Life's Questions...I'm just asking

by Angie Bowie - Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here's something that bothers me....

Why do so many people live in the past?
Is it because that's where they want to be?
Is it because they are scared to be free?

What we learn when we're young
Are the lessons we spun
To understand the world and how we fit in
Sometimes with crying, sometimes a grin.

Do all those old songs and video clips
Remind us of a time without hiccups or slips?
No, we had plenty of those
And still, we study the past.

The life in the city is different from town,
But life without convenience makes us frown.
Progress is not a dirty word
Slowing change is abusive and a little absurd.

Couldn't we just wipe the slate clean?
Underneath it all we understand what we mean.
I think the desire to reserve a spot in history
Is understandable and notl a mystery.

Having the tools to share every thought
Does not mean your soul cannot be bought.
Cherishing one's thoughts and gentling the future
Is the only passion of which I wish to be master.

Or, is it that we paddle around,
Unable to identify the different sounds
Of revolution and carnage that obviously abound?
Have we no say in the government we elect?

Or are we like ship's passengers confined to a deck
On the spaceship that takes us to the galaxy's sights
Exploring the stars, skipping off moons and other delights?

Let's prepare for the future and behave like adults
Instead of showing our children the weak side of life
Let's enrich and embolden their futures
With education and love, art and how to resolve strife.

Let's tackle the difficult, resolve the uncool,
Bring the 21st century to every school.
Our hopes and dreams reside in the young,
Our future rides on what they become.