Greetings fellow voyagers on spaceship planet earth!

It’s been a while, and now I have a mountain of subjects to discuss with you. I have missed you, but I had to keep my head down and get the new book written.

Congratulations to Duncan Jones for MOON! I am a very proud mother! MOON is Jones’ first feature film, though previous shorts, including The Stream, guaranteed his talent. I got the buzz about MOON initially from my pal Nick Setchfield:

Just thought you might like to know that I saw an early screener of your son Duncan's first film last night. I loved it to pieces - I thought it was compelling, intelligent and hugely moving. He conjured a brilliant performance from Sam Rockwell and it's a movie that really targets the heart despite all the FX trappings. Beautifully done. I should be interviewing him in a couple of weeks - looking forward to it.

Steve Nelson wrote:  Angie, I had the privilege of being invited to a special screening of "MOON " because I work at Sony and it is under our Sony pictures classic film dept. I had read about it and knew it was your son's endeavor and anxiously awaited the screening. I was blown away by the movie of course . Duncan has done an outstanding job. I work in the travel dept here at Sony and the day of the screening I got a phone from a coordinator asking if I could change a flight for a traveler. "What is the name of the travler" ? " Duncan Jones " was the reply! Now I don't get all goo-goo over the celebrities. I have to deal with them all the time , but when she said Duncan Jones I was a blibbering idiot !!! "I I I think I know who this is " was my stupid reply . ZZZZOwie Booowie !! . My response was met with laughter, and unfortunately there were no other flights to get Duncan to LA earlier! Anyway I saw the screening and it was very impressive. Last Friday Duncan was back in LA and he had a Q & A for some of the screenigs, which of course I attended one of them . I was too shy to ask anything but it was impressive just to see him. He has had an exhausting promotion schedule but he was very pleasant and cheerful ( as you have always been ) I actually have a picture of you, Duncan, and Mr. B. from a long time ago on my desk at work and I have often wondered what happened to him. Well he's turning into an A-1 film director !! I'm sure you must be very proud ! I feel very lucky to have been invited to the screening because, well it's just that you and your X have been such a big influence on my life, and it's so cool to see that your offspring are no slouches, like so many celebrity brats!  CHEERS, Steven Nelson

There was a note in the June 2009 issue of Discover Magazine testifying that Duncan’s movie is FABULOUS! Sam Rockwell does double duty with the acting and Duncan Jones makes a ‘sparkling debut’ as a feature film director --- well, that’s how mothers read reviews!!!!! Thanks to Tina Paul for Duncan's photo (© Tina Paul 2009) from the Tribeca Film Festival.

Stacia Lipka (my very own angel-daughter and guess who’s on the Honor Role?  Oh yeah, oh yeah, Stacia, HOORAY!  Stacia, Hooray!). Anyway, Stacia wooed me back to MySpace and FaceBook.  Both socializing sites have been helpful in locating some folks. Will interview those folk for the POP.SEX 20th & 21st Century chapters. I have a very long interview and to do list scheduled in the R & D for POP.SEX. This gives me deep joy and a wonderful pleasure in my children! My offspring. I try to shoot the arrow from the bow (Kahlil Gibran style) but that does not abate my pride in their activities!  I am so proud of them both!

Thank you to the folks who have inquired as to whether the Cyprus essays are available as a book? Until now, No! But I will get a deal for the Cyprus book which will include the first two Cyprus essays.

Welcome back to the USA Lori Chacko, friend and fine entertainer. So good to be back in touch with Victor Brown, Perri Lister, Gene and Bob from Atlanta, Kimberley Castro, Robert Musselman, Robin Mayhew, Douglas Barton, Monalia Ventress and to have met so many fine new friends that have been cyber-activated. The wonderful Peggy La Poetessa, Hello dear poetry maven.

It’s been a great time for me doing interviews. I talked to so many chums: Alice Cooper, Calvin Mark Lee, Cherry Vanilla, Chick Cashman, Chris Robison, Glenn Hughes, Kim Fowley, Leee Black Childers (check out his video here), Lindsay Kemp, Lady Bunny, Roy Rogers

Here’s an excerpt from my on the road journal posted at March 2009 - Bego and I went on a road trip to Los Angeles. As part of the research for my new book: WHEN THE BOYS BECAME GIRLS: THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION OF THE 1970s. I have been doing interviews with a variety of people I have known in the entertainment business.

Before we left for Los Angeles, I interviewed Alice Cooper and we lunched with Alice's lovely wife Sheryl and my chum Mark Bego. Miss Sheryl, I have known since she was a baby of 19, when she first joined the Alice Cooper show. Alice fought his demon, alcohol in the mid 1980s and conquered that negative habit. NIGHTS WITH ALICE COOPER is his classic rock radio show that he has done since 2004. Check your local listings if you are not already enjoying evening rock n' roll with the master!  Alice is great and has a brilliant new project, centered in Phoenix. Alice and Sheryl have received a grant that will provide the first teen center for their charity. Links to those interested fans and press can be found at  The Center will provide safe after hours high school teen centers that teach the arts and in some cases provide the support to replace family life for some kids. There are those kids whose social lives are without parental or family influence. Alice and Sheryl's commitment to giving back is reflected in their humor, laughter and deep respect for each other and love of their family. The teen centers have been hailed by educators across the country.  I'll tell you what keeps Alice Cooper young and relevant is his interest and desire to contribute and be an inspiration in return for his success and stellar career.

Mark Bego and I set off for Los Angeles. This trip we stopped in Palm Springs and I interviewed Chris Robison. Chris is a musician, songwriter, keyboard player and guitarist and singer with ELEPHANT’S MEMORY, a well-known revolutionary band with a constantly changing cast of band members and the backing band for John Lennon and Yoko Ono when they first arrived in New York in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Chris also toured Japan with the NEW YORK DOLLS. Dexter Robison, his son, has an interesting band called LIKE THE TV SHOW. We had a great interview with him at the Rock Garden and the lunch menu al fresco in the garden was delightful. More of our interview is contained in the book!

Glenn Hughes of TRAPEZE, DEEP PURPLE and now Glenn Hughes solo was my destination on Friday. I jumped on the BLUE LINE train and whistled down to Long Beach to have a reunion with Glenn after 25 + years; and to meet Gaby, Glenn’s lady wife and interview him for my book. Glenn has an official autobiography being released later this year by Joel McIver. We had plenty to talk about! And that took us about an hour before we even started to discuss the premise of my new book. It was great fun recalling the DEEP PURPLE shows in Los Angles and in London to which I went with Glenn.  Glenn told me how after those shows his life began to spiral downwards with cocaine addiction and it took him 10 to 15 years to recover from his addiction to the drug and to alcohol. Ultimately he survived; I had no idea how he had suffered. At one point I thought he had died, until a friend pointed out that that was Glenn Hughes from The VILLAGE PEOPLE. Glenn tours the world now playing Rock n’ Roll all over: Russia, South America, Asia Europe, America and South America, Japan and this year he will tour the US with some young band who are fans of his and introduce his extraordinary white Blues voice and multi-instrument musicality to an entirely new data base of music lovers in the audience for live music.

Roy Rogers gave a wonderful courtyard party Saturday afternoon for friends and neighbors; his hospitality is so charmed and his group of friends reminiscent of our 1990s Atlanta located highly successful night club called BERLIN. Joselle, Geist, Hadleigh and her sons, Peggy, Jeff, Holly and her musician date, he of the tongue trick which scared us half to death! A toast to everyone.

Sunday night was time to relax and I love that new show “KINGS” with Ian McShane. Thank God for DEADWOOD and KINGS to ensure that those of us with the LOVEJOY bug get our medicine! Ken Reynolds gave the most charming dinner party Monday night at his home. Clearence Cheatham, my manager and Mark Bego together with guests from all walks of show business, actors, PR, friends from Europe celebrated the return to Los Angeles of one of the most legendary managers and publicists in Rock n’ Roll, Ken Reynolds. Ken is just back from the Labelle tour and is managing Sara Dash's comeback.

I'm back home now transcribing interviews and trying to keep up with the daily life of working at our other projects! Much love to all of you and thanks again for your time and interest in this new book project.

THE SLAYER BUREAUCRAT is the new film by Sergio Kardenas and Chris Rieck.  I had cameo roles as the slayer’s mother and as her agent! It was great fun and I so enjoyed acting again! Bego played my husband, the slayer’s father!

Click here for the trailer.