Hi everyone!

I am crazy about bears, guess it's something to do with my mother being from British Columbia. When I was three years old we were there on leave and I saw a bear that had been shot and had my photo taken with it. I always imagined the spirit of that little brown bear stayed with me for the rest of my life! Anyway, Ben who writes to the website every now and again sent these wonderful shots of polar bear and huskies having a playful moment! Also, Ben, please click on the Moon Goddess Lyrics page that we set up especially for you!

Apparently this mother and daughter have been banned from Disneyland for LIFE!!!!! It seems that the Micky twins scared Disney officials.
Thanks to CHRIS ROBISON, friend, musician and guitarist. Finns sent this great shot of British advertising taking a tail pipe, I mean a nose-dive!


                                                                                                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ No Consideration of Tailpipe Placement^^^^^^^^^^^^

Here’s TKK’s Groovyman looking thoughtful…Guess he's wondering about that next trip to Disneyland and whether his painting will fit on a British bus and where will that exhaust pipe show up!!!!!




www.5years.com is a great glitter getaway for interviews and memories of the 1970s-- Michael Harvey
is webmaster and it's huge and detailed. There are two interviews with moi even!



Angie, Hi! Are the best movies still in the past?? Regards Chris Richards Redditch England

Try Neil & Justin at www.filmstock.co.uk .  This is too complicated to try and answer in a few sentences.  Maybe later.

Chuck in LA new video
Hehehe!!!!  I thought you might get a chuckle out of this NEWS video clip of the music video Crazy Loop where I play John Galliano like he's never been seen before!!! It's getting a big buzzzzzzzz! YAY!


Hi Angie,
How are you doing? I hope life finds you and yours well. I was listening to your cd, Moon Goddess, and was inspired to look up your lyrics. Sadly, you can not find Angie Bowie lyrics on the net. I was wondering if you would consider posting complete lyrics on your site or even just sending me a word document of them? I would love to read them. I've noticed you posted a few poems on the website, one being For The Sake Of Fame, please put more up. Thanks, Ben

Lyrics…..? Mmmm…..OK! Let me see what I can do. The lyrics to the World is Changing are in the archives section but the Archives section is rough there are all sorts of wild links and things so don't be surprised if you mess around in the attic of memories you may uncover all sorts of things. The video of  Crying In the Dark is there and Obsession, limks to the Moon Goddess CD which is now available from us at WHAMCO PRODUCTIONS and not at the FUNTONE RECORD STORE!



Dear Angie, I have just read an article on the net about Cyprus "The Land of Passion" and it was so accurate and well written that I just had to let you know that it was beautifully done and described Cyprus to a "T" I don’t know if you have written anything else after that article as I would like very much to read it.
I was born in Cyprus of Greek parents but grew up in the UK a sixties child, and although I was there for quite many years, and thought that it was the greatest place to be. its only when I moved to Cyprus myself in the beg. of the 80's and after living here and raising my children that I came to realize that there is not a more beautiful place that I would rather be. I sometimes wake up in the mornings and
sit outside to drink my tea and listen to the birds singing and I think to myself, its so good to be alive and living in Cyprus. By the way I live in Paralimni, which is on the northern part of the island, and if you should ever come over to the Cyprus, you are welcome to come for a visit and some Greek hospitality, and now for introductions, my name is nafsi short version of Nausika, I am married with 2 grownup daughters that live and work in Nicosia. Once again thank you for the nice
things you wrote about the island (all true of course!) and hope sometime I will get to meet you....
Yours friendly


Mark Bego’s jewelry!



Here are some solid Gold websites to check out:

Times Square Gossip is news, photos, stories from the Center Of The World "Times Square" NYC! Edited by famed Celebrity Photographer James Edstrom,We find Stories from around the Globe and bring you the News and Gossip the way you want it on one page. Visit us everyday to hear about the Events and Parties that make NYC famous. Let us know what you think. TheBestGossip@Aol.Com




This is a great site about the history of Beckenham in Kent where I went down to visit David for the first time in 1969 where he was living at the time!


Just did an inmterview for this website with Jon. Never heard from him that he received it but that may or may not be posted soon.


Jennifer is a prolific writer and friend of Stacia and Mummy's from Atlanta!

Here's Stacia's and my super hero:

Wheely Willy


Will write more soon. I am working on a new essay called "FREEDOM: Galicia & the Sun-God."

Best love and brilliant endeavors,