Songs by Angela Bowie


MOON GODDESS was written between 1984 and 1993. My first solo recording was in 1976; I wrote a poem called Soul House. Roy Martin wrote the music and it was released through Track Records. Thunderclap Newman was in the studio with us, and I asked him to help me with "Some Of My Best Friends Are Strangers"*. He did and I recorded demos with him of the work I had written thus far. I met Chico Rey in New York & wanted to record a track of his called "Crying in the Dark"* which I had heard him perform in a club. We began this album with 6 tracks recorded in New York. By 1986 we were touring Europe with the single "Crying in the Dark" * out on Bellaphon and an English band. I produced and directed a video in Vienna for the song and we won an award in Germany for that effort! But Bellaphon was not prepared to commit to the album. I returned to the United States and recorded "Obsession" (with Paul Zone), "Amazons of Broadway" & "Welcome to the Real World"* (with Kim Fowley) & "Some Nights I Fake It" * (MonaLia Ventress and Il Culto). After the publication of Backstage Passes in 1992, Cheetah Records released "The World is Changing" * In August 2000 at Cavern Studios, Tucson AZ the album was restored, digitized and presented to you as MOON GODDESS.

In Cyprus we say "Siga! Siga!" It means "Slowly! Slowly"! Kind of like making love. The slower, the better. I hope you didn't have to wait "too" long. I hope it makes you smile. It makes me smile when I think how long it took to present you, with what I hear in my head! Angie * included on this album


"Fires Are Burning"
I woke up and had a premonition that everyone was still confused! Being a problem solver, it was my job to write about it!

"Turn My Heart Over Easy"
I was in London to promote Free Spirit in 1983 and decided I wanted to do a PUNK ballad. I wrote this song.

"For the Sake of Fame"
Chico found this in my poems and wrote the music for it and coached me into singing this. I am so glad he did!

"Some Of My Best Friends Are Strangers"
At Benny Carruthers̀ house in London one night, I met a guy from Oklahoma City called Steve Busch and he played the guitar. We started fooling around jamming and I started writing as he was playing, then he accompanied me and he played sweet blues guitar. When I met Thunderclap, I sang it for him and he played a Honky Tonk version on the piano. We put it into our show Krisis Kabaret.

My friend Orencio from next door in our Silverlake apartments in Los Angeles brought this Marlene Dietrich song to me and told me I should cover it. The original is in German and as I don't speak German, I thought, "Oh good an improv exercise. What should I say to this music?" This is what it felt like!

"Romeo Of Romance"
This was two poems that Chico wanted to put to music. I wanted Chico to write a Salsa/Rock'nRoll/Punk/dance song. Romeo of Romance is all that! Oh, and Chico liked duets!

"Crying In The Dark"
Chico's song. I interpreted what it meant to me in the video. Unless someone in Germany or Austria recovers the video, I don't like to repeat myself, it gets boring!

Another poem of mine that Chico put to music. I love this song. I had already performed it in this manner but Chico nailed it. I love the arrangement.

"Some Nights I Fake It"
A great song by MonaLia Ventressa and Il Culto.

"Closer To Heaven"
This song was the B side for Bellaphon's release of "Crying in the Dark". My nod to being Catholic!

"The World Is Changing"
Morgan LeKcirt (LSD's the BOMB) did the music and I wrote the lyrics. This is a big favorite in the family, I think they like keeping my political raves down to 5 minutes!!!!