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Welcome to www.angiebowie.net

It was strange to be without a website for so long but a few weeks late and we are back and running! Endorsements made us proud!

"thanks, im loving it.......to the following.................
Fabulous photos! How beautiful you are! 
Congrats! it looks great. Thanks for the Fes link and please feel free to use the essay I sent you a while back. If you need pix let me know and I'll send some jpegs. Much love Mary

Hi Angie, Fabulous site! Itís looking great and I love the images in the gallery. I shall take a break later and read it in more detail but well done to you both! Love, Michelle xx

Exellent Work Michael et Angie! Groovy Man

Hi Angie,Good to hear from you.  Had a look at your new web site.  I must say it's looking great!


Hi Dear Angie, CONGRATULATIONS that you are up and running. 
Your web loads fast and I like the different use of the colour blends on the pages....plus the "picture" of your manager on your services page is "top".....not a web site for "tonkas"....just for "neat" folks. 
Thanks for the inclusion on your links page.....appreciated.

love as always, Dave



Monsoons, hurricane season, autumn, the temperatures drop; summer is over in the Northern hemisphere and spring is breaking out the Southern planet's fresh breezes and spring showers. Oh, to be below the equator as weather changes!

There is an elephant in the room called Katrina................

"The Confederacy of Dunces is Finally Shipwrecked, Oh New Orleans" is an essay/article on the history of the New Orleans' political and geographical situation. insert link

I thought it might help displaced folk to know that not only are they not alone but now thanks to a natural catastrophe the wrongs slopped on their heads by greedy Louisiana politicians and the complicity of the Republican  government will clean house in that fair city and characterful state. There will be some sweeping changes in the manner in which business is done. Schools and local services must be provided where they were neglected.

Local New Orleans officials wouldn't allocate resources to open the public swimming pools in the 1990s for the kids during the hottest part of the summers. My New Orleans Source was living and working with the local New Orleans government researching how the city could be fortified from weather and strengthened as the hurricane seasons have become longer and feature more storms.



Click below for Mary Finnigan's Fes Festival. 

THE SPIRIT OF FES by© Mary Finnigan 2005 


From Michelle

Hi Angie, Hope youíre well and enjoying the summer, though I expect you have summer weather pretty much most of the time!  

Just to let you know that the cult rock posters exhibition has now come to an end for this year, but it was a complete success as was the launch party. Iíve attached the website link which has a couple of photos from the evening. As you will see, the colourful guests included Patti Palladin, Gaye Advert & TV Smith, Susan Carrington & Andrew Czezowski (The Roxy Club) amongst others. A good time was had by all!

It was a fabulous sunny evening and the party was held in the gallery courtyard accompanied by a suitably nostalgic soundtrack as compiled by Alwyn. A London gallery has already confirmed a space for next yearís exhibition to fall in line with the UK book launch and then the US book launch will take place a short while after, so hopefully there will be a NY exhibition as well. So there are even more posters to be unveiled!

By the way, you were on TV last Sunday evening and looked fabulous; it was a repeat programme about the late John Bindon. I knew him from Fulham, which is where we were both from. As you know, a complex character but definitely entertaining! I also watched ĎThe Filth and The Furyí the other night. Ah, those halcyon days of the punk rocker!  

Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and hope everything is fine and dandy with you and your family.  

Love, Michelle x  



"Late at night, when sleep does not befriend my nervousness, I try to harmonise the vacant hours with music and verse..."
The last time we played live was July 2002. I remember it well, it was the hottest day ever, and the gig was in King's Cross, so there was zero oxygen. Prior to that, I made a brief appearance at Norwich Assembly Hall in April 2000, but the last full shows were in May 1997. So, it could be said that we've been away for a while. But the wait is officially over, and we're in it up to our necks. Tickets for the Brighton gig (19th October) went on sale at 9am this morning (Monday 1st August). Just go to www.ticketweb.co.uk and enter a search for Subterraneans. The London show on 21st September is a flyer rather than a ticket affair, you can download and print out as many flyers as you want from our website. All you need is a 'puter, a printer, an internet, and an Adobe Acrobat or other some such
software than can open PDF documents.

Currently in the pipeline are more London shows for October and November, including, as previously mentioned, an acoustic appearance at the 291 Gallery in Shoreditch (or is it Bethnal Green?). Details remain sketchy at present, but we've said yes. A few bigger (and therefore better) gigs are being discussed for early next year.

The compilation album, VOLUME: THE BEST OF SUBTERRANEANS 1992-2004, is now scheduled for release in November (on the Electric Label, of course). We are currently trying to find a manufacturer who will produce the CD using 100% recycled material, as frankly that is what we are doing by releasing it in the first place.

You're probably tired of hearing it by now, but the new album, SOUL MASS TRANSIT, is out on 19th September, on the Electric Label; UK distribution is through Rhythm of Life, North America is through Darla, and Europe is through the German label Alison Records. Australia, Japan, South America, and pretty much everywhere else above the ground, will find the album available as an import from Shellshock. The only place the album will not be available is Israel, as the Israeli government sponsors piracy and keeps all the munny.
They've been doing it for years; my uncle bought a really naff pirate cassette of our first album in Tel Aviv many years ago, and I'm still miffed about that. And he didn't buy it from some guy on a street corner with a suitcase either, he bought it in bloody Tower Records.
We don't make records just so a bunch of sanctioned crooks can buy helicopter gunships and commit organised crime in the name of civil service, so if you're in Israel and you would like a copy of the album, please don't buy it in your local stores, either steal it or better still buy it online. On second thoughts, steal it even if you've no wish to listen to it... More soon. Jude

Events --  New York

Hi Angela: I have no idea where you're located. But I did want to invite you to attend the press party launching my new book, "ALIEN ROCK: THE ROCK 'N' ROLL EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONNECTION" (VH1 and Pocket Books). The party will be held on Tuesday, August 2 at 1 P.M. at the Mars 2112 Restaurant in the Paramount Building, 1633 Broadway at 51st Street. Please confirm if you can attend. If not just let me have your
mailing address and I'll get you a review copy of "ALIEN ROCK."

Best wishes,

Michael Luckman
(212) 995-0384
e-mail: nebula2002@aol.com

The Bisexuality Essay

Hi Angie,
     I just discovered your lecture on bisexuality page and would like to invite you check out four of my web pages:
Androgyne Online
Article on Androgyne Online from Transgender Tapestry #107
Psychological Androgyny
The Two-Spirit Tradition


Music & Theater

Penny Arcade's only NY show this year! tell your friends, buy your tix and help spread the word to the friends you have who have never seen me perform!
I am doing this special show for Howl that will be a culmination of the work I have created since i started in 1985..of course it won't all fit into a club length show so it will be a highlights show.
I am going to have a good time..and you know what I always say..The funnier you are..the funnier I am..the smarter you are..the smarter I am..the sexier you are.. the sexier I am!

"Penny Arcade is provocative, intellectually stimulating, perceptive,and hysterically funny!
She combines the anarchy of Lenny Bruce with the pathos of Judy Garland." - The List, UK

Penny Arcade has been at the forefront of downtown NY's performance scene for nearly two decades.With the 1990's non stop touring of her hit shows Bitch!Dyke!Faghag!Whore!, New York Stories, and Love. Sex and Sanity she has brought the East Village's downtown sensibility kicking and screaming out of the underground to mainstream attention in 17 cities internationally.
Join Penny at Joe's Pub for Howl Festival 2005 as she creates a special evening of
The Essential Penny Arcade..a unique evening of Penny spanning her solo work from the begining to now.
"Penny Arcade is an incredibly astute, a take no prisoners, feminist stand up comic!
Jagged! Unexpected ! Mesmerizing! " - Village Voice
Beg! Steal A Ticket! Newsweek
WED AUGUST 24th 9:30pm $15.
www.howlfestival.com www.joespub.com www.pennyarcade.tv

ESTROJAM 2005 hitting Chicago September 21st-24th will include musical powerhouses Amy Ray of The Indigo Girls with Jody Bleyle of Team Dresch in support of her new album PROM, Brazilian Girls, Anna Oxygen, The Reputation, The Octopus Project, Numbers Record Release Show, Scream Club, up and comers The Organ from Canada, Alina Simone from NYC and Ukulele group The Uuks of Hazzard.  Also to include Japanese punk band Limited Express (Has Gone?), Sybris, Helen Money, Breakbone Dance Co., Aerial Acrobatics, Burlesque and the 2005 Estrojam B-Girl Battle



Here is Diana!