29 year old letter

Hello Angela,

I am writing to thank you for a letter you wrote to me 29 years ago, it was really fantastic of you to have done this for me, and I still have it and treasure it, I think mike ('runs a web site') sent you an email, I recently sent him a scan of the letter, which he has put on his site at its a little down the page on the left, it was naughty of me to email you being a celeb an all that and v. busy etc..But I hope you don't mind. Take care.

THANKS AGAIN ANGIE regards Laurence.

Dear L, I was astounded that anybody had any of those letters! You are so welcome! Love Angie

John Bindon TV documentary

Hi Angie

Thanks for your message. I represent Pocket Essentials in France and Belgium. You probably know this already but there was a very good documentary on John Bindon on TV in the UK last week which featured a great interview with you. I've just got back from Nimes where I went to see your ex in concert for the umpteenth time. He didn't do THE PRETTIEST STAR, I'm afraid.

With best wishes Michael Geoghegan

Prettiest Star still look abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous. Angie, how do you do it?

When I was 15 I had a picture of you (together with Cyrinda Foxe) on my wall and I fancied you like mad in that picture. I'm 31 now and I found your site whilst surfing. I have to say, if I was still in the habit of putting lust objects on my walls I'd have to ask you for a big glossy picture. You've lived a large life, as I know from reading your books in the past, and you've come through it all. That in itself is quite an achievement. But to come through it all and look as good as you do now....that's just showing off!

Anyway, I hope you are well, and good luck with all your ongoing projects. My name is Paul, by the way. I'm a Londoner who now lives in Amsterdam (so if you ever find yourself in Holland, with a glossy photo going spare.....) Bye, Angie. You're still The Prettiest Star. All the best, Paul Fraser

Dear Paul,
Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I appreciate it!

A LONDONER who lives in AMSTERDAM! How fabulous! Give my regards to the canals, the chocolate, and the coffee. My best girlfriend at St. George's was Dutch: Priscilla Sauter and we used to eat the most interesting things at her house: she was a day girl at my school so I used to go to her house for the weekend and they made the most incredible Indonesian and South African food. Her Mom had been a resistance fighter in South Africa carrying messages for the resistance against the Nazis in her bicycle pump! And for breakfast one on my most favorite things; bread and butter and chocolate ants! I've never eaten that anywhere else and I think it ranks up there with chocolate croissants!!!!!

Anyway, enough reminiscing; how about you? What do you do? Fill me in tell me something!!!! Hope you had a great weekend! love Angie

Hello again, Angie, I laughed at the' chocolate ants' on bread. They still have it here. I can't say I've tried it, but my Dutch girlfriend swears by it. After your glowing report, perhaps I shall give it a go. It just looks so funny, as if a chocolate man has had a shave over a slice of bread and butter. I hope you had a good Easter and that everything is well with you, much love, Paul

Stars to Space

Your site rocks! So good to read all about your family, and current interests. I saw David's first performance of Ziggy in Cleveland, so many moons ago. Would love to have stowed away w/ you back then. I was 16. It changed my life forever. How did you feel "Velvet Goldmine" stacked up? There was lots of sympathy for your (proto-type) character.

I live on Lake Erie, and have really experienced the UFO phenom, up close & personal, as well as my entire family. On the Cleveland new, they feature stories about sightings now & again, so it was on target, that Ziggy was launched on our shores. If you want to read an amazing book, about such things, Courtney Brown PhD. "Cosmic Voyage", & the latter "Cosmic Explorers" are amazing. Brown is the nations, foremost remote viewer, and he states (thru his extensive research) there really are Martians living under the surface of Mars, and under Mount Baldy, outside Santa Fe, N. Mexico. He explains the nature of the Gray, & Reptilian conflict, as well.

You're really lovely looking, and I'm so glad to see you on the internet, alive, and thriving into the new century. Blessing be yours, where every you wonder in life...Love Rob

Dear Rob,

What a great e mail! Thank you so much for taking the time to write and your kind remarks about the website are much appreciated by MR. FUNTONE and myself!! How cool that you were in Cleveland......boy that was some time ago, wasn't it? Velvet Goldmine film length music video. That's wild what you were saying about living on Lake Erie and the UFO phenomenon.I will check out Courtney Brown's writing. And you what are you up to? Apart from family and life in general, give me an update Fill me in! Tell me the news! Kindest regards, Angie

Dear Angie thanks for responding to my email.

I am recovering from a prolonged experience of home caring both of my parents during illness, until they passed on. It was well over 5 years, & I learned allot about myself in the process. My Mother was a polio, and very beautiful. She was friends w/ FDR, and Eleanor Roosevelt, taught her to knit. Her last days were spent "circling" her past, and the Roosevelt's were on her mind constantly, although she had not seen them in over 50 years. I slept very rarely, and meditated thru out the day, to garnish the power to continue.

Many spiritual forces aided my struggle, and the house I live in, is still a very active porthole to the beyond. I can't begin to remember the whole of what was happening all around me, but I had entered a zone, that is about transformation. The Bardo. (do a bardo search on the internet, you'll love it) I am working on integrating myself into the life-stream, once again, thru exercise, Yoga, & I am writing about my experiences, and making artworks, that reflect my interests in the "Other". I really believe there is so much more to reality than we are led falsely to believe. There really is a Santa Claus, he may be Gray, 4 feet tall, and able to traverse time in a silver saucer. But there are gifts to be had by all of Humanity!

I feel that the world is about to shift on it's spiritual axis, and a new era, is about to begin. Last April, I was out doors at night on an unusually warm evening. I was doing a Yoga exercise in pranayama, where you walk briskly in bare feet, over the ground, for 20 minuets or so, and this really energizes one, (you can also do this indoors, on a hard wood floor, as wood is also alive.) After I finished my exercise, I stood on this large rock structure I made, & faced the Lake. I saw a huge light in the sky, as large as the harvest moon; it then, FLASHED, like an old fashioned flash bulb, and slowly reduced in size to the size of a pin-point. Then, just after that, I saw lights in the sky, that were rotating in what looked like a mile in diameter, they made 3 huge complete rotations, then split into two separate lights, and speed off in different directions.

It was like Ezekiel's wheel, my first feeling, was total elation that I had been chosen to experience this. And I took the whole thing as a great sign, from beyond. I believe that the crafts emerge from the water, thru what is described in advanced physics, as "Quantum Foam". Quantum Foam, is formed in active bodies of water, where the air, in emerging clusters of water bubbles unite, to form "worm holes". Imagine lots of bubbles together, and the molecular structure becomes temporarily "plastic". I have seen craft emerge rapidly out of the Lake, Stop dead still, and then descend at a rapid rate, back into the water.

Well, life is not boring, now is it! Thank you so very much for responding, I felt a tremendous energy thru your message......Love Rob


I had to write to you because I am going down memory lane big time this weekend. We are having an English School re-union at the Royal Lancaster Hotel and a lot of guys are coming in from all over the world. Mike Perkins who lives in New York, Ian Cameron who lives in S Africa, Alain Aronovici who lives in Mexico and heaven knows who else will turn up. I tried to get Shahe to come from Cyprus but his wife's big 50 party is this weekend too! I've been married to Marie for 28 years now and we have three children; Mark 26, Catherine 23 and Anya 21. I go to Cyprus all the time. Both Karl and Shahe live in Nicosia; they have been there since late 70's. Keep in touch; we must get together next time you are in the UK or perhaps in Cyprus? Love Garo

Dear Garo! How are you? I was so delighted to hear from you! What are you up to? How's life? Please keep in contact if you have the time. How are Shahe and Karl? Love Angie


Good evening Mrs. Bowie, I'm writing you from Italy (I'm Italian) so I'm really sorry if you'll find some grammar mistakes in this e-mail...

I only want to say to you that you are for me (and I think I'm not the only!) one of the most interesting "icon" of the early 70s (could you understand in what way?!) So...I want to say to you "thank you" (for Zowie)...and I wish you a wonderful life!!! Thank you so much for your attention...Barbara***

Dear Barbara, Hi! Lovely to hear from you! And thank you for your kind words! The web site has just been updated I think MR. FUNTONE did it yesterday and today so maybe you will find some interesting new stuff! I thought your grammar was wonderful! Love Angie

The Muse: OK?!

Greetings Lady Miss Angela, Just letting you know what an inspiration you are to those of us who still believe in the magic of Rock And Roll. I am a massive fan of your ex and most importantly the period where your influence is so prominent. There is a lot to be said about the subversive influence of an artist's muse. We should all be so lucky to find one as inspiring and creatively challenging as you. I wish all the best to and your family in 2002. TK

Dear TK, Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I appreciate it! Lovely to hear from you. Kindest regards, Angie

Dear Angie,

I hope you will ignore some badly translated mail you may have received. All I wanted to say is that if you could send me an autographed picture, to enrich this thesis of mine that has an entire part dedicated to you that describes you as a sort of launch platform for the David Bowie Phenomenon that we all know. You really have been an inspiring muse for him and the same you are for me.

As I visited your site I totally Went crazy, all this androgyny, all this immaterial, space, glam, nothing really like on earth, you all name it, I know who is responsible of all that. I just wanted to let you know that since you answered my mail, coincidences happen and along comes new and fresh ideas for my work.

Lots of love my muse. Luciana from Italy

You kids are so wonderful! An inspiring muse! There's a thought. I always think of myself differently, more like Oscar in The Odd Couple! I'm really happy that thanks to you guys and the divine Mr. FUNTONE we have Video clips! That's so cool. You know when I was at St. George's I wrote a piece about Mainstream Consciousness Thought and in my lifetime we have the Internet! Don't you love it when a plan works?!!!

New Zealand

Hi Angela, Just a wee note from another fan from New Zealand.

I was reading with interest the interview with you that appeared on, the great NZ Ziggy website. Under the picture of you signing autographs outside the Hammersmith Odeon you mentioned how beaten down you were at the time. It's strange; I first saw the Ziggy movie back in the mid to late 80s. That part in the dressing room always left me uncomfortable. I always felt you were on the outer and were breaking into a comfortable little scene and when you said David and Pierre mocked you it fell into place. I felt sorry for you as you seemed to be treated as a stranger or another "hanger on ". I feel all the pre concert part plus the between songs shmoozing on David's part were really false.

I'm a huge Ziggy fan and have been since my Sister bought me ZS in 1972, but I do feel you got a raw deal. I think David is a pretentious tosser (sorry, not nice I know) and only you have kept up the adventure! Sorry for my ravings but I really felt the need to send this, with love Martin

Dear Martin, Thank you, for talking the time to write!

You lucky thing: Beautiful New Zealand. When I was there, they cooped me up in a hotel suite doing interviews, traipsed me to radio and TV stations and to a book signing. I didn't get to do or see anything!!!!!!

Meanwhile Leee, my notorious companion gets to do all kinds of fun things including a tattoo I believe! Time to visit the Southern Hemi. again! Regards, Angie

Hi Angie. Thank you! I remember the book signing I have a copy from then with your autograph : Leee? Was that Leee Black Childers? Anyway, really great to hear from you. I'm sure allot of people from here would love to see you again! Take care Very best Martin


I wonder if you can help me. I watched a program on BDSM recently and was entranced by the vision of a pro. Domme called Angie - Lady Lexus. Should you know the whereabouts of this divine person, I'd be overjoyed to be given an opportunity of getting in touch with her. Here's hoping. Thanks in expectation, Yours sincerely, Pip.

Why not try the BDSM link for the video that should have a way of e mailing somebody who will give your dream girl the message!

Website Applause

Hello Angela...I am new to your website and only wanted to tell you that I believe your more attractive now than ever. The all white photo is beautiful; you've only gotten better as time goes by! You've lived the life that would make a fantastic movie (anything in the works there) any preference on who could play you? I also admire your frankness and hope to hear more from you. Take care and again, your one beautiful woman. Nick Williams, Louisville Kentucky

Thanks, Nick! Stacia would do a good job, don't you think? She has the attitude!

I can't think of what to title this at the moment, but anyway. I love your site! It's so groovy! I'm doing a 60's play right now so excuse if I use the lingo. I'm in the sixth grade (I'm thirteen), and most my class is bi-phobic. Also pro-life (are you against abortion Angie?), I'm way different. And I may be more different than I thought. When I was younger, maybe only two years ago, I was a little gay-bi-les-phobic. But now, I think THINK I might be bi..Is this anyway to know? Since I've never kissed..I imagined I kissed a guy and was fine with that in every way. Then I imagined I kissed a girl and was fine with that anyway to tell?

Hi Rinoa! Is that your name? It's very pretty! Carry on! Use all the 60s lingo you can squeeze in!!!! The sixth grade is fun, are you enjoying it?

No, I am NOT against abortion. I am pro-choice. Is that the way you say it? Plenty of time to figure all that out---kissing and all that stuff! I think it's a good idea to concentrate on one's studies and performance and school before all the sexy stuff. You'll have a lifetime to be "THE GAL"! You only have a couple more years to be the teenage you, so enjoy them and extend them as long as you can.

I never believed people when they told me it was the most carefree time of one's life! Then with all the troubles in Cyprus in 1960 (Cyprus got it's independence),1964 (the Turks attacked) and then I went to college in 1966 and so on before I knew it the carefree years were over and I was REALLY busy working. So have lots of fun with your friends doing cool, fun, educational stuff. You'll be grown up for a long time. And thank you for your sweet letter and taking the time to write to me! Kindest regards, Angie

WOW!!!!! What a popular girl you are!! I read the book & was moved to write my first fan mail, Chuck from Riv. Cal but look at you, web site & everything, I should have known .Well more ????'S What made you settle in Arizona? It sounded like you hated the desert in the book, probably just what was going on at the time, huh? I would have bet you would have called L.A. home. Ran though the web site quickly, looks like your happy!! I hope you are!!! Happy Holidays & peace of Mind Chuck

Dear Angie! I'm sorry for my English. I would like to say THANK YOU for giving us (all the fans) the possibility to write to you; and THANK YOU for answering all the questions! I am a 26 year old Austrian-girl. It would be a great honor, to get an original signed autograph with a picture of you. Please let me know, what I can do. Thank you very much. All the best to you. Doris

Download, baby, download!


I just wanted to say that your daughter Stacia is quite beautiful, and now after visiting your website I can see where she got it from. Sincerely, JJSN16

Hi Angela! I'm Bi, and my word were it something to get use to. I'm still getting use to it! It still confuses me allot, but I know ill get use idea. Well, love your site and take care.

Have you ever met Anita Pallenberg? Did you read what Bebe Buell wrote about you in her book? I thought it was very rude...Anyways, you look absolutely gorgeous and stunning! And, your daughter is a beauty! Way to go, Angie!

Dear Gypsy, I have met Anita, we were introduced. Yes, I read Bebe's book. Mr. Funtone asked me to review it; which I declined to do. She is a treacherous creature. Enough said; how about you? What do you do? Thank you for your kind remarks about Stacia. Love Angie

Anita Pallenberg

Hi Angie, I just visited your website, and it is a wonderful site. Very informative. I would like to ask a favor of you if possible. If you are in contact with Anita Pallenberg, could you please pass on my email address to her? I was browsing, and thought it would be nice to get back in touch with her. If not, I will call Jane Rose next week and ask her. Anita will know who I am. A long time friend. I would appreciate it very much. I wish you the best with the book. Thanks!!! Dennis Kaplan

Dear Dennis, Thank you for your e mail and the kind words about the site. I am not in touch with Anita, sorry! Hope you get in contact, if so please give her my regards, Love Angie


Hi dear Angie: A very short mail to say hello and tell you that I always, always remember you with love. You were source of inspiration once in London, and you will always be wherever I go. I am now living in Chile and doing quite a few creative and unique things that I will soon tell you about, hoping that someday you visit this country placed in the end of the world. Take care of yourself, and receive a big kiss from me, Tony Boldt

Hey Tony, How are you? I was pleased to hear from you and I remember London with pleasure! What are you doing in Chile? Hope your life is wonderful! I would like to visit Chile, gorgeous country, you too! Love Angie

Kimmo aka Mimushka's Gentle Breeze

Since the world seems to be today the physical outcome of the dull-minded humans struggling in the concept of EXTREME and SURVIVAL TV-shows; I wanted to salute you as a gentle and creative breeze of a pure, soul-touching gesture of a well intuited movement of a hand on the black stage. The understanding of the earth-moving simplicity of the movement. You sensed it early; the ongoing movement of the art (the inner human) with one of its vehicle (David) but I sense you never lost the sense as YOU, and still carry on to be sensitive and not settle for those beings yet in a sleep.

In my age of 38, suddenly parishing my life and returning to the filling and fresh image of the life when I lined my beautiful eyes with my mother's eye-liner, dragged myself to lean over the window to smell the fog of the froggy night, and wrote in heat two pages of a pretty guy who would always look pretty; just to find out by my "velvet" friends on ouija-board brought out the name of the Dorian Gray spelled when asking information of me. Leena, a friend missed, a girl who put the speaker between her thighs and let Lou Reed's perfect day to comfort her womb.

The snapshots of a time gone by.

A salute. A good wish. This neurosurgical nurse will buy a sheets of paper, cut a form of the shape of ancient pharaohs crown; paint his face white and take BW photos and publish them to STATE THAT THE BEAUTY OF MAGIC IS THERE; FOLKLORES CARRIED THE MESSAGE OF TRUTH AND THOUGH THE MONEY-BOUND WORLD THE SIMPLICITY OF JULIE ANDREWS RUNNING ON THE SOUNDY HILLS IS MORE TRUE THAN________________? Kimmo aka Mimushka

Dear Kimmo, Don't write all that sweet mind flow. I have a weakness for oriental humans! Your words move me and disturb my quiet desert oasis! Maybe it's time for a poem! Yeay POETRY MOMENT!

If love and lust destroyed short myth,
You're only days away from truth
The life you've lived is an expanse
Of experience desired, it is the truth.

Will you open your heart and soul?
Inhibitions humbled as you suffer so,
But then thinking is closer
To understanding life's flow.

They tell of a river of destiny;
Its wicked waves become the rapids
Your time and knowledge are the canoe
Guiding you, risking death, life is never tepid.

No frisking at St. Peter's gate,
No questions from the boatman at the Styx;
Is this the river we spoke of?
Or another of Lucifer's tricks?

Will you risk another hurtful act?
Will you require sorrow and my pain
To get you off, all in vain?
Who will bear the final strain?

Not I cried the prophet in his sleep,
Not I cried the politician in his speech,
Nor I intoned the bishop, praying eyes apeep,
I will cried Angie, come on let's take a leap!

Wipe away my willow tears falling sadly
Teach me your melancholy truth,
I need to know, show me however badly,
That life is love, ecstatic, blissful and uncouth.

Copyright Angela Bowie 1975


Hi Angie, Are you EVER coming to Perth, Western Australia? We'd love to see you. Stevee

Hi Angie. Have been a fan for about 12 years. Yes I'm also a Bowie fan. I'm a 33 year old ex flight attendant, since Sept 11 crap, ex 80s groupie , animal lover and married to a non musician "normal guy" for 7 years. I bought free spirit in the early 90s in London and Backstage Passes right when it came out. I've always admired your outspoken attitude and intelligence. Might I add that you are looking wonderful? I love your hair slightly longer like in this picture. I am looking forward to checking out your site in detail but so far I am really enjoying it. Love and peace to you and family....Cary North Carolina USA.

Greetings from Poland (from Szczecin).

If WonderWoman & Mick Ronson had never existed!

Hi Angie, I have never emailed you before and I guess you are massively busy but I saw this picture of you dressed as wonder woman, I can't remember where I saw it, and perhaps it was on a TV show. Was it just an outfit or were you up for the part? I thought you looked great in that costume by the way. I didn't even know you had a website until today. I am from Hull and Hull people know how different things would be if yourself and Mick Ronson had never existed. All the best, Sean Evans

Hello Angela Bowie, you are cool! I was just wondering, if I write to you, will you actually write back (Being a celebrity I realize you might not have the time)? If so I will write to you again later. Thank You! --- Andrew Barone


I am going to keep bugging you until you decide if you're coming to perform in Texas or not. Any updates on your tour? I am moving to NYC to begin an inner city drama program in March. Maybe I'll get to actually see your tour then! Lori

Angie, I hope you are well. How has your summer been thus far? Living here in Chandler I get so fed up with the 110 degree weather sometimes and long for the cold. You haven't updated your website in awhile. What do you do in Tucson? Have you seen Bowie on AMC in the Ziggy movie? I especially like the part with you. You are such a cutie!!!! Have a great day! Love, Jennifer

Dear Jennifer, Thank you for your e-mail. It has been quite a summer, hasn't it? Guess what? As we speak Mr. FUNTONE is updating the website. Should be done in a day or so! In Tucson, I write my books. POP.SEX is being edited by me right now! It will be sent out next week, fingers crossed! Kindest regards, Angie

Dear Shannon, I have answered this question several times on the website and also in the interviews.
I was not part of Velvet Goldmine.
I thought it was a long music video.
Anyway, I am delighted that you wrote. Have fun!

Dear Angie,

Oh My god. I almost fell off my chair to read that I got an email from you. Absolutely, wonderful! Let me just say that you were an amazing addition to 70's Rock in London (Not that I'm there, but the countless bios I've read from that period, you're always named.), just a note on what Todd Hayes said about you in the interview of his movie, Velvet Goldmine, was something about how you were such a wonderful addition to this time period that there was always an Angie. Without Angie Bowie, there wouldn't be as much as there is today to remember.

Thanks again for writing back. I'm honored. Shannon


Hallo, we are three twenty-three-year olds, and we wish to establish a small informatics firm, which would include everything that has to do with Internet and web design and all the things that concerns computer technology. Croatia has relatively small number of Internet users, so we will do everything that is in our power to spread the knowledge to all of the people. Also, Croatia is in very difficult social and financial condition, and we do not come from a wealthy family's which could provide any financial support in realization of our wishes and needs to exist in this society; we address you with wish to sponsor us in any way that you can. We most grateful thank you for the time that you have appropriate for us, and look forward for your positive answer. With kindness respect, Romana, Goran and Hrvoje

Hi there. My name is Geana and I am an aspiring actress. I have a BA in musical theatre and hopefully I can use it to pay bills if I am lucky enough some day. If not I am planning on getting my masters in school psychology just in case I don't make the big time. It is fun writing to you because I can pretend I know someone in the biz.

I have overcome a lot of adversity so I really consider myself fortunate anyways. I sustained a moderately severe head injury my senior year of high school but miraculously have achieved academic success. Everyone I have ever sung for has asked me why I am not in NYC, so maybe I should take a chance. I have really been sheltered by my parents since the wreck in 1993, but I know I have to be brave and break out on my own. It's a scary world. Please pray for me. I really admire your style and have been curious about your life since seeing you in the Ziggy Stardust movie. I'm happy for you that you seem to have a good life now.

Well I will go for now and I'll be checking back to see if this was print worthy. :) Thanks for giving people a chance to feel famous. Love, Geana Anderson, future star

Dear Geana, Hi! Thank you for your lovely letter. You aren't pretending that you know me, you do know me! You took the initiative and wrote a beautiful note and introduced yourself. We know each other!

You would be amazed at how many people have narrowly avoided death growing up. Have you noticed that? It's the strangest thing. My partner/boy-friend was born in the South and had to have all his blood changed 3 hours after his birth. My mother saved me from SIDS 3 times. It's just the strangest thing. I wonder if our parents telling us the stories of how grateful they were that we survived made us especially grateful to be here, be alive and achieve something in our lives. It seems to be a common thread!

Don't ask me to pray for you, I find that offensive. I'll think of you and wish you well. I send you much love and may your future overflow with happiness and good health! Thank you for writing, Angie

Dearest new friend Angie, Thank you so much for responding to my letter.

I'm sorry I offended you by asking you to pray for me. I swear I didn't know or mean any harm. :) You are such a cool person with so many exciting experiences! I really admire that! Do you consider yourself spiritual? I mean, you are a "free spirit". I must read that book. I heard it is the better of the two. Would you agree? I think it is awesome how open you are with your fans. It's like you are close friends with us all. Fame can do strange things to people, but you are so down to earth, so real. Thank you again for writing me and telling me I do know you. Wow, maybe when I go to NY to make a go at Broadway I can tell my friends I am email buddies with Angie Bowie!!!:)

Sorry this message is so sporadic. I am still very much in awe of its subject and terribly afraid of saying the wrong things. Anyway, I know you have so many of these to answer so I will close for now. Thank you thank you a zillion times...Much Love and Happiness to You, Geana