WHERE ARE SUMMER REPLIES? Thank you for writing me back. I really appreciate it. If you could tell me how to access Summer Replies (I think that's how it is referred to) that would be great. You are truly an extraordinary woman, person, and lady. I work part-time in the entertainment industry and one of my friends and business associates has been in the industry for 30 years. He has been an A&R VP of a few major record companies and has developed some rather famous artist. He is currently managing some right now as a matter of fact. We are looking forward to producing some new talent under our record label as well. You and him might have crossed paths and I'm sure would know some of the same people in the industry or maybe even have mutual friends. It is so refreshing and inspiring to learn about people in your position and stature in life and see how balanced and grounded you are, or at least are working at being. I don't feel that people who are committed to growing and expanding ever "arrive". Thank you for your time again. Cesoir P.s. Maybe some day we will cross paths or be able to work together or at least bring enrichment to each other in some ways.
You bet! Summer Replies is right there on the first page of Angie's Future Space, the portal to it, it is in two parts. With my talent for relentless chaos, MR. FUNTONE CAN WE PUT A 'SUMMER REPLIES' PORTAL RIGHT HERE?

Of course, Angie - especially after that lovely gift of the 66 cup tin of rich chocolate cocoa you presented to us at World Headquarters

You e-mailed me earlier and told me that you answered my question and put it up on the site, but i couldn't find it! could you tell me where it is? I would really appreciate it very very much. By the way, you look absolutely amazing! a most beautiful woman, You inspire me take care -Mistress Stardust Wow thanks so much for replying! That's so cool! It must be hard... you must get tons of e-mails. How can I get to the summer replies section? I'll keep checkin' your site to see if it's up. thank you thank you thank you!!! Love, Stardust

SERENA ROVERI from Italy won a copy of the Studio Paperback of Backstage Passes (published by COOPER SQUARE) in a competition sponsored by 5years.com and hosted by Mike Harvey after the 2nd. interview with 5years.com went up at the beginning of September.5years.com - 5years.com

"I'm so Happy! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I've just received the copy of "Backstage Passes" that I won: I only wanted to tell you *THANK YOU*! Regards, Serena

You are so welcome! Speaking of Mike Harvey, I have asked him to interview me about MOON GODDESS for angiebowie.com. Look for that review in the near future.

"I would like to say that I loved your interview on 5.years.com. I have a very large video collection and if ever you would like to see any videos that would bring back memories please feel free to e-mail me about it.(Mark)"
Thanks Mark, a true Archivist!

Angie - thank you for taking part in the interviews on Ziggy Stardust Companion. You were obviously a big part of the goings-on and i want to thank you for all you have done. I realize you must have been the inspiration for at least some of what I consider David Bowie's most important period in music. I read what you said about Mick Ronson - I have to tell you, not seeing him perform live (I had the chance once, late 70's -early 80's) or meeting him was probably my greatest missed opportunity. I think he was instrumental in creating that Ziggy'sound'....... Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that if you do happen to read this, thank you again for all you have done and be happy. Sincerely, steve carson
Thanks Steve! Reflecting Ronno's talent though his work on the Bowie albums is too restrictive. Let me tell you about Mick's love for music. After he had been in the studio with David and Tony Visconti, Ronno decided to learn how to score and arrange. He went and studied. He returned an able arranger & showed all his new knowledge and tricks in the incredible SLAUGHTER ON TENTH AVE. Album.

He worked as producer with many bands but the best place to feel and hear his genius was playing LIVE on stage. It is a shame that you did not get to see that performance but fortunately there are recordings and there is film. The melody of his musical gift soared when playing electric guitar. His enormous heart and gentle touch with women and children and animals mirrored the compassion of his spirit. Mick was a sweet and gentle friend, missed often by this human, Suzy Fussey, his wife and daughter and family. Missed but vividly recalled at every opportunity!

"Hi" from Brazil. I was looking for a new picture of you and found your site...I was curious about how you are looking now because I just saw you in pictures of 72/73.(HAHAHA!)So I saw your e-mail and I didn't think 2 times: "I want to write something to her! I don't know what but I want! So...we have similar names. My Name is Maria Angelica, almost like yours....my friends call me Angie since I was a little girl.(I am 19 now) Your life must be very interesting! How are you know? Are you happy? How is your daughter? Please, Im sorry about my English (I never have been in an English school in my life!). I really liked to send you a message!It was a pleasure! You are so strong woman!(and lucky!)Thanks Angie
Your English is quite lovely! Hi Maria Angelica! Thank you so much for writing. I am fine & Stasha, my daughter was here visiting for a couple of weeks. She is well too. Again, it was lovely to hear from you and I so appreciate being the recipient of your English language letter! Bravo!

Y'all are too kind. And how about this great letter from: the UKRAINE

Your letter just amazed me! I can't find a better word to show my emotions. I know that my English is quite good cause I've been mailing with many people from different foreign countries but still it's a big pleasure to hear this from you. Of course we can listen to mp3 in Ukraine! And I heard some of your songs. I like them very much. I really do. Of course there ARE some fans to play for in Ukraine but if you are going to visit us you'd better come not to Dniepropetrovsk (where I live) but to Russia! There would be more people to come to your show and, frankly speaking, it'd be just awfully kind of you to come to us cause David never came to Dniepropetrovsk and we, his fans, are very saddened by this. My country, though, is very beautiful! I like living here. Frankly, I didn't know you as a singer (until I visited your site). I knew you as a fantastic fashion designer, whom "The Rolling Stones" dedicated a very beautiful song to. "A beautiful song for a beautiful lady"! Well, thus you answered my questions, which was very kind of you to, I'd like to ask another thing. What's about Lulu? What was/is she like? I don't know much of her but I've heard that you knew her very well. Especially David! Can you please tell me some things about her? Anyway, keep being as pretty as you are now and I'll be waiting for your answer! Bye, *Dasha*
I would love to come and play in the Ukraine & Russia. Very interesting to hear that you have no trouble getting mp3.com. I am delighted that it is available internationally. LULU is an extraordinary singing talent. I have not seen her for many years. Apparently she was at the London BBC radio Concert of David Bowie's in 2000. I read it in the flyer of that Bowie at the BEEB album.

Hello there Angie! I wasn't hoping that I'll get any more e-mails of You! Praise the Lord!!!! How Are You doing? -Yes, If You know someone who has big house and love dogs, I have a friend who is trying to sell pup dog of Caucasian Shepard - beautiful and expensive dog. The prices on Yugoslav Market for noble breed dogs are very low, and if that person is ready to come to Yugoslavia and pay much less that it should be paying in UK [lets say] for such a breed, he can make happy a beautiful pup of this as it is called bear-dog.

The man who is real owner of the puppy is holding his own dog centre. The owner of the dog centre is man called Mr. Novakovich Ljubisha. He is training breed dogs for a years by now, but as the situation in this country doesn't allows too big centre to be kept and maintained, his dog centre has rather small capacity, having a 10 or so noble breed dogs. The man is having high quality dogs for years by now, so his dogs won the highest recognition in this matter in Yugoslavia, winning the first prize, occupying the first page photograph on the magazine for dog lovers and breeders only, called "Dog life", couple years ago.

These dogs are fully trained sheepdogs, yet still cleanblooded natural wolfs, bears and other wild beasts mountain's fighters, also fully trained to protect the owner just as well. You can the check the size and frightlook of these wonderful animals on the photographs down bellow e-mail. Owner is ready to make a serious deal with You wherever the buyer lives, considering homing his noble high trained breed dogs. For now he has got a beautiful female pup of the Caucasian [formal Soviet Union] Shepherd [sheepdog] brought originally from the ex S.Union mountains and hills.

These dogs haven't been mixed with the similar or the same but city breeds, they are originally mated with the same kind and breed from Caucasian mountain. As we heard the pups from original mated C.Shepherd breed are "priceless" about 3000 DM [German Marks, or 1000 English pounds] on the dog market. The Man is ready to give You this lovely pup for only 2000-1500 DM [and less if You know how], together with all necessary papers to assure You legality. The Pup of course goes together with all necessary papers, so You can see that everything is highly legal.

Please let me know as soon as You can what do You suggesting or proposing considering this matter. Of course if there is anything else that You might looking for and You feel that we can help you please do not hesitate to get in touch to me. The only thing that is not convenient is that person has to come to Yugoslavia to check the pup out. Rada

These dogs are too exquisite. No need to run horses, one of these babies would carry you home without stress! A trip to the Ukraine, no problem. If anyone desires a dog that is a statement, book your airfare and send us video of the happy arrival in their new home!

What a cool breed! Aren't they lovely? Now would these dogs be considered part of the Mastif line? Rada? Oh you're getting me crazy now. What kind of Arabian Horses? Yugoslavia? That's where the unregistered breeds, outbreeding of the Eastern European Arabian horses took place. When I was doing my research to find an Arabian Circus Stallion, there were many pedigrees which came through Yugoslavia.

I finally found Salon, retired in Germany and then bought and transported to California by Bob Stratmore. My partner Andrew Lipka and I bred *Passionate to *Salon and the colt 'Solstice' became a winner and top breeder here in the United States.


Hello. I want to just say that when I first go into Mr. Bowie, It was the ziggy period and I'm glad you were a part of it, however unhappy it was for you. I love your work and you are a great person. I wish you only the best. James Franco Now wait a minute.no-one said anything about it being unhappy all the time. Just certain chunks! You sound like a great person too!

I just wanted you to know how much I love your work. Also, I have been a fan of David's for over 12 years- and I've never taken sides between the two of you. I think that you are both fabulously talented in different ways. You seem to be more of a writer, and he is the voice. Maybe, that's why you guys made such a good team for a while. I bought a copy of your book "Free Spirit" many years ago, and absolutely loved it. I also enjoyed the photos that are inside the book. If Backstage Passes is even half as good, I know that I will love it. I was just wondering, how is your relationship with your son Duncan "Zowie"?? Life has been very rough for you, but I know you are strong and have gotten through the worst of it. The best is yet to come! I hope you have a wonderful day, and take care of yourself. Goddess bless. . .Stephanie J.

Dear Stephanie, Thank you for your sweet letter. So glad you enjoyed 'Free Spirit'. My son Joe Jones (Duncan Zowie) is well, I think. He studied philosophy at college and has helped his father with the BOWIE.COM PRESENCE, according to the papers.

I noticed you used my letter on the backstage Passes.net page. I'm flattered . Thank you ! This makes me feel real good during a time when I haven't been feeling all that great and grand about existence in the Earth plane . Love ya ! James
Thank you James. MR FUNTONE used it! Pretty neat Huh? Thank you for the kind words! Earth plane is what it is. Don't let it get you down. The best retort to tiresome brain motifs is one good big swear word, My mom didn't usually swear but when it got too much for her, the attacking Turks etc. she'd say "Oh to hell with it." My version is a lot spicier-but I think sometimes we have to just give ourselves a jolt as to how much self pity we are going to waste on feeling blue until we snap out of it. Rhyme yourself up a good one and swear and get square with anything bothering you, put your shoulder into it give a good heave and move that problem right out of the way. No more time wasted on that!
BLENDER IN NEW YORK "Woo-Hoo!!!!!!!!~~~*~~~Happy Birthday Angie!!!!!!!!~~~*~~~!!!!!!!!! to YOU to YOU to YOU! Mmmm-Mmmm-Mmmmm-best wishes!""-you can tell me what to read or listen to ANY day of the week. I so enjoy corresponding w/ you! Some one took a snap of me on the line for a db show last june and put it on a website here-"

http://www.geocities.com/labynymf/bowieconcert.ht ml

-I was surprised and honored to accidentally find myself there. Oh, and the name of the band is, well, I never know who I'll have enlisted to play w/ me so it's Robbie Blender. (yes, it's my real name) nice that you mentioned May. When I saw Tony, he was performing a T. Rex tribute @ Mother w/ Richard Barone and another guy from the bongos. Tony was playing bass, Richard was singing. They were great. Tony sang on "Light of Love" and May came and danced w/ me on Children of the Revolution. Had a great time that night. Met this young guy Mike who works w/ T. V. He has a band as well and we've played the same bill a couple times. Plan to do so more in the future.

Well, I'll not take up too much more of your time-Cheers to ya' luv! Robbie Dear Robbie, We are old friends now! I got to see Robbie's show in New York at True and visit with him on both trips. Thank you for the New York updates! And speaking of Tony Visconti and may Pang, imagine my surprise when this e mail turned up: perfect segway!

Greetings Angie, I love your website, it's great. I have enjoyed watching and listening to all your appearances over the years. One of my favorites was your infamous Howard Stern appearance when you started to storm out of the studio!! That one is a classic, I have the whole thing memorized!! "Look Howard, don't work my last nerve, do not start with me today, I'm not in the mood, Happy Birthday". And then I caught your appearance on the Maury Povich show the same day, and you really held your own!! When you asked that woman, "I'd like to know your resume, what do you do?" And when she replied " I'm an English teacher", and you said "Good, then I hope you enjoy the book!" Well, it was just fantastic! And Angie you looked great on the show too. Then there's your Stern appearance on his Channel 9 show where it was you along with Tony Visconti and May Pang, again fantastic. You are always entertaining on all the shows I've seen you on, thanks for putting up the website, have fun in life, and keep keepin' on!! All the best, John Stubblefield
And how about this query, MR FUNTONE? Can we
do that; do we do that? I address all my really
important issues to MR FUNTONE
angie, i'll really love to have an e-mail address chez toi!!!!! luv + kisses, maxxx PS it's so fab!!!!!....puhleeeeeze!!!!! PPS whaddaya think of natacha merritt? www.digital- diaries.com and www.digitalgirly.com svp lemme know.

In a more perfect world, perhaps; or if I can ever figure out what I am doing - sure! MR. FUNTONE

I LOVE the site. i am very interested in your career and was glad to see there was a website where i could go to get all the info i wanted.keep rockin' angie. love christian
angie--heard you on WNEW yesterday--good show-- enjoyed hearing your music & checked out your recipes on website--looks good--i have a band called "puzzle monkey"--which is based in Maine--i would like to send you a copy for your enjoyment--very original band--steve who plays drums played with "bill nelson's red noise" in England about 20 years ago. please send address where i can send cd to you--also good luck with your cd--sounds great thanx bob solberg
I am so glad you said that. I knew there was something else I wanted to write for the site and now I have remembered what it was. The recipe for a magnificent split pea soup. Vegetarian. I adapted them for low cal dietary requirements. Boy, is it good?

Hi Angie, I've been a major fan of yours forever. I found your web site thru the Jayne County web site. I luv them both! All the best, Kelli Kerr (Pre-OpTS)
You opened the door! Jayne is the best! Check out all the associated excitement with Nelson's retrospective in New York that played @ Gavin Brown's. There is the best, longest, most detailed, fabulous review by Michael Musto and an amazing full page article in TIME OUT. We are going to insert all these links for your pleasure and enlightenment plus a very cool essay that Steve Lafreniere turned us onto and which also celebrates what's going on in New York , exhibition wise.

All about the Nelson Sullivan Show

I was a little shocked when a couple of the remarks about Nelson's exhibit/retrospective plucked the phrase pre-Giulliani with reference to New York. "And did he make the trains run on time?" "I'll tell you who knew how to build roads! The Romans, that's who!" Seeds of fascism recognizable by their historical context. A sanitized New York. Well, tidying up a bit is not a bad thing as long as the rhetoric is dispensed with and the purpose is preserving the city's infrastructure and not trying to reform morals.

Hi Angie - a girlfriend adores me telling her about my male bisexual fantasies and she wants to be with us, both to see us and to be made love to by two men. She loves to hear me tell her of love scenes and she experiences passionate arousal when she reads erotic stories I write for her. She thinks I should be develop these writing skills and try to have them published. I'm wondering about it. Do you think the market is already too full of this kind of writing? Do you have any thoughts or knowledge that you would want to share? Love, Ben

Your girl friend is a smart cookie!
Yes, you most definitely should develop those writing skills.
I/We would love to read one. My boyfriend gets me to write erotic stories and read them to him. You are in good company. There is always room for more writing, particularly erotica. I met a very interesting person called Susie Bright, a writer who does collections of Erotic writing as well as her own books. In SALON recently, she had a cheeky article on the subject of an e mailer helping her with tips on picking up trade during her book tour. The market will continue to grow and expand. The enjoyment of POP.SEX requires more ingenuity as health risks become prevalent.

How lovely to see you in such positive form. Interestingly, they showed 'Velvet Goldmine' on Channel 4 this week. The film is a beautiful mess but I thought Toni Collette's portrayal of the character based on you was unusually sensitive. I f you ever have a spare moment I'd be delighted if you would sign my guestbook www.goplay.com/humanashtray. Stay beautiful, Pat
I am just about to sit down and watch Toni Collette in Sixth Sense. I like her she's very bright. Intelligence is such a turn on, isn't it? What a wonderful surprise and pleasure to hear from you! Thank you so much for signing my guestbook at www.goplay.com/humanashtray - your kind and wonderfully-chosen words have made me dizzy with pleasure.

Incidentally, once upon a time I stood next to you at the VIP bar in a London club called Heaven. Our eyes met and - I promise I'm not making this up - you gave me a beautiful smile, but I was too shy to speak to you. I've always found you a fascinating and underrated figure, and it's tremendously exciting to encounter you in cyberspace. Of course I'll add your site to my links. At present humanashtray is just a hobby, but plans are afoot to develop it into something special - I'll keep you posted.

Tonight I'm heading off to Portugal to interview the drummer with Smashing Pumpkins; please don't be annoyed if I bombard you with e-mails on my return. Sweet dreams, Pat xx PS If I may say so, you are looking better than ever, and your fabulous positivity has added a splash of joy to an otherwise dull, grey office day. Thank you again.

I thought you looked shy! I remember that smile! I always felt kind of weird at Heaven. I really wanted somebody to talk to. See how life is! We get to meet in Cyber Space!


Your stories about Cyprus opened a flood of wonderful memories for me, of the three years I lived there, from 1968 to 1971, courtesy of the United States Navy. I was assigned to the US Embassy, but every free moment I had was spent exploring the island. Kyrenia was my favorite place of all. Do you remember the boat house the embassy kept around the corner from the harbor? Michael, the photographer was our guest one evening, and we spent many days watching them clean the artifacts in the castle.

Salamis was another great favorite spot of mine, I would sit in the amphitheater for hours bringing the Phoenicians back to life. One day a friend and I stopped at a small church near there, and a family was having a wedding in the olive grove, long tables covered with food and drink. They invited us to join them, and when they discovered we were Americans, asked if we knew "Kostas" in Queens. Although we did not, the father of the bride sat us down beside him and made us try every dish!

I hope you go back sometime, if only to say hello to Aphrodite. I am sure there is someone there still whose eyes and smile will light up when they see you and remember some happy afternoon long ago, and forget all the terror and pain the island has gone through just for one moment, and I guess you could call that moment "home". Thanks for the memories! (David McGrath)

I know Kostas! JUST KIDDING! What a beautifully crafted letter, Thank you so much David. Yours was beautifully evocative.

Dear Angie, Hi from Cyprus. I went through your essays about Cyprus and I was really moved that someone can feel so strong about Cyprus. Well it seems that we were both born in Ayios Dhometios.....!!!! I am still living there. Christos
Thank you so much for writing to me AND for reading the Cyprus Essays. I appreciate your input and when we come to Cyprus, maybe we can get together for a Coffee and celebrate both of us being born in Ayios Dhometios!

Hi Angie, My name is Phil Kritiotis and i live in Canada. I was reading your article about Cyprus and i was really impressed. I grew up in Cyprus - i was 14 when i left ( in 1974) i guess that makes me 40 years old! and i grew up in a small village that you refer to......Pendayia! it brought tears to my eyes when i read your article I miss that little paradise! wish i could go back even for a day! my best memories are there...drop me a line if you can .....thanks for bringing back memories...Phil. P.s. impressed with your work and dedication!
Hey Phil, I am delighted that you enjoyed reading the memories of our dear home!

Remember the Eucalyptus grove on the North side of the road from Morphou to Karavostassi where it passed through Pendayia? And where did that left turn in the village go to(South)? We went to a wedding there and I cannot remember the name of the people whose wedding it was. But there were orange orchards up that road weren't there?

Pendayia was so pretty! I was pretty small for that wedding, I guess that's why I don't remember the names of the people but I know the man worked for my dad at the mill and we teased my father like anything because he had only 2 or 3 gifts in his repertoire and he was so fond of this guy and so happy he was marrying a gal that he adored, George broke down and bought them the SUPER IMPORTANT GIFT FOR WEDDING EVENTS: the PRESSURE COOKER! If you were the recipient of the GIFT, you knew good things were in store for you. George really approved.

My mother muttered something about how she hoped he hadn't gone too far presenting the bride with this pressure cooker and he replied what do you mean? My mother said "Well, did it occur to you that perhaps the house her parents have built doesn't have electricity yet?"

They had electricity and I think it was grudging admiration on my mother's side for we had had a few pressure cooker explosions at our house and my dad and I loved to rib Helen about her adventures with the exploding pressure cooker. The best one was caramel!

Mom decided to make Brazilian caramel with the sweetened condensed milk in the tin, in the pressure cooker. It exploded and dripped caramel all over the roof of the kitchen and could have killed Helen as she reminded us several times. My mother nearly had a heart attack she was so scared and so embarrassed that she had forgotten the caramel and it exploded, she ran outside and got the gardener to come and help her clean it up.

For years Nicos didn't have to do much around our house, he was the company gardener and visited all the houses in turn, because he made a firm friend and ally in my Mom when he helped her clean the caramel off the kitchen ceiling!

Would you share your thoughts and experiences concerning codependancy? I have not yet read your book, whereby your marriage to David apparently was affected by this. I have been diagnosed as such and would appreciate your insights.
Co Dependency! I have never understood the acceptance of this word/an oxymoron as a psychological state. How can you be dependent without a co- there's got to be something to be dependent on. And if you depend on somebody that implies trust. What's the matter with trust? Or is that now a psychological condition too?

Co dependent means nothing so how you could have been diagnosed with nothing is astonishing to me?! I have only ever run across the word once used as an insult by a contractor to me trying to pretend that he did not need to donate any creative input regarding a project for his house. He called me co-dependent because I yelled at him for not returning phone calls for 2 weeks while the factory and everyone else stood around and twiddled their thumbs while he screamed I was co-dependent and should make the decisions by myself!

Whoever diagnosed you as co-dependent is obviously trying to get a handle on a piece of your action. Who diagnosed? Your partner, a shrink? Investigate who has the most to gain from your being at fault. Look to where the diagnosis emanates. In whose interest is it for you to be seen as the weak link? Maybe this diagnostician meant an "enabler' Were you the person that allowed somebody to live a certain way without thought to the consequences? I have no idea but I think you should study the source and then ask them why my partnership with David Bowie should be an example of co-dependence when, if anything, isn't that what all partnerships are - the loosening up and trusting a particular person?

It may be evident by this far into the paragraph that I don't put any store into catch phrase medical or psychological claptrap. I think it was awfully decent of you to submit to such an evaluation. Now, if it does you any good or there is something to be gained by being labeled co-dependent go for it. Otherwise I would throw that name right back into the trash where it belongs.

Thank you so much for your E-Mail! I was really very happy getting it!! I really like your Webpage and I just visited it once more and it's lovely to see it growing. Great that you put also some of the wonderful country-side of Cyprus on your page.

I bought your "Backstage Passes" when it first came out. I'm following yours and David's career for almost 20 years now. I also read your book "Free Spirit". I love the poetic style of your book and wonder if you will bring out a book like that again? It's great to see that you are still doing your own music. Is there a chance to see you live somewhere? Maybe in Europe?

What I like about your page most is that you are writing honestly and with much warmth to the questions people are asking you and the experiences you had in life. I'm not bisexual myself but one of my best friends is. She is a wonderful person and I find it really amazing how open and honest you deal with this theme. Do you think the attitude towards bisexual people has changed in the 90s and is now different than it was in the 70s? If so then I think it's really one of yours and David's achievements!

May I ask you a favor? I would really appreciate to get an autograph from you! It would mean a lot to me. Keep on doing that great work on your side and lots of Love to you!! Kindest regards from Bianca

Will I bring out a book like that again the poetry/prose of Free Spirit? Yes, I can assure you that I will. One of the manuscripts I have been working on before I settled down to finish POP.SEX is called Tales of Joy. It is a collection of tales about animals and my adventures in northern California when I was raising Stasha and had the horse ranch ANGELS BLOOD ARABIANS. Tales of Joy is right for poetry and prose, the subject matter lends itself to succinct observation as in poetry. The adventures are fun as racy little stories. So yes, you will see that kind of book from me again! I like to mix it up. Is there a possibility to see me live, perhaps in Europe? From your pen to the memorandum of the gods! I am agitating about a world tour to promote MOON GODDESS. When that happens, you will see me!

Do I think the attitude toward Bisexuals has changed from the 70s to the year 2000? Yes, I think it has changed some. At least most of the people who use the word know what it means now!!!! But bear in mind what we perceive as change varies so much with where we live and the religious and political climate of that location.

I am delighted that the Cyprus essays were enjoyable. When I return to Cyprus I will be able to write the last part of the trilogy. I poured my heart into those reminiscences. It is time for more Cypriot adventures!