Happy May Day and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

MAYDAY & HEYDAY - How are you all in this BRAVE NEW WORLD of ours?

The look on this cat’s face is the look on my face when I found out that Max Jet is in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings and is being recycled as a  charter/entertainment fleet for going to sports events!  I am gob-smacked, struck dumb, shocked. Bloody well irritated. I wanted to fly with them to London next summer.

Meanwhile Michael’s birthday party was Friday night and we enjoyed partying with Mark Bego and other Tucson friends: John and Kristie McCoy, Cliff Taylor/Chick Cashman, Paula, his beautiful lady wife singer entertainer, writer and playwright, fashionista to Bill Blass Inc.


Cliff/Chick has released a wonderful documentary called FUZZ, THE SOUND THAT REVOLUTIONIZED THE WORLD
Cliff interviewed people all over, musicians and guitar heroes. Check out the documentary, it’s FAB!
Fuzz was produced in collaboration with Danny Vinik and Brink enterprises…….  More information at


Mary Finnigan sent this item which was a pleasant, mild shock!  A commemorative plaque to be installed in honor of the Beckenham Free Festival in 1969 due sometime in the summer of 2009.

Singer/songwriter Maya Caballero performed in Tucson @ the Congress Club.  Maya is played the Arizona Film Festival, Wed, April 23!   Click here: The Historic Hotel Congress - Tucson, AZ » Film Festival singer songwriter night .  Maya just recorded a new song too: "Beni"
MySpace.com - Maya Caballero - Tucson, LA, New York - Folk Rock / Acoustic / Indie - www.myspace.com/mayacaballero .Maya is engaging audiences and her fellow musicians with new tunes and her accumulation of talent is shining through!

Mark Bego is designing up a storm with his jewelry www.markbego.com/jewel.htm ,and of course keeping busy with plenty of book projects. The latest project in his 50+ library of titles will cover the life of Elton John.  www.markbego.com

I am very grateful for your interest and the time it takes to pen a note or an email to encourage or suggest. I cherish that about you all. At lunch yesterday we discussed the Myspace phenomenon and I was forced to reiterate that I cannot in good faith work for Rupert Murdock/Google without being paid.  Bego & I agreed that for us it’s enough of a stretch to keep our websites updated and the actual work being done without the vanity of checking one’s e mails 4 or 5 times a day to see how many people all over the world might be thinking of you at that time and it very seductive but time consuming.

Peggy the Poetessa has new poems published.  Lady Peggy reported on the extraordinary loss of Spider Rocket, Franco-American artist who passed away in his sleep a few weeks ago.  Spider Rocket’s art and huge talent may be experienced at Myspace unless the site has disappeared or something, but I doubt it.  His art was crisp and direct, full of whimsy and satire, very clever, very accomplished I am sure it will be still there.

The lovely April Sandmeyer from New York flew in to Tucson to attend a wonderful show performed by her daughter Maya Caballero. We are so glad she visited Tucson again. April is a regular here in Tucson’s Music scene but she has been gone for 2 years and sadly missed.  Bego, April and I lunched @ PF Chang’s yesterday. We are trying to persuade her to accompany us on our trip to Los Angeles for the book Expo. May 29th-June 1st 2008.

News from the brilliant and multi-talented Namalee Bolle:

hello friends! 
www.showstudio.com are showcasing my 'relentless optimism' blogs series for today only so please check it out and leave comments if you enjoy seeing me screaming and banging a cowbell outside Topshop ; ) 
see you soon
Nam xx
Namalee Bolle

Again. Feeling stronger than ever, rejuvenated by Filmstock 8, and the lives lived since. This year is going to be an even better festival, yes, we know that will be tough, but the greatest things are only achieved through hard work, diversity and belief.  We will be serving up a feast for eyes, ears, hearts and stomachs between November 6 - 16 2008.

Stage 1. Films. We need them please, so send them to us, or tell your friends to send us theirs, and then we can start to put our great claims into action.
Usual routes, via our website
www.filmstock.co.uk or www.withoutabox.com .  Also, we are phasing out our old email address. From now on, please send all correspondence to the festival, Neil or Justin, to filmstock@mac.com .  After the festival this year, the old one will no longer work. Thanks for that.  So. Send work. Send word. Send love. Filmstock is back.  9 Times. Can you believe it?  We can.
Neil & Justin

Tris Penna wrote me about a portrait and sent the link for his artist’s website which is way cool………