photograph by Tina Paul

There's a party going on,
Amongst ordinary folk.
Laughing and hoping for PEACE
Peace is no joke!

Without Peace, there is no ice-cream,
Without Peace, we all eat rice,
Without Peace, Lovers are torn apart,
Without Peace, children must be educated twice.

Life in war is high velocity,
Abbreviated time on earth,
In war an old man lives to be 30,
Middle-aged 10 year-olds ignore mirth.

Peace Party, Peace Party, Peace Party!
Party on my hands and party on my feet,
Party when I'm happy
Party when I'm sweet!

So we are here; ideas guys;
Where are the old men?
What has happened to the professional talkers?
Is Peace beyond their ken?

Arms dealers pickle politics,
Business corruption jettisons enthusiasm;
Working with no benefits is pay not satisfaction,
Every country and every age have felt the spasm of WAR.

War is over-rated; war is messy and outdated;
One battle leads to another skirmish,
One detention questions thirty others,
The war idea is contagious and demented.

Sometimes wars are started,
Real estate won and lives lost
Peace is the promise of the invader,
After so many wars, peace at what cost?

30 years we have hung around,
Waiting to hear of Cyprus' fate,
30 years we have prayed for rain,
Peace and rain are much the same.

Where rain falls, flowers grow,
Crops feed friends
Prosperity extends,
To embrace all people.

Peace is food in every town,
Peace supercharges our lives,
Peace is the ability to survive.
Peace brings leisure and high-flying dreams,
Peace is discussion, not mortal screams.

There is no country free of fear,
There is no place where the air is pure
War beats the drum, soundtrack of our lives,
Peace is banished like an ugly child.
There are no ugly children,
So Peace must be our mission

Mary-Angela Bowie Barnett October 15th 2003

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