Hallowe'en and the elections are over!
Hallowe'en was pleasant, I stayed home and watched HORROR movies on the TV! The election was dramatic!

MEEEEEEOOW! We were selected as pet humans by this cat: who now answers to the generic name:  Miss Kitty


So what's new?

"BIBA" the book by Alwyn W. Turner!
Hi Angie, Hope you're well and happy.
Just to let you know The Biba Experience was published on 7 September. It's a beautiful book and I'm sure will be a huge success. Biba's 40th birthday...Oh, my god!

If you get a chance the writer, Alwyn W Turner, has a website also the publisher has a website  you would find them interesting and very nostalgic!

Grays Antiques Market are holding a Biba party in October, so I'll be off to London for that event, have to dig out the faux leopardskin, I feel!
Hope things are cool with you and you're enjoying your course work. I really take my pill box hat off to you!
Take care.
Love, Michelle xx

Dear Alwyn, Hi!  Michelle Coomber notified me today that your BIBA book is published. I will, of course, feature it heavily in my next web-site greeting, if you would like. Congratulations I am sure it was labor-intense though enjoyable! Regards, Angie

Dear Angie, Yes, I'd love it if you'd mention the book. I have to say that I'm very happy with how it's turned out - the production values are very impressive, and I'm hoping that it'll meet with the approval of those who care about Biba.

You've got the right word. It has actually been the most enjoyable project I think I've ever worked on. People had such happy memories and so many nice  things to say about the subject that it was a real pleasure. Speak soon, I hope.
Best wishes, Alwyn
And from Geri in Holland:
Here is a new resource for transgendered people:

Dear Angie, How are you doing? Hope you are well. Are all your projects doing well?
Sorry that I've gone quiet for so long, but I've been working virtually non stop lately ...
My book on asexuality kept coming back from the publishers, because the demanded there should be more information, and more stories on celebrities ...As if I had the power to magically pull asexual celebrities from a black hat ...Oh well, I have done the best I can on that issue I guess J

I've also done several different shows over the past few months. A special one for Discovery, even!! I will be featured on one of the episodes of  the new series of  "The Sex files"

I was quite intrigued by the story that Xaviera Hollander sent to you. I'm Jewish myself and following the rise in anti-Semitism in every country with wretched dread. In fact it is one of the issues in my new show. Is your daughter doing well? She looks so lovely on the pictures on your site. Iíve got to go here now. Hope that all is well with you and your family, Lots of love,                        Cheers, Geri

A romantic story,

Here's a picture for you!

This beautiful young lady fell in love with Arthur Kane from the New York Dolls just months before he passed away from leukemia.

 Lizzie and friend Clement!

dear angie,
my name is lizzie, i'm 18, i'm french, i always wanted to send you a little something, because i think you're fantastic!! and, oh so stunning!!
well, another 'groupie' you may say (ho-ho), but well, something quite amazing (but sad in the end) happened to me, recently, and i had to tell you.
i'm a massive rock'n'roll, glam/rock fan myself and my latest musical 'crush' was the new york dolls, i totally got into their music about a year ago, and well, through my friend sedley lyons, i got arthur kane's email address (the dolls' bassist)
because she knew him from a friend, i was thrilled!!
we emailed each other for 6 months and as i've always been fascinated with rock'n'roll, rockstars and always had a 'groupie' behaviour(i had moved from paris to london in between), we decided to meet!!
we did meet 18th of june this year at the afterparty, after his last ever concert. i totally fell in love with him and him too as he asked me to be his wife 2 weeks later!!
he was in los angeles, i was in london, but i thought, you love him, you're young, pretty, he's wonderful, he's a new york doll and wants to marry you, i was thrilled, i was meeting AMAZING people thanks to him.
he suddenly died of leukemia 13th of july, 2 weeks after our engagement. my life suddenly stopped, i know i'm young, i got back to some people and try to stay in touch with the band and all, but all my dreams, angie, faded away.
i couldn't even go to the funerals, cuz my passport isn't sorted yet, and it's really hard at the moment, the man i loved died and so did my 'groupie career'.
i always totally loved you, for being just so angie (said with french accent), for your beauty(and i saw recent pictures, like WOW, you're absolutely beautiful.
You probably don't have an account on, but i have, and lots of people do, and i created a community called 'vintage groupies' (not that i considered you a one,  just had to find a smashing name)  (link:,
my friend mia made a wonderful layout with the wonderful angie on it and everybody loves it.
i was wondering also how was your today's life like, how was everything, because i just totally love you and would be so pleased if you got back to me.
since arthur died, i'm back in paris with my mom (for a bit, mom's are magical, aren't they?
But i'm usually always in london, do you still live there!!
i send you all my love and best wishes, plus my 70's rock'n'roll groupie picture with my glam rock sunglasses on!!
heheh, what do you think of the new generation angie??
tu es une etoile, angie, tu as la beauté, la grace et je te doit tout!!
hope my english was okay, i'm still learning. love & kisses, lizzie
Dear Lizzie,
Hi! Thank you for your kind e mail and forgive the time it has taken for me to reply but the first two weeks of college for this semester were at the same  time and it has been very busy!
What an interesting situation happened to you!
I cannot believe the story you told me about your engagement and its consequences when he died from leukemia. I am so sorry. I am sure you would have enjoyed a wonderful time together; but as you said you had the experience and I know it will arm you with love and creativity to do something wonderful next in your sweet young life.

No, Lizzie, I no longer live in Europe I am in Tucson, Arizona.
I will write you again when I have visited your sites and have more to say! Kindest regards, Angie.

Jude Rawlins writes in the SUBTERRANEANS NEWS:
And so the silence is broken. Robin is repaired, and we turn again to the live thing, wherein the music and people come together. Be a gathering.

Lots of talking, and Carl's list-making genius comes into its own.
With songs aplenty and a sweet chill for the fire of unknown origin that is performing, the guitars are in tune and so are we. With the full ninety to thrill, we're going all the way, new songs, old songs, indeed right back to the start. Some of your old favourites, one in particular not aired since 1993, combined with the fierce agenda of the new album. We are live and alive. It's going to get hot in 2005.
This is our sacred vow.

Let everything from here on in be for the sake of love. Love of
music, love of volume, love of art, love of caffeine, love of the
road, love of the sights, smells and sounds. Love of greasy
breakfasts, love of curries, love of the people we love.

Here we go, here we go. We ask nothing of you except that you turn up and let us do the rest. You know the drill; put on your comfy shoes and your dancing trousers, or put on your airs and clamp yourselves to the walls if you like, whatever tickles you. Play it cool if you must, just come and be part of. Let the light pour out of you, and into us. But, people, get ready.

"Love has no other desire but to fulfil itself.
But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your
desires: To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.
To know the pain of too much tenderness.
To be wounded by your own understanding of love, thus to bleed willingly and joyfully.
To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.
To rest at noon hour and meditate on love's ecstasy.
To return home at eventide with gratitude, and then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise on your lips."

from "The Prophet" (1922) by Kahlil Gibran, Lebanese poet,
philosopher and artist (1883-1931)

And from our own Franzie ( POETZ4PEACE & "plenty music-maker!"):

Greetings All-
This is a quick, short version of PSM's News on the Net, the "Making History" edition. Last night was one of the most amazing set of events in our 12 year history... The following is an account of one of the greatest days, which will live in our minds, for the next 12 years... and then some!

After a brief stop at the San Francisco Weekly's "Music Awards" event at Ruby Skye, which was a nice event for a big "industry" shindig... Thanks to Paul for getting us the tickets... IDC, PSM and Strong Foundation were well represented as Rocker-T, Stand Out Selector, and Ces-One, got to "Meet and Greet" with many big players in the SF Music Scene for about 2 hours. Many new contacts were made, and many more were "reconnected" after a few months, and even years lapse. The crew handed out 500 IDC flyers in a big "Guerrilla" style marketing campaign.

Then the evening got interesting, as the IDC, PSM and Strong Foundation crew were invited by Jay Seigan to attend a special show by the Teacher himself, KRS-One. As some of you may know, Rocker-T and KRS go back to the mid-1980's doing shows in New York's Thompkin's Square Park in New York City's lower east side, before both of them got signed to major label deals. The evening started with the full VIP treatment at Red Devil Lounge, where we got some very preferential standing room, and waited for the Godfather of Hip Hop to bless the mic.

Within 15 seconds of hitting the stage, KRS looked up to see his old spar Rocker-T (who has just finished voicing KRS, and himself, on "What is an MC", a brand new track for Rocker's upcoming "Urban Warrior of Peace" CD due out in mid-2005,) and gave him a half dozen "Name-Checks" on the mic... After a 40 minute burst from the "Blastmaster" in which everyone in the place was blessed with tunes like; South Bronx, Love's Gonna Get You, and Sound of the Police, plus another 20 or so hits...

Rocker-T was ready to forward  (as he had another event to attend), when out of the blue, KRS asked Rocker over the mic... "Are you gonna spit or what??" Well folks, Rocker-T, side by side with KRS-One, went into a 10 minute freestyle that had the entire "sold-out" crowd screaming for more. KRS asked the crowd if they had been down since 1986, and then proceeded to tell them how long Rocker-T had been down for...  KRS then proceeded to livicate a song to Rocker while he was onstage alongside of him...

But the story does not even end here.... Rocker told KRS he had to leave, and KRS told Rocker... "Not Yet... Not Yet" and then had his DJs drop a late 80's Delroy Wilson version which Rocker sang and chatted on for another 5 minutes, with he and KRS trading freestyles which had almost the whole place lighting lighters and licking shots in the air...  When Rocker broke into his final verse the 300 or so folks got floored. The "mini-set" ended with Rocker hugging his old friend, like they was back in 1986!!!

This was the first time in over 15 years that Rocker-T and KRS-One have performed together. Indeed, it was one of the most powerful and positive stageshows in San Francisco's legendary musical history.
Respect to All-

Positive Sound Massive Recordings
Positive Sound Management
2261 Market Street, PMB 487
San Francisco, CA, 94114, USA
(415) 835-4799 office/voicemail
(510) 832-4001 fax
100% pure conscious dancehall
plus a whole lot more!!!

I thought it was imperative that i'd let you know about the happenin's in Detroit.
Besides Murder, crime, ignorance and the occasional music festival, it has been a breeding ground for freshly inspired artists and philosophers alike.
Granted, it's all in the rough, but I do believe there is a diamond amongst it.
Currently, some pals and I have been putting together a piece surrounded by the surname of "Perfect Weiners and Butts."
We currently have performed our first piece, "AHOMOSAYSWHAT?", which was recently displayed at the Detroit Artists Market. A 20 Min. musical comedy is the best way to sum it up.  Our upcoming musical/band venue will be known as "Neon Nightschool," which is an ever expanding work in progress.
My question being, what do you think people want to see these days and what do they NOT want to see. General, but if you have an idea, I would love to know.
Sincerely, Antoine Sir Neglejai Frazzini
Dear Antoine Sir Neglejai Frazzini,
Thank you for your e mail!
What do I think people want to see these days?
It sounds as though you know what people want to see because you are out there performing....I think from what I have gleaned at college from the younger students...maybe some of the lessons that we thought we had taught, need to be taught again.
How much compassion is there towards alternative lifestyles?
How much understanding is there between different religions and races?
One of the great lessons that came from being at school in Switzerkand was not only 57 nationalities at the school and 23 religions but also the proximity to the United Nations which was in Geneva. The UNICEF branch of the UN had an international singing group of 150 nations; they sang at all the schools in Switzerland and there were many of them.
I think the most effective dramatic and comic use of your time is to impress the importance of tolerance; tolerance is a great dramatic ploy. It allows us to use caricatures of intolerance to play against. You have an everyman situation or everywoman and that is great entertainment when the naif or the inocent has to endure the rigors and adventures of life.
I hope I said something helpful!
Love Angie

Dear Angie, How are You? I just visited Your website. Is it really true that You are going to school again and learn algebra? I could hardly believe my eyes (I hated algebra at school, even the whole math-thing).
There was a programme about Cypriot food on television, while I wrote this email, and I checked the recipes on You website again, after I've seen it. But there was nothing new since my last visit. What's about an update? I really like to read more about Cypriot food! Cheers Kim

Dear Kim,
Algebra yes! Plenty of bizarre subjects to complete an American Liberal Arts degree in journalism. Will have to do a master's as well but whatever it takes to get POP.SEX published and in front of an audience!


From Whitney.....

Hello Friends, Art Lovers, and Fellow Artists,

You are invited to 6 shows of my work online, and in Los Angeles, Hayward, Santa Fe, and Japan. Wherever you might be, please bring your friends or tell them they are invited to my shows. I hope to see you there!

Best wishes, Whitney
vox 510 540 7253

Shows in chronological order:

F-Stop Gallery, Chicago, IL

September - November 2004

Two of my photographs from my Liquid Sky series were selected for this show. When you click on the following link, you will see two colorful skyscapes in the top row.

Online show:


"LIQUID GRAVITY: Ways of Seeing."
> L2kontemporary Gallery
990 N. Hill Street # 205, cross is Bernard streets
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Vox: 323.225.1288

October 23 - November 20, 2004
Gallery hours: Thursday - Saturday from 12-6pm or by appointment.

A solo show of my paintings, photographs, and light boxes in hip and happening Chinatown.

L2k is conveniently located at Hill Street Exit off Pasadena Freeway (110 North), on the left at the STOP sign. We're at the end of North Hill Street in Los Angeles' Chinatown District, corner of Hill & Bernard streets, second floor (entrance on Bernard Street). DASH transit stops at the entrance to the gallery which is located on Bernard Street.


> Santa Fe Art Institute Gallery
1600 St. Michael's Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Vox: 505.424.5050

Reception: Tuesday, November 2, 5-7pm
October 26 - November 9, 2004
Gallery hours:  Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm


"DAY OF THE DEAD: Dying to Vote"
Sun Gallery
1015 "E" Street, cross is Mission Boulevard
Hayward, CA 94541
Vox: 510.581.4050

Reception: Friday, November 5, 5:30-10pm
It will include Mexican folk dancing from 7-8:30pm
November 4 - 27, 2004
Gallery hours: Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am-4pm

A group show of evocative light and shadow boxes as well as photography. It will be my third annual Day of the Dead exhibit at the Sun.

From interstate 880 take the highway 92 (Jackson Street) exit and go East for 1 1/2 miles. Before you get to Mission Blvd. move to the right, go through the intersection and then up "E" Street which is a straight ahead. Sun Gallery is a half block further just after the stop sign. Going North on Mission take a hard right on "E" Street at the intersection with Foothill. Coming from the North take 2nd Street and turn right on "E" Street, proceed down the hill for a block and a half past the Bret Harte baseball fields then turn left into the Gallery.


KAIR Art Collection
> Kamiyama Art Museum
Kamiyama, Tokushima Prefecture,
Shikoku, Japan

November 10 - 14, 2004

A group show of work produced by 2004 Artists-In-Residence. Abstract landscape photographs I shot during my residency will be on display.


> L2kontemporary Gallery
990 N. Hill Street # 205
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Vox: 323.225.1288

Reception on Saturday, November 27, 6-9pm
November 27 - December 31, 2004
Gallery hours: Thursday - Saturday from 12-6pm or by appointment.

A group show of colorful paintings, photographs, and sculpture in hip and happening Chinatown.
There are simultaneous receptions at about a dozen other local galleries. It is one big street party centered around a carless promenade. Fun!



Dear Angie,
I've just read your 'Backstage Passes' book which I thought was amazing. It made me sad and happpy, but mainly it was just a fucking wild story.
I'm a blues musician from Liverpool, England signed to a cool label in Glasgow. . I'm hoping to have a big party at an art gallery in Liverpool, with lots of bands and you as the guest of honour! Do you fancy it? Failing that I'll send you a Cd with free kazoo. All the best, Dom Newton

Dear Dom thank you for your kind letter. Delighted that you enjoyed 'Backstage Passes.'
I so appreciate being asked to your record release party but distance and college committments preclude my attending! I no longer live in Europe but in Arizona, the Wild West!
Best of luck with the album, love Angie

Dear Angie,
Hello how are you?My name is Marc and I have to tell you how much I admire you.I think it's great you were married to David Bowie he is my all time idol I can
not get enough of him.I want to say thanks because you were the one to help David on his way to the top. I think you are so very intersting and intelligent and
think your a great person for being with David and helping him along the way.I'am only 14 years old and absolutely love David.He is such a great inspiration
to me a long with yourself.His music and life just amazes me and I don't go a day without listening to him.I had a question though.Do you talk to David at
all today or see him ever or keep in touch at all?
Thanks so much Angie!!! I would be honored to get a reply from you.I would appreciate it more than you'll ever know.Take care of yourself always!! Sincerely, Marc

Dear Marc,

Thank you for your e mail.
No, David does not keep in touch with me.
According to his most recently sanctioned television biography show on A&E I was a decorative touch until I went crazy! I may have been a trifle irritated at being forced out of the company-MAINMAN which I conceived to manage David. All the people we hired fell into line with Tony Defries and David to oust me in the most economical way for David's interests. That did not succeed; instead David cut Tony Defries and MAINMAN loose.

But as the years went by and David relieved himself of Defries and other advisors the plot to alienate me was devised. His final choice was the "I didn't even know she existed" ploy that was sold to the A&E television producers.
I had to consult ACLU lawyers and consider suing. Powerful people have problems with anyone who witnessed their lives; especially if it conflicts with the rewritten version which they choose to bequeathe to posterity.
I wrote a book about this dilemma called "Backstage Passes."

I bet you didn't expect such a complicated answer!!!!!
Love Angie

Ms. Bowie:
There's a used bookstore on 16th Street in San Francisco. Every time I go in I discover a fantastic book I never knew existed that screams 'buy me!!!!!!'.  This time it was Backstage Passes.  Just what I needed: an insider's account of early glam.  Something superficial and rock and roll -- but well-written!

I loved the book. I adored it.  We eat up any new information we can cull about Swinging 60's London & avant garde New York.  Having been born in 1963, I have glamorized everything 60's and 70s.  You have to bring a certain amount of familiarity with pop culture to the reading table with you to enjoy your book, to know who Viva Superstar was or who Twiggy or Diana Vreeland was.    I don't think the book was superficial.  Frankly, I see deep meaning in shallow subjects.   And people have written about the 60s and 70s, but not from inside the coterie.  

Your passage about the state of rock concerts and rock halls in the late 60s, with all the redolence and the 'highly individualized schedules' of the rock musicians before they showed up on the stage, should go down in history as the funniest diatribe against hippies !   I was in stitches.   I love reading a smart, wry female writer and I always have!  (Mary Mcarthy, Sylvia Plath, Zadie Smith).  The 'brown rice with a hit of acid, and the blueberry preserves with mescaline made by Mary from Marin', hit the nail right on the head.  (These Marys from Marin still exist, as you know).  I love how you schooled me that YOU came up with the idea of having musicians tune up on stage beforehand so the first glimpse the audience has is the band in tune, in costume and ready.  These were the details I loved, the nuts-and bolts instructions for the star-making machine!

I just want to thank you for a lovely, lovely escape; a memoir chockablock with juicy details from the past, but which give ideas for today's aspiring troubador.   I especially liked your hindsight, and incorporating later knowledge to past events.  You are good at explaining exactly what he was giving society in his outrageous behavior, in the beginning of the book and in the ending paragraphs.  Most people in the States believe fashion, trends, popular music & attitudes are superficial, when in fact they are very important, they deserve to be analzed in an academic way. 

All the bi-sexual, poly stuff was great, the anecdotes, etc.   Unfortunately, I was in swaddling clothes during all this festivity, being born in 1963.  I used to listen to Low and Hunky Dory a few years back.  I loved Andy Warhol and 5 Years.  Bowie is a poet.

 I was sorry to read how your relationship went awry, but, you well document, you had some very extraordinary good times.  The best parts are the early years, the making of the legend.  That's where I am in my life.  I like David Bowie's early recordings, even venerate it - but I had heard stories of his egomania.  My friend Sari who used to go to Mudd Club went one night when all of mainstream Manhattan was at Madison Sq Garden to seethe Talking Heads. Lo and behold, there was David Bowie, her idol in the very room.  She mustered the nerve to approach him and say how she had every single one of his albums. She said he acted so snottily and condescendingly that she went home an threw all his albums out.  I think it was Oscar Wilde that said  The only artists I have ever known who are personally delightful are bad artists.  And Bowie is a good artist.  It's difficult to deal with run-of-the-mill folk, I suppose, why bother?

Anway, sorry for ranting on and on, but I just want to tell you I loved Backstage Passes.  (I even got the title's double entendre).   


PS I only have one critique of the book: It could have had loads more photos !!!!!!!  And I donít know if people took color photos back then but I wish they had !  Good luck!

Dear Skiny Vinny,
Thank you for your kind letter.
I thought you made some interesting points:

I think we agree that procedural details are useful for readers and other authors.
Different eye witness accounts are history and when writers research subjects, supposedly they read all of the memoirs and relevant material to illustrate their premise or revise their opinion and to get a feeling for the times.

My experience was probably very different from other folk. I grew up abroad, in Cyprus (See CYPRUS ESSAYS.)

I was passionate about having a chance to work; I was not allowed to work in Cyprus or England because I am an American citizen.
I kept waiting; I knew that if I could work, I could do something exciting and help change the world!!!  As we all expect to do when we are 19, 20 and 21!

But it's the licensing fees that kill you: it was so expensive to use just the ones I included!

One would have to assemble a picture book with captions; otherwise it would be too expensive to print.
Anyway thank you for taking the time to write to me!
Come back and visit! Regards, Angie

Mark Bego was in town on the way to his sister's wedding in Los Angeles. Best of luck to the newly marrieds!
I don't think I even took a photograph! We dashed out for breakfast; Mark picked me up at school!


Comments: Thank you so much for your Cyprus memories.  My parents were both born and raised there and I myself have been there numerous times.  Although I can't go back to my parents villages (both of them are occupied by the Turks) I love the island and love to share my adventures with people who have yet to discover this "paradise."  Thanks for educating people on this remarkable island.   Andria
My pleasure Andria! Thank you for reading the Cyprus Essays!

And my new friend/contact Diana writes....
Dear Angie,
Thanks for your e-mail. Well done in your courses.
When we are next in Karavostasi I will endeavour to take some photos for you, but don't hold your breath as I'm not actually planning on getting down that way very soon to be honest. But you never know.
The Argentineans in Skouriotissa are holding their next medal parade on 2nd September @1830 hrs. So if you want to dance a tango with one of their experts here's your chance....or wait another six months till the next one! Just let us know and an official invite will on the way!   Take care and all the best Diana

There was a very interesting article in Sunday's Cyprus Mail newspaper about the sea turning orange again at Xeros due to toxins leaking. Pollution turns the sea orange in Morphou Bay
By Simon Bahceli
I include the link for all 'Cypriotofiles!' Those who love Cyprus: I wonder if that's a word????

Angie, I`m gonna to say this with all my heart, I admire you very much, you are a inspiration for me .I think you are a talent and strong woman and I completly understand have the guts to tell the world who you are, just like I`m doing, I`m not famous I`m just a hair stylest with 25 years old , from Brasil ( this dificul contry)... Please answear this email, and send me news from you, and pictures... next time I`ll send you mine, ok? I love you...kisses ...with a lot of respect   Carla Bonesso
Dear Carla, How much we love you wonderful Brazilians!
Yes, I bet it is difficult! We are all in the same boat. Our governments tell us what they want us to hear and we all know better but we don't have the time economically to become fully political if wer at continue to exist.
I enjoyed my Brazilian friends at school in Switzerland and I think of them often.
You are inspiring in your outlook and dedication to individuality. I watched a lovely movie from Brazil about the lady who writes letters for people; she ends up baby-sitting this adorable little boy who is either on a bus-trip or going to school, i don't remeber that part.
I am sure you know what the name of this movie is.
And I think of all my Brazilian chums as I sit in my Spanish classes and wish I could learn everybody's language in the length of my life so I could say hello and ask people's names and what they like to do in every language!
Thank you for your kind e mail and I look forward to hearing fom you again and all of your news!
There are photographs on my site.

Kindest regards,


Good luck everyone,