Tsunamis in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Sumatra...

Perhaps from tragedy will emerge a sense of planetary community.

Victims of the ocean's wrath could have been any coastal community in the world.

RED CROSS AID donate here:


UNICEF AID donate here




OXFAM AID donate here:


I began my holiday season after I took my final exam on December 15th. As part of the holiday festivities, I had to go to Los Angeles, see Stacia and do a documentary. Had a chance to catch up with old friends and hang with Cee, my manager.

On Boxing Day morning, the earthquake hit and soon there were Tsunamis all over the Indian Ocean.

From all over the world, the desire of people to help is powerful.....


Hi Dear Angie

My intention was to send you a Happy New Year's greeting and hope you have had an enjoyable festive time.......but......
I have been in Kerala since November and I am scheduled to stay here till March....and we are on the edge of the tidal wave which has hit southern Asia.
The local fishing harbour has been trashed and thousands have lost their homes. Throughout the state some 140 plus have lost their lives. I am fine but I have offered my services for free to the Kerala Tourist Board who are desperate to encourage tourists still to come..as any loss of tourist revenue will  mean that they will have no income to pay for rehabilitation etc.....the situation is unpredictable day to day. However for the fortunate ones....and Kerala has been spared in many ways compare with the east coast of India and Sri Lanka....life goes on. The cultural attitude to disaster by Indian assumes a different perspective from that experienced by westerners. So may stories to tell.....though in India  one never tries to explain.....just experience the events.

Al my bestest wishes and kind regards

Sinceres to you and yours......

Dave may be reached at:


Liverpool Tsunami Aid Event

I am in the process of mobilizing my friends and acquaintances in the Liverpool music scene in order to promote a charity event to raise money for those affected by the recent disaster.  If you've received this e-mail be you musician, manager, DJ, sound engineer, promoter, producer, venue manager, music fan or groupie I'd appreciate it if you mailed me back declaring your interest in this project.  Full coverage of the event has been promised by the Liverpool Echo.  I am determined to make this happen and raise some cash.  It would be decent if everyone was prepared to forgo their usual fees for this event.  All proceeds will be donated to the British Red Cross - Asia Earthquake and Flood Appeal.  So please mail me back if you are prepared to do something righteous with your skills and talents.  If you're up for it please forward this to your mailing list so we can make the event as big as possible and make as much cash as possible.  All the best for the new year, Dom Newton

Dom Newton dommypie1@hotmail.com tel 0151 233 5845 work, 0151 920 7206 home

Jon sent this wonderful link to our cam on MARS! 

The Planet Mars

Happy, new year, angie, thankz for your response,  let's hope this new year is filled, with love, peace, and understanding! we're all one people., and we all shine on., love jon.!

Hola Angie,

Leí en tu sitio que ha aprendido el español en la universidad. Me llama Sarah y obviamente el español no es mi lengua origena (¿puedes entender esta mierda?), soy de Nueva Zelanda y también que tu, era una estudiante de español pero en la universidad de Auckland.

Alright, enough Spanish already. It's taken me about 20 mins to write just that!!!

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and that the new year brings you much happiness. You wouldn't know me from a bar of soap and I'm sure you're a very busy woman but I would be forever in your debt and incredibly blessed if I could have your expert guru knowledge to help me in my quest to become a writer.

I am writing a novel about celebrity and the type of personality behind one (self-obsessed egomaniacs) and therefore of the flip-side of the coin and consequently societies' abilty to purposefully be ignorant to it.

A dear friend of mine who is a Bowie fan read your book 'Backstage Passes' and as she is aware of my dream to make my own book a reality, she let me borrow it.'

I must have devoured it in a couple of days, it hit the nail on the head with many things I had thought about in the past. I'm in love with that whole era of life and am incredibly jealous that I didn't get to live through it!

I looked on the net as soon as I had the chance and was delighted that you have a forum whereby anyone has the chance to converse with you despite the fact that many of us live on the other side of the world.

I have nothing to offer you except my friendship (and a HUGE acknowledgement in my book once it gets published!) but I would love to be able to run certain things by you, ask heaps of questions and get your advice about all things writing-related if that's possible and if you're comfortable with it of course.

All the best,
From Sarah xoxox

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your e mail and taking the time to write me in Spanish. Mucho gusto!

I will be delighted to do what I can to help you in your quest to become a writer but I suspect you are already half way there! You have a lovely way with people that will stand you in the best stead as far as telling and reporting stories.
Delighted that Backstage Passes was a help; please advise me what I can do, time permitting, to be of assistance.
Kindest regards and be assured of my interest!
Best wishes for 2005 and may all your dreams come to fruition this year,

AngieHi Angie My name is Jay and I live in South Jersey. I know you don't recognize my email address but I have a very good friend who is my best friend in the world who I would do anything for and when he sent me email this week and it showed you address. I just had to write you. I basically wanted to write you and tell you how much I admire you for who you are and the things that you've over come in life. I have several friends who work for  celebrity's and was hoping to maybe add you to my list. Kinda like a Pen pal thing. You would be in the company of my friends who work for Aerosmith and one who works for Patti LaBelle.  I know they are at the opposite end of the spectrum with a person like yourself but I know you have to be just as down to earth as my friend has told me about you. And if you don't want to write me that will be just fine also. If nothing else I wanted to say your a great person. Hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas also. Take good care of yourself and would hope to hear from you sometime.Sincerly, Jay Tabor

Dear Jay,

Thank you for your e mail and your kind words.

Happy New Year and all the best for this brand new moment when we can re-invent ourselves!

Would love to hear from you anytime,

kindest regards,





In England, the Pipettes are jamming and partying hard!

Huge, huge thanks to all 350 of you who crammed into the Komedia in Brighton for our biggest sell-out show to date last week. We thought the ICA was good... but this! We had an amazing time. Thanks so much for being part of it.

A couple of bits of news for you, then. Tonight (Mon, Dec 6), The Pipettes will be playing at The Eye in Stoke Newington High Street from 9pm. We'll be joined by Vincent Vincent and the Villains. The venue, we're told, has not one but TWO pinball machines. This had better be true, or else... kidding.

And on Thursday (Dec 9), woah, things start to get interesting down in Brighton town. We'll be kicking off our very own pop club at the Sussex Arts Club in Ship Street, playing one-hit-wonders, novelty records and dancefloor bubblegum pop from the '30s to the present day. Think Noel Coward, The Beverley Sisters, The Andrews Sisters, The Shangri-Las, The Monkees, The Banana Splits, The Bay City Rollers, Abba, Soft Cell, Bananarama, Pet Shop Boys... Aaliyah. Y'know. That kinda thing. Don't expect a great deal of Suede. Pipettes guitarist Monster Bobby will be joined on the decks by Mr Alex White from the Electric Soft Parade and Skyds from the Totally Bored radio show on Wired FM.

Records? Schmecords! Of course, there'll be live music from The Pipettes and the delightful Schmoof - and the whole thing lasts from 9pm until 4am, after which there'll be a three-legged race to the beach. Maybe. Admission is £5 (£4 members and concessions).

There'll be more festive news soon. Boy, you're going to love what we've got coming up... stay tuned.

Can't get us out of your head? Send a Christmas kiss to thepipettes@gmail.com

Happy shopping!


Dearest Angie,

Hello... my name is Victoria, I am 13...and I am a fan of you!!

David Bowie is my favorite.. and I think you both are really hot... You both are the ones who inspired me to become bisexual... I love being this way. I have so much freedom... and I think it's cool. I hate when people make fun of them, because it includes you and me both. It's so mean too! Once, in art class, the kid who sits next to me was making fun of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. And I really screamed at him. But I do so ignore them now, to avoid getting a detention. Haha.

My question for you is... what was David Bowie like during the Ziggy Stardust "era" (That's what some people call it.. I don't know how else to describe it.) and what is his personality like? I think that was when he looked his hottest... even though he still does... and some people said that he took groupies home? Did he really do that? Cause that's super cool and sexy, but that's just what I heard. Just curious. Teehee... it's so typical for me to be curious.

Well, Angie, I must say ta-ta... cause now I have to go study for the fucking test I have tomorrow... I hate tests.. Please try to email me back if you can... I look forward to hearing from you!


VictoriaDear Victoria, Thank you for your e mail. Please don't be inspired by a person to be bisexual!Sexuality is something that will be a part of your life forever and therefore you want to investigate for yourself rather than be influenced by others.I know what you are trying to say but I think it might be better to wait until you are old enough to  know how you really want to act, don't you think?The battle fighting is provocative and when we go through the age of chaos we are concerned to find solid battles to fight. I am very proud of you for standing up for those being ridiculed but make sure it's your fight and not just your spirit enjoying some free-ranging lusty repartee!!!!!The answers you seek about David are found in my book BACKSTAGE PASSES.Please accept my apologies for taking so long to get back to you but what with finals at college and then Christmas, it took me a while to get to my correspondence. Anyway I am delighted to hear from you and happy that such bright and clever young people still find the dissolution of prejudice and discrimination against an alternative lifestyle as upsetting as we did when we were young adults. Lots of Love,Angie


Hey Angie.  Thanks for the kind words, in your recent post, on Mick Ronson.  I had the pleasure of meeting him and Ian Hunter backstage years ago.  They were not only fabulous gentlemen, but Mick is still un-displaced as my all-time favorite guitarist.  His solo work is sadly underappreciated.  At age 47, I'm a new convert to English League Football (soccer, as you probably know), and have adopted as my "team" the Hull City Tigers, in large part as a tribute to Mick and his hometown.  Take care -- Alan Madlane

And from Dahlia.....

Wishing everyone a wonderland of a winter and the very best dreams for 2005!
All my love to all of you, with special warm thanks to anyone who invited me into their home or their club, who took care of me, who cheered at my shows or gave me tours of their city, who bought my book, who listened to my music, who told me there was no reason why I couldn't do whatever I wanted, and who loved me or cared for me.
Thank you to anyone who held my hand or just held me.
I couldn't do it without you.
May 2005 bring you everything you desire...and even those things you didn't dare desire!
Much love,
* * * * *



Friday December 31st (New Year's Eve)

$20 Admission/$10 w/this pass.

Come early to ensure admission.
8:30pm Motel Creeps (For fans of Jim Morrison, Nick Cave, and The Killers. http://www.motelcreeps.com) 9:30pm Death of Fashion (For fans of the Velvet Underground, Joy Division and The Libertines. http://www.thefashiononline.com) 10:30pm MyTVs (For fans of Iggy Pop, Jim Morrison, Post-Punk, New Wave & avant-garde. http://www.mytvs.net) 11:30pm The Picture (For fans of Blur, The Strokes, and The Cure. http://thepictureonline.com) 12:30am Orange Park (For fans of The Soft Boys, the early Who, and Teenage Fanclub. http://www.orangeparkmusic.com)

Saturday January 1st
8:30pm Dante (For fans of Chris Isaac, Magnetic Fields, and Roy Orbison. http://www.dantemazzetti.com) 9:30pm Mutronium 10:30pm The Cosmos Sunshine Band

Sunday January 2nd
7:30pm Nikki Borodi 8:30pm TBA 9:30pm Stumble Top

Monday January 3rd
No bands, but open for business.

Tuesday January 4th
7:30pm Nozumi Phoenix 8:30pm Mere 10:30pm Monterose

Wednesday January 5th
8:30pm Swiss Auto Club 9:30pm Cassady

Thursday January 6th
8:30pm Almost Violet 9:30pm Mainline 10:30pm Electric Ladybugs (For fans of
Blind Faith, Pavement, The Turtles and Radiohead. http://www.electricladybugs.com)

Friday January 7th
8:30pm Bryan Master 9:30pm Bodhi 10:30pm Six Gun Republic (For fans of psychobilly, rockabilly, and Reverend Horton Heat. http://www.sixgunrepublic.com) 11:30pm Pinktricity

Saturday January 8th
7:30pm Music For Girls 8:30pm The Vitamen (For fans of The Modern Lovers, The Beach
Boys & Pavement. http://www.thevitamen.com) 9:30pm Dirt Bike Annie (For fans of Pixies, Weezer, and Rocket from the Crypt. http://www.dirtbikeannie.com)

Sunday January 9th
7:30pm The States 8:30pm Acid Canyon

Monday January 10th
7:30pm 'Eating It' ComedyIt was a pleasure spending the last couple of days preparing this greeting for you!

I hope 2005 brings you wonderful success and health and joy.

If we can all come together and cooperate in times of disaster, why is it so difficult to come together and agree at other times?

Could we not seek peace with the same enthusiasm that fills those who are only seeking to comfort the misplaced during this recent catastrophe?

I return to college next week and I will be thinking of all of you and hoping that our paths will cross in the near future.

Love Angie