Summer Greetings




JULY 2011

My foray into social networking with mp3s, then MySpace, Face Book etc is over. I was happy to join in and see if there was some way I could tailor the social networks to help me reach more folks. Writing and music, lyrics and essays, photos and ideas are not necessarily easy to market. Times and distribution methods change the creative product.

Music no longer sells as evidenced by the figures for the AIDSBEGONE compilation albums which are just wonderful and have raised little money for all our effort and donations of cash and time. I would like to think that the folks who want and need to find me are capable of entering my name into a search engine and accessing my website. Oh and by the way, the disappointment of the great classical composers is similar to the discontent of the rapacious greed seen amongst the songwriters of the twentieth century the Rock n’ Roll generation. Healthy avaricious acquisition is preferable to hypocritical posturing as some social activist who never delivers and never stands up when a cause from last year’s publicity cycle proves to be an embarrassment that is forgotten and they just move on…what kind of people are these?

There’s something pathetic about providing the statistics that prove half a billion people may join something and still feel no effects from that membership. I realized I was not the right type to participate when I started devising rules like a ‘prefect’ back at St. George’s to get people to act right; that’s not my job anymore. Face Book is the 21st Century Big Brother and fulfilling George Orwell’s prophecies is tragic not wonderful. The Internet does not need to be fraught with danger. I am so sick of all these vagabond mini-gods trying to scare everyone into submission. Warnings are to be heeded not implemented like lemmings running off a cliff.

Millions of people will be reunited with assholes; to whom they vowed never to see or speak to again in their lifetimes. Where were these so-called friends for the last 20 or 30 years? As far as the younger generation is concerned, I have yet to see the Internet used so creatively that it achieves its ability to spread good deeds and inform internationally and achieve its maximum potential.

How long was I in that cyber prison of my own making? Did I believe I should while away the hours for no reason, except it’s inside work and fun in summer to sit and get cellulite instead of getting busy and doing the garden. And I am keen on the idea of instant Parties!

So far the cell phone cameras and the Internet have done little to stop Kaddafi’s repression in Libya. At first we had eye-witness reports of the uprisings in the Middle East and then nothing about the reprisals and lack of progress towards civil and human rights for women and gay folk in oppressed countries. The mainstream media re-condition the product/the news and present the government/propaganda friendly version for us to chew on expecting us to believe their version.

I am not interested in the news or current events as all the idiots are around waiting for their government/media allocated 15 minutes to spout venom and folly as they dance and click their heels mumbling rubbish about family values and tribal warfare. Their second thrust is tired political opinions that have as little life in them as recycled Catskills comedians’ jokes. The mainstream media is unbearable and having to listen to their stupidity is so wretched I’d rather not participate.

Then, as if Face Book was not rude enough, we have the Internet opportunists who think they can use your name to further their careers with sob stories about supporting their mothers and sisters as the country’s economy burns. I did many interviews for these assholes, these con men and women. When I was so tired and so blue, my dear friends, my so called back-up, wasted my time with stupid impossible projects so ludicrous that I cannot believe a right-minded human could conceive such nonsense.

But for the wannabes and the assholes there’s nothing too far-fetched or stupid to suggest if they think it’ll get them a mention! So I am through with all that. All the irritations and faux-friends, go find someone else’s neck to suck psychically!

As for my ‘true-blues,’ (real friends) I am thankful to know you and grateful for your e mails and calls when I was blue. I shall be writing more again for Maybe you will join me at least every now and again for a visit!

Next week we are going to talk about health, doctors, dentists, specialists, why my mother used me as a mind and body guard to prevent the medical professionals in the US from trying to force her to do what they wanted, not what she wanted and how we protected her from their insensitivity concerning her breast cancer. Because I was seconded to travel and protect my mother and visited doctors all over the Western World, I have witnessed the bigotry of medical professionals. There is a disconnect between sympathetic applications of all medical disciplines to do the best for the patient the doctors, nurses and hospitals and clinics are treating. Why not utilize all medical options to find the most effective treatment and cure for individual patients?

We pay the most for health care in the world, we don’t live as long as twelve other countries’ citizens do and for the highest taxes in the world we have NO national health care system…it’s a joke and a huge joke on this country. What the Internet is good for is this: universal access to comparative analysis tools which demonstrate how little we really know about life in other countries. And when we compare and contrast what other folks get for their taxes we may realize how vast is the scandal of our deception and how jingoistic patriotism ushered in the “transparent” police state into which we have been conned by the “fear”card used whenever the West has no response about helping all the truly repressed folks in conflicted war zones who need to be saved and delivered from mortal chaos.

I am trying to work out how I can present some of the great aspects of FaceBook which is being able to post topics of interest for your quick and easy access. But first I will have to find out how to access my Fan page which is now unavailable as I closed the two personal pages.

I am so excited that President Obama is in office. It is a great thing and has restored some American credibility abroad.

I hope the next 10 years will see the pathetic old-school politicians run out of office those that had anything to do with the financial disasters of the last 20 years. All the warmongers should be tried for the civilian deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Croatia. A n international court of justice might want to investigate why the international community did not stop the wars and genocide in African countries in the last 30 years. The West didn’t intervene because they had no immediate wealth or interests to protect. Forget the fact that innocent people were dying, the Western Coalition only kills people and deploys when there is money to be made. 

I look forward to plenty of lively discussions with you on these and other subjects. Have a great week…love Angie