Angie-I must say, I just love your website. I have been a fan of you and what you stand for ever since I read your book "Backstage Passes" a few months ago. Thank-you for opening my eyes to the ideas of sexual liberation and feminism. I am unsure of my sexuality right now, as I am only 16. I really love boys, but a few girls have struck my fancy as well. Not to mention my deep attraction to homosexual boys. I am very confused at this time, but you have helped me greatly. Keep up the fabulous work dear! Love, Jennifer
P.S. I would be thrilled to hear from you! But I will understand if you are too busy to reply.

Hi Angie, I was so thrilled to find your site!  You cannot imagine how wonderful it is to have this opportunity to write to you personally. Thank you so much for that. I want to share a memory with you. A memory of you.  When I was a teenager, I used to be part of the resident audience of a local radio show in Sheffield, (England) called "Downtown Saturday".  One Saturday the presenter, Michael Cooke, told us that you and Dana Gillespie would be guests on the show the following week. If I remember correctly, it was as part of a promotional tour for her classic album, "Weren't Born A Man".

The effect that this news had on all of us is indescribable. Overwhelmed just doesn't do it justice. You were (and are) such a star. We were the glam generation and you were, without a doubt, it's undisputed queen. Getting through those next seven days was just excruciating. And then, finally, Saturday came. When you walked in the room the atmosphere was simply electric. In fact, I have goose bumps at the memory. Angie Bowie - the one and only totally fabulous Angie Bowie - was really there, in the room, with us. Unbelievable!!!! And how we all loved you! So much love in the room. You didn't disappoint at all. You were warm and funny and kind and... and... We were all so impressed.

Then came the moment when Michael told you how thrilled we all were that you were there and asked if you would mingle and talk to us. And so to my most cherished memory. You looked around the room at all the eager faces, and then chose me. You walked directly across the room and spoke to me. Me! Angie Bowie chose me!!!! I was dumbstruck and could barely mumble my replies to your questions... and then you were snatched away by Helen (the resident Mott The Hoople fan!) and the moment was over. But I have never forgotten that magical moment. It's as vivid in my mind today as if it were yesterday. I was sixteen years old. Bisexual and struggling with that. And I've often wondered if somehow you intuitively sensed I was a kindred spirit. All I know for sure is that it meant the world to me that I was the "chosen one" out of that room full of people. And I still feel it. Still feel the thrill of that moment.  And I simply wanted to tell you this. And to say thank you for giving me such a cherished memory. Fondest love, Bob XXXX 

Dear Bob,
Thank you for your kind letter and souvenirs! I am so glad you reminded me of that promo tour with Dana. "for her classic album, "Weren't Born A Man". "Downtown Saturday" with the presenter, Michael Cooke, yes, I remember Sheffield well! Well, as long as you found it fun and embracing of the wonderful audiences who lent us their time! I am so glad we met! Before the internet and having the web-site feedback--I had often wondered if all the touring, visiting and promoting were of any interest to anyone. I remembered you and all the other wonderful kids who understood the message and did not just worship the messenger! So, if I was able to sustain your hopes and dreams; you all sustained mine; take a bow! Love Angie


It is interesting to read your article on bisexuality. I have been mixed up about my own my whole life. Having only been with men, I  am attracted to the idea of being with a woman, sometimes I think it is because I have been treated atrociously by men I have been in a relationship with, yet the thought of being with a woman is rather calming and enticing. Sexually I am attracted more to men but I am more attracted to women on so many other levels, so it would be a positive thing to be two-spirited, I never thought of it like that before. Thanks, bexie

What an inspirational article! Iíve been doing a whole load of isolated soul searching of late and really needed to get a handle on myself before I went nuts as I live in such a conservative backwater. I canít believe I found a word which encapsulates my feelings and identity so well: two-spirited. And I hope I too will always see further. Thanks for that. Itís made my day. Keep on being amazing.

Hello! It's so great to talk to someone who knows 'what's what.' I'm at a young age and life is becoming VERY confusing. I'm 16, and everything is absolutely falling apart! This may sound a bit perverted, but I think I've fallen in love with my music teacher! Who is the SAME gender as myself (female). It makes me laugh every time I think about it.   More than ever it's a platonic kind of thing. I for one who thought I was straight am becoming bi? But, what gets me is that it's someone older and someone who isn't even apart from my generation. Have you ever heard of anything like this before?  Maybe I'm just spiraling down into a psycho's path. After all I've been listening to Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, David Bowie, and many more brilliant musicians lately. I don't fit in with my so called 'school mates' I feel that I am more apart from them and more of an adult. Or is this just words from a person who is crazy?

I'm not like everybody else. I have an interest in drag queens, transvestites, and the gay community. I just never thought I would be apart of it, you know?  I come from a 'Small Town' in America and it's a SIN to do anything outrageous, or out of the 'normal' league. People my age only care about popularity and freakin' MTV. I for one who cares more about life, religion, politicians (even though I think some are nuts in the head), sexuality, fashion, etc., What has come over me? I've been watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show and just thinking to myself, "Dear God, am I going to turn in to one of Fran N Furter's family members and become that damn outrageous?"  School work is important but I'm ok with that level. I'm just worried about falling in love with the wrong person at the wrong time. During Middle School I tried EVERYTHING to be apart of the 'in' crowd. Those little bustards didn't accept me. So I said 'f*ck it' I'm going to be myself. When high school came I've been getting more attention from the adult section (which leads to my conductor) what have I gotten myself into!? HELP. P.S. I dig your site, from my observations your words really help others out!

Angie, Angie, Angie, my dearest Angie. Thank you so much for this... you're thoughts on bisexuality are wonderful. I had read it a few years ago when I was just trying to figure out my sexuality and come to terms with it and found myself a little intimidated by the whole thing. Well, I sat and read it again, only this time I found myself screaming "YES!!! EXACTLY!" and pounding my fist on the desk every 11 seconds. I agree with it all so much, so very much.

I'm still trying to figure myself out at the young age of 16, but I now am absolutely sure of my bisexuality. A few years of bi-curious has turned into the real thing. And let me tell you, I love it. I love the freedom. I love the fact that I can love, be attracted to, and have feelings for people of both sexes and NOT BE AFRAID to admit it! I actually feel blessed and privileged to be bisexual. I know there are so many bisexuals and gays who are much too afraid to come out... most of these people were abused emotionally and are afraid of rejection and criticism. Many of them, I think, will never reveal their true feelings and it makes me so sad. At the age of only 8, I discovered David Bowie and was well on the way to becoming his biggest fan (I am now). I knew more about bisexuality and homosexuality at the age of 10 than most adults learn in their whole life. Luckily for me, I had an understanding mother who didn't mind me as an inquisitive child going to the library and stocking up on gay and bi reading.

With my love for David came along my discovery and love for you, Angie. Most teen girls look up to shabby role-models, but I'm proud to say that YOU are my role model. I think young people everywhere should look up to people like you more often. I respect you so much... you are a wonderful, smart, inspirational, beautiful woman. When I began to feel awkward about my sexuality when I was just discovering it, I just had to look at you and your life and then I'd feel better about myself. You helped pave the way for me. I must've read Backstage Passes 8 times in a year, trying desperately to find myself, but I'm finally there. I am so proud and happy to be Two-Spirited... it had made me a better person, I know it. And I was surprised that so many people were understanding and nonjudgmental, when I thought more people would be unaccepting. Especially in highschool. Angie and anyone else who would like to discuss anything with me - please send me and email! Lots of love and Best of luckxoxoxoxoxoLove on ya!Tara

Dear Tara, Than you for your lovely e mails! You certainly are a wonderful 16 year-old! I send you much love and look forward to hearing from you in the future. You might enjoy my new little book: BISEXUALITY The Pocket Essential. It is a very empowering book, in my opinion, about bisexual role models. So study hard and play your sports and have fun and be safe. Angie

 NO Smoking, Angie! But I like your Cowboy Cookies!

Hi Angie! My name is Lauren and I am 17 years old. I just recently bought your book, Bisexuality, and I think it is great! It has really opened my eyes to the biases I may have had before reading it. It makes me that much more of a better person to not have biases on race, gender, beliefs, and of course sexuality. It is very interesting what people in history were bisexual, gay, or lesbian. Especially our very own first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt!

I wanted to inform you, although you probably already know, that the Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo and the actress Marilyn Monroe were also Bisexuals. Frida Kahlo had affairs with many men and women, while Marilyn Monroe only had an affair with a couple of woman, when she was younger, but perhaps not

Also, I just wanted to say, I made your 'Cowboy Cookies' and I thought they were very good. I liked how they were really crunchy and I love oats and chocolate.

Another thing I wanted to say is why do you smoke? I saw some recent pictures of you and you had a cigaretteÖ That's just really unhealthy, especially for someone who has been smoking as long as you have. I would be sad to find out that you got cancer from smoking. David Bowie quit smoking and you should too. You can't let him outlive you! Ta ta for now

Miss Geraldin & Asexuality

Miss Geraldin sent me a beautiful Easter card. She went on to let me know what she has been working on. Miss Geraldin vous presente:


Dear Angie, Thank you so much for your reply!! It was great to hear from you!! I hope you're doing well!! Did you have a nice Easter? I saw you on TV recently on the BBC, you were really cool!! I'm doing well, working on scripts and books and I've also started a Theatre group for children. Next to these activities, I'm also the Founder of the "Official Asexual Society." I am asexual myself, which is defined as 'being born without sexual feelings', meaning any link to sex in body, mind and soul has gone.
Yes, I can fall in love, the same way as any other, I can even get excited about the person I fall in love with, but it's a clean way of excited, a non-sexual no strings attached excited. 

As a slightly coloured girl I suffer a lot of racist abuse promoting this, but I'm lucky that I know quite a large number of people in worldwide. In fact, there are millions of Asexuals scattered about the planet, 1, 2, or three percent (perhaps even four to five, it depends on how big the population of a country is) of every country is Asexual. I've recently written the first book on this subject called: "That's when I realized I was an Amoeba." For this book, I have done 2 and a half years of extensive research in which I found out all there is to know about this hidden fourth sexuality.

It's hard to explain Asexuality in a short letter, as Asexuality is relatively unknown and most people don't get where I'm at, at first. It often needs long explanations before people see it like it is. It took me close to four years to find out about my sexuality. This was a long and painful search. It is awful not knowing who or what you are.  I thought I was bisexual for a very long time, but on the other hand realised that you were supposed to be sexual for that .For years, I was desolate, depressed, and afraid of the world. The moment I found out what I was, was an amazing relief. Can you imagine? For years, you think you're weird, not normal, and suddenly you turn out to be NORMAL!!!

That's the reason that I've started the society, to help other people that are in the same situation as I was .I try to raise awareness for asexuals whenever possible, but the media just snubs me and the people that battle with me ... They are either cruel and mean, or simply ignore what I have to say altogether. There have been some interviews with various magazines in Europe. But none of the press got my story right. Often they make me sound like a weird freak, or sensationalise it in such a way that not having sex suddenly seems an awful thing to do ... It's clear that through this a lot of people can't understand what I'm on about...

This doesn't deter me, I simply try and promote it myself in various ways; I perform self written comedy shows, and in those I often turn the subject to Asexuality, and try to make people aware of it's existence through the power of laughter. These days I even perform a skit as British male homosexual-Asexual nobility Mad Gerald in my show. I've also written a Sitcom called "Don't Call Us," it's the first comedy involving an asexual character. You might start to wonder "why is she telling me all this". Well, this is because I wanted to ask you if you wouldn't mind writing something to the society in support. Asexuality seems so unknown and the recognition of if by someone as famous as you would help so much!! Ok, I guess I should close here, as this letter has already been far longer then I intended it should be .I hope I'll hear from you, all the best to you and your family. Best of luck on future projects, Lots of love, Geraldin.
All about Miss Geri and her work at:
All about Asexuality at:

Ban Homosexual Bias
Hi Angie, I just had a comment to make about how rude the world acts toward homosexuals. I am in 11th grade and go to a public high school. I am 17 female, and I am not prejudiced towards any groups of people, and of course that includes homosexuals. I always hear people in class making the rudest, most prejudice comments about gay men and lesbians, and it really offends me a lot, even though I consider myself to be heterosexual, although I have no problem with being gay if that may be the case. I would never say anything to them, because they are the kind of people that would be very cruel and probable make fun of me, and I am the type of person that dreads that. 

Bisexual Blasts Medical Bias Against Alternative Sexualities
Wow...I've been exploring the internet for years, and today, I find this!  Thank you so very, very much.  I'm a bisexual man, age 34, engaged to be married this summer.  She knows, I know, the few people who are very important in our lives know, and we're all quite comfortable with my bisexuality. I've been bi as long as I remember, and I can't imagine why anyone would make me want to 'choose', but I hear it a lot. I have an anecdote about a doctor, to whom I shall refer as 'Dr. Dildo'.  My fiancée, who is very honest with her doctors (I don't understand, but we agree to disagree on the physician thing ;-), told Dr. Dildo I was bi, and she was treated to an immediate and heinous Bible-thumping lecture about the horrors of my disease. Furthermore, Dr. Dildo and his nurse, Nurse Yeastyblob, gave her the 'oh poor dear, it's just not safe' lecture, and then advised her to have a series of std tests and begin a series of shots for hepatitis!  Talk about a medical shock and awe campaign. Well, my wife-to-be never went back to that ol' slack-jawed sawbones, needless to say. Some people would be surprised the medical community is so judgmental and ill-informed, but I wasn't surprised in the least.

Physicians and health care 'professionals' are a group of misleading, antisocial, right-wingers with zero people skills and all the wisdom one can gain by memorizing books for a couple of years, which is to say none. It should be enough to point out to anyone who admires physicians, that the leading republican in the senate is 'Dr.' Bill Frist, a mush-mouthed waxhead from Tennessee who adopted cats around Boston and killed them performing 'medical' experiments. I could certainly recommend a fitting, similar end for him, but I'm sure that as the product of generations of daddy/daughter sex, his genetic material is no longer recognizable as human, and the experiments done on him would be as inapplicable to human disease as the experiments he performed on his 'adopted' cats. Now, I finally understand why conservatives are always singing the praises of adoption; it will give them something more to tie up and cut into pieces while it's still alive, in an experiment almost certain to end all human suffering. But...I digress!  : I love what you wrote, the information, the tone, it was beautifully done. Thank you. Arne

Angie: My main motto in life is 'never put off till tomorrow what you can try today, cos if you like it today, you can do it tomorrow as well!!' I think Bi-Sexuals are more curious than Homo or Hetero sexuals.  Perhaps hungrier for life. If I see a nice behind, in a pair of jeans, I don't worry about if a man or a woman is inside them, I just feel an attraction.  More honest?  I often wonder what a Homo or Hetero goes through when the person in the jeans turns around and is the wrong sex???  Do they suddenly get disgusted where moments before they were attracted?????? I suppose I am lucky, I am married, but my wife knows, and we have shared a boyfriend before, both apart and together. Sorry Angie, I have to go, but I love to chat and I'll be back to your site again soon. Seeya

My dear friend and compadre Mary Finnigan helped me with some information about Tantric Sex techniques for my book POP.SEX.
But as with all useful information; I found that some of these techniques improve love-making therfore I shall add their info and their link!

Tantric Techniques
with special thanks to Sex and Loving--Links are displayed at top and bottom!

In the last issue of
Sex and Loving  
we explored the basics of Tantra, which started in India over 5000 years ago. It was created to counter religious leaders who said sexuality should be denied to reach spiritual enlightenment. The Tantric founders believed that sexuality is a gift from God and, as such, should be celebrated.

Whether you want spiritual enlightenment or simply sexual satisfaction, Tantra will add fireworks to your love life. This week, we've got some more practical tips and techniques to help you hit that high.

Eye Love you
Eye-gazing helps you connect with your partner. Stare into each other's eyes, keeping your mind blank. Ignore the physical; their outward appearance doesn't matter - it's their soul you're trying to see. Relax and enjoy simply existing with your partner. Open your heart to your partner, showing them how much you love them with your eyes alone.

Different strokes
Spend time caressing each other, trailing your fingers over or even just above their skin with the very gentlest of strokes. Carry on gazing at each other, or, if you find it easier to relax, keep your eyes closed. Don't rush things and only move to making love when it feels absolutely right.

Make love facing each other, still gazing into each other's eyes, or try spooning. Lie on you left hand side, curled into your partner with your back against their front and align your chakras (energy centres). Softly stroke each other, while you concentrate on your breath, feeling each inhalation and exhalation. Once you're in tune with your own breathing, focus on your partner's.  Breathe in time with your partner while imagining that your energy is entering your partner's heart. Allow yourself to become one with your partner.

Orgasmic Bliss
Orgasm is a different and deeper experience in Tantra. It's even got its own Goddess, Shakti, who represents orgasm; sexual pleasure and love amplified through connected lovers. Shakti is also cosmic energy and creative force, mother of all, seductress, sister, terrible power who destroys all limitations, Goddess granting divine gifts and feminine force. No wonder orgasm is such an intense experience!

To intensify your orgasm, hold back for a while before letting go. As you feel orgasm approaching, stop moving, contract your pelvic floor muscles and feel your sexual energy flowing up your spine. Only start moving when your need to climax subsides.

At the point of orgasm, let your energy flow though you rather than focussing on the physical orgasm. Share your partner's breath, inhaling their breath as they inhale yours. Look into your partner's eyes, let your muscles relax and breathe deeply. You may feel out of control but go with it and enjoy it.

Full Body orgasm
If you want to experience a full body orgasm, channel your sexual energy through your entire body. Just before you climax, stop moving and breathe deeply, imagining your breath entering your genitals and navel. Let every atom of yourself fill with your arousal and feel the love between you and your lover. By using this technique, your orgasm can last for up to 13 minutes.

 Don't worry if this doesn't all happen at once. Tantra takes a deep level of connection and the right partner. Take your time, connect with your sexuality and before long, you should experience the ultimate in sex and loving.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Sex & Loving 26 September 2003 °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

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