I dream of contriving a space catapult to fling myself across the star strewn ether to meet winged beings , wise scribes and their golden insect servants or to be rescued by a magnificent she knight who would snatch me , naked and unconscious, from a sacrificial altar mere moments before some dark priestess plunged her thirsty blade into my heart. In my dreams these things happen but in reality I have constructed no catapults nor have I met my she knight . However , last week I found an excellent bargain on socks at Sears and a bit of real world enchantment in you . Your words resonate with magic and I am deeply enchanted by both your spirits . I am rather an innocent sort of lad with hair the color of a brand new penny a mouth that is always twisted in a mirthful smile as though I were constantly amused by some private joke and deceptively sinister eyes that stare forth from a sweet angelic face . I am one of your light people as you call them . Really and for truly ! I love the intelligence , strength and femine vibe that come from the way you communicate and express yourself with words . I am entertained , fascinated and filled with warmth all at the same time . My whole life I have chosen to walk a path of compassion and uncoditional love for everyone I meet but have been torn apart by psychic attacks for my troubles . When I read Backstage passes recently and your essay on " two spiritedness " I felt I was basking in the glow of a wonderfull mind . I got a little energy from it and felt refreshed and nurtured . You are a beautifull and very cool divine being . I love you Angie Bowie . JAMES LEWIS

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A personal message from Angie!

I have a very specific picture of what LACITTA-The city of Backstage Passes looks like and all the things that you can find there; hope it translates into our fictitious dream world! I guess we should have some sights. I want to be able to go in doors and look at collections of art, fashion, theater, showrooms and cafes. Bold and Lautrecesque, but a science fiction skyline with an old decayed and bombed out skyline on the left and then rising from the ashes like a phoenix a LACITTA is the Hanging Garden City, immortalized in statuary, fountains and mythology. It is the home of LILY BOUNTY. Like streamers gang planks run from the new city to the remembrance spots in the old. The gangplanks are built like huge stamens from the center of the flowering orchid, LACITTA. It is on Mars under a dome a thousand years from now. Backstage is our portal to that city. The sky is mauve at night and green in the morning lenses change the light in the city and there are various settings for the health of the people. Different settings could bring new areas into view. That is the activities that bounce to your brain would be different on rainy, overcast days than on sunny beach party days. Through long snakelike arteries, LACITTA accesses forests grown to supply the organic activity to generate atmosphere, beach and water where the reservoirs were built and wildlife sanctuaries. In LACITTA, the courtesans rule and the 2 rival houses, one with a tyrant renegade mother like Mia Farrow is pitted against the dogged determination of a Rosie O'Donnell look alike. Dr. Laura is the dead Hitler of 200 years ago. Life spans have stretched to 250 years. This is the commercial selling world of Backstage What do you think? Love from LACITTA, Angie

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