Bisexuality PE causes Controversy at Texadus

Hello! My name is Lori and I am a teacher in Texas. What process would it take to have you come to Dallas for a lecture? There is only one street in Dallas, TX. where it's okay to express a same sex attraction. I, myself, am not bisexual or gay. However, in a round about way I am involved with a man who is.

I am a 33 year old educator who is appalled by the way people who are not main stream are treated. In fact, I have begun writing a book over the subject for preteen/teenagers. I could really use compadre' in this journey! I would even be willing to do the behind the scenes research if you would work on this idea. I have even "infiltrated" ex-gay ministries that are so popular to see what the agenda is. UNBELIEVABLE is an understatement. You were a pioneer in this area and for some reason it's fizzled out in middle America. It didn't quite catch on. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD IT IS ON THE YOUNG PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE. They have little or no voice in the matter.

Please think about this. Lori

Thank you for your interesting e mail. Tell me more.........the book you have been working on. Tell me about the ex-gay ministries. You should write the book yourself. You don't need me. I'll be very glad to help you maximize the exposure. Your mention of increasing sales with regards to Texadus, you mean the Bisexuality Pocket Essential was a subject for discussion at Texadus? Am I getting this right? If so, I am amazed. Love Angie

Ex-gay ministries--- Where do I start? It's basically a 12 step program to work through your "gayness." In fact, one of them is called Homosexuals Anonymous. (I still have the manual if you would like to look through it. I could fax it or send it.)

Anyway, this means you can pray hard enough and be a thriving straight male/female after you follow the steps. I was sickened to see my friend go through this, so I decided to call and "infiltrate" as a counselor. Angie, you would die if you heard some of the calls. It was so sad. Well, I guided them in how to live as a living breathing individual and why the problem was not with them, but their surroundings. I do not know if you are familiar with Texas. Big state-Little tolerance for differences.

There is even a conference called Texadus-- Based on the book of Exodus in the Bible. It's where all these people who don't want to be gay have merged together and decided they are going to workshops to change. Moreover, it actually makes these poor individuals more depressed. I teach third grade in a highly conservative school. My contract states that they will not hire homosexuals because they believe it's wrong. However, they did not mention that gossiping and gluttony were a problem at all. Not to mention a ridiculous amount of hypocrisy. So...this leads to my book outline.

I want to work on a book with someone with a larger voice than mine.
I want to blow these damn "ministries" out of the water and make a plausible book to help teens and young people deal with homosexuality in the real world. Give them tools and help them realize the problem is not theirs.

Yes, I have read your book. The reason I read it is that it was a topic of controversy during Texadus. (In reality it probably increased your sales) I bought it immediately and that is what prompted me to write to you. Lori

I kind of thought it was funny when the coordinators were talking about how liberal people are openly writing about the subject of sexuality. YOU AWFUL SINNER! ha ha --- Like it's just been discovered. Your upcoming book came up and it piqued the interest of some of the people attending the conference. I think the coordinators meant to shed a negative light on such books, but it actually got a few people curious. I kind of meant boosting sales as a figure of speech.

However, I am sure it didn't hurt! I definitely think you are on to something. You have to keep in mind--These are fairly young men/women and they are listening to these ridiculous lectures with hope for some type of deliverance. Then someone comes up with a book that reinstates the feelings they've already been having and says it's okay----And it's a normal rational person. So, why does that shock you that it would be a topic of interest? You should give yourself more credit than that.

"fact based opinions"
So, I purchased your book and read the whole thing in about an hour--much more interesting than textbooks. I am working on my Grad. Degree in Psyc. And it's amazing how much of your opinions are factually based. That's awesome! You are either highly intuitive, did your research, or just plain smart! I am not into agendas of any kind really, but your very real approach is just what's needed, especially in this area of the world.

Are your other books along the same lines? You have really inspired me to be more than just a 30ish teacher with an idea. It's really incredible to see someone else had the exact vision and actually followed through with it. There is so much that I want to tell you about what goes on in these so called ministries and how it's impossible for people to live OUT in this area of the US, but it's so detailed, complicated and drawn-out. Lori
Dear Angie, I've had some problems with my computer and I have also been lazy not having it fixed until now. Anyway, this was really a very nice surprise "cause" I never actually thought I would hear from you. As you probably already understand, I have been an incurable Bowie fan over the last 30 years. A while ago I read your book Backstage Passes which I had to order from the States. It sure was worth the effort! I have always found you a very special and interesting person I believe you have a good heart. We also have something in common our bisexuality. It is difficult sometimes but mostly I think it is great. Hope to hear from you soon. Love Annette somewhere in Sweden. Dear Angie-Must tell you that in the old days, when I lived in Los Angeles, I had two girlfriends who idolized you to the maximum! They both dressed like you, one consciously, the other unconsciously. The one who did it consciously did not look like you, except she was very slim. The other girl looked like a photo of you scarfing down a McDonald's hamburger while poised on the hood of a car. Have long ago lost that photo, I think it was in Circus Raves. Re-read recently your book Backstage Passes, and came upon the part about your attempted suicides. Please, please, if you ever attempt such a thing again, please contact me; I want to be the one to save your life. Love, Len Peyronnin Duson, Louisiana
I read your book twice, some chapters more. I loved it; I would like to read the new book that came which David co-wrote. It is just too pricey for a single mom with two kids. The 1980's Floor Show why didn't David use you in Sorrow. You were just as pretty as her "with her long blonde hair and her eyes so blue."? Good luck. Shannon Bacheller
Dear Angela, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book Backstage Passes. I am in awe of you and first found your book when I was 17. Normally I do not read books along that line. However, at the time I was dating who a man older than me by 16 years and who was very experimental. I am now married to him and have been for 5 years. It took me forever to get a hold of the book. When I first read it I was so impressed and loved how candid and you're telling of your experiences. I was kind of naive so I did not get everything. Of course I am a fan of David Bowie's music but also must admit had to wonder what your life with such a man was like. As they say behind every great man is a great woman and you were. I am now 26 and have gotten a copy of your book for my Birthday and being a little older and wiser I really admire your strength, courage, and directness. All these qualities are not easy to posses. Thanks for inspiring me. Again loved the book and your insight. Also, must say you have the greatest legs ever!!!!!! I wish you the best of luck and success for your future. Sincerely, Rebecca

Since "Backstage Passes" is just now coming into my possession, I was wondering if there was any way I could have it autographed by you. I am happy for you that you and your (once) estranged son are getting back in touch. I wish the very best for you. Regards, Peter

Hi Angie, I am 16 years old and a big fan of Bowie. I read Backstage Passes about a year and have been very inspired by it. First off it helped me believe in my dreams of becoming a musician and an artist. Secondly it was very instrumental in my decision to come out as bisexual at my small town school in Louisiana. Strangely enough I haven't received any real harassment because of it but people are generally as shocked and confused about it as they are about my androgyny. And, judging by people's reactions I have realized how little the general public understands about sexual orientation, attraction, and sexual matters in general. My coming out, by means of an interracial relationship with a bisexual girl, caused the same amusing controversy as you and David did over thirty years ago. Albeit on a smaller scale lol. It also put me in contact with many other closet bisexuals in my area which has made my world more interesting and is nothing short of revolutionary. Most of these people go to my high school. When I read your book I was very jealous of you for living through such an exciting time and in such exciting places. But now I've realized that I have to create an exciting life for myself. I can't wait around for it. With love from another Free Spirit, Greg


Hi Angie! I'm a massive fan of both you and David; even before I could walk (I'm 17 years old)! My father is possibly even a more massive fan of you both than I am, he says hi. I love 'Backstage Passes'; I've read it a million times over! You were so cool back then, and I know you are now too. I really like how David came out wide with his bi-sexuality, and that convinced me to do it myself and tell everyone I am bi-sexual (which I am). Needless to say, there was a huge commotion about it but now everyone's cool. Okay, that all sounded like some peppy fan letter, didn't it? I know you're probably really busy but if you could reply I would appreciate it very much. Lisa Walden Melbourne, Australia

Hi Lisa, Thank you for your sweet note. Give your father my best wishes and a hug for you from me, OK? So how what are you up to in beautiful Melbourne? Be sweet, stay cool! Love Angie

Thank you for replying! I was really surprised and happy when I saw your e-mail, so was my dad when I told him (mum had no idea who you were, she said, "Who?" dad, "David's first wife!" mum, "Who's David?" We decided not to explain and leave her in confusion. It's not a very beautiful Melbourne at the moment because it's been raining and storming lately, though spring just came. I'm hoping it'll be sunny real soon though because school finishes for the term on Friday and I'm going to a fair the next week. Where about are you living now? Will you be coming to Melbourne sometime? I'd love to meet you or have your autograph or something, or write to you but I think you would get an awful lot of fan mail! Love, Lisa P.S. I love 'Backstage Passes'. Dad brought it for me about five or six years ago. I've read it heaps of times!

Hi Angie, Just came across your website or message board by chance. I am writing to you from Sydney Australia. I have only just started to skim over the questions and answers on the message board and found it interesting. I will have to explore your work; I wanted to get a copy of Backstage Passes but couldn't find it in any shops in Sydney Australia. David Bowie was furious about the book so I thought there must be some truth in it. I come from a family whose parents are divorced and there are always two sides to every story. I imagine that you must have struggled to survive and I do believe that you were instrumental in Bowie's transformation. I lived in London for about four years when I was a teenager and worked in nightclubs etc. I saw how those English people are. I lived with a guy called Leigh Bowery, who is now dead. He was running a club called Tabboo and was an "avant-garde" designer. He obviously was inspired by the 1970's glam scene when he first started posing on the London night club scene. Anyway, I found the English creative people to be very nasty and pretentious and I can see how much damage a "popular" person can do to some one. That is I imagine when David split with you, you were probably ostracized by the so called "cool" people or elite London crowd. I'm not sure but I would like to know what you think in retrospect of that London scene. You probably have written about it in your book and are tired of answering these questions but if you are in the mood I would love to know. Thank you, Tyson (alias, not my real name)

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Dear Angie, I have owned your book, "Backstage Passes" for years. Yet just recently decided to read through it. What an amazing life you have had. I have been a Bowie Fan since I was a child. I grew up listening to Bowie being played from my older brother's bedroom stereo. I met you briefly at an AIDS Benefit here in Tucson back in '96. I walked outside for a smoke and found you standing there also. I still feel bad about the episode. I was naive enough to ask you if you are the "Angie" that Jagger sang about. I believe I offended you because you abruptly walked away from me. I want to apologize for this; I have a lot of respect for you. I expect you don't even remember. I just want to thank you for the courage you have displayed in telling your life story and for reaching out to those that are struggling with bisexuality. God Bless and thanks for offering some balance to the history of Rock N Roll. Tim Grinnell Back To Rockville Studio

Dear Tim, So glad you enjoyed the book! I have a new book out: BISEXUALITY: a Pocket Essential and two weeks to finish the big book POP.SEX that I have been working on for the last three years! I remember; pay it no mind! I just wasn't in the mood! You know how that is. Some days it's fun and one enjoys being engaged about old stories and other days.....fergeddaboutit! Angie

Golden Years of Rock n' Roll

Hello Angie, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for being so candid, telling your story of life with David Bowie in Backstage Passes. How fun it was to read about the legends you spoke of on such a personal level, that we, the fans aren't so privy to know. I've noticed that there was one other suggestion that you should write another book, focusing more on yourself than on David, letting those that have gotten to know you through your books, how life is now, and if anything more exciting has developed in the entertainment industry as only you would know it. I absolutely agree! A new book is in order! You're a lovely woman, and should be very proud to have survived the Golden Years of rock n' roll. A personal question I've wanted to ask, but haven't had any means of having it answered is when your birth date is? I study the stars, and would love to finally know your astrology sign. All the best Marlana

photo by Tina Paul

Some fans of your former husband did not like my Bowie as boba fett (of star wars fame) fantasy. so what if it is a boba fett fantasy - doesn't make me a bad person. All the same, I am a big fan. Anyway, I have a copy of your Backstage Passes and did enjoy it. It says a lot about the times in which he arose to stardom. Also there are a number of fascinating characters in it - I'm frightened of Lou Reed, for instance. And Tony Defries must be locked up to keep him from swindling any more unsuspecting/naive musicians. Good read...can I still buy Free Spirit? Steve

Dear Angie, Hello there, I really hope that you are well. Have just visited your site and found it a great read and the pictures of you are just stunning. Have you not aged at all in the last 30 years, you look just beautiful. I am looking forward to your new book on bi-sexuality I am certainly going to get a copy. Recently I read Backstage Passes and it really opened me up to who you are, and by that I mean you had a say in more to the David Bowie imagine than you are credited for and to top it off you have talent in abundance yourself. I also got hold off a private video of you at the Fridge benefit around 1995. I love it and again you looked stunning. If you want a copy give me the word and I will send it no problem. Can I also ask you a huge favor? If I send you a copy of Backstage Passes would you be able to find the time to sign it for me? I would be very grateful and it would make me so happy. Take lots of care and all my very best to you and your family. Lots of love Alex

Alex, I am sorry to hear that Chas is in a home. I guess he's ill, right? I am so sorry to hear that he is unwell. If there is a way please send him my best for a speedy recovery. So you are in the Navy! How cool! Is it OK? Are they treating you right? Let's see, does the British Navy still grant you half a pint of rum a day as part of the employment contract? Have you guys been busy with the recent deployments? I think your uniform looks very cool! Angie

Stacia comes round for a visit

Inspirational, shocking, brave . . .

I've read Backstage Passes; it was a very shocking book, but, I can't say you weren't brave to write something like that. Even if David has decided to move on with his life and has made a lot of changes (pardon the pun), I have to admit that it is interesting as well as surprising to find out what he was like in his younger days. I am an open-minded person myself; strangely enough I am celibate (even at the age of 26). Most people think there's something wrong with me because of my choice in life, but, I personally feel that we are all allowed our own choices. If we are not hurting others, there shouldn't be a problem. Even though I am not part of the dating scene and am not married, I think that if you were able to boldly tell people about your choices in life, that I should be able to do the same.

So, I guess the gist of what I'm trying to say is that even though I am a celibate person, that I actually feel intrigued by your ability to be open with your personal life. I admit that for a long time I didn't know what sort of person you really were, and, like a lot of Bowie fans, I didn't know whether or not you were being spiteful. But, I now know that since I don't know you personally, it would be unfair to prejudge. Thanks very much for your time. Love and Light, Stacy

P.S. I am glad Joe has decided to build up a relationship with you and your daughter. I was saddened when I read your book and found that he had not kept in touch with you for years. I wonder what his father thinks of the contact (in the sense if David is all right with it).
Hi, I'm glad you have a site for those who like your work and your spirit!!! I'm a small woman filmmaker who is inspired by you, David Bowie and Andy Warhol -- there's a photo that you took, it's in the book, Backstage Passes, where you're wearing black shorts and a black midriff top....I think it was a promo pic or something. I would love to recreate that photo for a cover shot of the film short I'm doing, you have no idea how great that picture is....I don't have the book in front of me -- its back home in NY, I'm in LA right now. But, you'll see it...when I'm done shooting my film I'll forward a copy over to you. PS, I wouldn't do an exact recreation, but I'm redoing it in my own way, because I'm so inspired by it.

The Romantic Phenomenon of Jimmy Page.

Hello Angie, God, I can't believe this, the world does get smaller. I read Backstage Passes when I wrote The Romantic Phenomenon of Jimmy Page. I loved it. Someone needs to write another book about you. God did you cover Mick and David. I picked it up again (I am completing another book about Page now) and I loved the paragraph about the sausages for Bonham's breakfast. What a great memory for details you have. There are at least twenty things I would ask you if I could, about Page, even though I am supposedly an authority. For, now I'll just say I have always thought you were gorgeous. I hope you made a bundle off of your book. I loved it. Sincerely Juliann White

Dear Julian! Hi! Lovely to hear from you!" There are 50 people on the planet and the rest's done with mirrors" Leee Black Childers says! I have not had the opportunity to read your books on Jimmy Page. Just haven't come across them .Maybe you'll send me one and then I can read it! Anyway, thank you again for your interest. I look forward to hearing from you or working with you on something. Have a great day! Love Angie

this venues had some smells too
My name is Ross Carella I just wanted to write a short note & let you know that I enjoyed your book immensely Your description of the smells & atmosphere of the live venue of the early 70' seems we're back to that point again where all glamour & effort to stand out has been lost in music Being a recording artist (Turbovulva) in current conditions sometimes makes me wonder if I wasn't born at the wrong time.

Dear Angela, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book Backstage Passes. I am in awe of you and first found your book when I was 17. Normally do not read books along that line. However, at the time I was dating who a man older than me by 16 years and who was very experimental. I am now married to him and have been for 5 years. It took me forever to get a hold of the book. When I first read it I was so impressed and loved how candid and your telling of your experiences. I was kind of naive so I did not get everything. Of course I am a fan of David Bowie's music but also must admit had to wonder what your life with such a man was like. As they say behind every great man is a great woman and you were. I am now 26 and have gotten a copy of your book for my Birthday and being a little older and wiser I really admire your strength, courage, and directness. All these qualities are not easy to posses. Thanks for inspiring me. Again loved the book and your insight. Also, must say you have the greatest legs ever!!!!!! I wish you the best of luck and success for your future. Sincerely, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca, Lovely to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words about Backstage Passes. Maybe you'll read POP.SEX some time in the future and give me your review on that! Wishing you all the wonderful things you enjoy, Angie

Dear Angie...I'm a 19 year old student at the Aveda Institute-Milwaukee. I've had fabulous success at making my classmates think I'm a total nerd for being so in love with Mr. Bowie- they probably know my entire Bowie vinyl collection as good as I do by now, due to my endless ranting...I've been a fan since I was toilet trained... well.. upon adolescence, I found myself more than singing along to his flirtatious masterpieces- pituitary gland in full, pre-teen swing, I stumbled upon the sexual energy and freedom that rings through his music, and realized that my bisexuality was more than just a figment of my imagination, it was just that, bisexuality. It became more than something I was quick to ignore, rather something to embrace and explore (that rhymed-how cheesy). So, one day, drowning in Ziggy, I shimmied my hips to the public library and checked out your book, BACKSTAGE PASSES. (read it in two days, and unfortunately I'm not much of a reader.) It was like an orgasm of belonging and oneness with your words. You are such a beautiful, strong woman; a wordsmith to say the least, and before this gets too lengthy, I need to thank you. Thank you for writing my adolescent bible, and helping to shape who I am today. There is a voice beyond any "glam rock" db album, and it is yours. keep doing what you're doing, Angie... the least I can do is root for ya...and tell Stacia some girl from Wisconsin says happy belated birthday :) be good to yourself always. "To be or not or both or neither," alley

Dear Alley, Thank you for your e mail. I am delighted you enjoyed Backstage Passes. If you can get your hands on BISEXUALITY the POCKET ESSENTIAL, you might get a kick out of that. I always wanted a book when I was coming up so I wrote it! You know a book with biographies of historical role models! Have a great week and I send you all good things to add to your pocket of stars! Angie

Stacia, some girl from Wisconsin says happy belated birthday

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Dear Depressed: Depression! Is that all?
Well, I suppose that's enough.
As my father, George used to say: Don't be a pantywaist! You'll get over it. Take your mind off the confines of the world you inhabit. Think Big! Grander, larger, somewhere else, somehow, dream, make it happen. You can do it! Have a great Xmas holiday and forget about this depression crap. It's probably the holiday season exacerbating the fact that you feel a little blue. Depression feeds on our own fear, lack of self esteem. Banish it. Are you made of muscle and fiber and tendons or are you 90% water with nothing to hold you up?! Everything is dependant on how you see things. Re-sculpt your view of yourself, don't be such a perfectionist, don't be so critical and then heave up on those bootstraps, forgive yourself and start again!
Love, Angie