the best and keep up the amazing work!


Dear Lorcan,

Thank you for your kind words about the BISEXUALITY POCKET ESSENTIAL.

I was fascinated to read of the links you made between sexuality and superheroes!

I must go back and read your bisexuality piece. Thank you for the mailing. 

I am sorry I was unable to read it until now but my schedule was too hectic with college. Now that I have stopped I will have time to catch up on my own work.

Once again thank you for your kind and encouraging e mail!

love Angie

hello, angie, I've enjoyed your music videos, great job! Jon 

Dear Jon,

Thank you for the kind words and your staunch support. 

One may find the videos here:

Screening Room

Hi Angie
             Just a short message from across the pond. I stumbled onto your
website so I thought I'd drop you a line. I hope you are well and continue
to be so. I have been in touch with T.V. recently and we correspond
periodically.  I still have fond memories of my visits to Haddon Hall as you
always made me feel welcome, It seems so long ago and now they've pulled the
old place down. We did the Ronson Memorial Concert in London as the Rats
with Tony playing guitar for us. It was great to catch up with Woody and
Trev, it was a superb tribute to Mick.
Best wishes and take care,
Benny Marshall

Dear Benny,

Thank you for your note and memories! I heard that Ronno's Memorial show was wonderful. Wish that I could have been there.

Hope all is going well with you and your family if you hear from or speak to Maggie, Trevor or Woody send them my best, Angie

comments: A kiss from Italy!
Ti adoro bambina!
your LaTavia Tovarich

Thank-you, we need many kisses in life!

And the darling enfant terrible of Rock n Roll, Ms. Jayne County writes this....

Subject: Two Spirit  People Nadleeh Berdache in NativeAmerican Culture
Having Cherokee Indian on both sides of my family, I found this article both interesting and touching!  This is the way I feel about myself!  If I had been living with my Indian ancesters ages ago, how different and respectful I would have been treated!  Spiritual?  Yes, that is me! Creative? Yes, that is me!  An understanding of the cosmos and destiny of the human race? Yes that is me!  A sixth sense? Definitely!!! An uncanny understanding of both the two sexes (There are really FIVE!) Yes!!!  That is me all the way!  TWO SPIRIT!  But also combinations of all the others as well, I am blessed!  Thank you Isis for my American Indian heritage because yes, I am a Berdache!!!!!  And the Great Spirit my Higher Power, understands!   Jayne!!!

First I'm going to tell you how giddy I am writing to you right now. I
absolutely adore what you've done for women's roles, and I think that the
seventies basically wouldn't of been the seventies without you. I'm only
fifteen years old, but I think that you've definitely given me the courage
to not hold back who I am or what I'm about.
Of course, I've read all about you in books and I just decided that I'd love
to somehow get in touch with you. I mean, anything you say to me will be
important, haha, because of who you are. So, before I sound any more stupid,
I'll just say that I'd love to hear from you.

Dear Noelle, 

Thank you for your letter! I am glad that you visited the web site and stay as sweet as you are!

kindest regards, Angie

dear angie,   just a note to make you aware of singer in scottsdale az claiming to be 'zowie bowie'. his real name is 'chris' and has been singing in 'barcelona' niteclub in Scottsdale for the past 2 years. This fraud has earned close to $500,000 by never DISCLAIMING to be DAVID&ANGIES son. The club (barcelona) makes approx.$150,000 per week, for the three nights a week he performs there (do the math). Myself and others have witnessed this fraud in action. STOP THIS GUY!

Dear ANON,

Funnily enough between writing my response to this and sending it off to Mr. FUNTONE I got a call from a friend who had also been in Phoenix and seen Zowie Bowie perform.

Apart from using a stage name that was originally the stage name of the father, and the fanciful name for the son rejected by the son; so Zowie Bowie was never Duncan's name! Duncan Jones, is a film director and not a stage performer and lives in Europe, not in Scottsdale. 

On the other hand, this performer can't be that bad if people keep frequenting the night-club. My friend said he was very good! 

Kindest regards, Angie

Dagmar has a new book for all you ELVIS fans of whom I am one! Also check out the fabulous art and sculpture of her partner Anton Krajnc. Anton is just magnificent, classically trained and multitalented in Fine Arts....check it out!

The "ELVIS! by Dagmar "Book (and a sampling of R'n'R photos) can be seen here: http://www.dagmarfoto.com

Come visit Atelier Anton Krajnc in Cyberspace: http://www.AntonKrajnc.com

Hello Angie
You were such an inspiration, together with David, when I was a stumbling impressionable youth. I crashed into Bowie's music at the age of...11? and was a huge fan. I'm now 42, and not really so much into Mr. Bowie anymore (actually think he's gotten...er....tame? Not to be rude, but I call him -- after seeing his last tour, mind you -- "Ol' Two- eyes" in honor of his new Frank "Ol' Blue Eyes" Sinatra style of bland entertainment.....). Anyway, your style and attitude was such an influence. A good one!
I'm now a music producer, ex-manager, and work with people like Lydia Lunch. And beyond....
Just wanted to say hello, and hope you are happy. Thanks for all the good times and the fantastic memories, and for perverting my mind to not become drab and dull and to believe in my own unique oddness.....
Cheers, Tom Garretson

Dear Tom, Thank you for your kind e mail. Hi to you and thank you for asking: yes, I am happy! Lydia Lunch seems to be a cognate for a group of us. How is Miss Lydia? Please send her my best. it was a pleasure to hear from you!
your friend, Angie

What is that wonderful Betty Jack DeVine up to? Getting in the papers that's what!
Hey y'all! In today's Las Vegas Sun, Susan Snyder wrote a funny column about Gaytona.com!
You should go over there now and look at it! Love Betty Jack DeVine

Dear Angie,
I just wanted to tell you that I just saw the movie "Minority Report" and the character Agatha looks exactly like you, the way you looked in the seventies, that is! Well, she looks like you when she is all walking around with Tom Cruise and she's wearing normal clothes, but when she's in the water and wearing the bodysuit, she looks exactly like Candy Clark dressed as the alien in "The Man Who Fell to Earth"! I mean, how weird! I greatly enjoyed the film and my sister and I were like, I wonder what Tom Cruise and Angie are going to do now! It was great. Love, Allison

Dear Allison, Thank you for your e mail. You're right! I hadn't even thought of that when I was watching Minority report! It was a similar image to the space suit in "The Man Who fell To Earth." Kindest regards, Angie


Thanks to Mark I was alerted to the latest plot twist in the political and economic saga of Cyprus.

What's this? They are selling the mine at Skouriotissa and Mavrovouni? Apparently my question about who leased the land to C.M.C. is answered: the Cypriot Orthodox Church. Check it out:


Dear AngieI came across your tribute to Cyprus and I had to write to you. I am
also a Cypriot who grew up in the village of Xeros and my father worked
for the CMC. I feel that you have touched my feelings with your tributes
and the way you have mentioned so many details of your life. Those
details are also in my life. You have brought back so many memories, I
also had my tonsils out in the Pendayia hospital and played by the pool
in the club in Skouriotissa. My father was Greek but had many American
and British colleagues, so he often took me to the CMC club. We also
shopped in Mr Apostolides shop in Xeros. I was 18 when the Turks invaded
in 1974, but I was also old enough to remember the 1963 bombing of the
sub- I feel that we have a lot of similar events in our childhood.

I now live and work in London and my husband is English. I have visited
the village of Xeros since the Turks opened the border. Everything
looked so neglected. The Eucalypt trees remain to tell the story. The
old shipwreck which was lying on the side of the first pier is still
there. Some things have not moved almost as the clock had stopped. The
lovely little houses which were painted white and had red shutters, that
CMC had built  for all its employees are now joined together in the most
peculiar way. I would love to read your third tribute to Cyprus.
Best wishes, Maria ( nee Saveriadou) now Williams

Dear Maria, Thank you so much for your wonderful e mail!

How wild to think that you experienced the same events in the same locale!

I am delighted to meet a sister spirit enchanted with Cyprus as I am. Think how many communities all over the world no longer exist due to floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and war. I wallow in self pity until I yank the proverbial bootstraps and give thanks for what we do have: we're alive.

Maria, thank you so much for taking the time to write your thoughts, that is a most generous gesture. We lie alone in the dark conjuring images of a time long past. Hoping to sharpen the edges as memory fades. Mine are crisp and bright I polish them regularly. your thoughts and souvenirs invigorate my efforts.


Yassou Angie, Ti kanis? you do speak a bit Greek don't you? I have seen your tribute to Cyprus, I am glad you love Cyprus, I am Greek and I live in Crete, the other jewel of the Mediterranean sea. I have of course been to Cyprus and i loved it.  I only found your site now, a bit delayed i must say but...I am a Bowie fan, that's how i found your link. I have always liked you, I hate it when fans compare you to the present Bowie wife. If it hadn't been for you, Bowie would never have become the star we all know. Anyway, I don't know what  else to say, I simply thought to drop you a line to let you know that a lot of Bowie fans love you very much. But I know you already are aware of that. I wish you all the best in your life. Love, Marianna.

Yassou Marianna! Ef charisto for your e mail and great thoughts! Crete is a wonderful place!

Who are these GORGEOUS MEN?
If you guess correctly? "Alexander," the soundtrack is yours! Thanks to the divine Cherry Vanilla and VANGELIS for our prizes!

<>Meanwhile Jimi lalumia is rocking in New York and Long Island. Hear his new tracks!


Visit Jimi La Lumia's Record Connection www.jimilalumia.com/recordconnection

"Dear Angie, What are your idea's and philosophy about God"?      "I am a woman 
like you age 45, have children, and like you I have lived a life full of 
"trials" and "temptations", but still search for love, like we all do and 
need"?! " I know you have been through much,  living with a successful, 
beautiful man like David".  "You obviously loved him and still do, a woman loves 
a man she bears children with, so why didn't it work out with David"?  "Why does 
love have to turn into a business"?    "Did life, success, troubles get in the 
way of your real love for eachother?  Or does love just fade away in our 
culture, and not last?  I know these are deep questions, but why doesn't love 
seem to last in our World?  "Wheres the Happy Ever After"?  "I would love to 
hear from you woman to woman your views on such things".   Love and peace and 
understanding to you, Trisha, Ohio, Nursing Student. "I am studying too, what 
are you studying"? xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    Spirituality binds us together so we think as a collective for the betterment of mankind and to see creativity blossom which means adequate food, clothing and shelter and fresh running water, cures for diseases and the opportunity for education and leisure time, legal solutions to problems and crimes. This life requires PEACE. 

    PEACE is the elusive variable in the creative equation.

    Spirituality also keeps us separate and free to make our own decisions.

    I have no interest in organized religion, I am an agnostic, the kind that appreciates the brain formatting of a spiritual education. St. George's School in Clarens, Switzerland had 180 pupils of 28 religions and all were honored, so it wasn't very hard to realize that not everybody could be right. 

    The one constant was the belief that something "Big" regulated man's existence. I felt that was wishful thinking; the same thinking that causes schoolyard rivalries, a desire to be important, tests to measure strength or brains or muscle or awe inspiration as fashion conscious moments happen.

All of these people and their religions acknowledge that there is a force that binds us together.

There is a force; not a Christian God, not a Hindu or a Muslim God. Not a Protestant or Catholic God;  just a force, maybe as simple as an electrical charge that binds the galaxies together who knows? I can't wait to find out though!

Fragmentation is occurring. As cable divides and subdivides segments of the audience, we are watching a division of interest that may result in infractions of ACLU liberties. For instance, I am sick of people acting as though everything great in this country emanates from Christianity, it does not and to remind people of this I shall tweak attitude at the slightest opportunity.

Let's talk about Thomas Alva Edison, the father of 20th century technical advancement and his discovery of electricity and the means to harness its power.:


And now I shall list some of my favorite atheists/agnostics but all against organized religion, my pet bugaboo:

Anaxagoras, Greek philosopher, Diagoras of Melos, a Greek poet, Democritus, the father of materialism, Greek philosopher, Epicurus, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Hobbes, Voltaire, Jean Meslier, Frederick the Great, Denis Diderot, Thomas Paine, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Pierre Simone de LaPlace.

U.S. President James Madison, Mary Wolstonecroft, Napoleon Bonaparte, Somon Bolivar, Lord George Gordon Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley was thrown out of Oxford for writing an essay : "The Necessity of Atheism" in 1810, Ernestine Rose, Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach, American reformer: Elizur Wright, John Stuart Mill, Giusepe Garibaldi, Charles Robert Darwin.

Abraham Lincoln had NO USE for organized religion and said so many times. Christian historians have tried to acquire him for their own purposes. The ultimate insult was Lincoln being adopted by the Mormons.

Edgar Allen Poe, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Karl Marx, George Eliot, Walt Whitman, Susan B. Anthony, Aldous Huxley, Andrew Carnegie, Mark Twain, Thomas Hardy, Ambrose Bierce, Friedrich Nietzsche, Octave Mirabeau, Sigmund Freud, George Bernard Shaw, Joseph Conrad, Clarence Sward Darrow, President William Howard Taft, Pierre and Marie Curie,  H. G. Wells, Frank Lloyd Wright, Marcel Proust.

Bertrand Russell, Robert Frost, Leon Trotsky, Albert Einstein, Periyar, Indian reformer, Stalin, W.C. Fields, Kemal Ataturk, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Margaret Sanger, D, H, Lawrence, Diego Rivera, Julian S. Huxley, Irving Berlin, Jawaharlal Nehru, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, H. P. Lovecraft, President Tito of Yugoslavia, Pearl s. Buck, Mao Tse -Tung.

Aldous Huxley, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Laughton, Noel Coward, Vladimir Nabokov, Luis Bunuel, Elsa Lanchester, George Orwell, Howard Hughes, Ayn Rand, Robert A. Heinlein, Jean-Paul Sartre, Katherine Hepburn, Quentin Crisp, Simone de Beauvoir, L. Ron Hubbard for what that's worth, (Old man Hubbard invented his own mind-format religion, scientology. They now own Starbucks and Earthlink), But we have some challengers of that "technical smoke" as opposed to "holy Smoke!!!!!" 


 James Cameron, Albert Camus and Gene Kelly, Burt Lancaster, Aziz Nesin, Francois Mitterand, Isaac Asimov, Gene Roddenberry, Pier Pasolini, Georeg C. Scott, Carl Sagan and John Lennon. 

Thanks very much to the following link for the list of agnostics and atheists. There are several other historically based sites that are very interesting and revealing about the jingoistic rewriting of profiles to pretend that certain people had any interest in Christianity. This practice is misrepresentation. 

ffrf =Freedom From Religion Foundation is found at http://www.ffrf.org/

& http://www.jmarkgilbert.com/atheists.html

Angie , my angel , Placebo is coming to Brazil to do 8 shows, and I will go see them in Brasilia in April 23, please come with them!!!!!! I want so much to meet you!!!! I will wait for them at the airport....and I will be waiting for you. Do you know that crazy guys, right? Please come with them, I promesse that you will gonna love here!!!  Your brazilian friend Carla Bonesso   Love you!!!!!!

Hey Luna Lounge people,
We had so many people tell us that it was great to hear Interpol's new
album at our broadband station Radio-Indie-Pop last month!
It's a new month and we have a brand new album for you to hear.
Go to http://www.radio-indie-pop.com and click on to the 'Album of the
Month' button. You will hear the brand new album 'Wating For the Sirens
Call' from New Order! Hope you enjoy...Best wishes, Rob Sacher
Luna Lounge
P.S. While your at the station, you can also hear new tracks from The
Arcade Fire, The Bravery, Longwave, Bright Eyes, and a really cool band
from Japan called Thee Michelle Gun Elephant.

Subterraneans Update

I have spent much of the last few weeks haunting the Edwardian
backstreets of old Hampstead, in pursuit of the aforementioned muse,
which has led me to some exciting discoveries in various churchyards,
walled gardens and coffee houses. Ideas have come thick and fast, and
have ranged from the desperate to the totally deranged, but also to
the starting block. Notebooks are now filled with preposterous and
therefore holy ambition, from novellas to outlines for motion picture
decadence; but today they started to organise themselves, and the
various tangents converged lyrically, lighting the way ahead and
bringing the wide angle lens to bear on the concept for the next
album. The road is always longer than I would like, but at least I
have now sketched the map.

Today I collected pink petals from a blossom tree in Hampstead
cemetery, drank some coffee, smoked a couple of cigarettes (damn
things, bane of my existence), found a nice spot on the Heath, and
wrote until I was too cold to write any longer. Tonight I will leaf
through the musings and see what can be dragged kicking and screaming
into the world of song, I feel sure there is something in there

Congrats to my good friend and fellow social outcast Maria McKee,
whose ludicrously inaccurate doppelganger, an actress from "The Bill"
I believe, won "Celebrity Stars in their Eyes" at the weekend, with
a Karaoke rendition of "Show Me Heaven". I almost spilt my French
onion soup. An interesting coincidence, as I have never even seen the
show before, my TV usually refusing to serve up a watchable ITV signal,
and rightly so.

'Til I next find the will...



That Jude Rawlins is such a talented man! These shots of London made me miss home so much.


A day in the life of London, courtesy of my old German 35mm camera. I love
it! love Jude x

Bucharest, Romania

I don't know these folks personally. But I admire anyone who takes the initiative and writes to promote their project. I wish SFERA Studios in Bucharest great success and good luck!

Hello , Give us a test !!!
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Costin Dumitrache:                         +4 0722.911.711 or e mail:   costind@studiourilesfera.com

And visit: www.studiourilesfera.com

I have had fun preparing this; I hope you did too!

Have fun! Be safe and enjoy...if you're not having FUN, why not?